August 5, 2019

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A before and after weight loss photo of Atossa.

How I Lost 125 Pounds on a BudgetI'd always been a bit overweight growing up. I just thought that was the norm since most of my family members always carried extra weight. "We're a big-boned family," we'd joke. But our appetites were huge, especially coming from cultural backgrounds where food was the primary offering in times of celebration... or any occasion.


A plate of steamed broccoli.

Cooking Steamed Vegetables in the Microwave?The microwave is a convienent way to quickly steam vegetables. In just a few minutes, you can have a healthy side dish ready for dinner.


DIY Foil Garden Pest Deterrents - deterrents in a fruit tree

DIY Foil Garden Pest DeterrentsBe sure animals don't eat all your harvest. Use aluminum foil to create shapes that will scare off birds and other pests from your fruit trees.


Is My Tongue Piercing Infected?

Problems with a Tongue Piercing?If you are having problems with a new tongue piercing, the best advice is to talk directly to your piercer. They can tell you if it is normal or if you need further medical attention.


DIY Paper Towel Roll Kaleidoscope - closeup of one

DIY Paper Towel Roll KaleidoscopeTake a recycled paper towel roll and some found objects to make this fun kaleidoscope. Kids can make this themselves with a little bit of assistance.


Valentine Wreath Card - banner added to bottom and bow to the top

Making a Valentine Wreath CardTake small paper hearts to make this beautiful Valentine's Day card in the shape of a wreath. This is easy for kids to make with recycled materials.


An unlit bamboo tiki torch on a white background.

How Long To Soak Tiki Torch Wicks?If you want to replace the wicks in your outdoor tiki torches, it's easy to do yourself. Just soak the wicks for 30 minutes and they should be ready to use. Check out more advice below.


Miniature Soap Bible

Making a Miniature Soap BibleVacation bible school teachers will love making this craft with the kids. This page contains instructions for making a miniature soap bible from a bar of Ivory soap.


finished basket

Crochet Chain Woven BasketPretty up a plain plastic basket by making a crochet chain and weaving it through the openings. This page explains how to make a crochet chain woven basket.


DIY Beetroot Powder - plate with beet root powder ready to use

DIY Beetroot PowderUse beets to make a healthy addition to smoothies and soups. This powdered beetroot is easy to make at home and adds a beautiful color to any food.


Sagittarius Constellation Card - finished card with the stars showing through the holes in the card front.

Sagittarius Constellation Greeting CardCreate this personalized constellation card for a late November/December birthday. You can make it for any zodiac sign at any time of the year.


A small dog in a pink dress.

Making Dog Clothes Out of Baby ClothesYou can make dog clothes out of used baby clothes for your small dog. With modifications you can make cute outfits to help your little dog stay warm.


A hummingbird drinking from an iced feeder.

Iced Feeder for HummingbirdsTake your hummingbird feeder and freeze it overnight. This is a refreshing treat for your backyard visitors on hot summer days.


A round knitting loom in use.

Knitting Loom QuestionsKnitting looms are a fun and easy to use alternative method for creating knit items without using knitting needles. There will of course be questions as you learn to use a loom. This page contains some questions and answers about using a knitting loom.



Two rain checks from Vons.

Take Advantage of Store Rain ChecksFinding big sale items in weekly store ads is great, until you get to the store and notice they've ran out of stock. It can be frustrating, especially because you've made an effort to make it out to the store only to find there was nothing there for you.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Using Potato Chip CrumbsI think it is pretty standard to use crumbs from chips, snacks, etc. for breading or meatloaf, but try taking the little crumbies from potato chips and put them in a bowl, add milk and sugar, and eat them like cereal. Sweet and salty, and SO yummy.


A t-shirt to dry hair.

Dry Hair Fast Without a Blow DryerAlthough it may save you some time, you don't actually need a blow dryer to dry your hair quickly. My favourite method of a quick dry uses a big soft t-shirt. This isn't only great for saving on electricity, it also saves your hair by not allowing it any heat damage. It also leaves your hair quite shiny.


Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup in bowl

Thai Coconut Shrimp SoupThriftyFun has been doing Soup of the Week posts which have been making me crave soups nonstop. I thought I'd add one of my favourite coconut shrimp soup recipes with you. This soup is sweet, spicy, savoury, and super velvety. I know you will fall in love with it! If you can't find some of the ingredients, read the segment below for substitutions.


A garage sale in a front yard.

13 Items That Almost Always SellThere was an internet meme going around recently that read: "See that clutter in your home? It used to be money." That simple statement was a wow moment for me. OUCH!


Yarn Bird - frontal view

Yarn BirdWhen there's Mr. Octopus yarn, then here's Ms. Birdie yarn. It just started with collecting yarn in preparation for my baby's upcoming christening, but it turned out that I had to procure some more as I discovered these cute little masterpieces.


Purple clematis in bloom.

Purple Passion (Clematis)My clematis was so beautiful this spring. It was covered from top to bottom in huge purple blossoms. I received so many comments from friends and family. I just love it!


Yellow and orange sunflowers.

Ring of Fire (Sunflowers)This is my first year growing sunflowers. I planted a couple different varieties, but these are by far the most beautiful! I can't wait until they're all in full bloom at the same time.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Drinking Glasses Stuck TogetherWhen glass glasses get stuck together, it can be challenging to separate them, lest one or both break. I solved this by carefully pouring a small amount of vegetable oil between them and letting them sit overnight for the oil to disseminate.


Panfur (Domestic Shorthair) - black cat

Panfur (Domestic Shorthair)She found us. She likes to catch wild things and leave them outside the kitchen door.


A cabinet hinge being held up with a yoga block.

Repairing a HingeI had to replace a hinge and I was by myself. I had no one to hold the door for me, so I used a yoga block with some towels on it to let the door rest on it. Made the job easier.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Dealing with Uninvited Guests?I desperately need advice people. My fiance's family and friends are constantly stopping by my place unannounced. I am a nurse who works long days and gets basically no time off and zero time with him. So when I come home I want to be left alone and have peace and quiet with my man, but it's impossible with people constantly banging on the door. It's to the point where I'm a getting a little nasty about it now.


Identifying a Plush Hippo Toy - blue hippo

Identifying a Plush Hippo Toy?I have a green hippo that's been with me for 20 years. I'm wondering if anyone could tell me what make he is or where he came from. The tag has faded.


Value of Encyclopedia Britannica - cover page

Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?We have a set of Encyclopedia Britannica 1768, copyright 1964. We have the the index and atlas and then volumes 1-23. They are in fairly good condition.


Value of a Lane Mini Chest - small chest on legs

Value of a Lane Mini Chest?How much is this Lane mini chest worth? I can't find anything like this one online.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Replacement Canvas for a Pop Up Camper?I have a 1990 Coleman Williamsburg pop up that needs the entire canvas replaced. I am trying to find something under a $1000. Any suggestions would be appreciated


Repairing the Finish on a Table - light spots on a table

Repairing the Finish on a Table?I was trying to rub off a Coke ring and spills to the surrounding area on one of my Ercol nest of tables and I rubbed too hard and took off the colour. Is there any way it can be improved without sanding it all (which I doubt I could do as I have never done it before)?


Identifying a China Coffee Pot and Creamer - coffee pot

Identifying a China Coffee Pot and Creamer?Please provide me with the value if any and information on anything interesting, dates, etc. It is not a full set, no markings are visible. I've have for about 20 plus years.


Value of Bognor Prince Albert China - white tea cup with gold trim and a floral pattern

Value of Bognor Prince Albert China?Can someone please provide me with some information?


What Was This Used For? - piece of farm equipment

What Was This Used For?Can someone tell me what was used for? I am thinking it may have been used when setting out plants and a specific amount of water was used per transplant!


Remedy for Brittle Splitting Nails - closeup of nails

Remedy for Brittle Splitting Nails?I work in food service so I'm always wearing gloves and washing dishes. My nails have been taking a beating. They so brittle and soft and they break so easy. What can I do for them?


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