August 7, 2019

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Cleaning a lightswitch near a door.

Cleaning Neglected Spots in Your HomeMost of us have a general cleaning routine for our homes. But there are a lot of places that are typically overlooked. This page includes a list of neglected spots in your home that could use a routine cleaning.


A rubber bathmat and three rubber duckies.

Removing Rubber Odors?Rubber floor mats and stair treads as well as other products made from rubber can release an unpleasant odor. Often these items are made from recycled tire rubber and contain VOCs that are released for awhile. Other contaminates can also have an odor. This page offers suggestions for removing this distinctive rubber odor.


A recycled magnetic storage container from a Pringles can.

DIY Magnetic Container from Recycled Pringles CanRather than spend a lot on a small magnetic storage or display container to have on the fridge, make one yourself from a Pringles canister. This page has instructions and photos to help you create your own.


Cleaning supplies in a handy tote.

Cleaning Supply Kit IdeasA cleaning supply kit will help you have what you need conveniently organized for cleaning a particular area. It will quickly reveal the amount remaining of your favorite products and the state of your tools.


A stack of old books.

Removing Mold and Mildew from Books?Books that have been in damp or humid storage or those that have suffered water damage may begin to grow mold and mildew. This page offers some suggestions for removing mold and mildew from books.


A little girl putting on nail polish.

Cleaning Nail Polish Off a Wall?Nail polish can spill or spatter and get onto surfaces unexpectedly, such as walls. Care needs to be used when trying to remove it so as not to damage the paint. This page contains suggestions for cleaning nail polish off a wall.


A bottle of liquid paper correction fluid.

Thinning Liquid Paper?Over time liquid paper products can thicken and become difficult to use. This page offers some suggestions for thinning liquid paper.


DIY Moat to Keep Ants Out of Hummingbird Feeder - twist the other end for the top

DIY Moat to Keep Ants Out of Hummingbird FeederIt is delightful to watch the hummers as they visit your feeder. But that feeder also attracts ants and bees. Learn how to construct a DIY moat to keep the ants out of your hummingbird feeder.


Golden balloons that spell out "Happy Birthday."

What Is A Golden Birthday?A golden birthday is the day that your age matches the date you were born, such as turning eight on the eighth of the month. These birthdays are sometimes seen as special by some because they only happen once in a lifetime.


A riding mower on a green lawn.

Toro Riding Mower Won't Start?It is exceedingly frustrating to get set to mow the lawn and have your mower refuse to start. This page addresses the possible reasons why your Toro riding mower won't start.


A wolf pack with a rocky background.

Wolf Photos and InformationCatching a photo of a wild wolf is quite rare. At a wolf preserve you can learn about wolves and their importance in the wild. Wolves are close relatives to the domestic dog and can interbreed.


antique store window

Value of Pecan Resin Statues?Pecan resin is a popular product used to make figurines. These can be painted or can be purchased finished. They are collectibles, some of which may have resale value. This page focuses on trying to find the value of pecan resin statues or figurines.



finished Cottage Cheese Crunch Bowl

Cottage Cheese Crunch BowlThis is one of my absolute favourite breakfasts that I sometimes use as a midday snack. You could even have this as a dessert. It's packed with healthy proteins, good fats, and fruit. You can use any sweetening element you like; I tend to reach for stevia mixes or a small drizzle of date syrup. The textures in this bowl are fabulous, and it's quite pretty to look at. I hope you try this!


Making Your Own Stamp - finished stamp and stamped design on white paper

Making Your Own StampIt's easy to make your own stamp using a foam sheet and a ballpoint pen. I like gluing my stamp design onto wooden blocks so they're easier to handle. They're also nice for laying down even pressure to ensure the design comes out looking crisp when stamped.



Temporary Glue for Glass to Glass and Plastic

Temporary Glue for Glass to Glass and Plastic?I need a secure glue to temporarily bond glass to plastic and glass to glass. I am making a tiered serving tray.


Identifying Old Dolls - a variety of old dolls on a shelf

Identifying Old Dolls?I am just wanting to know any info on these dolls if anyone has any. Some are old sewn cloth dolls and a variety of others. Era, value? Any info would be appreciated. Been having these in a chest for over 7 years.


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Cub Cadet Won't Start When Engine Warm?My mom's Cub Cadet RZT starts when it is cold, but won't turn over after she has mowed with it.


What Is My Dog's Breed Mix? - mixed breed dog, perhaps with Beagle

What Is My Dog's Breed Mix?My dog looks like a mixed breed Beagle. Can someone please me out with the name of the breed?


Keeping Yellow Jackets off Hummingbird Feeders - feeder in yard

Keeping Yellow Jackets off Hummingbird Feeders?I'm in North Carolina and I've got a feeder out. I've already taken care of one yellow jacket hive, but more have returned later from different directions. So I've learned that soap suffocates bees and I took and old bar and rubbed it on the outside where they are feeding. Is this harmful to the hummers cause it seems to be working.


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Remedy for a 6 Year Old Child Peeing in the House?Any update on 6 year old peeing in house? I'm going through same thing.


Value of Ashley Belle Porcelain Dolls- 5 dolls in fancy clothing

Value of Ashley Belle Porcelain Dolls?I have 5 Ashley Belle porcelain dolls, but only one has a number. The number is ah581, I'm trying to find out they're are worth and the year they were made.


Slogan Ideas for a Playschool

Slogan Ideas for a Playschool?Can you please suggest some catchy lines or slogans for my play school named Pika Kidz?


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Cause of Uneven Loose Stitches?My Sears Kenmore 158.17033 is not making even stitches and the bottom stitches are loose. What can the problem be?


Identifying Black Biting Bugs - long thin black bug

Identifying Black Biting Bugs?I found this bug on my leg and am wondering what it is. I have been bitten constantly in the house over the past 2 weeks!


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Getting Rid of Hard Shelled Brown Beetles?I am finding hard shelled brown beetles (drugstore beetles). They are in our bedroom and only there, but yet there's no food in there. How would they have come in and how do I get rid of them?


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Growing a Weeping Willow from a Cutting in a Pot?My parents have a weeping willow in their yard that originally came from my grandparents over 30 years ago. They are selling the house now and I want to have a cutting to grow a new willow.


Value of an Antique Mersman Sewing Table

Value of an Antique Mersman Sewing Table?This is a beautiful Mersman 7539 sewing table, I believe, that came with my house. Any idea what it is worth?


The front of a vintage table with the sides open.

Value of an Old Table?My father passed away and I was left with random pieces of furniture. He loved to hunt for antiques and bargains so I'm not sure if this is of any value. It is not in great condition and I was going to post it locally as "free", but wanted some advice before I do that.


What Is This Houseplant? - elongated heart shaped green foliage plant

What Is This Houseplant?I've had this plant for a while now, but I have no idea what it is. I repotted it since it was in a small pot. It has fairly long roots and is doing really well and doesn't require much care.


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Permed Hair Less Curly and Frizzy After Brushing?I just got a perm done and I got home and without thinking I brushed my hair and now it's not as curly. It is more straight and really frizzy. Did I just lose my curls or will they come back after I wash it after I have a shower a couple days after?


What Is This Plant? - plant with dark green and purplish heart shaped leaves that are deeply ridged

What Is This Plant?What is this plant? I just bought it today and I am unable to figure out what it is.


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Help Getting School Clothes and Supplies?I'm a single mom now because of domestic violence on me. I had to start over with 5 kids that need clothes and shoes for school. I'm looking for work, but I'm too scared to go too far from home because of his family and friends threatening me. What can I do for help getting school clothing and supplies?


What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With? - light tan and cream colored dog

What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?We recently adopted this little guy. We know he's half Chihuahua, but we don't know the other breed.


Value of a Capehart Stereo System - top open on console

Value of a Capehart Stereo System?I have a Capehart record player/8 track/Am/FM radio/microphone system. Can someone please tell me how much this can be worth? It doesn't have a date on it, but the model # is 42k5r/r. The record player works. The radio works. Speakers sound like they are in great condition. I just don't have any 8 tracks to test the 8 track player.


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Determining a Cleaning Fee?I clean a 4,799 sq ft. home biweekly. It is a 5 bedroom and 5 bathroom home. It also has a formal dining room, regular dining room, formal sitting room, regular living room, a huge kitchen with marble counters, sun room where they keep their dog and an office downstairs.


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Identifying a Horror Movie?There is an old horror movie from the early 2000s that I am trying to find the name of. I know the movie started out with a kid hitting a baseball into this yard and when he goes over to get the ball it's on the porch. But when he tries to run away he keeps getting closer until he is pulled into the house.


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