September 1, 2019

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Bean With Bacon Soup With Bread

Week 35: Bean with Bacon SoupRevisit your childhood with this soup, which is reminiscent of the classic canned Bean with Bacon Soup from Campbells. It makes a great lunch or dinner option, perhaps with a fresh salad. It also freezes well for future meals in the fall and winter.


Bella The Munchkinator(Yellow Lab) - closeup of smiling Bella

Bella The Munchkinator(Yellow Lab)I had wanted a dog for years, as I had lost my last dog 7 years prior to finding Bella. The day before my 21st birthday, my dad happened to see an old dog trainer of his he hadn't seen in 20 years. The trainer informed him of the beautiful, sweet girl that had been in a very abusive home and was terrified of everything. My dad knew this was it. It had to be.


Recycled Plastic Bag Rugs and Bleacher Pads - oval rug

Recycled Plastic Bag Rugs and Bleacher PadsI have been saving my grocery bags to make rugs or pads to sit on aluminum bleachers. They work great for insulating the bottom. I got my idea from a you tube video by Mom Eberhard. You I cut the tops and bottoms off the bags and loop them together. I did a 4 string braid. I made one for a friend and she uses to sit on aluminum bleachers and said it works great.


Upcycled T-shirt Crafts - several finished projects

Upcycled T-shirt CraftsWhether you're redesigning a t-shirt or cutting it up to make something else out of it, it's fun and saves the world a little bit! I love cutting old t-shirts into strips about 2" wide +/- and braiding into 3, 4, or 5 strand braids. These can be colorful or monochrome. I've even tried macrame to make t-shirt necklaces, scarves, a garland, headbands, etc.


Peanut Butter Cereal Snacks in paper liners

Peanut Butter Cereal SnacksDo you need snacks for the car ride to or from school for your kids? Cereal can get messy so this is a great alternative, very easy to make and most importantly tasty while still being healthy!



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Dog Pees Inside When Left Alone?My dog is 5 years old and since our son was born, he has peed when left alone at home unless crated. My son is now 3 and I can't figure out how to stop the behavior. My dog has never pooped in the house. He has a doggie door where he can go outside to our enclosed yard anytime he wants. We do not have grass in our yard. We have a rocked yard.


Value of a Vintage Ethan Allen Hutch/Buffet Cabinet - glass fronted buffet with hutch

Value of a Vintage Ethan Allen Hutch/Buffet Cabinet?My mother has asked for my help in getting rid of this piece. It's been around awhile. She's ready to roll it out to the curb, but it is beautiful! I'm sure it must have some value. Any ideas what it may be worth and the best way to post it for sale? It's pre 70s and it's Ethan Allen.


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Repairing and Maintaining an Asphalt Driveway?Is there a simple way to re-asphalt my driveway? Or for me to seal it, and how often should sealing be done?


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Remedy for Underarm Odor?Why does it happen every time, no matter what I do, as soon as I enter my school I smell musty? My clothes are clean and I take baths every night and in the morning. When I am at home I smell OK, but when I'm at school I constantly sweat and have to put deodorant on even though it doesn't help and I'm musty anyways.


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Dog Recovering from Parvo Not Eating?I just got my dog back from the vet he had parvo; he is 9 weeks old. The vet gave me some meds for him to take for a week. We just got him back home today and he is not eating at all. The only thing he will eat is ham and that's only a few bites. The vet gave me some food to give him. Is this normal? Or should I get a syringe and help him eat?


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Electrical Repair Assistance for Senior Citizens?I am a senior citizen and I just moved into this house and some of the plug ins do not work. I don't have lights in certain rooms and I need help getting these chores taken care of. I tried to ask for an electrician, but they are too high. Can you help me find help?


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Intermittent Power Issue With No Tripped Breakers?I lost power in area of my home about a week ago, no breaker had tripped. So I waited for a bit and the power just came back on and it stayed on for about a week. I lost power once again in the same area and it did try to come back on, but never did and no tripped breakers. What could cause this?


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MTD Riding Mower Keeps Stalling?My MTD ride on lawn mower runs great, but quits when I let the clutch out. It is model 13ab662f516 13.5 HP in perfect, hardly ever used shape.


Painting a Clear PVC Backpack  - clear pack

Painting a Clear PVC Backpack?I am looking to paint this clear Dickies backpack, white. On Amazon where I purchased it from says the material is PVC.


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Recovery Time for a Dog with Parvo?My 3 year old Husky mix ended up getting diagnosed with parvo last Friday. We noticed symptoms the day prior and he was in the ER in less than 24 hrs. They gave him a 2 hr treatment. The next day he went to the vet where we got IV fluids and medications.


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Cats Peeing on the Couch?My cats pee on my couch. They have been to vet and they are fine. The litter is clean. What can I do to stop this and what can I use to clean it? Someone told me to spray cinnamon, but I want them to sleep on the couch by me.


Value of a Pair of Fairfield Chairs - vintage orange, tan, and cream striped upholstered chair

Value of a Pair of Fairfield Chairs?I have 2 chairs manufactured by Fairfield Furniture. Can someone help me determine their value?


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