September 5, 2019

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Jars of homemade jam.

Substitutes for Pectin in Jams and Jellies?This page offers some suggestions for substitutes for pectin in homemade jams and jellies. In fact some fruit is high enough in naturally occurring pectin that they don't require it at all.


Upright Storage for Long-handled Tools - now stored inside a tomato cage in pot

Upright Storage for Long-handled ToolsLong handled tools, such as garden tools and others can be difficult to store without them constantly falling over. One solution involves a plastic planter and tomato cages. This page offers a solution for upright storage for long-handled tools.


Repairing the Finish on a Leather Table Top - stain on leather insert

Repairing the Finish on a Leather Table Top?The leather tops on furniture take a beating over time. They suffer scratches, dents, and rings from glasses to name a few possible mishaps. This page offers some insight into repairing the finish on a leather table top.


A clear container storing emergency supplies for a child going to school.

Backpack Emergency KitIt can be a good idea to create a small emergency kit for your child's backpack. Some snacks, first aid supplies, and even a comforting letter can be helpful in an unexpected emergency.


A Yorkshire terrier licking his lips.

Recipes for Yorkshire Terriers?Some dog owners choose to make their own dog food rather that serve commercial brands. This can be tricky as sometimes the ingredient proportions in the recipe may be inaccurate. Do your research, talk to your vet, and create away. This page focuses on homemade food recipes for Yorkshire Terriers.


Value of Coca Cola Dolls - period dolls

Value of Coca Cola Dolls?The Franklin Mint is one source for Coca Cola trademark dolls. Barbie dolls have also been produced dressed as 50s car hops touting the brand. The value of individual Coca Cola dolls varies.


Reduce Laundry by Reducing Clothes

Reducing Laundry by Reducing ClothesNot surprisingly fewer clothes reduces the large laundry piles. You can sort through your closet and get rid of old, worn, unused clothing items. Of course less clothing does mean more frequent laundering, but the trade off may suit your needs. This page contains an essay on reducing laundry by reducing clothes.


Refinishing a Cat Tree - continue wrapping below the shelf

Refinishing a Cat Tree With Sisal RopeRather than buying a new cat tree when the original carpet has finally been shredded by your lovely kitties, try removing it and replacing with sisal rope. Cats love to use sisal as a scratching surface and will of course wear through it too eventually, but it is easy to replace. This page offers instructions and photos helpful for refinishing a cat tree with sisal rope.


Free Flower Pots at Lowe's Garden Center - shelves with plastic pots

Finding Free Pots At Garden CentersIf you are looking for free pots, check with the garden center at your local hardware store.


A woman wearing a faux fur jacket.

Cleaning Faux FurIf the item made with faux fur is washable, toss it in the machine on gentle cycle and use cold water. For articles that are not washable you will need to spot clean with cold water and mild detergent or other household products. Dry cleaning is also a possibility. This page contains information on cleaning faux fur.


Shaping a Weeping Pussy Willow Tree - tree in pot inside

Shaping a Weeping Pussy Willow Tree?When pruning a weeping pussy willow tree, use garden pruning shears. They are a member of the group of plants that can best be defined as those that, you prune after they bloom. This pruning cycle ensures that you don't cut off the new grow that will produce the fuzzy catkins the following spring. This page offers ideas for shaping a weeping pussy willow tree.


Miniature Pincher

What is My Miniature Pincher Mixed With?Without a DNA test you can only guess what mix your dog may be. Some physical characteristics might help narrow the possibilities. This page contains discussions regarding "What is My Miniature Pinscher Mixed With?".


A pair of dentures on a white background.

Recycling Dentures?While there are not recycling options within the United States, there is a program in Japan that recycles dentures. The program recycles the metal found in the dentures and donates the profits to UNICEF.


A man looking at his prescriptions in a medicine cabinet.

Storing Medications SafelyThere are numerous things to consider when deciding where and how to store medication safely.



Protein Vegetable Bonanza on plate

Protein Vegetable BonanzaWith all the vegetables from my garden, I decided to make my own recipe and was pleased with the results. The protein comes from the egg and cheese. Round out the meal with bread, butter and a piece of fruit.


Orange Mango Passionfruit Smoothie

Orange Mango Passionfruit SmoothieYou can make your own fresh and refreshing smoothie with just 4 ingredients and a blender. You will need oranges, mango, passionfruit and ice! This will cost less than purchasing a smoothie at the store and will be healthier.


baked Blueberry Passionfruit Bundt Cake

Blueberry Passionfruit Bundt CakeTry a delicious homemade from scratch blueberry passionfruit bundt cake. This bundt cake is very simple and easy to make. A slice of cake pairs well with tea, coffee or milk.


Grapefruit Bacon Walnut Salad on plate

Grapefruit Bacon Walnut SaladThe inspiration for this salad came from a restaurant version that I order every year around my birthday as a fancy treat. This is very easy to make, taking as long as it takes to boil an egg, but it tastes like you put hours of time into it. I don't add oil to the dressing because of the fat content that's already there from the bacon, nuts, and eggs. The grapefruit really cuts through with its acidity and sweetness, and really takes this salad to new levels. I hope you try it!



Vintage Tool Box Display - finished display

Vintage Tool Box DisplayThis tool box belonged to my grandfather. I decided to make it into a display for my living room.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Daycare Name Ideas?I am thinking I want a daycare name with the initials SSA, which are my children's initials. Any thoughts?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Name Ideas for a Non-medical Home Care Service Business?Is it not right to add the words non medical in the business name? I want your help and feed back and also can I would like to get help bettering my business name for my non medical home care service business. The name is: Personal TLC Home Care Services. I am kind of wanting to add the fact that itis in home to the name though. Any ideas anyone?


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Cleaning a Mister Coffee Maker?How do I clean a Mister Coffee machine?


Value of a 1916 French 50 Centimes Coin

Value of a 1916 French 50 Centimes Coin?Where can I sell this? What's it worth?


Identifying an Old Stuffed Horse - horse in current state

Identifying an Old Stuffed Horse?I have had my stuffed horse for as long as I can clearly remember. I'm 19 1/2 and the only picture I have with it is from when I was either 3 or 5 years old (2002- 2006). He looks fairly new (still shiny and soft with the soft tail and mane furs). He doesn't have tags anymore and I have been attempting to search all night with my only real hint being the fact that his eyes have eyelids.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a straw bonnet, and a dusty rose colored long dress with eyelet trim

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?My sister had one of these (or one very similar when we were kids). I found one in a retail shop and I bought it for my daughter. I would love to know the history about this doll, but there are no markings. She's about 29 inches long and is wearing the original outfit we bought her in (she has black shoes, but they are not on in the pic, and her hair was not originally pulled back).


Identifying a Giuseppe Armani Plaque - virgin and child surrounded by angels

Identifying a Giuseppe Armani Plaque?I have this in my home and have no clue if it's real. How much is it worth? And what is the name.


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Determining House Cleaning Rates?So how much would you charge to clean a 2 bedroom, 1 living room, and kitchen? She would really just want everything dusted including blinds, window sills, and furniture. I need help setting the initial cleaning cost and then maintenance every couple of weeks. I was asked to clean twice a month.


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How to Talk to Kids about School Shootings?How do I talk to my kids about school shootings? I have been living abroad and my family and I just moved back to the United States. My kids grew up in a different country where firearms were illegal for citizens to own. My son just started 2nd grade today and I realized he probably doesn't know about school shootings.


Cleaning Non-removable Doll Clothes - lighted angel doll in pink dress

Cleaning Non-removable Doll Clothes?My mom has these dolls that have lights under their clothes. The clothes are glued on so you can't remove them. How can I clean them? I took a picture of the underneath of the doll. They are on plastic stands because of the light.


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Bath Bomb and Soap Business Name?I need help creating a name for my bath bomb and soap business. I want something that will be unisex friendly where both sexes will buy it, especially men.


Identifying a House Plant - trailing plant with medium green leaves with lighter greenish cream between veins

Identifying a House Plant?Anyone know what this is?


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Finding Help with School Supplies?I'm new to the website and I'm just looking for help and helping the students and families at my school this year with school supplies, uniforms, and more.


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Seeding a Lawn Inexpensively?What is the thrifty way of seeding a lawn?


Value of a Paradise Galleries Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a red, white, and blue dress

Value of a Paradise Galleries Porcelain Doll?I have a porcelain doll from the 1980s made by Paradise Galleries. I would like help in determining its value.


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