September 15, 2019

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Hearty Amish Soup

Week 37: Hearty Amish SoupThe Amish are no strangers to frugality and this thick soup is no exception. It contains all sorts of pantry staples, including barley and lots of veggies. Serve with bread as dinner for a cold and rainy evening.


Totoro Inari Sushi Edible Craft - sushi on a plate with a piece of broccoli and three tomatoes

Making a Totoro Inari Sushi Edible CraftCraft this Japanese character with food. This "inari sushi" is rice wrapped in a delicately sweet fried tofu.


A stressed woman looking at paperwork.

Getting Your Priorities StraightWe always have important things that we need to accomplish. Prioritizing your tasks with a list and following it, will help you complete them in a timely manner.



soup in bowl

Creamy Sweet Corn and Mushroom SoupThe cold weather has started. Rain is pouring hard outside that we all could not go out for dinner. We'd love to have soup that's perfect for the weather and here's what I made for dinner.


Making a Balloon Paper Clip Topper - hand holding the finished balloon paper clip

Making a Balloon Paper Clip TopperI find that paper clips look cute with different topper designs. While everyone is busy in their own worktables, I make myself busy with counting sticky note leaves/pages. Suddenly I wanted to make a paper clip topper.


Chug (Chihuahua Pug Cross)

Chug (Chihuahua Pug Cross)She was the puppy of another dog we had. She was the only pup in the litter. She likes to play with her ball and go for rides.



Cleaning Glazed Ceramic Tile - plank ceramic tiles

Cleaning Glazed Ceramic Tile?My daughter got sick so I decided to mop my glazed ceramic tile planks with one part bleach to 10 parts water. After everything dried there were white spots everywhere! I then scrubbed the floors with 50-50 water and vinegar. The spots went away, but now the tile looks dull and foot prints show up easily. Did I ruin the glaze on the tile?


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Trumpet Vine Losing Leaves?My trumpet vine is losing its leaves. They are not dropping, they are disappearing, including the whole leaf stem. I see no sign of aphids or mites.


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Getting a New Puppy After Losing One to Parvo?I lost a puppy earlier this year due to parvovirus from the previous owner. I've bleached everything in the house and put a anti-parvo solution everywhere as well. I am planning to get a new Maltipoo puppy, however I heard that it's best to get an older dog. Would a 12 week old Maltipoo puppy still be too young and possibly catch the virus again?


Value of a Set of 1969 American Peoples Encyclopedias - three boxes of green bound encyclopedias

Value of a Set of 1969 American Peoples Encyclopedias?I have a complete set (20) of 1969 the American Peoples Encyclopedia published by Grolier, including 10 annual year books from 1968 to 1978. I also have a set (10) of Through Golden Windows storybooks. Is this set of encyclopedias worth anything? If not, if I donated it to a charity, would they accept them?


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Correct Method for Wiring 220V Receptacle to a Fuse Box?I am installing a new electric hot water heater in an old wood frame house that was built in 1936. It has a conventional fuse box, not a circuit breaker panel. I ran a 10 gauge 3 wire from the water heater to a new 220V receptacle where it plugs into the connecting wire, then to the fuse box and connected it exactly as the 220V stove is connected.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll in pink and plaid outfit lying down

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I was wondering if anyone could identify this doll. I've seen her on a few websites (this image came from Proxibid and I want to buy her, but I don't know any information on her. Thanks!


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Kitten Peeing in the Same Places Outside the Litter Box?My kitten pees in the same 3 spots in the house outside her box. I am using enzyme cleaner. Any ideas as to why?


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Puppy Diagnosed with Parvo?My 15 week old puppy was diagnosed with parvo on Wednesday morning. It is Friday night and she is already eating food, drinking water, running, and playing could she have been misdiagnosed?


Identifying Jewelry Markings - markings on perhaps a silver ring

Identifying Jewelry Markings?Can any one tell what these say?


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Substituting Gelatin for Pectin in Pepper Jelly?I am going to make some pepper jelly. The recipe calls for pectin, but the food store nearest me only had gelatin. Can I use it in place of the pectin?


What Breed Is My Dog? - black and white photo of a dog

What Breed Is My Puppy?What breed is my puppy? He is 7 months old now and we still are not sure if he is a full blood Pit Bull or if he is a mixed breed. When my husband brought him home he said he got him from a friend that breeds Pits, but we are still not sure.


John Deere 135 Riding Mower Not Starting

John Deere 135 Riding Mower Not Starting?I have a John Deere 135 riding mower that won't start. The lights work and the hour meter works, but there is no sound at all. I checked the battery, changed the fuse, and filled with gas. It leads me to believe PTO cable or safety switch? Any other ideas?


Value of Encyclopædia Britannica 11th Edition 1910 - red leather bound volumes

Value of Encyclopædia Britannica 11th Edition, 1910?What is the value of a complete set of the 11th Edition Encyclopædia Britannica, moroccan leather bindings, in excellent condition (includes Index, 1913 Year Book, and 3 volume update)?


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Parvo Recovery Time?My puppy is 23 weeks old. He has had parvo now for 3 days. He has thrown up 4 times and had the diarrhea 2 times. Will he make a full recovery or is this just the start of it?


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Windshield Washer Nozzle Barely Spraying?The passenger nozzle for my windshield washer has little pressure for water to reach the windshield. I can not find any hole in the hose.


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Selecting the Right Needle Size for a Deluxe Sewing Machine?What size needle do I use for a modern Deluxe Precision sewing machine? Serial #: 96575.


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Causes of Sudden Death in Dogs?My 2 year old Bully died unexpectedly. He was playing in the backyard. My mom saw him around 11am and by noon when she went outside to fill up his bucket of water he was dead. He was hard as a rock and he had pooped himself. Anyone has had a similar experience? I thought maybe a snake bit him, but he had no bite marks.


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Dog Not Producing Milk for Her Puppies?My dog just had 12 puppies and 2 died. We have a hard time getting her to be with her puppies much less feeding them. She will only eat wet food and not hard why? Also she is not producing milk, what does that mean?


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Making Scented Simmering Crystals?Can anyone tell me if I can use rock salt to make scented simmering crystals for my oil burner? If so can someone tell me how to make it or put a link on with a video to show me how to make some please?


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