September 16, 2019

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Plastic Milk Jug Flower - finished votive candle flower holder

How to Make a Plastic Milk Jug FlowerIf you are looking for a simple centerpiece, these flower candle holders could be perfect. You would never know that these are made out of plastic milk jugs.


PVC Pipe as Garden Support/Stake - PVC tree supports

Using PVC Pipe as Garden Support StakesThere are a variety of materials that can be used to support your garden plants. Whether you need to tie up a tree, shrub, or large flowering plant consider using pieces of PVC pipe. They are durable and can easily be cut to the length you need.


3D Kirigami Paper Stars - two stars, one yellow and one orange

Making 3D Kirigami Paper StarsSimilar to origami, kirigami is a paper folding technique that does require some cutting to make your finished creation. It is perfect for making 3D paper stars to use as decorations.


Chicken Schnitzel on plate with lemon bridges

Making Chicken SchnitzelSchnitzel is a German dish made with meat that has been thinned using a tenderizer, then it is coated in breadcrumbs, and fried.


An old wooden painted chair being used as a decorative planter.

DIY Planters From Recycled MaterialsMany ordinary items can easily be turned into fun planters. The possibilities are endless!


Small school earthquake kit.

What is in a School Earthquake Kit?Preparing an earthquake kit for your child to use at school is easy and can bring some comfort during an uncertain time should a disaster occur.


Aluminum foil to replace a lost bottlecap.

Replacing a Missing Cap or LidIt is frustrating when a container's lid goes missing. Often lids and caps from other containers will fit.


A pile of white PVC pipes, intended for plumbing.

DIY Projects Using PVC PipeSo many things can be made from PVC pipes. From a beach wheelchair to a garden tunnel for climbing plants, this page is full of ideas to try.


Making a Paper Worm Race Game - get your straws and let the race begin

Making a Paper Worm Race GameAccordion folded pieces of paper and drinking straws are needed to make the paper worms for this paper worm race game. The kids will have a lot of fun sending their worms across the floor or table.


Lubricating a garage door.

Lubricating a Garage DoorLubricating your garage door will help minimize friction which causes wear on the mechanisms. It also makes it quieter when it is being opened and closed.


Plant fertilizer being measured out into a cup.

Remembering When to Feed PlantsComing up with helpful ways to remind yourself to fertilize your plants will ensure a consistent schedule of feeding and healthier plants.


blending bananas

Nice Cream RecipesNice cream is much more guilt-free than traditional ice cream and still easily satisfies your sweet tooth.


Hide the Plant Saucer Inside the Pot - cut down container inside a flower pot

Hiding Plant Saucers Inside PotsIf you don't like the look of potted plant saucers give this tip a try. Cut down a sturdy plastic container and place it inside your planter. This hidden saucer will not detract from your decorative pot.



Blow and Bud Painting Using a Straw and Q-tip - finished painting

Blow and Bud Painting Using a Straw and Q-tipLearn how to paint without a paint brush. There are many things you can use for painting, you can even use your bare hands. Today I'm teaching my kid a simple art technique using cotton buds and a drinking straw.


Incognito (Tiny Frog on Bird Bath) - birdbath with frog motif with tiny frog on the edge

Incognito (Tiny Frog on Bird Bath)Look to the left of the bird bath on the rim. A little mini frog is perched there trying to look like the big ceramic frogs peering over the sides. Do you think he thought I might not notice? Such a little cutie.



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Value of a Set of 1768 Encyclopaedia Britannica?I have a set of Encyclopedia Britannica dated 1768. The copyright is 1951. How much is it worth?


Mystery Eggs on Fresh Water Floating Dock - black and white photo of egg cluster

Mystery Eggs on Fresh Water Floating Dock?I have hundreds of these eggs on and around my floating dock on a fresh water lake. I suspect they are from an arthropod (insect or arachnid). There are so many of these I suspect they are nocturnal since we are on the dock constantly in the day and I never see this many of anything.


New 3 Month Old Puppy Attacks 6 Year Old Chihuahua - three dogs lying on the floor

New 3 Month Old Puppy Attacks 6 Year Old Chihuahua?I have a question. I need help fast cuz I do not want to give up my puppy. I'm afraid I might have to though. I have 3 dogs: a 2 and a half year old Pit Bull named Schnookums and a 6 year old Chihuahua named Moya. They're the best of friends.


Selling an Antique Bedroom Set - chest of drawers with doors that close over the top 4 drawers

Selling an Antique Bedroom Set?I have my grandparents antique bedroom set. I have no idea how or where to sell it. There's also a full size bed headboard and footboard with the same floral motif. All are in great condition.


Value of a Carver Back Chair - armed chair with striped upholstery

Value of a Carver Back Chair?I am trying to find the value of my Carver back chair?


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Lump on Tongue from Piercing?I got my tongue pierced about 3 weeks ago and took the piercing out just four days after I got it pierced because I didn't like it. There's a lump that has formed in the inside of my tongue on the left side of where the piercing use to be. Will this go away over time and soften because I didn't even have the piercing in for that long so I can't imagine it being scar tissue, what is it?


Identifying a Houseplant - dark green crinkly leaf potted plant

Identifying a Houseplant?It started in a 4"pot and has quickly outgrown another. It is now in a 12" pot. The leaves are thin, shiny green, slightly crinkled. The undersides are purple. How big will it get and how can I control it?


Identifying a Small Black Bug

Identifying a Small Black Bug?I felt this bug crawling up my arm and took a picture of it. Does anyone know what it is? It is black in color, small, and thin.


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Training a Pit Bull Puppy Not to Bite?How do I get my 9 week old Pit Bull to stop biting without smacking her on the nose or butt?


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a full set of a black leather bound Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th edition, 1977. There are 29 volumes plus an extra year book. All are in excellent condition. What is it worth?


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Shih Tzu Won't Eat?I have a Shih Tzu who is 7 months old. If I don't feed him he doesn't eat his food by himself. What do I do? He used to actually have get liver chunks which are home made, but now he has stopped eating that also. Rather than this he eats all those jerky foods by Pedigree. I am so worried about what to give him.


Identifying an Antique Dresser

Identifying an Antique Dresser?I recently purchased this, and I can't find an actual date or maker's name. I have googled trying to find the style of the leg, but I've not seen one similar.


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Ohio University Cross Stitch Pattern?Does anyone have an Ohio University pattern, they would share?


Identifying Small Brown Bugs - bugs on sticky paper

Identifying Small Brown Bugs?We just moved in to a house and we are finding these in the bathroom and bedrooms. Some fly and some crawl. My anxiety is getting the best if me. The ones on the blue paper are from a plug in light with sticky paper like a zapper, but not a zapper.


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Removing Acrylic Paint from Clothing?How do I get blue acrylic paint out of a white sweatshirt? It's my friend's and I really need to get it out.


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Gift Ideas for My Crush's 15th Birthday?So, my crush's birthday is coming (it's in January). He will be 15 yrs old and he plays the violin and piano and I think he likes sports cars. I don't really know what to give him, nothing that would raise questions to his parents or mine tho.


Larva found on bed sheets.

What Are These?I found those on my bed sheath today. The first image is of them as found. And the second after opening them. Size is about 1/10 inch. I have no idea what they could be. There was a total of 3.


Identifying a Vintage Fold Top Table - table with fold down leaf closed

Identifying a Vintage Fold Top Table?What type of table is this? The feet are claw shaped.


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Goulash Recipes Using Canned Pulled Pork?I have a can of pulled pork. Can I make an American goulash with it?


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Selling Pine Cones Locally in South Carolina?We have pine cones the size of footballs and would like to sell them.


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Birthday Type?My granddaughter was born Sept 19, 2000. She turns 19 on September 19 in this year 2019. That's three 19s. Is this a golden birthday or a triple golden birthday?


Is My Pit Bull Puppy Underweight? - dog on red leash

Is My Pit Bull Puppy Underweight?I have a 5 month old Razor Edge Pit Bull. He's 30 lbs, is that too small? If so please share ideas, such as puppy food or healthy vitamins.


Is My Dog a Chiweenie? - small brown dog with dark muzzle

Is My Dog a Chiweenie?My brother told me my puppy looks like a Chiweenie and now I'm curious if he is.


Value of a Porcelain Doll - unidentified doll in a box, wearing a white lace trimmed dress

Value of a Porcelain Doll?Can anyone help me determine if this doll is worth anything?


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Value of a 1900 New Twentieth Century Dictionary?I have a Webster's New Twentieth Century dictionary in good condition for being more than 119 years old. I am wondering how much it's worth. It's been in the attic for so long that I bet it wasn't touched for 60 years.


Value of Universal Standard Encyclopedias - volumes on grey carpet stairs

Value of Universal Standard Encyclopedias?I have a complete set of Universal Standard Encyclopedias copyright 1954, can anyone tell me how much they sell for? I am looking to sell them as I have no use for them.


Value of an Antique Berkey & Gay Vanity

Value of an Antique Berkey & Gay Vanity?I was given this vanity and I'm curious what itis worth. Can any one help?


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Trying to Repair My Damaged Hair?I'm a dude and I let my mom put relaxer on just the top of my hair (not sides) and it was a big amount that it burnt my hair to the point I had pain just combing it regularly. Then I realized it stopped growing. The top of my hair looked the same for about 10 months.


Is This a Majolica Vase? - globe shaped vase that looks a bit like a round corn cob with white kernels, purple covering from top down and around the entire back

Is This a Majolica Vase?We found this vase. I can't find anything like it. It's definitely majolica likeand has a raised seal at the bottom. Any advice or knowledge would help.


Value of a Brinn Porcelain Doll - dark haired doll wearing a pink lace trimmed outfit

Value of a Brinn Porcelain Doll?I have a Brinn collectible edition porcelain doll. Her name is Missy. I am trying to figure out how much she is worth. She's from 1986.


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Getting a Copy of Divorce Papers?I went to court because my ex-wife wanted a divorce. The judge made me sign the divorce papers. It's been 3 years and I have received nothing. I want to remarry. How do, or what do I do to get a copy? I live in Ontario. She's a mean and stubborn girl, she doesn't care about anything but herself. Sadly I've learned that the hard way.


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Preschool Slogan Ideas?My business name is Baby Bee's Play and Learn Center. Do you have any suggestions for a slogan?


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Name Ideas for a Non-medical in Home Care Business?I am wanting to start a non medical in home care business and I might have a name for it in mind. I want to know how it fits and if you think it's a proper name. It's called (Made At Home In Home Care). How do you think people will see the name in their eyes and what will they think about it?


Identifying Old Metal Equipment Pieces - broken parts

Identifying Old Metal Equipment Pieces?I live in rural southern Missouri and found these pieces of some type of equipment in the woods on my property. Can you tell me what that equipment might have been and approx. when it was commonly used?


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15th Birthday Dinner Party Ideas?My birthday falls a few days after Thanksgiving and I want to have whoever is around from my friend group (potentially 15 people, girls and guys) over for a dinner party. I was thinking we could have appetizers, then a main meal, then a dessert assortment, and then take pictures, but I am worried that this isn't enough for a party.


What Kind of Bug Is This? - dead bug

What Kind of Bug Is This?I found this crawling on my bed. It was kinda fast and when I killed it there was no odor and or blood, could it be a bed bug still?


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Cleaning Slippery Tile Floors?I am looking for suggestions for cleaning products that will stop my tile floors from being slippery and oily like. I live in a HUD apartment and have fallen so many times. I now have a cracked left hip. What can I use? Better yet what can we clean it with?


Value of a Set of My First Britannica - boxed set of children's encyclopedias

Value of a Set of My First Britannica?Is this a valuable set? It's in perfect condition. Published in 2004.


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