September 18, 2019

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Value of Antique Tilt Top Table - round tilt top table

Value of an Antique Tilt Top Table?The tilt top on antique and newer tables allows you to fold the top down when the table is not in use. There are many of these pedestal tables out there with varying values based on condition, manufacturer, style, etc. Determining the value can be a bit of a task.


Nappy Baby Shower Invitations

DIY Nappy Baby Shower InvitationsThese folded paper nappies are too cute. Following the instructions provided, you can craft fun baby shower invitations in a variety of paper colors and designs.


Personalized Turtle Wall Art - turtle artwork hangin on a brick wall, pr

Personalized Turtle Wall ArtThink about using a piece of your child's art to make a bit of wall art. Here we see a painting transformed into a personalized turtle wall art piece.


A vintage black and white photo of a woman and a child next to a field.

Recalling Childhood MemoriesThere may be no time travel as depicted in science fiction stories or movies, but our memories of earlier times in our lives can often be quite vivid. They can be triggered by sights, sounds, smells, or just a desire to travel back to our childhood through our memories of those days gone by. We spend a few moments there and return to the present better for the fond memories.


Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Ring - child's hand wearing the ring

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Butterfly RingPipe cleaners have been a favorite toy and craft supply for decades. Fashion colored pipe cleaners into a cute butterfly ring following the instructions found on this page.


Making Geometric Bubble Wands  bubble wands against a dark blue towel

Making Geometric Bubble WandsPipe cleaners and lengths of plastic drinking straws can be transformed into geometric bubble wands. Follow the step by step instructions, accompanied by helpful photos, to make some for your kids, relatives, or to give as party favors.


Making a Bottle Cap Glitter Pendant Necklace - finished pendant being worn

Making a Bottle Cap Glitter Pendant NecklaceNo one will guess that this pendant is actually a plastic bottle cap decorated with glitter. Gather a few tools and make several in different colors and glitter types. The instructions and step by step photos provided will help in making a bottle cap glitter pendant necklace.


Repupose Mouthwash Container into a Planter - looking down at planted container

Repupose Mouthwash Container into a PlanterThe shape of some plastic bottle bases can inspire craft ideas. Here we have instructions and photos to help you repurpose a mouthwash container into a planter.


Clothing clipped on hangers in a closet.

Hanging Long Dresses in a Low ClosetUsing two clothes hangers, you can easily hang your dresses in a closet with a low rod setting. Simply drape the skirt portion over the second hanger and you are good to go.


A woman looking at stains in laundry.

Removing Oily Stains on ClothingRemoving oily stains on clothing can be a challenge especially if it has already been washed and dried. This page offers some suggestions for removing them from your clothes.


String Pull Abstract Painting - keep submerging the pieces of string and repeating the pulling step until you are satisfied

Pulled String Art PaintingRather than using a brush, try creating a beautiful abstract painting using string to spread your paint. Following are some examples of pulled string art painting projects.


Photo of an earring holder

Homemade Earring HoldersWhile there are any number of earring holders for sale in retail stores, but why not get creative and make one that satisfies your specific needs. Depending on the type of earrings you typically wear there are varying solutions. This page contains some ideas for making earring holders.


Patriotic Window Display - arrange plates with stars in upper left on all plates

Patriotic Paper Plate Window DisplayThis super simple paper plate craft is perfect for the Fourth of July or Memorial Day. Grab some flag plates and start gluing to make your own patriotic paper plate window display.


Feed the Monster Math Game - view of the possible coins that can total 5

Feed the Monster Math GameThis cute paper bag craft is the basis for a math game that will make learning addition fun. It can be tailored for different ages and skills. Make this fun 'feed the monster' math game using the instructions and photos provided below.


Handprint Monster Happy Birthday Card - cute card

Making a Handprint Monster Birthday CardHandprint crafts are always popular and kids seem to enjoy helping to make them. This handprint monster birthday card is no exception.


Recycled Ombre Vase - paint brushes in the vase

Recycled Ombre Decoupage VasePlastic bottles are perfect for transforming into attractive vases and other container crafts. Cut the bottle neck off and invert inside to create a center for the contents to stand more upright. Acrylic paints and torn paper napkins are used to achieve the pretty ombre colors on this decoupaged vase.



Green Lentil Dip in blender

Green Lentil DipLentils are very healthy for you. They are packed with fiber, protein, and a good source of iron. One of my favorite ways of preparing lentil is this dip for snacking with crackers or chips!


Fresh Garden Tomato Soup in bowl

Fresh Garden Tomato SoupThis is the season to enjoy tomatoes like no other time! Using your own garden tomatoes (whatever kind including cherry tomatoes) you can make this simple but delicious soup in a half an hour, with the cooking taking 20 minutes of the total time. Make a fast, fresh and inviting meal!


hand held Chocolate Peanut Banana Bites

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana BitesYou can make this healthy, frozen treat with just 3 simple ingredients: banana, dark chocolate, and peanut butter. I used 1 banana and made 10 bites.



Baby Boy (Norwegian Forest Cat) - black and white photo of a medium haired Forest cat

Baby Boy (Norwegian Forest)In September of 2009 we had a litter of 7 kittens. Everyone wanted him, but he wouldn't let anyone take him he wanted to stay with us.


Making a Paper Butterfly Puppet - finished butterfly

Making a Paper Butterfly PuppetToday, I'm making a fun craft for my son and his two cousins. They love it when I make paper toys for them. I'm glad I can make them smile with simple handmade toys.



Reattaching the Arms on a Vintage Ken or Barbie Doll - Ken doll with arm detached

Reattaching the Arms on a Vintage Ken or Barbie Doll?How do you repair vintage Ken arms that keep falling off?


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Cat Has a Piece of Claw Stuck Between Teeth?My 13 year old cat was constantly licking her lips so I looked and there is a small piece of her claw stuck in between her teeth. What do I do or will it dislodge on its own? I've tried pulling it out, but she doesn't sit very still and I'm afraid of breaking her teeth.


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Asking a Close Friend to the Kick Off Dance?I wanna ask my close friend to the school dance. I've known him since day one of 6th grade and now we're in our freshman year. I wanna know if I should ask him or if I should lay off. Mostly everybody in our grade ships the two of us, but the one problem is he has mentioned liking another girl. He only mentions her to me and not his other friends. I'm not sure if that's a sign.


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Singer Sewing Machine Feed Dogs Not Working?I have a Singer tradition 23 stitch sewing machine. The teeth on the machine are not feeding the fabric. The wheel will not turn to move the teeth. It will move when winding bobbin. What can I do to fix it?


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Using a NeilMed Sinus Rinse Bottle?I use a NeilMed bottle, but can't seem to empty it. There is always 1/4 to 1/3 solution left. What am I doing wrong?


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Dog Sprayed by a Skunk for the Second Time?My dog was sprayed by a skunk for the 2nd time in two months and so I am worried about him this time. Could it harm him at all considering it happened before so close together? I am really worried about him. Is there anything I should watch for after bathing him?


Value of a Homer Laughlin Bowl - deep bowl or basin with gold trim and green and gold around the center bottom with the green going up the sides

Value of a Homer Laughlin Bowl?I have a Homer Laughlin piece. I am trying to get information such as age and value on. It is what appears to be a large (17 inches across) basin with the name Homer Laughlin and the insignia stamped on the bottom, but with no accompanying numbers. It is rimmed with gold coloring and there is a thin gold ring around the white circle on the bottom.


Value of a Zenith Stereo Console - open console with record on the turntable

Value of a Zenith Stereo Console?I was wondering if I could get an estimate on how much it would sell for today. It was given to me so I do not know much about it.


Is My Puppy a Pit Bull Mix?

Is My Puppy a Pit Bull Mix?Does my puppy look like she has Pit in her. She is 5weeks and 3 days old.


Value of an 1897 Webster's Dictionary - cover

Value of an 1897 Webster's Dictionary?I am curious as to the value of this item. A similar one dated 1892 is listed on eBay, minus inscription, for $500. The cover is worn, front detached at the spine, but otherwise in good shape. The inscription reads Mrs. C. Newbanks. Book presented by her son Neal. March 18, 1897.


Identifying Drinking Glasses - glass with the continents around the outside

Identifying Drinking Glasses?I found 2 of these at the thrift store and cannot identify them. Can anyone help?


Value of a Stained Glass Window

Value of a Stained Glass Window?I have a stained glass window that is 48x72 inches. I am wondering if anyone would have info on this window and its value?


Information on a G. Armani Sculpture  - young man and woman on a tree swing

Information on a G. Armani Sculpture?This G. Armani figurine, in mint condition, was just passed down to me from my great grandmother. I don't know much about it, but I am very interested in finding any information out!


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