September 19, 2019

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Making Tissue Paper Puffy Flowers - one puffy tissue paper flower

Making Tissue Paper Puffy FlowersThese beautiful tissue paper flowers get their puffy look from using a small Styrofoam ball or Ping Pong ball to create the petals. Set them out in a vase or use to upscale gifts. The photos and instructions needed for making your own can be found on this page.


A paintbrush being used to paint a white windowsill.

Paint Is Not Adhering to Old Paint?When your new paint is not adhering to old paint, you may have used latex paint on oil base paint. You may need to strip the oil based paint. The surface you are painting needs to be clean and sometimes sanded.


Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup in bowl

Thai Coconut Shrimp SoupA delicious, coconut cream based Thai shrimp soup that is sweet, spicy, and savoury. Curry paste and fish sauce help give this soup its distinct flavor.


Showerhead with tile.

Replacing the Tub Shower Combination in a Mobile Home?Replacing the tub shower combination in a mobile home is reliant on finding a replacement unit that will fit the space. This is an issue for all remodel work whether in a mobile home or a stick built one. If you are unable to find a suitable combination replacement, other options such as separate tubs and surrounds might solve the problem.


Cheesy Omelette Taco on plate

Cheesy Omelette TacoUse a waffle maker to create this taco like omelette. If you add cheese to the maker first you can even enjoy a nice crunch without the tortilla. Add your favorite fillings, fold, and enjoy.


A collection of items on a table at a garage sale.

Selling Household ItemsMost of us end up with numerous items both large and small, never used or gently used that we want to get rid of in our efforts to declutter. This page contains some very helpful tips for selling household items.


baked Strawberry Almond Muffins

Strawberry Almond MuffinsAlmond flour and fresh strawberries combine to make these tasty muffins. Serve them for breakfast, as a snack, or for dessert.


An avocado popsicle shaped like a boat.

Avocado PopsiclesUsing only four ingredients, including avocados you can make this delicious frozen treat. Here is yet another way to serve avocados, as popsicles.


A plate of stuffed vegetables.

Stuffed Vegetable RecipesSo many veggies are suitable for stuffing. You can vary the ingredients in your stuffing based on the vegetable being used and also switch from sweet to savory and from mild to spicy to accommodate your tastes. Try some of these recipes.


Instant Pot Caramelized Pork and Eggs

Instant Pot Caramelized Pork and EggsThe advent of the Instant Pot has helped to speed up the cooking time for numerous dishes. You can make a version of Vietnamese Thit Kho, pork and eggs, using your Instant Pot.


Spaghetti Squash Fritters on paper towel

Spaghetti Squash FrittersFor a new twist on serving spaghetti squash try making it into tasty pan fried fritters. Include your favorite additions such as onion, cheese, or bacon and enjoy!


An online nursery app in front of purple flowers.

Finding Buy Now Pay Later Online Nurseries?Finding 'buy now pay later' companies is possible for certain types of items. However, locating an on-line nursery that offers this option may be difficult. This page offers some opinions on and options to the 'buy now pay later' concept regarding shopping for garden plants and supplies.


Chocolate Chip Cashew and Coconut Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cashew and Coconut CookiesTry this variation on the traditional chocolate chip cookie by adding cashews and coconut. You can add salt to the top if you enjoy that sweet and salty taste.


batter poured into plastic wraps for ice pops

Mango Jelly Iced PopsFresh mangos, a bit of gelatin, evaporated milk, and condensed milk combine to make delicious frozen mango jelly iced pops.


Fingers pressing buttons on an alarm system.

Saving Money on Alarm SystemsHome alarm systems can vary in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars, including installation, monitoring, monthly fees, and other services. Shopping around may help find the provider that fits your budget or you can research homeowner installed systems, which cost less and can be monitored by you.


A penny in the center of a circular decorated paper.

Making a Penny SpinnerGive food packaging a second use by making a free and fun toy penny spinner. This is a very easy to make toy that will entertain younger children for quite awhile.


A wok with stir fried noodles and vegetables.

Making Stir Fried NoodlesStir fry is a very versatile method of cooking that allows you to create any number of dishes. By varying the extras that you add such as the type of meat, vegetables, and sauces you can have a new dish each time.


Value of a Crimson Collection Porcelain Doll   - doll in a box

Value of a Crimson Collection Porcelain Doll?The J.A. Designs Crimson Collection porcelain dolls have been sold in a number of retail stores and through Amazon. To determine the value of these mass produced dolls some online research will probably help.


A man using a credit card

Protecting Your Banking InformationChecking account information has been at risk for some time. Whether the thief steals a check or is able to acquire your account number and routing number or debit or credit card information, it is the account holder that needs to be aware of unauthorized activity on their account. This page contains ideas for protecting your checking account information.


Tomato gravy in a clear glass gravy boat.

Tomato Gravy RecipesAlthough many gravy recipes start with a meat stock, this page offers some tomato based options that will fit your vegetarian needs or can be used over a meat of choice.


A plate of deep fried egg rolls.

Making Egg RollsMaking your own eggs rolls at home is easy and relatively fast. It also allows you to personally determine the types of fillings you prefer. Choose from the recipes on this page. Provide a dipping sauce if desired and enjoy.


Sauteed shrimp and garlic in a pan.

Garlic Shrimp RecipesGarlic is a very good addition to many shrimp recipes. Here are some various garlic shrimp recipes.



Paperclip Charm for a Zipper Pull - charm hanging from zipper pull

Paperclip Charm for a Zipper PullMy bag's zipper has given up. The handle was broken and I had to think of a remedy to avoid struggles pulling. Then I found a paper clip. A bulb lit in my mind. I pulled out some craft materials that I had available and started my little experiment.


Abby (Terra-Poo) - black curly haired dog

Abby (Terra-Poo)When she was 6 months old, we adopted her from a private rescue shelter. She picked us! She likes to go for long walks. We walk a mile a day, and she always finds something interesting to smell. She loves playing with the our cat too.


Brookelynn (Rottweiler) - closeup of a dog shaking off water after a swim

Brookelynn (Rottweiler)My husband always said, he picked her out of a box as a puppy! She's so regal, but can be such a goofball too! Here she is, shaking off after swimming!



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Understanding Child Support in a Divorce Decree?Our divorce decree states that the father pays $2300 a month in child support of minor children until the youngest reaches age of 18. No where does it say it decreases as each child reaches 18. It only states he pays that amount until youngest is 18. As each child once 18 will spend 4-5 years in college and can't support themselves or pay their car insurance and car that I have pay for.


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Recipe for Homemade Simmering Crystals?Would anyone have the recipe for homemade simmering crystals? I don't know which dye to use or which fragrance. Is it oil based?


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Making Pimento Cheese Sandwiches?How much pimento cheese should I use per person on a sandwich?


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Repairing Your Credit?Ok, so I got a letter offering to settle an account with an original balance of over 5K for $1,300. Can I do this on all my negative marks? I don't want it to show up on my credit as settled, I want it removed. Do I need a credit repair company or is it a DIY fix? How do I do this?


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Can I Reprocess Canned Tomato Sauce?I have experience with jellies. This is my first time canning tomatoes. I made sauce with fresh grown ripe plum tomatoes, a little oil, onion, and herbs, plus a dash of Parmesan cheese. I simmered the sauce for 1 hour. I hot-packed 12 sterilized pint jars and did a 185 degree water bath for 15 min. They sealed well. I did this one week ago.


Identifying Household Bugs - small dark bug on tan background

Identifying Household Bugs?These are in my daughter's room, in her clothes and under her bed. What are they and how can I get rid of them? Any help would be appreciated.


Discontinued Brewster Wallpaper #284-54243 - raised floral motif wallpaper

Discontinued Brewster Wallpaper #284-54243?I am seeking a discontinued wall paper by Brewster. The pattern is # 284-54243. It's Sienna Venita Beige Crepe Blossom Trail. I will take any amount. It comes in double rolls. Does anyone have some left over or know where I might find some?


Value of a Console Stereo

Value of a Console Stereo?It is in great condition, just a few scratches, but everything works well.


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?What are some great slogan ideas for a daycare named "Dynamic Children Academy"?


What Is This Bug? - small, long bug on grey vinyl look floor

What Is This Bug?Does anyone know what this bug is? My son found it on the bedroom floor.


Value of a Mersman Drum Table - with inlay on top

Value of a Mersman Drum Table?What is the value of this Mersman drum table? It was purchased in 1948. I've seen others on line, but this is the only one with an inlay band on the top.


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull? - side view of a brown and white Pit Bull standing outside

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?Is my dog a full Pit Bull or a Pit Bull mix?


Value of a Seymour Mann Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a red plaid dress holding a certificate

Value of a Seymour Mann Porcelain Doll?I found 1 I'd never seen before. It is from the Mann Doll Collectors Guild, the Connoisseur Collection . I don't know the numbers. Can someone take a look please.


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Homemade Body Scrubs Froze?Can you store body scrubs in the fridge? I made a few to sell and they kind of froze. Are they still good? I didn't put them in the freezer, but towards the back so that they wouldn't be on the way.


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Straightening Permed Hair?I got a curly perm in March. I cut my hair 4 weeks ago to shoulder length and I still have some curls. I thought it would be easier to straighten now that it is short and it is way easier, but every time I flat iron it it gets poofy and it doesn't stay straight. How can I make it stay sleek and straight all day or what product do I need to use?


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Dog Died Suddenly?My 5 year old chocolate Lab, lost her appetite and acted tired. The next morning she had a little more energy, but still was not eating normally. There was no diarrhea or vomiting that I'm aware of. By evening she had no energy to walk, ignored my calls for her until I found her hiding. I think I momentarily stopped her from giving out at that moment.


Value of a Vintage Pennsylvania Riding Reel Mower

Value of a Vintage Pennsylvania Riding Reel Mower?I am just wondering what a 1960s Pennsylvania riding reel mower is worth. It's a model 4224c and I can't find another one.


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Help Tearing a House Down After a Fire?My house burned down and I didn't have homeowners insurance. I'm not concerned about anything other than what is going to happen now? I can't afford to get it torn down; I already have suffered enough loss. But I'm getting fined for not. What will happen next and what do I do?


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Grey Hair Turned Purple Using Argan Oil?I dyed my roots with Sally's new argan oil very black and it turned my roots purple again. I left it on for 40 minutes.


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Best Glue for Outdoor Seashell Wreaths?I want to make several outdoor wreaths using various seashells. What is best glue to use for seashells that will withstand high heat and humidity?


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Obtaining a Power of Attorney?My brother was taking care of my mother. She is on Social Security. He ended up going to jail, but he didn't have power of attorney. He was the caretaker of my mother. Now that I have my mother what do I have to do to get her benefits?


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Lawn Tractor Won't Start?It's got a new starter, battery, and solenoid, and it will crank, but only so far, then the flywheel binds. I can turn it by hand, but it's difficult. It was running fine last week, and has all summer. Any idea what is causing this problem?


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