October 3, 2019

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A vintage Singer sewing machine.

Value of a Vintage Singer Sewing Machine?The value of vintage Singer sewing machines varies depending on the model and condition. Antique machines made more than a 100 years ago are often more valuable, but vintage models can also have value to collectors, again depending on condition and rarity.


Candy Nose Reindeer Ornament

Candy Nose Reindeer OrnamentCreate a cute kraft paper reindeer ornament and add your favorite candy for the nose. It will look great on your tree, could be used as a gift tag, or as a gift itself. The instructions with accompanying photos follow.


Fall Decorated Tea Light Jars - three decorated jars

Making Fall Decorated Tea Light JarsMason jars, fall decorative items, and battery operated tea lights are the basic supplies need to make your own version of these fall decorated tea light jars.


Pink and yellow plumeria blossoms.

Plumeria (Frangipani) PhotosThese warm region flowering deciduous trees or shrubs are native to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. They do well from Brazil to Florida. Photos of these beautiful flowers follow.


Mini Christmas wreaths.

Making Mini Christmas WreathsMini Christmas wreaths can be made using a variety of craft supplies including pipe cleaners, cardboard, or even recycled yogurt container lids. Add your choice of decorations, both from nature or the craft store and enjoy the creative experience.


Chopstick and Bead Christmas Tree - finished tree

DIY Chopstick and Bead Christmas TreeMake a simple chopstick and bead table top Christmas tree using the instructions found on this page. This is a simple and quick to make decoration. Make several.


A dog sleeping on the sofa.

How is Parvo Transmitted?Many pet owners have real concerns regarding the transmission of this sometimes fatal virus. Parvo is transmitted by contact with an infected animal, feces, vomit, and from your hands, clothing, and shoes if you have come in contact with the live virus. It is not airborne.


Three kittens drinking from a dish.

Rescued Kitten PhotosMany kittens join families as the result of being rescued. These feral or abandoned kitties make great pets. This page contains photos of rescued kittens.


A brown crepe myrtle leaf.

Crepe Myrtle Leaves Turning Brown?If the leaves on your crepe myrtles are turning brown you will need to do some sleuthing to determine the cause. A cold snap may be the culprit. Too little water in the summer is another cause. For potted trees, check soil moisture. Many nursery plants are root bound. Consider replanting. Quick attention when you crepe myrtle leaves start to turn brown generally can save your tree or shrub.


Cute Reindeer Ornament - ornament hanging on the tree

Making a Glass Reindeer OrnamentTransform a clear glass fillable ornament into a cute reindeer. This is a simple project that you can do with your children.


Christmas Tree Pop-up Card - add tiny sparking stars around the tree

How to Make a Christmas Tree Pop-up CardStart with a piece of cardstock and then with the addition of accordion folded green and red paper you can create this pretty Christmas tree pop up card. Add a few stick on stars to finish. The steps and photos needed to make this card craft can be found on this page.


A folding TV tray table on a white background.

Saving Space in Living RoomIt is really easy for your living room to become too crowded with excess furniture. Finding dual purpose pieces or simply eliminating the clutter may help create a lovely more spacious living room.


Lace Frill Sock Christmas Angel - finished angel with wings added hanging from a tree branch

DIY Lace Frill Sock Christmas AngelThis pretty Christmas angel begins with a frilly lace trimmed girl's sock. The step by step photos and instructions can be found on this page.



Veggie Quinoa Mix on plate

Kimchi Mushroom/Pea Quinoa MixQuinoa is very versatile to cook with. What's great about quinoa is that it is very nutritious, high in fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Here is my quinoa mix for the week. I meal prep enough to make 9 medium bowl servings for Monday through Friday. It lasts in the fridge perfectly fine! You can serve heated up or eat refrigerated.


sauce on spaghetti

Fast and Easy Garden Tomato SauceI can't believe how fast it is to make good homemade tomato sauce. The secret is pureeing the tomatoes with skins on, first! Great and easy way to use all your garden tomato abundance. Check this out!



Levi Russell (Yorkie/Poodle) - Levi in his crate

Levi Russell (Yorkie/Poodle)I purchased him from a friend in May 2014. Levi loves to chase birds, catch balls, and cuddle.


Floating Fabric Ghost - ghost and other fall decorations displayed

Floating Fabric GhostThis is a simple way to make a really cool ghost decoration for the Halloween season. When it's all done, it's just the fabric that's standing up on its own; it does not need any support. All you need is thin fabric, starch, and some objects from around the house to build upon. I used a slightly heavy linen-like cheese cloth, but you can use any thin fabric you can find.


Gentleman Themed Paper Goody Bag - finished bag

Gentleman Themed Paper Goody BagI'm thinking of a Baby Boss themed party for my 2nd child's upcoming birthday. As much as possible I want it simple and at a very low cost, but of course we all want our parties presentable. Here's and idea for a gentleman themed goody bag.


Kid's Fall Owl Decor Craft - finished owl with eyes, beak, and feet glued in place

Kid's Fall Owl Decor CraftBefore tossing out your raked leaves, you can make this fun owl decor piece. it is very easy and fun to make with simple supplies - construction paper, googly eyes, scissors, and glue!


Rooster - on a golf course

RoosterWhile playing golf I spotted this rooster. He was once a regular on the course. On my next visit I heard the coyotes got the friendly rooster who greeted all the golfers on the 7th hole.



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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is October 6th, but I'm celebrating it twice because my parents are divorced. Either way, we don't have enough money to do anything huge apart from going out for lunch. Is there anything else I could do with my dad and my little sister that is both affordable and fun?


Is My Puppy a Chiweenie? - closeup

Is My Puppy a Chiweenie?I have recently adopted an adorable puppy, and I was wondering if he's a Chiweenie. The shelter only said he's a Chihuahua mix, but I see some Dachshund in him from his long body and face. His legs are not short, and his ears aren't floppy, so maybe closer to a Chihuahua. Any guess?


Value of a Singing Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll - doll in the box

Value of a Singing Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll?I was wondering how much my doll is worth. It is a wind up doll and also sings the Annie song "Tomorrow".


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Storing Brown Sugar in the Fridge?How long can I keep brown sugar in the refrigerator?


Value of Leonardo Figurines - bronze colored figurines

Value of Leonardo Figurines?I have 4 Leonardo ornaments and I am wanting to sell them. Does anyone have an idea how much to sell them for please?


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New Home Janome #525B Won't Stitch?My machine is running, but it won't sew.


What Breed Is My Dog? - small brown and tan dog at the beach

What Breed Is My Dog?I was wondering what breed our rescue pooch, Dusty, is?


Value of a Teak Table - low table with tiles along the long sides and wood in the middle and around the edges

Value of a Teak Table?This belonged to my aunt who traveled to other countries. I was just wondering the value. I think the wood is teak.


Value of an Old Rocking Chair - armless rocking chair with metal decoration on back and gold upholstered seat

Value of an Old Rocking Chair?Does anyone know the marking on this chair? I'm trying to figure out what era and how much this chair is worth. The only marking is this genie lamp-like metal picture.


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Plumbing Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowner?I have a kitchen drain that backs up and floods my kitchen every time the sump pump goes off or I attempt to drain the washer. My kitchen has flooded 7 times in the past few days and 2 of the pipes have rusted through. I have no way to pay for this and my family and house are suffering. Where can I find help?


Removing a Stain on a Corian Sink - stains on Corian sink

Removing a Stain on a Corian Sink?I have an ivory Corian sink with a brass faucet. I need to replace the faucet, but there is now a greenish stain around the old faucet base. I am not sure if it is cleaner buildup or calcium or?


Donating Trophies - trophies

Donating Trophies?Any thoughts on where to donate excess trophies?


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Making Simmering Granules?I buy too many sizzler granule pots off people so I decided to try and make my own. Do I colour the salt with food colouring? Can any one step by step me? Please x


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Finding Free Fabric?I'm an up and coming fashion designer and I'm looking for free fabric. My daughter was hit by a car in 2011; my life was so down. But then it's put me back into my fashion design pursuits. I'm ready to do what I like doing. I look at her and it gives me strength. She came so far. Right now we are on a fixed income and that's why I'm trying to see if I can get help. Any fabric will be fine.


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Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a 22hp twin ohv Intek Briggs and Stratton motor on a riding lawn tractor. When I try to start the motor it will pop from the air intake and not fire. What might be the problem?


Electric Stove Burners Not Working Properly - burners turned on but not working

Electric Stove Burners Not Working Properly?My electric range only has one burner working properly. The other three burners can't work independently. I need to always turn on the good one to make other burners work.


Value of a Vintage Dresser with Mirror - dark finish dresser with lighter veneer pattern in middle of  drawers

Value of a Vintage Dresser with Mirror?This dresser is in pristine condition. I am wondering who the manufacturer is, what wood it is, and what price to sell it at. It is very functional and looks great.


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Making Peanut Butter Cake Frosting Fudge?Some state 1 cup PB and a tub of frosting. The one I saw said 1 16 oz jar PB and 1 tub BC frosting?


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