October 6, 2019

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Elements of Nature Fall Wreath - wreath hanging on door

Elements of Nature Fall WreathYou can use faux autumn decorations to create a beautiful elements of nature fall wreath. This wreath uses a twig ring, burlap, ribbon, faux pieces and a glue gun to assemble it.


White laundry being loaded in a washing machine.

Homemade Bleach AlternativeAn easy, safe homemade bleach alternative can be made using hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice. Hydrogen peroxide can also be mixed with ammonia and hot water for linens.


bowl of Moroccan Vegetable and Bean Soup

Week 40: Moroccan Vegetable and Bean SoupThis vegan soup contains hearty vegetables and warm spices that add a North African flavor. It's perfect for a cold and rainy fall evening and leftovers are even better.



Paper Fish - montage of three views of the paper fish

Paper FishWhen there's pure boredom and you have nothing but colored paper, turn it into something that will make you smile. Here's one idea that came to my mind that satisfied my boring day. This craft is also good to try out with your kids.


Roast Chicken and Tomato Noodle Soup in bowl

Roast Chicken and Tomato Noodle SoupI love to use the leftovers from my roast chickens to make soups. The carcass is used to make the stock, but the meat is set aside and dropped in at the end of the soup-making process so it stays juicy and does not lose its flavour. I came up with this when I saw my mum pushing away the meat from a chicken noodle soup, saying that all the goodness from the chicken chunks had been sucked out, leaving nothing but dry stringy squares. I think I've done that before, too! This is a wonderful and comforting soup that is very easy to make.


Pom Pom Bat Decoration - hand holding the bat hanging from a gold pipe cleaner

Pom Pom Bat DecorationThe main concept of this bat is the yarn pom pom body. The pom pom is actually from a pair of my house slippers that I didn't like. I repurposed the pom poms into this cute bat decoration. If you do not have pom poms in your home, you can make a pom pom with yarn, or they sell already made pom poms at your local craft store.



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Pre-kindergarten School Motto Ideas?The name of my pre-kindergarten school is Atal Haven which means (Children's Safe Place). Any suggestions on the motto?


Value of a Seymour Mann Connoisseur Collection Doll

Value of a Seymour Mann Connoisseur Collection Doll?I have a vintage porcelain baby doll in christening dress with a pillow from Seymour Mann's Connoisseur Collection. I just want to know if the doll has any cash value.


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Caring for a Puppy With Parvo?My 9 week puppy is unfortunately suffering with parvo. I am doing sub-q fluids and also giving Pedialyte through a syringe. She has not had any diarrhea or vomiting for about 12 hours now, but she just wants to lay there and sleep and not move. I am still giving Pedialyte and water through a syringe, but my question is do I just let her lay there and sleep and not move?


Value of a J Misa Collection Doll - doll in a box

Value of a J Misa Collection Doll?This is a J Misa Collection the doll. Its name is Shirley. I am trying to find out its value.


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Removing Dryer Sheet Odor from Dryer?My new dryer came with a box of scented dryer sheets inside. I have allergies. It has contaminated the whole dryer and my first load has caused me serious problems. How do I remove this odor from my machine?


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Ideas for a Joint 30th Birthday?My friend and I are both 30 this year. We are having a joint party, but I'd like to surprise her with something. I haven't a clue what sort of surprise to do. Can anyone enlighten me with something to do?


Bump on a Dog - bump

Bump on a Dog?I don't know what this is. Should I be worried for my dog?


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Hard Spot on Tongue After Piercing?I got my tongue pierced around 8 days ago. There's no pain or swelling, but when I squeeze down on my tongue it's hard, almost like a hard squishy ball inside my tongue, is that normal?


What Breed Is My Dog? - small black dog

What Breed Is My Dog?Any guesses? My luna is black and white and has light brown if looked at closely. She is now 3months old. She doesn't look like mom. Any guesses? Could she be a Chihuahua mix?


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Canning Jars Have Visible Residue After Processing?Some canning jars have a residue around the lips of the jars after the hot water bath. The lids appear sealed. Is the product safe to eat?


Identifying an Old Sewing Cabinet - dark finish sewing cabinet with fold top opening on each side of the top and two drawers

Identifying an Old Sewing Cabinet?I have seen the more common styles of Martha Washington sewing tables, but cannot really identify this particular table. Can anyone help?


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Hair Is Breaking After Using Luster's S-Curl Activator?I have 4c hair dye I believe and I used this in July. It's now October and my hair is falling out like crazy. Not my new growth, but just the texturized parts, literally every time I touch it with my hands or a comb or brush.


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Permed Hair Not Curly Enough?I've been going to my hairdresser for years, and she knows I have been wanting to do a perm for months now. I have showed her photos over the past few weeks of what we wanted to achieve and also what we did not. I reiterated several times that I wanted proper curls (not waves, since my hair is already somewhat wavy).


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Getting Rid of Aphids on Crepe Myrtles?My crepe myrtle bushes have been damaged by aphids. I trimmed off all the branches, but not the trunk. It's the first of October. Do you think they will give me a pretty blooms next summer? I tried spraying them with aphid pesticides, but it didn't work. I thought about vinegar next time. These bushes are in front of my house.


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House Trained Mature Pom Started Pooping Inside?Why would a mature Pomeranian start pooping inside at your front door?


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Opening a Stuck Kitchen Drawer?I have a very hard to open stuck drawer in my kitchen. I tried everything, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions would help me.


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Hair Too Dark After Dyeing?I recently got my hair dyed. It was blond and I wanted to go a little darker however it was too dark. The hairdresser put a few highlights in it however the ends of my hair are darker than the top. What's my best bet to get my ends dyed blonder.


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Problems Removing Loaf from a Sunbeam Bread Maker?I have just been given a Sunbeam bread maker. When making my first loaf today the dough wrapped around the paddle and when it finished baking I couldn't get the loaf out without destroying it. How is this prevented? The paddles do not seem to be removable.


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Making Pumpkin Bars?Can I make pumpkin bars in a 11.5 x 10 baking sheet? It's calling for a 17.5 jelly roll sheet.


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Caring for Zebra Finches and Their Chicks?Recently my 2 zebra finches had laid eggs and now I hear at least 3 babies in the nest box. The mother and father look stressed and are searching around the house for food, or are they? What can I do to help them? What food can I provide them, and how can I care for the babies?


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