October 14, 2019

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Pumpkin Jars - array of jars sitting on a shelf

Pumpkin JarsThis was a fun craft, but I learned a valuable lesson. Never load the photos and then delete them before they are loaded. I lost half the photos I needed, but found a tiny jar to "finish out the process". It's been fun and I hope you like them!


Fabric Covered Foam Pumpkin - finished pumpkin sitting next to a white pumpkin with painted triangle pattern

Fabric Covered Foam PumpkinThis foam pumpkin was from Dollar Tree (last year) and should be available again this year. The pumpkin was originally orange, but I painted it white. The hole was for succulents (as a succulent pumpkin center piece). Once Halloween was over, I emptied the succulents back into the soil outside and kept the foam pumpkin.


DIY 4 Tier Cupcake Stand - blue frosted cupcakes with floral paper wrappings on the stand for the party

DIY 4 Tier Cupcake StandWhen the price is too much for a one day celebration you need not buy expensive tools for it. I'm making a Boss Baby inspired 4 tier cup cake stand coz it's the easiest concept I know and the materials are very easy to find, too.


Decorated Seashell Jewelry Dishes - finished shell dishes

Decorated Seashell Jewelry DishesA friend of mine gave me a dozen large seashells to see if I could do anything for our fall craft fair. Well, I thought if I painted and glittered each one, they could be used on the jewelry table as small jewelry dishes. My thought was; spend $10 and get a free jewelry dish. I think it will work!


Halloween Hair Accessories - spider bobby pin and google eye clip

Halloween Hair AccessoriesHere are two examples of Halloween hair accessories you could make from googly eyes and a spider ring (purchased from the Dollar Tree).


DIY Old Window Decoration - finished window

DIY Old Window DecorationChoose an accent color. Buy clear glass pieces at thriftstores, garage sales, and flea markets. Examples include: small bowls, candy dishes, candle holders, or glass tops to containers. Use an accent color in a few dishes.



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Tire Rotation and Alignment Maintenance?How often do you need to get an alignment and have your tires rotated?


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Zebra Finch Laid an Egg?I am new to bird keeping. I bought 4 zebra finches some months ago and was told by the pet shop they were all females. Anyhoo a bird keeper friend quickly identified one as male. I have no nest box, but have today discovered an egg in the seed box. I have made an impromptu next box with a fruit tea bag box and some kitchen roll and placed the egg inside it.


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Dog Won't Eat After Other Dog Died?I had to put my dog down; he was 15 yrs old and now my other dog won't eat. They were together for 11 yrs; what can I do?


Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print - framed print

Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print?I purchased this Thomas Kinkade in the 90s. I am cleaning out and no longer want it and am wondering what the value is and how to determine. See below and any info you can share would be appreciated. The framed size is 21.5 x 17.5.


Removing Spilled Paint from Car Carpeting - white paint spilled on car floor

Removing Spilled Paint from Car Carpeting?I bought a gallon of paint on Thursday at Walmart and I don't live but maybe a block and a half away. My daughter picked me up and I put the paint on her floorboard. Well we got to the house sure enough the paint had tipped over ND it was all over a 2018 vehicle that she just got. I went to the store to let them know ask to speak to manager and a higher manager.


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Replacing the Subflooring in a Mobile Home?I have several spots throughout my mobile home that are wet and basically about to fall through due to leaking windows and doors. What kind of subfloor is best to use? Some sites say OSB board and some say plywood.


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Female Cat Peeing on the Couch?I desperately need help. 1 of my female cats keeps peeing on my husband's side of the couch only. She has always been attached to my husband and only likes males. She is fine with my other cats, but doesn't get along with our dog as our dog keeps jumping on her for no reason or chases her so we know that is an issue as well. How do I stop the chasing and peeing?


Value of a Seymour Mann Porcelain Doll - doll with certificate, name tag, and tag with info about the artist

Value of a Seymour Mann Porcelain Doll?I have a Seymour Mann porcelain doll in the original box. Both the doll and the box are in pristine condition. She has designed by June Amos Grammer exclusively for (c) Seymour Mann, Inc 1993 and 211/2500 stamped on the back of her neck. There is a certificate of authenticity, about the artist, doll care, and the name Kristy on paperwork that is included.


Value of an Old Desk from the Derby Desk Company - drop down writing and work surface plus 4 drawers

Value of an Old Desk from the Derby Desk Company?I've got this old desk in my garage from the Derby Desk company, but can't find any info on it.


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Identifying a Very Small Brown Bug?So every once in a while I find the smallest brown bug, round/oblong, the legs aren't long, their antennae if they have them are short. I don't find them often. Usually in the kitchen, but I'll rarely find one in the bedroom. The only commonality I can think of is that they are usually near a window.


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Advice for Finding a Local Gardener?I have always loved gardening, but due to illness my garden has been neglected this year. Any advice on finding a local gardener?


Value of a Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll - doll in box wearing a houndstooth jacket

Value of a Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll?I found this Collector's Choice porcelain doll in a friend's basement. Is it worth anything or just another doll no one cares about? I couldn't find a name for the doll. The box is old and dusty, but the doll is original and had not been taken out of box. I am thinking about putting it on eBay.


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Using Homemade Bitter Apple Spray on a Dog?Is homemade bitter apple spray safe to spray on a small dog to stop my big dog from licking her?


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Craftsman Riding Lawnmower Won't Crank?I have a Craftsman model 917.258663 46" with the 19.5hp B&S I/C platinum turbo cool engine. I am having a no crank/no start issue. I replaced the blade drive safety switch, the seat safety switch, the brake safety switch, starter solenoid, and the ignition switch. I have a fresh battery. When I turn the key, it does absolutely nothing. Not even a hint of a click. I've checked all the wiring.


Value of Porcelain Dolls -doll wearing floral dress with matching hat and white eyelet lace apron

Value of Porcelain Dolls?I have 2 dolls that I have had for a long time. They are still in boxes with all the wrappings.


Value of an Ardsleigh Ludwig and Baumann Dining Set - table top

Value of an Ardsleigh Ludwig and Baumann Dining Set?I also have the buffet and china closet. I just didn't know how to add these photos to the original post. So here are the rest of the pieces, table and 8 chairs.


Identifying Noritake China - dinner plate with a blue band around the edge with a floral pattern

Identifying Noritake China?I have a plate as uploaded, but know nothing about it! Any clues?


New Dog Not Going to the Bathroom or Eating - man with a black Lab mix

New Dog Not Going to the Bathroom or Eating?My dog, a Labrador cross is not going to the bathroom or eating his food that the animal Humane Society gave us. We got him yesterday and we are worried.


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Sharpening Folbate Reel Mower Blades?How do I sharpen Folbate mower blades? It is a m3 model Queen.


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Removing Stains from a Car's Exterior?My Tata Sumo has become brown because of iron in the water. How do I remove it?


What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With? - cute light brown Chihuahua

What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?Any ideas as to what he may be mixed with? We were told he is a Malchi, Chihuahua Maltese mix, but I have never seen any signs of Maltese.


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Pattern for a Rug Made from Polyester Squares?Does anyone have a pattern or instructions for making a rug from Fortrel squares sewn onto a denim back? I saw an example on Pinterest. They are folded in half to make triangles and then sewn through the center to the backing.


Bump After Tongue Piercing

Bump After Tongue Piercing?I have had my tongue pierced almost 1 month. This bump has appeared. Will it go away? What could it be?


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