October 15, 2019

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baked Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies

Chocolate Pumpkin CookiesYou can't go wrong with chocolate pumpkin cookies especially for fall. This recipe yields 24-36 cookies depending on your cookie scooper. These cookies are simple and easy to make. Great for a nice treat or even great to give as gifts (simple place in a little mason jar and tie a bow) for the holiday season.


Icy Pineapple Smoothie

Icy Pineapple SmoothieUsing a blender, mix all ingredients and let it do its magic. You will get the most awesome pineapple smoothie!



Candy Corn Hot Pad - hanging candy corn colored hot pad

Candy Corn Hot PadI have never liked candy corn, and recently I learned that most people don't. But I do love the colors and this was a fun and easy project to share with you.


Morning Glories Growing Wild - pretty purple morning glories

Morning Glories Growing WildPurple morning glory vines growing wild all around some of my husband's work benches. I have never grown any, but have always loved and wanted to. On October 10, 2018 a category 5 hurricane came through and left behind devastating destruction on homes and property. With our home and property being such a sore eye, seeing these beautiful morning glories just reminds me it is a new beginning.


Tablecloth for Reupholstering a Chair - chair with reupholstered seat

Tablecloth for Reupholstering a ChairDo you have any extra tablecloths you don't need? The tablecloths could be turned into upholstery fabric for your chairs! You could save money versus buying fabric by the yard. This is what we did for the chair seats!


Halloween Spiderweb Placemat Wreath - finished wreath hanging on a door

Halloween Spiderweb Placemat WreathMy daughter loves spiders and since I had Kohl's Cash from a previous purchase, I bought this placemat for less than $4. Here is my take and twist for this cute spiderweb indoor wreath.


Halloween Craft Stick Puzzles - two craft stick puzzles

Halloween Craft Stick PuzzlesThese Halloween-inspired puzzles are so easy to make, and so fun to play with. You just need craft sticks and paint. I like to take a photo of the finished product to use as a key for whomever is playing with the puzzles.


Nature's Present in the Market - open air market with fruit displayed

Nature's Present in the MarketNature has always been good to me. Even if we didn't plant fruit-bearing trees, we are still given an opportunity to benefit from it's harvest if we go to the markets.


Sassy (Chocolate Lab/Chow Mix) - sleeping puppy

Sassy (Chocolate Lab/Chow Mix)I adopted her Momma who at the time I thought was fat and needed a better diet, but ended up being pregnant and gave birth under my back porch two weeks later.


Christmas Decorated Lighted Jars - decorated jar lit from the inside

Christmas Decorated Lighted JarsI made these with fall decorations and now did a few for the Christmas table we will have at our fall festival. I love the beauty of the pine, the seasonal decorations, and the ribbons!


Halloween Taco Accessories for Adults - hat and hair clip taco accessories for adult Halloween "costumes"

Halloween Taco Accessories for AdultsNot quite a fan of wearing a Halloween costume as an adult, but want to somewhat be in the Halloween spirit?



Value of the Imperial Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica

Value of the Imperial Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica?I have the 15th "Imperial Edition" of the Encyclopedia Britannica dedicated to Ronald Reagan the President of the Uniter States and her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. I am trying to find out what it is worth, 30 years later. I have the serial 2,068 of 9,999; it's a complete set. We purchased it for 20,000$ in 1991.


Value of an Antique/Vintage Potty Chair  - wooden potty chair with fold up seat

Value of an Antique/Vintage Potty Chair?I am curious to know the value of this old potty chair (assuming that is what it is). I have had this for many years. The top (lid) goes up.


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Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits?My pawpaw raised me and adopted me in 2016; he passed away 2016. The survivor's benefit Social Security check goes to my stepmom. I'm 17 now and in high school, the 11 grade. I make good grades and I work full time because my stepmom does not get me clothes, snacks, car, car insurance, and gas. How can I get the check in my name?


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Understanding Silver Markings on a Sugar Bowl?I have a silver sugar pot which says Silver and N on the bottom. What does that mean?


Identifying Porcelain Dolls

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?Can you help me identify and find out what these dolls are worth?


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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Senior Citizens?I'm 67 years old and living on SS. I need help with winterizing and new siding on a mobile home. I have gotten estimates and everyone wants $7,000 to $10,000 to do the job. I really need some help. I don't have that kind of money, and the siding I have is rotting.


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Repairing a Hoover Smartwash Carpet Cleaner?I've had my machine for a year or better. I went to use it one day and the roller wouldn't roll and made this loud noise. It wasn't cleaning my carpet. We took it apart to check the belt and the belt is OK. So what could be the problem? I paid too much to just let it go.


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Cleaning Cat Urine Stain on Terazzo Floor?How do I clean cat urine from terazzo floor?


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Feed Dogs Won't Go Down?I have a Frister Rossmann 906 sewing machine from the 1970s. I can't get the feed dogs to go down. The switch and I guess the levers are stuck, but I don't see any way to access the levers. I'm using it for machine embroidery, but it would be better without the feed dogs. It is in perfect working order otherwise. I wish you could get good machine diagrams with purchases.


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Removing Dye Transfers from Clothing?I washed a bright red sweatshirt with some of my black clothes. I think one of my pairs of black jeans leaked into the red shirt that now has black/dark stains on it. The shirt has been dry for a few days. Do I have any chance of removing it?


Value of Encyclopedia Britannica and Wagnalls Dictionary - books of the year on a shelf

Value of Encyclopedia Britannica and Wagnalls Dictionary?I have volume 1-18 of the Encyclopedia Britannica. I also have Britannica Book of the Year 1963-1974 and the World Language edition. Additionally, I have the Wagnalls Standard Dictionary vol.1 part 1 a-p and vol.2 part 1 q-z.


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Troubleshooting a Brother 1400e Embroidery Machine?I have a Brother 1400e sewing machine, it stitches out placement fine. Then when I put the first appliqué piece down, it stitches out until it gets to the final stitching and then it tears the stabilizer and pulls the fabric away as well. I changed the needle, bobbin, bobbin case, and thread. I tried pulling the bottom thread to the top when starting. I have never had this problem before.


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