October 28, 2019

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Spooky Double Pumpkin Eyeball - finished craft

Spooky Double Pumpkin EyeballYou can make this creepy eyeball using a small white pumpkin inside of a bigger warty pumpkin. I used a simple pumpkin carving kit and some acrylic paints. This is a great Halloween craft for all!!



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Home Repair for Low Income Families?I need help. I'm raising two granddaughters and my husband had a stroke. I am also disabled and we have a house falling apart and no one to help us. My husband isn't able to fix anything anymore and I can't. I don't want my girls to have to live were we have to heat up water and a few other thing. Where can I find help?


Finding a Replacement for a Vintage Stuffed Raccoon - tubby raccoon

Finding a Replacement for a Vintage Stuffed Raccoon?We have been searching for a source to get a similar raccoon. It was given to us around 1986 when we were in Brunei. Our nephew has taken a real liking to it and sleeps with it, but as you can see, it's very worn and on its last legs.


Identifying a Vintage Stuffed Bear - tubby tummy bear

Identifying a Vintage Stuffed Bear?So, my grandmother is trying to replace a stuffed animal from my mom's childhood, but all we have is a photo from 1980 to go on. Can anyone tell me who this critter is? He was purchased at a retail chain called Sky City for a Christmas gift and retailed at about $10 at the time of purchase. If anyone has any ideas to aid in my search I would be eternally grateful.


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Replacement Controller for a Protex Warmth Heated Mattress Pad?I am trying to find a replacement controller for a Protex Warmth king size heated bed mattress pad.


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How Much Does It Cost to Accept a Collect Call from Jail?How much does it cost to accept collect calls from prison?


Identifying a Stuffed Toy Cat - worn black cat

Identifying a Stuffed Toy Cat?I have had this cat since 2007 and I got her from a yard sale. I was really young when I got her so I cut off the tags and cut off her whiskers foolishly. She is about 10 inches long not including the tail length. Her eyes are chipped because of being in a washing machine countless times. I would be so grateful if someone could help me search the web.


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95 Ford Ranger Heater Not Working?I have a 95 Ranger 3.0 2wd 5spd. I checked the coolant and topped it off and the heater is still not working. The blower works alright and it's just been blowing cold air. Any idea what I should look at next or a list of what I can check?


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Yarn Wrapped Balloon Crafts?When using yarn to cover a balloon do you soak the yarn in the paste mix thoroughly then wrap around the balloon til the design is made?


White Pus Spot by Tongue Piercing

White Pus Spot by Tongue Piercing?I have a white kind of pus looking thing underneath my tongue piercing that I got only a week and a half ago. My local piercers thought it was skin growing up my tongue bar so they downsized it, but the white pus is still there. It doesn't hurt at all. I am just wondering what it was.


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Replacement Cord for a Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad?How do I buy a replacement cord for a Sunbeam heated mattress pad?


Value of a Set of World Book Encyclopedias - stack of red and gold bound encyclopedias

Value of a Set of World Book Encyclopedias?How can I get rid of or donate a like brand new set of encyclopedias I brought I believe in 1987. I also have the year in review beginning in 1988 to I believe 1995. It has some other sets that go with it. They are basically new. My children never used it for school work only to look up information. Most volumes haven't even been opened.


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Agencies that Help Low Income Families Get Furniture?I need help getting some beds and furniture. I'm a single mother of 3 kids and I just moved to Georgia. I really need some beds for my 3 kids. I will sleep on the floor until I can do better.


Identifying Porcelain Cabbage Kid Style Dolls - two Cabbage Patch style porcelain dolls

Identifying Porcelain Cabbage Kid Style Dolls?Anyone know what these dolls are? I found them at an estate sale.


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Making Coconut Macaroons with Fresh Coconut?How do I shred, sweeten, and dry fresh coconut to use to make coconut macaroons?


Identifying a Chalkware Monk Statue - very worn figurine

Identifying a Chalkware Monk Statue?I found this chalkware (polychrome?!) statue at the flea market in Germany, it is a heavy one and 35'' tall. The monk keeps in his hands the rest of what probably was a wooden cross. On the top of his head, is an anti bird spike, which makes me think that the statue was somewhere on a wall outside of a church, or a cathedral maybe. If you have any more ideas about it, they are welcomed.


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What to Do With Ceramic Molds?I do not know where to go to get rid of ceramics molds that my mother owned. She was a certified ceramic teacher in the 1990s. Now I have so many I would like to get rid of them, but I do not want to throw them in the dumpster. The molds are in good condition.


Value of a Bradly Porcelain Doll - doll in native dress

Value of a Bradly Porcelain Doll?This is a Bradly doll entitled Miss Italy. It was given to us in the 80s. It was sold by Disney. SDS 509. It is 8.5 inches tall, we would like to know it's value. We only found one doll like it. We have many other dolls and would like to get information on them as well.


Value of a Belber Travel Trunk

Value of a Belber Travel Trunk?I have a Belber trunk with all pieces. I wondering how much it would be worth?


Identifying a Jewelry Mark - fuzzy mark

Identifying a Jewelry Mark?I would like to know if some one could tell me what this mark means?


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Apartment Neighbor's Dog Pooping Near Cars?I have upstairs neighbors that let their dogs poop in the driveway along the side and behind the cars. I told the landlord and he won't not do anything. I called the dog warden and they would do nothing because it is in the yard not on the side. I called legal aid and told landlord what they said and still he still did nothing. What can I do now?


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Buying a Vintage Cody and Bear by Ashton Drake?I accidentally broke my Cody doll that I bought over 30 years ago. Is there anyway to replace this doll? I bought him right after my son was was born.


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Determining a House Cleaning Fee?What do I charge for 4 bathrooms and some dusting? She said it could be just this one time or could become a reoccurring job depending how the job is done?


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