December 2, 2019

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Using Old Sinks As Planters - old sinks planted with succulents sitting up on a garden wall

Using Old Sinks As PlantersOne way to recycle old sinks from your bathroom or kitchen is to use them in your garden to plant succulents in. These sinks make a great border around your garden and add to the look of the garden. Succulent plants don't need much water. It is easy to use the sink and they have a drainage system. Just dig a hole in the ground and place the sink and the drainage pipe in the hold.


Christmas Tree Hat - hat on child's head

Christmas Tree HatMake this cute, fun, and festive Christmas tree hat. I was able to make this hat for my daughter with leftover tree trimmings that fell from our Christmas tree. The rest of the supplies I already had on hand (i.e. cardboard, hot glue, and decorations).


Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornament - ready to hang on the tree or gift

Mason Jar Lid Christmas OrnamentMason jars in our household are used as cups so we have a lot of spare lids. My son asked if he could make an ornament and I thought it'd be perfect to use the lids!


Suzie (Long Haired Dachshund) - black and white dog in garden

Suzie (Long Haired Dachshund)5 years ago those big brown eyes looked at me through the bars of her cage at PAWS in Seattle. I really needed a friendly, easy going dog to keep me company. She loves to walk through tall grasses and sit under leafy plants. In the summer she spent happy times sitting just where you see her and squirrel spotting.


Coconut Fiber Christmas Angels - finished angel

Coconut Fiber Christmas AngelsThe coconut tree gives us two different types of fiber we can use. One type of fiber comes from the inside husk of the coconut and the other comes right off the tree. The fiber that comes from the tree is a material type of fiber can be used to make lampshades, costumes, or even crafts for our home. I decided this year to make my Christmas tree and all the decorations from the coconut tree.


Button Christmas Cards - light strand card completed

Button Christmas CardsOne of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating Christmas cards! This year, I found some button card ideas that were too adorable not to try. All of the ones I attempted were really easy to do and turned out great! I think even older kids would enjoy making these cards.


Popsicle Stick Sled - red sled with wreath and tree decorations, hanging on the Christmas tree

Popsicle Stick SledHere is a family holiday fun project. It is easily made using Popsicle sticks, hot glue, and craft paints. You can use a variety of colors and embellishments. Here's how!


Crocheted Pouch with Lanyard for Crafting Supplies - pouch filled and hanging from lanyard

Crocheted Pouch with Lanyard for Crafting SuppliesI am always walking around needing something, a pen, scissors, crochet hook, etc. So last week I designed a lanyard to keep them with me on days when I have multiple projects and I "flit" between them all. You know those days, huh?


How to Crochet the Perfect Diamond Shape - Sandi's diamond

How to Crochet the Perfect Diamond ShapeI love making triangles. It's mindless and so versatile. But as much as I love increasing my one per row, I detest decreasing. Let me know how you the difference in how I do it vs. the patterns.



Is My Dog a Pit Bull? - young puppy

Is My Dog a Pit Bull?What kind of Pit Bull is my dog?


Value of Ashley Belle Dolls - doll wearing a dark pink satin dress in the box

Value of Ashley Belle Dolls?I have 2 Ashley Belle dolls. They have never been out of the boxes. I have, as seen in the photos the certificates.


Value of Holiday Barbie Dolls - value of dolls in boxes

Value of Holiday Barbie Dolls?I have 2 Holiday Barbie dolls both in gold gowns from 2000. One is white and one is African American, both are very pretty and still in their original boxes. What would the estimated value be for each or for the two?


Value of a Conant Ball Couch - wood couch with red upholstered cushions

Value of a Conant Ball Couch?I have a Conant Ball solid wood couch, with red cushions and pillows. It is very heavy. I would appreciate any information. Piece# 3376


Identifying a Coffee Table - rustic coffee table

Identifying a Coffee Table?Does anyone know anything about this table? It is very unique. All the nail headsare hand forged and each one is unique.


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Best Glue for Making an Oyster Shell Wreath?I am running a booth at a children's gift making workshop this weekend and am planning/hoping to make a very simple oyster shell wreath. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good glue/adhesive that is quick drying? We'll have about 20-25 kids over a 2 hour period so time is a huge factor.


Information on a Brinn Plastic and Fabric Doll - doll wearing long full pink dress with white lace trim

Information on a Brinn Plastic and Fabric Doll?I have a Brinn doll named Marilyn. She isn't porcelain. Her hands are plastic and her face seems to be fabric. Any idea what she is classified as? I can only find porcelain ones on eBay.


Value of a Coca Cola Heritage Doll - doll in box wearing a Victorian era dress and hat

Value of a Coca Cola Heritage Doll?What is the value range for a Coca-Cola Heritage doll from 1990 in brand new condition.


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Replacement Parts for a Culinare Rocket Chef?Where can I find a stem part for a Culinare Rocket Chef?


Identifying a Large Old Italian Statue - woman sitting

Identifying a Large Old Italian Statue?My grandmother gave me a 4ft Italian statue that she had received as a wedding gift many years ago. I believe that it may be valuable. I don't know who it's made by because my grandfather covered the bottom with old newspaper and felt. Could you possibly tell me if this is valuable?


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Repairing a Glider Rocking Chair?I have a 4 year old rocking glider for my nursery and from the looks of it, the bolt came out from the bottom on one side, collapsing one side of the chair as a result. When I try to stick the part back into the hole, it comes right back out after I sit. How do I fix it and secure it back in place?


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Help Getting a Wheelchair Ramp?I live in Westland Michigan. My next door neighbor fell and had a stroke. She needs a wheelchair ramp and we do not have enough money to help. We can't find one that is affordable and we're not sure what to do.


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Refreezing Pumpkin Pie?I have a previously frozen pumpkin pie and was wondering if it could be refrozen?


Identifying a Wooden Chair -carved back wooden chair with a round seat and turned legs

Identifying a Wooden Chair?Can anyone tell me about this chair that was passed down in my family?


Age of a Great States Reel Mower - wooden handled reel mower

Age of a Great States Reel Mower?I am interested in finding out the age of this reel mower found in the crawl space of our home that was built in 1910. It has wooden handle with Great States Corp. Shelbyville, Indiana and self adjusting ball bearing on the handle.


Value of a Jack Brandt Chair - wooden cane back chair with upholstered headrest, part of the arms, and a cushion

Value of a Jack Brandt Chair?I have a solid wood chair with a pea green cushion for head and the seat. I am looking to get information.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a lace and satin dress and matching hat

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I finally cleaned my attic and I found this lovely old girl. The issue is there is no branding or numbers of any kind. I looked all over. I know that she's old, but I wanna sell her. Any ideas as to value?


Identifying a Stuffed Toy

Identifying a Stuffed Toy?Please help, I need more info on my stuffed toy. He's been with me since I was born - 19 years now. I tried searching on google and online store websites, but there is still no info about him.


Value of a 1953 Seeburg Jukebox - jukebox lit up

Value of a 1953 Seeburg Jukebox?Does anyone know what the value of a working 1953 100 Selectomatic Seeburg is? I saw one for sale. It looks nice. See image.


Age of an Ashton-Drake Monkey Doll - baby monkey doll in box

Age of an Ashton-Drake Monkey Doll?What year did Jingles Mommy's Little Monkey come out?


Grandfather Clock Value - face

Grandfather Clock Value?I have a Pearl grandfather clock and I'm trying to figure out its value. The bell says United States Military Academy.


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Permed Hair Not Curly Enough?I'm a seasoned hair stylist who doesn't take any short cuts when it comes to hair. The other day I had done a perm on a client with fine hair. I followed the directions down to a T. When I checked the rod I saw the S pattern. The client left with wet curly hair.


Refrigerator Not Cold Enough - front of fridge with reflection of person taking photo

Refrigerator Not Cold Enough?I have a problem with my Kelvinator four door the fridge. It is not cold enough in a way some of the things get spoiled. My freezer is okay. What might be a problem?


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Feeding a Dog Chicken?How much chicken thighs deboned with the skin should I give my dog? He's an 18 pound 14-year-old Puggle and all he wants to do is eat chicken or meatballs.


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