December 4, 2019

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A dog ignoring his food bowl.

Causes of Weight Loss in Dogs?There are a number or reasons that your dog may be losing weight. If your dog is acting normally you can try troubleshooting the reason yourself. Perhaps the pet food needs to be changed, if you make your own, confirm that it contains the proper nutrients, finally eliminate other possibilities. Then it may be time to see your vet.


A photo cut and folded for a 3D effect.

Making a Zigzag 3D PhotoThis is a good kids' project for grade schoolers. The instructions and accompanying photos can be found on this page.


Cereal Birdie Treats - repeat with the third one

Making Cereal Treats for Backyard BirdsYou can easily make treats for the birds that visit your garden. String ring style cereal on cord or pipe cleaners and hang. Dye, sugar, and salt free varieties are a good choice. If you want to feed wild birds regularly, keep this type of treat down to once or twice a week and offer seed or suet the rest of the time.


Two cats jumping from one couch to another.

Keeping Indoor Cats SafeHere are some great suggestions for how to keep indoor cats safe, should they get outside. Building an enclosed space outside, that is accessible from inside, is just one way to keep them safe.



piece of Applesauce Bread

Allegheny Applesauce BreadThis is a healthy snack or breakfast item. I substituted flaxseed meal for the wheat germ and used Truvia for the brown sugar. I also used craisins for a bit of color this holiday season. Due to allergies in the family I left out the nuts.


finished Cheesy Potatoes with Onions

Microwave Cheesy Potatoes with OnionsThis is an easy recipe to prepare and cook in the microwave. It's a great dish to take to a pot luck dinner or to a friend or neighbor in need. It goes over very well, and you will come home with an empty dish. I cook it in the microwave in a 2 quart Pyrex dish that has a lid.



A smoky fire in a burn barrel.

The Face of the Essence of FireYou may have to examine this photograph with an open mind, just to grasp the total concept depth and effect of this unique picture. If you're able to zoom in, I would recommend you do so and look at it from all angles.


3D Paper Star Ornament - star hanging on the tree

3D Paper Star OrnamentIt's the first day of the Christmas month and today I'll start with smaller Christmas decorations. The most common ornament is the star. This one is very basic, but a little complicated.


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Remedies for HiccupsSeveral remedies for hiccups. Share your own tips too.


A box of Sleepytime tea.

Sun Tea from Used Tea BagsInstead of throwing out your old tea bags, try this instead and save money. Take a small empty jar and once you have used your tea bag, put it in the small jar. Once you have collected 5 or 6 teabags, then get a gallon jar or a glass pitcher and move your tea bags to it. Fill with water and then set out in the sun for a few hours.


Crocheted Donut Pincushion - icing in place with pins randomly stuck in place

Crocheted Donut PincushionI made this last night, so I apologize for the lighting. There are better shots to share. This is a cute project and you don't need much yarn. I used a light brown with a white frosting. You could also use dark brown frosting, or pink, etc. I hope you like this. For the seamstress on your list, this is perfect!


No-Sew Christmas Sock Snowman - finished snowman on a beige couch

No-Sew Christmas Sock SnowmanHave any old socks? Do not toss them out, but be sure they're washed and clean. You can make this cute snowman plushie, perfect to give as a gift, inexpensive project for a stocking stuffer, or for your children (no sewing required.)


Tomatoes growing in a garden.

A Green Frugal LifeI've always been a frugal person, following in my Grandma's footsteps. She survived the Depression yet fed her family well. Even a teaspoon of leftover corn at dinner was put in a homemade soup. Pastry scraps were made into the most delicious treats, spread with either cinnamon sugar or jam, then rolled, baked and sprinkled with powdered sugar. From her, we learned how to make delicious meals cheaply.


Coconut Fiber Christmas Tree - finished tree with angel and blue lights

Coconut Fiber Christmas TreeChristmas is drawing near and I pulled down our Christmas tree to get it ready to use. The tree is very old and is made from wire and some sort of fake green stuff on the branches. It looked terrible and I decided to go check on a new tree for this year. They sell are very expensive and they actually don't look much better than the one I have. I decided to fix up my tree for Christmas this year.


Bellamy (Black Mackeral Tabby Cat) - dark grey and black tabby cat

Bellamy (Black Mackeral Tabby Cat)She chose us 2 years ago at the county animal shelter. She likes to sleep in her 'nest' and look out the windows at all of the outside critters. She loves 'stinky food', which is canned treats. Bellamy is the best cat.


A woman using coupons when grocery shopping.

Living on a BudgetMy boyfriend and I live in Southeastern KY. We are both disabled and living on disability. We have to budget everything, from electricity to groceries, every month. We are members of several store loyalty programs that automatically apply coupons to your purchase, which helps a lot. You can also use clip coupons along with that to add extra savings.



Value of  a 1937 Webster Dictionary  - front cover

Value of a 1937 Webster Dictionary?How much is a 1937 Webster Popular Illustrated dictionary worth?


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Value of Wedgwood China Florentine Pattern Black?I have a 4 place settings of this pattern bought in 1969 and it has never been used (or maybe 1 time). Where can I sell it and how much is it worth?


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Name Ideas for Church Senior Citizens Groups?I'm looking for some suggestions of names for our senior citizens groups at my church. We are age 55 and up. Let me know what you have.


Value of a Paradise Galleries Doll - blond doll in long blue dress

Value of a Paradise Galleries Doll?It was my great grandmother's. I was wondering the value.


Print Date of 1768 Encyclopedia Britannica - stack of books

Print Date of 1768 Encyclopedia Britannica?My books when I open them just say published in Great Britain. How do I know when they were published as the first lot of pages don't have dates. I've checked the back pages and there's nothing about publishing dates anywhere. Just 1768 on the front hard cover.


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Name Ideas for my Paparazzi Business?My name is Marsha. I've been thinking about selling Paparazzi accessories, but I am having problems coming up with a unique but cute name. I'm a big frog fanatic. I was thinking something around the lines of Frog's Bling or something of that nature. Please give me your opinions on the name and some ideas of new names.


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Name Suggestions of Stick Chewing Gum?I need new names for our coming product which is gum sticks. Share your ideas for name suggestion. I really appreciate your opinions.


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Separating Two Containers Stuck One Inside the Other?A steel vessel is stuck inside of a plastic vessel. Please help me how to separate them.


Value of a Small Mickey Mouse Bronze Statue - as seen from the front

Value of a Small Mickey Mouse Bronze Statue?I have a Mickey Mouse statue that I believe is bronze. The statue stands approximately 2 3/4" - 3" tall. What is the value of this piece and where would be the best place to sell this piece?


Value of a Chinese Vase and Figurines - small Asian figurines

Value of a Chinese Vase and Figurines?What do these mean and how do I know if they are worth anything?


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Name Ideas for Packaged Biscuits?I need new names for our coming product which is Ticky pack biscuits (cookies/crackers). Please contribute your ideas for aname suggestion. I really appreciate your opinions.


Value of a Vintage ACTO Mower - side view

Value of a Vintage ACTO Mower?I was just wondering what the value of this mower is. I have had it for years and just would like to see if it's worth auctioning off to make a bit of money.


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