December 22, 2019

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Mini Gift Wreath - wreath hanging

Mini Gift WreathI love anything tiny. Smaller versions of things amaze me. So today, I made a wreath using mini packages.


Crochet Chain Wrapped Foam Tree Trio - all three trees with mini packages

Crochet Chain Wrapped Foam Tree TrioI love these tree shapes you can get at Dollar Tree stores. They are easy to decorate in all sorts of ways. Today I finished this trio.


Ripped Fabric Wrapped Faux Candy Canes - four fabric wrapped candy cane decorations

Ripped Fabric Wrapped Faux Candy CanesI have had these for a few years, meaning to do this for almost that long. Well this last week, I got the chance. They had lights inside, so when I took off the end cap, I tossed them. While I might not be able to display them outside (cruddy weather), you can see how cute they are, the world's biggest faux candy canes.


Pasta Jar Snowman Luminaries - three snowmen

Pasta Jar Snowman LuminariesSnowman crafts are perfect for Christmas because you can leave them out through January! And in my area, the heavy snows don't usually happen until at least the first of the year anyway. I have a lot of old glass jars sitting around, as well as small LED votive candles. After searching for jar crafts, I came across these snowman luminaries.


Fried Rice with meat, egg, & peas

Fried RiceHere is my updated take and twist on fried rice. This recipe is easy to make. The only time consuming part is cooking everything individually, but in the end it is worth it as this lasted us for 3 dinners!


Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower Soup

Week 51: Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower SoupRoasted vegetables are a wonderful way to add flavor to soups. The garlic and cauliflower are roasted in the oven before being blended to create this silky soup. It's perfect for Christmas or as the first course for a winter dinner party.


Scrabble Tile and Dollar Tree Ornaments - three more ornaments

Scrabble Tile and Dollar Tree OrnamentsI love Scrabble tiles and making things from them. I also love Dollar Tree ornaments. Today, I made some ornaments from both.


DIY Animated Christmas Hearth Shirt - final look at the shirt with fire crackling

DIY Animated Christmas Hearth ShirtUgly Christmas clothes have been popularly funny for years. You can make this video animated fireplace top for under $10. My best friend throws an ugly Christmas attire contest every year. We realized we were spending at least $60 on our outlandish tops, trying to outdo each other when shopping for these items. I came up with this top for this year's party and it was such a hit.


Hershey Kiss-mas Trees - on the mantle

Hershey Kiss-mas TreesBy using Hershey Kisses as the stand you can make this cute holiday decoration. Make a bunch and you can have a Christmas forest on your mantel or holiday table.


Funnel and Broken Jewelry Christmas Tree - finished tree

Funnel and Broken Jewelry Christmas TreeThe other day, I had two funnels in my pantry. When I moved the biggest one, it knocked the next smaller one off the shelf. When I picked it up, I realized it sat on the larger one like it was stacked, like a Christmas tree. More on that later in the post. This was a labor of love and I hope you like it.



Sticky Residue on a PS3 Game Disc - disc

Sticky Residue on a PS3 Game Disc?I just bought a PS3 game and around the circle in the middle it's sticky. Is this normal and OK? If not, how do I get it off so it doesn't ruin my system?


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Catering Service Name Ideas?My mum wants to start a catering service, but she's looking for a name that lets you know that she is serving food that makes you feel like it came from your own kitchen and also appeals to any kind of palate. It should end with cuisine.


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Using Betty Crocker Cookie Mix in an Easy Bake Oven?Can the packaged Betty Crocker cookie mix be scaled down to use with an Easy Bake Oven?


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How Long Before I Can Re-dye My Hair?It's been about 2 months since I colored my hair red and there is still some color left in my hair. I want to color it red again. Do I have to wait until the previous color is completely gone?


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Repairing a Reliable Aria 350sp Steam Press?I am not getting steam on my Aria 350sp. Does anyone know a fix for this?


Identifying Bumps on My Dog - pink bumps on a dog

Identifying Bumps on My Dog?My 12 year old old Lab/Pit has these cluster of bumps.


What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?

What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?I bought a Chihuahua and the person I bought it from for $150 dollars swears he is pure bred, but I am not sure. I have Googled him and come up with nothing. I know he is a mixed Chihuahua, but mixed with something else.


Information on a King O Lawn 5 Blade Reel Mower - vintage gas powered reel mower

Information on a King O Lawn 5 Blade Reel Mower?I need information on my (new) King O Lawn reel mower, it has 5 blades.


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Using Discolored Almond Bark?My almond bark is discolored--sort of a tan color. Is it safe to use?


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Name for a Natural Hair Products Line?I have a natural products business. I want to incorporate a hair products line, but I would like a name for the hair line. Can anyone offer some suggestions?


Value of a Noritake Tea Set - sugar bowl

Value of a Noritake Tea Set?I have a Noritake china tea set. The pattern is #1389 and it has the 1926 RC Japan stamp. The stamp is red, which I know is uncommon, but I don't know how it might change the price. I also have not been able to find anything on the teapot that I have. I have seen prices for almost everything else with a green RC stamp, but not this teapot.


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Freezing Cut Out Cookie Dough?What is the best way to freeze cut out cookie dough?


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Keeping Grubs Out of Tomatoes in the Garden?How do I stop grubs from attacking my tomatoes while they are growing on the vine?


Cat Is Drinking Christmas Tree Water - black and gray tabby cat

Cat Is Drinking Christmas Tree Water?For 2 days my cat has been drinking the water from the Christmas pine tree and has been vomiting the last 2 days. Is there anything I should do or buy over the counter? He is eating and drinking, but vomiting 2 times a day.


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Remedy for Tickling in Your Ear?I feel something tickling in my left ear. I have asked different people to use a light to see if it's anything inside of it and they say no. What can I do?


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Getting a Puppy After Moving From Parvo Infected House?I moved away from my old house that was parvo infected. I have been at my new house for a few months now. Will I be OK to get a puppy?


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