December 24, 2019

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Flower Foam Pen Case and Stand - montage of the multi-purpose flower pen and stand

Making a Flower Foam Pen Case and StandHere's a simple foam, paper and glue craft to make a useful table stand decoration. It is good for storing pens and pencils, too.


Crocheted Sugar Skull

Making a Crocheted Sugar SkullSugar skulls are part of the traditional Mexican observance of All Souls Day, when families place them on the tombs of family members. This page offers an alternative representation of a sugar skull worked up in crochet yarn. It is a good project for a crafter having intermediate crochet skills. Instructions follow.


Hair Tie Lollipop Gift - ready to gift

How to Make a Hair Tie Lollipop GiftTrace a circle on sturdy cardboard, add a lolly stick, and wrap with hair ties. Add a bow and you have made a cute hair tie lollipop gift. The instructions can be found on this page.


Sweet Lavender Jar Party Light - enhance the stamped image with paint

How to Make a Sweet Lavender Jar Party LightTransform a plain recycled jar into an elegant party light. The jar is covered with handmade tissue paper, a pretty lavender stamped image, paint, and more. The instructions and photos for creating one of your own are found on this page.



baked Waffle on plate with syrup & blueberries

Cottage Cheese WafflesThese light and fluffy waffles are heavenly. I had a cup of cottage cheese that was just expiring. I substituted whole wheat for the regular flour. These can be frozen and reheated in the microwave or toaster.


Pinecone Reindeer Ornament  - ready to hang

Pinecone Reindeer OrnamentMake this cute reindeer ornament with just a few supplies - a pinecone, ribbon, a pipe cleaner, pom pom, googly eyes, and hot glue.


Paco (Poodle-Bichon-Mix) - white dog with a Santa hat on

Paco (Poodle-Bichon-Mix)My 16 year old son went to El Salvador and very excitedly told me he was bringing back a dog from San Salvador. I told him no way! I'm not a dog person. Then I saw his photo and I fell in love instantly. Of course Paco is now my dog, my little 25 pound angel, who has rescued me (not the other way!). I can't even imagine life without him. He has truly saved my life.


Jax (Pit Bull) - Pit sitting in the car with a seatbelt over his shoulder

Jax (Pit Bull)He is a rescue. I have to take time for a ride around the block or he will sit in the truck and won't get out. He put himself there in the picture.


Paper and Drinking Straw Rockets - paper rockets

Paper and Drinking Straw RocketsThey are easy to make and fun to play with. Kids will love this simple toy which is similar to the old fashioned pea shooter, but a lot safer! Pop a rocket on the end of a drinking straw and blow. You'll be surprised how far they travel.


Wood and Yarn Centipede - cute centipede

Wood and Yarn CentipedeUse a wooden Popsicle/ice lolly stick and scraps of yarn to make this cute centipede. It's a fun rainy day project for children.



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Ideas for a 14th Co-ed Birthday Party?My birthday is January 4th and I want to have a birthday party where I can invite boys and girls. I want to go somewhere, but I don't want to pay a lot of money.


Selling Puppies to a Good Home

Selling Puppies to a Good Home?I took both parents from horrible abusive homes so I don't have papers. Pictures of them together are posted below along with pictures of all 3 puppies. I only need to get rid of two, the white one with greyish color spots and the all white one. My question is how much should I sell the puppies for and where, so can I make sure they go to good home. And how can I make sure they go to good home?


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Female Finch Laid Eggs and Has Died?My female passed and had eggs. Will another female foster the eggs? Also if I can not find another zebra female, will a society finch foster the eggs and will it get along with the male?


Is My Chihuahua Full Blooded?

Is My Chihuahua Full Blooded?When I got Taz I was told he was a full blooded Chihuahua; not that it matters I love him to death. I was just wondering what others' opinions are on whether or not they think he is full blooded or not. He doesn't shake so it has me curious.


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Thumbprint Cookie Dough Spreading?I mixed my cookie batter to make thumbprint cookies, however I didn't have time to bake them so I refrigerated the dough overnight. Now the dough is too sticky and the cookies are coming out flat. How do I remedy this? Should the dough be room temperature or cold? Should I add more flour to the batter? I'm afraid that it might take away the flavor.


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Dog Peeing on Concrete?My German Shepherd is 1 years old and in my backyard we have concrete that leads to rocks before you enter my garage. She's been going pee and poop in the rocks since we got her at 5 months old. There were a few days in a row when she wouldn't enter the rocks and peed on the concrete and then it went back to normal.


Parakeet Molting After Laying Eggs - woman holding a parakeet with bare spots

Parakeet Molting After Laying Eggs?So, my female parakeet, Rafiki, just recently laid 2 eggs with her mate Pikachu, male, and she is now molting. She has some bald spots on her breast area, and I was wondering if this was normal.


What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?

What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?Do you think my Chihuahua mix has Jack Russel in him? He has long legs and his tail curls on his back. I paid $150.00 for him. He said he is a pure bred Chihuahua, but I know he is mixed with something.


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