January 15, 2020

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Pouring Baking Soda for Balloon Experiment

Experiments with Baking Soda and VinegarMany of us have had fun at home and school mixing vinegar and baking soda to create that excellent fizzing effect. This page contains some ideas or experiments that use baking soda and vinegar.


Coconut Fiber Christmas Angels - finished angel

Making Coconut Fiber Christmas AngelsUsing the fiber that comes from coconut trees you can create these Christmas angels. Follow the steps found below to make a choir of angles for the holidays.


Beautiful Ribbon Gift Topper - cut other ribbon lengths for the gift and stitch the topper in place

Beautiful Folded Ribbon Gift TopperWire-edged ribbon is folded and tacked with a needle and thread to make this beautiful ribbon gift topper. Instructions follow.


Christmas Silhouette
Candle Holders - different colored jars with lights inside

Making Christmas Silhouette Candle HoldersFreehand or use printed out silhouette images to create these pretty Christmas candle holders. Once a candle is lit the image will show. The list of supplies and step by step instructions follow. Make several in different colors.


Rainbow Unicorn Ornament - ornament hanging on the tree

Making a Rainbow Unicorn OrnamentA foam plate, colorful scraps of tulle, and a glitter paper horn transform into a rainbow unicorn ornament to adorn your tree or a child's room.


Wreath Chandelier - pretty Christmas chandelier

Making a Christmas Wreath ChandelierMake a wreath from faux greenery; then add ribbons, poinsettias, lights, and ornaments. Suspend from the ceiling as a wreath chandelier for the holidays.


Drinking Glass Candle Holders - snowpeople with lit candles

Painted Drinking Glass Candle HoldersStemmed glasses from a thrift store, such as Habitat for Humanity, can be inverted and painted to look like snowmen. Place a tea light on the base and enjoy your drinking glass candle holders.


Faux Christmas Stained Glass Candleholder - painted glass jar candle holder - bow tied around the top of the jar

Making a Faux Christmas Stained Glass CandleholderThis recycled jar project results in a beautiful faux Christmas stained glass candleholder. Draw you pattern on the jar with a permanent marker and paint using paint mixed with Elmer's glue. Add your candle and you are done.


Thanksgiving Turkey Veggie Tray - awesome turkey veggie tray

Making a Thanksgiving Turkey Veggie TrayThis is an amazing twist on the typical veggie tray. For Thanksgiving, why not create a turkey shaped veggie tray. The steps needed to make one of your own follow. Then all that remains is the eating.


Paper Snow Globe Ornament - hand holding the paper snow globe decoration

Making a Paper Snow Globe OrnamentConstruction paper, acrylic paint, glue, and a pipe cleaner for the hanger are the only supplies that you need to make this cute paper snow globe ornament. This is a good project to make with your children.


Recycled Bottle Gold Leaf Candlestick Holders - two red bottles with gold leaf elements

Recycled Bottle Gold Leaf Candlestick HoldersGold painted burlap leaves are arrayed around these painted beer bottles. Add a coat of glitter gel before and after attaching the leaves and a final coat of varnish. They are ready for your candles to add light to your holiday decor.


DIY Wire Star Christmas Tree Topper - wire topper on a small table top tree

DIY Wire Star Christmas Tree TopperFashion a wire star shaped Christmas tree topper using 16g craft wire. See how to make one below.


Ballerina Gingerbread Ornament - ornament on the tree

Making a Paper Ballerina Gingerbread OrnamentDraw or trace a gingerbread cookie shape and then embellish with crafts supplies you probably already have. The instructions and supply list for making a ballerina gingerbread ornament can be found below.


Thanksgiving "Gather" Leaf Frame - second leaf glued in place

Making a Thanksgiving "Gather" Leaf FrameUse foam stamps to create a "Gather" framed bit of home decor for Thanksgiving. Add some faux leaves embellished with acrylic gems or what have you. This project is quick and simple to make. Display it on your mantel or even in the kitchen.


Recycled Cardboard Turkey Hat - child wearing the hat

Making a Recycled Cardboard Turkey HatRecycle cardboard from a cereal box or similar container. Decorate the paper headband with construction paper and craft feathers for a fun turkey hat for the kids, and maybe the adults too, to wear on Thanksgiving day.


Faux Wax Drip Jar Candle Holders - finished jar with candle inside and jute around the top

Making Faux Wax Drip Jar Candle HoldersFood coloring and hot glue will help you create these faux wax drip candle holders using recycled jars. Let us show you how.


Rainbow Pinecone Ornaments - two versions of the ornament

Making Rainbow Pinecone OrnamentsPaint pinecones in rainbow colors. Add a twine loop for hanging, a bow, and a bell if you like. These are easy and fun to make holiday ornaments.


Pasta Jar Snowman Luminaries - three snowmen

Making Pasta Jar Snowman LuminariesDecorate recycled pasta jars with pom poms, felt, buttons, and craft snow to resemble snowmen. Add an LED tea light to use them as luminaries. Great decorations for Christmas and throughout the snowy season.



on plate

Cheesy Tater Tot Breakfast BurritosThese burritos are the ultimate breakfast comfort food. They're smothered with cheese and filled with super crispy oven baked tater tots. Add any types of veggies and meats you like. I used onions and peppers alongside turkey sausage. These are brilliant as they freeze and reheat very well, making mornings much easier!


Pork Stuffed Filo Triangles on plate

Pork Stuffed Filo TrianglesMake these tasty pork stuffed filo triangles. I was inspired to make these because my local Sprouts had a managers special on this organic fillo dough for only .99 cents! This is perfect to serve as appetizers or eat as a light meal.



Making Felt Wand Pointers - heart wand pointer against a drawing of  North and South America

Making Felt Wand PointersI made a similar wand with scrapbook paper and cardboard for dress up/play or to complete a Halloween outfit, but here's a felt version! I can't believe I didn't think to use felt to begin with!


Creating a Crackle Paint Finish on Canvas - two finished canvases

Creating a Crackle Paint Finish on CanvasI love to experiment with paint on bottles or even on canvas. I found a great technique where I could use Elmer's glue on top of the paint and then paint a layer of paint over the glue to make the paint crackle and give it a very unique look. I normally do this with bottles, but decided to try it on a canvas to see how it looked. This is an easy project that anyone can do. The results are amazing.



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Painting and Sealing a Laminate Counter Top?I painted my old bathroom counter tops to mimic capstone. I put on my first thin coat of Minwax Polyacrylic. I sanded, a bit too hard. I am heavy handed and had never done a project that required this. I had white places and spots.I have just applied a primer coat on top of that to start over or just paint the thing and forget it. But I will once again have to apply a sealer.


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Cause of the Sudden Death of My Dog?My dog was a Cane Corso mix; exactly 1 year old. One day she was barking at the construction workers next door as she always does, all of a sudden while running she wobbled a little bit hit the wall and dropped dead stretched out on the pavement. I have a video, but only pictures are able to upload. I would really like to know what happened to her.


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Bedroom Power Out Breaker Not Tripped?The power in my bedroom went out (probably from leaving the space heater on a little too long), but the breaker never turned off and I can't get the power back on. What is the problem or what should I do?


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Making Jelly from Orange Juice?I have a bottle of orange juice from the dairy department. Can you make jelly from it and how? My son left a bottle in fridge.


Tomato Leaves Turning Black - small tomato plant in the yard

Tomato Leaves Turning Black?The leaves on my tomatoes growing outside are turning black. I live in New Zealand.


Selling Porcelain Dolls - doll wearing a long peach colored dress trimmed with lace

Selling Porcelain Dolls?I have many porcelain dolls and I can't seem to find them online. Some look like vintage clothing. I have one particular her name is Vicky from Emerald Doll Collection, but I can't find her either. How can I find out which ones are worth more so I can sell them and get the most for them?


Value of a Lane Cedar Chest - top opened

Value of a Lane Cedar Chest?I am trying to figure out the value of a Lane cedar chest that was given to me about 7-8 years ago. The style no. is 2595-3 and serial no 157140. It is in great shape and has the original locking mechanism, but I keep it in a locked room for safety.


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Buying Knee Pads to Wear Under Slacks?I want to buy knee pads that I can wear under my slacks at a regular store. Any ideas?


Identifying a Stuffed Toy Horse

Identifying a Stuffed Toy Horse?When I was younger I had this stuffed horse which I always loved to have. I'm on a hunt to find it again or a place that can recreate it.


Value of a Paradise Galleries Doll - doll wearing a dark maroon gown with a dark bodice

Value of a Paradise Galleries Doll?Katherine is a Paradise Galleries 4 foot tall porcelain doll. How much is she worth?


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Repairing the Backspace Key on a Smith Corona Typewriter?The backspace button on my Smith Corona Deville 80 no longer works. Is it a repair that can be done by me or would there be any repair center that still works on these machines?


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Curtains to Complement Cream and Copper Effect Walls?I have just decorated my bedroom and have painted it a light cream (Dulux natural calico). Then I painted my chimney and bed wall a copper patina effect (Craig and Rose paint). So it's basically copper with a turquoise kind of pattern that I've made over some of it. You can see a photo of what it should look like on their site. It is meant to look like a rust effect.


Unknown Bug Bites - red welts on feet and legs

Unknown Bug Bites?I'm getting bitten by something, but not bedbugs or fleas. It's very cold outside, I live in Alberta. It has been -40s lately. The bites started in clusters on my ankles and legs. They're now moving up around my waist and arms. I thought I was getting the bites at night as I would wake up with red welted itchy mosquito like bumps.


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Lump and Pain at Tongue Piercing?I've had my tongue piercing for about 21 years now. And I've had it done twice, because the first one was done on a slant which caused a keloid to appear on the bottom of my tongue. A piercer told me it would have to be done again, which I did get done. Over the last 2-3 yrs or so I've noticed when I have my barbell in there's a lump and pain.


What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With? - reddish brown puppy

What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?Everybody says that my 9 week old puppy isn't all Chihuahua because of her ears and fur. I'm really curious what she may be mixed with.


Value of a Set of Encyclopedia Britannica - books on a bookshelf

Value of a Set of Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a 1963 set in white. They are in fairly good condition with a few stains. How do I know what they are worth?


Identifying a Small Brown Striped Bug   - bugs against dark blue surface

Identifying a Small Brown Striped Bug?What is this small brown bug with strips? They're in the laundry room. They are just crawling very slowly. They do not fly. Does anyone have a clue?


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