February 23, 2020

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Pot Roast with veggies

Making Pot Roast in an Instant PotAn instant pot is a wonderful addition to the kitchen to save you cooking time creating hearty meals. Make a tender pot roast in record time.


Fish in Tausi in bowl

Making Fish with TausiA delicious salted fried fish with tausi dish is cooked with vegetables and salted black beans. It also can be a good way to use up leftover fish, as a weeknight dinner served with rice.



Making a Plastic Egg Garland - garland hung with the banner made earlier

Making a Plastic Egg GarlandHere is a thrifty way you can decorate your home with this Easter themed garland. This garland is made with plastic eggs, twine, and ribbon. All of the supplies you can find at your local Dollar Tree/99 cents store, or items you may have at home already.


Making a Hydrangea Door Wreath - wreath hanging on the door

Making a Hydrangea Door WreathI purchased these hydrangea flowers for 90% off awhile ago at Michael's Arts & Crafts and finally got around to making this door wreath for spring time!


Sticky Rice Shumai on cabbage leaves plate

Sticky Rice ShumaiShumai is a delicate and delicious Asian dumpling, traditionally formed with a thin flour-based wonton style wrapper. You can forego using the wrappers and roll them in sticky mochi rice before steaming. I love the textures of these more than traditional shumai!



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Caring for a Duck Egg?Yesterday I found a single duck egg in my neighbor's backyard. He had been doing some yard work and there was no mother in sight. The egg was cold, so I brought the egg inside. I placed it in a small bowl thing with a dry washcloth around it in an old hermit crab cage. I placed the cage in a cupboard with a desk lamp hovering above it in the cupboard.


Identifying a Stuffed Toy - white stuffed bear

Identifying a Stuffed Toy?I used to have this stuffed toy and I've been searching really hard for a replacement. It got lost when we moved. It came as a set of three stuffed animals, a bear (as the pictures show) a dog, and a lion. I really want to find the dog and the bear because I really do love them. They're stuffed with stuffing everywhere except the bottom, which has a sort of bean bag bottom.


Value of an Ashley Belle Figurine - ballet dancer

Value of an Ashley Belle Figurine?I have a very beautiful and detailed doll. It's porcelain. The number is NE3411. I can't find this model anywhere online. I am wondering if it's rare and how much the resale price might be. Does anyone have any information on this piece?


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Bachelorette Party Ideas?My girlfriend will soon have a wonderful event - a wedding. And I have to prepare a checklist for the bachelorette party. And it's empty in my head.


Identifying Reddish Brown Bugs in the Bathroom - tiny brown bug

Identifying Reddish Brown Bugs in the Bathroom?I recently started seeing these tiny reddish brown bugs in my bathroom. At first I just saw one or two, but over the last two days they seem to be multiplying. They are mostly on the floor by the molding, but I have found a few by the window in my shower (which I keep open quite a bit ), and in the sink. They can fly I think, but I've mostly seen them crawling.


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Removing Cigarette Odor from a Freezer?I live in an apartment and when our refrigerator went out they replaced it with an old refrigerator. That's okay but the person that used the refrigerator before must of put his cigarettes in the freezer. How do I get the smell out of the freezer?


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Starting Rhododendrons from Cuttings?I have been rooting cuttings for about 2 months. I see some new growth starting, but all the leaves are falling off even though they are still green. Is this normal?


Value of a Cabbage Patch Doll - red haired doll wearing a green and white gingham dress

Value of a Cabbage Patch Doll?I've had this CPD for a long time now. I just don't have a birth certificate or box for it. But it does have its original clothing. It honestly just popped out of nowhere. It's in pretty good condition and I can clean it if I find somewhere to sell it. I tried Googling information, but I figured this could be more helpful.


Value of a Vintage Zenith Console Stereo - console

Value of a Vintage Zenith Console Stereo?My mother was cleaning out her storage and selling some things and she came across this record player that looks pretty old. I told her I would help to try to find out the value and went online and searched around Google, but I couldn't find anything on it. It's a Zenith and the model number is RN2410.


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Causes of Sudden Death in Dogs?My six and a half month old Great Dane passed on the 21st. He was fine and showed no signs of anything being wrong with him. I was in my bedroom just getting up and ready for the day and my brother and sister were letting him and our other dog back inside after letting them out to go potty.


Value of Antique Bedroom Furniture - chest of drawers, antique or perhaps vintage

Value of Antique Bedroom Furniture?I recently purchased a bedroom suite at a thrift store for $100. The photo is of the tall dresser. As you can see it has a lot of ornate wood work which is why I was opting to paint it. My husband feels it is worth refinishing so I'm now in the process of stripping. I'm finding that there is different wood grains that were used.


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Bath Bomb Business Name Ideas?I recently started making bath bombs and would like to start selling them online. Are there any good creative names I can use for my business? It doesn't have to include my name.


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Removing the Address from Express Scripts Mailer Bags?Prescriptions from Express Scripts come in mailer bags with the address stamped on them. How do I destroy that address information before I throw away the bag? Shredding by machine doesn't work, alcohol and nail polish remover don't either. Melting them on a burner on top of the stove makes a mess (and toxic fumes).


Raymond Waites Villa Classic Discontinued Wallpaper - black and gold wallpaper

Raymond Waites Villa Classic Discontinued Wallpaper?We need some rolls, approximately 9, of this black and gold paper.


Identifying Vintage Drinking Glasses - drinking glass with a white band and gold stars

Identifying Vintage Drinking Glasses?Any idea about the maker's mark on these glasses? Is it a starburst pattern? I have a set of 4 and was wondering if you have any information on them. Like, how much do you think they are worth?


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Display on Oster Bread Machine Not Working?My Oster bread machine has been working fine, but now the display does not show. It has power. It beeps, it kneads, and even bakes (per experiment), but I have no idea what cycle it's really on, which makes things a little tricky. Any idea if the display can be reset?


Value of Grolier Encyclopedias - red and gold spine of the Book of Knowledge

Value of Grolier Encyclopedias?I have a set of 10 Grolier encyclopedias. They were copyright in 1952.


Value of a Franklin Heirloom Limited Edition Doll  - doll wearing a long blue formal dress from the 1800s

Value of a Franklin Heirloom Limited Edition Doll?I wanted to sell this doll, but didn't know it's value:(


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