March 10, 2020

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Indian Ground Beef with Potatoes in bowl

Indian Ground Beef with Potatoes (Keema Aloo)Keema Aloo, is a delectable Indian dish composed of ground beef, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, and regional spices. The resulting stew is perfect for serving with naan bread or a bed of rice. The recipe is offered below.


Macaroni Greeting Card - finished card with a small red bow added in the upper left corner

How to Make a Macaroni Greeting CardMacaroni is a staple crafting supply. Here it is used to create a pretty greeting card decorated with watercolor painted pasta formed into a flower and a pretty butterfly.


Making Felt Wand Pointers - glueing blue felt stars to dowel

Making Felt Wand PointersCut out felt shapes such as hearts and stars and glue onto dowels to make felt wand pointers. Instructions follow.


Paper Plate Hedgehog - cute paper plate hedgehog on a lace runner

Making a Paper Plate HedgehogCute little hedgehogs are a fun craft motif for children. In this paper plate project you will be shown how to make this colorful guy to display in your child's room. Older children can make it themselves. Little ones may need help cutting.


stack of Pandan Pancakes with Coconut Custard

Pandan Pancakes with Coconut CustardCoconut milk custard is layered between pandan pancakes for a delicious variation on Asian tea house pandan waffles. The recipe and preparation steps can be found below. Enjoy this treat straightaway or chilled.


Steampunk Bottle - glue on the remaining embellishments - allow to dry, and you are done

Making a Steampunk BottleSteampunk is a genre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates 19th century steam technology elements into art and dress. Based on that concept this project guides you as you make a fun steampunk inspired bottle to display in your home or office.


Upcycled Coupon to Birthday Card - front of finished card

Upcycled Coupon Birthday CardTurn on your imagination and learn how to upcycle a heart shaped coupon into a fun birthday card. If you don't have a similar coupon make your own heart shape from cardstock.


Keepsake Fabric Boxes - the bottom side showing the patchwork

Making Keepsake Fabric BoxesThese fabric boxes or trays were made from keepsake fabric scraps. The fabric was cut and sewn together using quilt piecing techniques and then crafted into soft boxes for holding small items. This is a great project to use with inherited fabric or clothing items.


Valentine's Themed Bee Crown - finished crown on the floor

Making a Valentine's Themed Bee CrownThis paper crown kids' craft combines a cute bee theme with Valentine's Day. Little foam heart stickers adorn the tips of the antennae and are the eyes for your bee. Your child will be buzzing around the house with this fun crown firmly in place on their head.


Making an Egg Carton Octopus - green glitter painted octopus with googly eyes

Making an Egg Carton OctopusNext to TP tubes, egg cartons are a very popular supply to keep on hand for recycled crafts. This project shows you how to turn an egg carton section into this cute little octopus with the addition of paint, yarn, and googly eyes.


Daily Activity Calendar - hanging on a bulletin board

Making a Daily Activity CalendarLife sometimes has a way of overwhelming us and making it difficult to get organized. The tutorial on this page offers a solution, by detailing how to make your own daily activity calendar.


Golden Sesame Balls turned in pan

Making Golden Sesame BallsIt is easy to prepare these deep fried mung bean and sugar filled rice flour balls. They are rolled in sesame seeds prior to frying. Plate them up and serve. Delicious.


Monogram Gift Bag - finished bag

Making a Monogram Gift BagTransform a plain gift bag into a monogram bag using a paper doily, paper, and and a chipboard letter. Step by step instructions follow.


eggs in food coloring

Making Colorful Kwek-kwekBatter coated hard boiled quail eggs are deep fried and sold as a street food in the Philippines. These are given added kid appeal by adding food coloring to the batter. Serve with one of the sauces included below.


Felt Heart Hair Clip - closeup of heart hairclip

Making a Felt Heart Hair ClipGather some red felt, a heart shaped template, hair clip, and some embroidery floss and a needle to make this felt heart hair clip. It is quite easy to do and fun to wear. Add embellishments as desired.


Making a Tinsel Pipe Cleaner Heart Garland - pipe cleaners attached to a length of twine

Making a Tinsel Pipe Cleaner Heart GarlandThis inexpensive Valentine's Day decoration is easily made with tinsel pipe cleaners, a length of twine for hanging, some glue, and a pair of scissors. Make it as long as you like or make several.


Wrapping Paper Ornaments - sticker ribbon and bows added to the ornaments

Making Wrapping Paper OrnamentsMake collage wrapping paper or toy catalog page ornaments. They can be hung on the tree or used to embellish plain wrapping paper on gift packages.


Mermaid Tail Purse - finished purse

Making a Mermaid Tail PurseThis craft will help you to make a cute mermaid tail inspired purse. Supplies, instructions, and photos follow.


brushing Waffle with butter

Making Churro WafflesThese, fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, waffles are reminiscent of churros. Apply melted butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar for a yummy breakfast meal.



Apple Butter in jar & on plate

Instant Pot Apple ButterI made this but it came out too liquidy, because I added too much water. I didn't trust when the recipe said only use a couple tablespoons water but it turns out that if you really want apple butter, you should.


finished plate of Roast Cabbage

Roast CabbageThis was something I made one day I had some old vegetables lying around. It can taste good and be completely fat free. You can add butter or coconut oil. It can also be festive-looking.



"Iris" Morning Delight! - close up of a white and yellow iris with water droplets

"Iris" Morning Delight!Photos of a white and yellow iris.


Using foil in a battery compartment to enable AAA batteries to work in a AA slot.

Triple A Batteries to Save the DayHave you ever needed AA batteries but only have AAA on hand, don't worry. AAA will save the day, you can use them when your device requires double A. Simply fill in the gap with foil on the contact the positive terminal. So if you're ever in the store and forgot which one to get, go for the AAA.


A Monopoly board game with the pieces saved in sandwich bags.

Saving Your Place in a Board GameMy family and I started a game of Monopoly the other night, but it was getting too late to finish it. We used little baggies with our names on them to save our money and property cards.


Felt Carrot Garland and Paper Carrot Sign - view of the garland and the sign

Felt Carrot Garland and Paper Carrot SignI recently made this felt carrot garland and sign for a coworker who often brings their rabbit to work. We work at a school and she likes to let the kids know that he stayed home on days that he isn't there.


Memorial Angel Ornament - clay ornament of a man wearing a plaid shirt and jeans

Memorial Angel OrnamentMy kids lost their dad and the first Christmas I made them each one of them, out of salt dough, an angel ornament this one looked like their dad with his favorite clothes he loved to wear and added wings. They cried and will treasure these for the rest of their lives.


Play Placemats and Stovetop - closeup of the blue placemat

Play Placemats and StovetopI made these for the kids in my preschool class. They are made out of scrapbooking paper and were laminated. For the placemats I traced around a small plate, cup, utensils, and made a triangle for a napkin to create templates on cardstock. Then I used the templates to trace each shape onto scrapbooking paper. I attached all of the pieces to the placemat with a glue stick and then laminated them.


A circuit breaker in a house.

Breaker Keeps TrippingWe had this problem recently. A circuit breaker would trip as soon as we reset it. So, I set out to find the problem. I checked each outlet in turn through the dining room, down the stairs into the basement, and realized I was standing in six inches of water.


storage crates behind a washer and dryer for storage.

Turn Dead Space into Storage SpaceI doubt anyone ever said that they have too much storage space! Yesterday, I was getting a little reorganized for the change of seasons, and had an idea to make some storage space in my small laundry room. I have front loading machines that sit about 6 to 8 inches away from the back wall to accommodate hoses and vents.


St. Patrick's Day Theme Hanging Wall Sign - ribbon hanger added and a matching bow and then hung on a hook

St. Patrick's Day Theme Hanging Wall SignWe don't personally celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but the kids learn about St. Patrick's Day at school, so I like to do small crafts.


Two cat pictures in frames.

Hanging Un-level Wall ArtI recently bought two wooden cat pictures. They were the exact same size, but I wanted them to be glued together in a staggered manner. So I got out the wood glue and went to town.


A piece of bread in a pot of mushy rice.

Fix Mushy Rice with BreadI can't tell you how many times I've made mushy, soupy rice. There's a quick fix that transforms this gluey mess into perfect, fluffy rice: a slice of bread. Place a piece of bread on top of your pot or rice cooker full of mushy rice, put the lid back on, and allow to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. The extra liquids will make their way into the bread, and your rice is saved.


A table runner on top of a washer and dryer.

Table Runner on Washer and DryerI have lots of 72 inch table runners, but because my dog likes to take a corner "and run with it", I have found another use for them. They fit the top of my front loading washer and dryer set perfectly! I put a rug pad beneath, cut to size, to keep in place. What this does is prevent scratches to my very expensive machines, and it dresses things up in the laundry. A win-win!


Asparagus stored with a wet paper towel and a rubber band.

Keep Asparagus FreshTo keep asparagus fresh, I wet a paper towel and wrap it around the bottom of the bunch and secure it with the produce rubber band. I put it back in the produce bag, roll it around to press out the air, fold the top over and put a rubber band around the bunch to keep the plastic tight.


Tilly (Pit Bull mix) - one flop eared Pit in a car

Tilly (Pit Bull Mix)We adopted Tilly in the summer of 2019 from a local rescue. She was actually at a different rescue in California, so she was transported up here for us to foster with the option to adopt.



Value of a Knightsbridge Collection Porcelain Doll - doll with long curls wearing a lavender dress

Value of a Knightsbridge Collection Porcelain Doll?I recently got this doll from a raffle, I have tried looking for her on just about every website possible to try and find not only the value, but any sort of information. I know the Knightsbridge Collection including limited edition dolls are not rare, but I'm hoping someone can help me out with any insight or information. Her name is Angela.


Is My Dog a Husky? - tan and light brown puppy

Is My Dog a Husky?Can anyone tell me if my dog is a Husky, please?


Identifying a Stuffed Seal

Identifying a Stuffed Seal?I have a stuffed seal I have owned for 9 years. Recently I've come to realize he's getting a bit worn out, and it's time for a new one. I am trying to figure out what company he is from. The tag was cut off, but there is still yellow and black shining through from it, the tag itself had yellow on it as its the outer most layer.


Age and Value of a Lane Cedar Chest

Age and Value of a Lane Cedar Chest?Can anyone help me with the age of this chest? And the value? And how should I help this beauty?


Value of Cabbage Patch Kid Doll - African American girl doll

Value of Cabbage Patch Kid Doll?I'm having a hard time finding this vintage CPK doll. She doesn't have a signature or a side tag. I bought 15 of these dolls from an estate sale. All of the others are from 1980 on. They are definitely originals and have been played with, although they're in good condition and not damaged. Most are signed on their bum, but one has a side tag only and this black one has neither.


Selling Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls - 5 dolls

Selling Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls?I came across these Cabbage Patch Kid dolls in my mother's storage. They have no clothes, but are in good condition and they all have a signature on their behinds. How much are they worth and where can I sell them?


Value of a Vintage Broyhill China Cabinet - glass doored cabinet

Value of a Vintage Broyhill China Cabinet?This cabinet was owned by my great aunt since the 50s or 60s. I want to sell it, but can't seem to find a guide for its value. Any ideas?


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Making Yarn Coat Hanger Animals?I have a wire coat hanger animal that is red with white spots and a little hat. I need the directions on how to make them.


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Thinning Foundation Make-up?I have a favorite well known brand of make-up that seems to have gotten thicker than I like, is there any thing you can add to it to thin it out?


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Value of a 'Clementine Needs A Cuddle' Ashton Drake Monkey Doll?What is the value of an Ashton Drake "Clementine Needs A Cuddle" monkey doll? I have had it for about 2 to 3 years.


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Breville Br1 Breadmaster Bread Machine Won't Heat Up?I have a Breville BR1 fan assisted bread maker. Recently I found that it doesn't heat up anymore. The dough is made perfectly. How do I open and repair it? Where do I buy the heating element?


Value of a Conant Ball Dining Table and Chairs

Value of a Conant Ball Dining Table and Chairs?I have a Conant Ball dining table 2022 30020 and chairs 3432 10060 that are in pretty bad shape. Is this furniture in its current condition worth anything? Should I be paying for an appraisal? Also, will the value be affected if I refinish it?


Cleaning and Deodorizing Vintage Baby Shoes

Cleaning and Deodorizing Vintage Baby Shoes?I'm expecting my first grandchild, a girl, in May. I saved most of my daughter's baby things and now want to give them to her as an heirloom gift for her daughter. I'm washing the clothes using a good strategy, but am stuck as to what to do with the leather baby zip and walking boots, as well as the little girl's Sunday shoes.


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