March 27, 2020

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serving of Casserole on plate

Bacon-Chicken Alfredo Penne CasseroleThis creamy casserole combines bacon, chicken and parmesan with penne pasta for a one dish meal. Easy to make ahead or for a quick weeknight meal.


vegan muffins in a bowl

Making Vegan Carrot Banana MuffinsMake these delicious muffins filled with carrots and bananas. They are a perfect breakfast option or after school snack.


Watermelon Stone Paperweights - finished watermelon stones

Making Watermelon Stone PaperweightsPaint stones to resemble watermelon slices. These can be used as a cheerful decoration or paperweight.


Foil Lined Mason Jar Light  - glowing red light filled Mason jar

Making a Foil Lined Mason Jar LightUse aluminum foil and a canning jar to create this pretty light. They would be perfect to light the garden at night.


DIY Cheering Pom Poms  - finished red and silver pom pom

DIY Foil Cheering Pom PomsIf you have a young cheerleader in your home, make a set of these sparkly foil pom poms. They can be customized to match any school or professional sports team.


Birthday Gift Card - finished card standing ready to give

Making a Birthday Gift CardInstead of purchasing birthday cards for your loved ones, make them at home. This is a great craft to do with your kids.


pork shoulder roasted in pan

Making Roast Pork ShoulderPork shoulder is a great option for roast meat, and frugal too. This recipe is seasoned with fennel, garlic and olive oil.


Guitar Heartstrings Card - finished card

Making a Guitar Heartstrings CardShow your valentine how much you care with this adorable handmade card. It's perfect for a guitar lover.


Ribbon Wand - finished wand on tabletop

How to Make a Ribbon WandThis pretty ribbon wand is easy to make with supplies you may already have at home. This is a great project to do with your kids.


Planetary Artwork - finished artwork

Making Planetary ArtworkRecreate the entire solar system with supplies you probably already have at home. It's a great way to decorate a child's room and learn about the planets.


Hot Glue Spiderweb Bowl - let dry for a couple of hours before filling

Making a Hot Glue Spiderweb BowlUse hot glue to make this spooky spiderweb bowl. It makes a wonderful display piece for Halloween.


Recycled Bunny Friends - bunnies among the cupcakes

Making Recycled Bunny FriendsSave your toilet paper tubes to make a collection of these adorable bunny friends. These are perfect as an Easter craft and decorations.


Honeycomb Shadow Shelf - shelf on wall with two items displayed

Making a Honeycomb Shadow ShelfUse craft sticks to make this creative honeycomb shelf. It's great for displaying mementos and curios. Make more than one and cluster them for a stunning effect.


Recycled Cardboard Ring and Yarn Dreamcatcher - hanging dreamcatcher

Making a Recycled Cardboard Ring and Yarn DreamcatcherUse yarn and recycled cardboard to make a decorative dreamcatcher to hang over your bed. These are easily customized and make a great gift.


Jellyfish Piñata for Kids - closeup of the finished piñata

Making a Jellyfish Piñata for KidsIf you have bored kids or are planning a party, make these cute little jellyfish piñatas. They also make adorable decorations.



DIY Bead and Small Item Storage - second drawer of small containers

DIY Bead and Small Item StorageThis might not pertain to you, but if even one of you out there needs help fitting all your "bits and pieces" into containers, I have done my job! This will let you stay home in style. Result of cabin fever!


Groceries and supplies dropped off on the porch.

Shopping During the CoronavirusI went shopping for my sister's family today so she wouldn't have to leave her house. Here are some thoughts and tips about what to look out for when shopping during a stay at home order.


Let's Smile Box Sign Desk Decor - sign box standing on desk

"Let's Smile" Box Sign Desk DecorBox sign decor items are really popular, but you can upcycle a box to make your own. I upcycled this sturdy belt box (that was going to go in the trash anyway) into this sign! Times are hard right now so I want to remember to smile so I wrote "Lets Smile" and this will be at the corner of my desk!



Value of Conant and Ball Windsor Chairs - 3 chairs

Value of Conant and Ball Windsor ChairsI just picked up these 3 Conant and Ball Windsor chairs at an estate sale and would like to know the approximate age and value of them.


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Value of Antique Harmsworth EncyclopediasWhat is the value of a set of 10 Harmsworth Encyclopaedias manufactured in 1906?


Are These Insect Eggs? - small black balls

Are These Insect Eggs?These little black balls look like some type of insect egg and have shown up in my dryer and some oven mitts I recently dried. Any ideas?


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Starting a Business Selling Simmering GranulesI am looking into starting a business selling simmering granules. Can anyone give me any tips on things I need to know and do? I know how to make the granules, it's all the other things I need to do, that I need help with.


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Planting a RosebushI planted a rosebush in my front yard. I planted it backwards. What do I do to fix this?


Value of Bassett Bedroom Furniture - chest of drawers

Value of Bassett Bedroom FurnitureI have this Bassett chest and the 9 drawer dresser to match. The word, monitor, is stamped on the back. Is that the name of the collection? Any idea of value for the 2 pieces?


Identifying Old Farm Equipment - drag behind equipment

Identifying Old Farm EquipmentI am going through my grandfather's old farm equipment. I haven't a clue what these are.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - sitting doll wearing a dark purple dress and gold chain with a heart shaped pendant

Identifying a Porcelain DollI have had this doll for awhile, and can't figure out what the name brand is or what the signature says. Can anyone help me identify the logo?


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John Deere Riding Mower Won't StartI have a 2017 John Deere D105 I recently bought 2nd hand. I was using it a few days ago when I thought I had run it out of gas. After filling the tank I tried to start the mower and it would spin, but not start. I checked and I'm not getting spark. I've changed the ignition coil and the spark plug and it still won't start.


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Choosing an Area RugWhat color area rug will go with/complement a sunflower gold sofa and chair? The sofa and chair are a mid century modern design.


Identifying Small Black Bugs - bug on the floor

Identifying Small Black BugsI found about 5 or 6 of these little black bugs. I was hoping someone could identify them.


Identifying a Bump on a Dog - dark pink round bump

Identifying a Bump on a DogI have a Lab mix who is 4 years old. Within the last 2 weeks or so this bump has appeared. It doesn't seem to bother her, and my other dog will lick it. Every so often she will scratch and and it bleeds. Any ideas?


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Stopping a Dog from Peeing on the PaversSo for the last week or so my 2yr old Lab has started peeing on the pavers. He has been peeing on the grass his whole life. We do have another dog who is 7 months old that was weeing on the pavers as he is a puppy, but he's really good now. Do you think it could be a territory thing? They are both males, my Lab is desexed and the puppy is yet to be?


Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded? - gray and white Pit

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?I saw the dad and he was blue and white like him, but they said the mother was too mean to bring out so I could only see pictures of her. I did get papers for him, but he's got a reddish kind of tint on his bottom in the sun and I saw a red dog running around their back yard. He is 15weeks old in this picture and weighs 37lbs. What do you think? Purebred or not?


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Caring for a Jade Plant with Spots on LeavesMy healthy jade plant has white dots on 2 leaves and dark dots on 2 other leaves. What is my response?


Repairing Holes in a Baby Blanket - closeup of a large hole in a baby blanket

Repairing Holes in a Baby BlanketI have a baby blanket and I want to fix the holes. I have tried sewing the holes together, but the fabric tore more. Any suggestions? I love the blanket and don't want it to tear apart! There are holes like the one is the picture is 4 or 5 other spots as well!


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Ducks Laying Their Eggs in the PondI have 3 female ducks and 2 males. The males have been mounting the females. The problems is that they lay all their eggs in the pond. We can see them laying on the bottom. Is there a way to stop this?


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Finding Gaskets for Anchor Hocking JarsI'm looking for gaskets for Anchor Hocking gallon cracker jars.


Identifying a Lump on My Dog's Leg - dark pink round bump on white dog's leg

Identifying a Lump on My Dog's LegI've found this lump on my dog's leg this evening. Could anyone advise me on what it could be?


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