April 12, 2020

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Use Leftover Egg Dye for Craft Projects - blue dyed shell next to an un-dyed scallop shell

Use Leftover Egg Dye for Craft ProjectsAfter dyeing eggs, you can leftover dye for other crafts. For example: shell dyeing or an experiment.


Vertical Gardening in Pots

Vertical Gardening in PotsAt the beginning of the season I select one plant of each type at a nearby nursery. I cut off each stem about an inch from the bottom. I cut all but the top 2 leaves off of each stem and place the stems in various sized jars of water to root. In a week or two the roots grow long enough to plant them in pots. By this time the original plants have grown up once again and are blooming.


Paper Cup and String Telephone - two young children talking on the phone

Paper Cup and String TelephoneThis craft I'm going to demonstrate is something that we used to play with back in the days when the internet and gadgets did not exist. As quarantine days extend, let's find ways to teach kids simple crafts to cheer them up and make them active instead of exposing them too much to gadgets.


Now Is the Time for a Victory Garden - raised beds with leaf lettuce and other crops

Now Is the Time for a Victory GardenWith all the extra time spent at home and uncertainty with COVID-19, now is the perfect time to be planting a victory garden.


finished Baked Scalloped Potatoes

Baked Scalloped PotatoesThis baked scalloped potatoes may not look appealing, but it was really delicious and easy to make! Pair this side dish with your choice of lean meat.



Fixing Little Bumps Under Couch Fabric - bumps under microfiber type fabric

Fixing Little Bumps Under Couch Fabric?My couch is a few years old and definitely out of warranty on the cushion aspect. The cushion is not easily removable which is why I haven't tried anything myself. What are these weird bumps under the fabric and is there anything I can do about it?


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Recovery Time for a Dog with Parvo?My 2 and a half month old puppy is suffering from parvo virus. He has been being treating since last Tuesday and today is Sunday so it's been 6 days. But I hardly see signs of improvement. There's not much blood present in his stool, but he is still vomiting. How many days does it take to recover? I'm feeling scared that he might get worse.


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Finding a Free Mattress?My name is James Hines and I suffer from HIV and AIDS and am getting over the coronavirus. I am indigent, but have my own apartment. I'm in dire need of a free mattress and box spring, full size. Where can I find one in New York City?


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Troy-Bilt Riding Mower Won't Start?My Troy-Bilt riding mower won't start. There is just a clicking noise. So I replaced the starter solenoid and still have the same problem.


Value of a Set of 1950 Encyclopedia Britannica 1768 Edition - stack of books

Value of a Set of 1950 Encyclopedia Britannica 1768 Edition?So I have this 1950 Release of the Encyclopedia Britannica 1768 Edition in 24 blue leather bound volumes. It is in very good condition and I am wondering what I'm looking at for resale. We are moving and cannot take these along. I've had them for 20 years. They were passed down from my grandfather.


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Why Did My Dog Die So Fast?My 10 year old Shi Tzu mix died very suddenly. Within minutes of my husband letting her and her sibling outside to go potty she was gone. They always run to the fence line to bark at the neighbor dogs or neighbors out in their yard. Our neighbor saw them running towards the fence where he was working and then he saw one dog was running around and Daisy was laying on the ground next to the fence.


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John Deere L 120 Won't Crank?I have a John Deere L 120 that won't crank. I put a new battery in and can hear it trying to crank, but it doesn't. I removed the started and kept it wired; the starter spins. How do I make sure the engine is not seized and is there another possible cause or a way to manually roll the engine over?


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Flushed a Magic Eraser Down the Toilet?I flushed a used Magic Eraser in the toilet, but it flushed fine. Do you think it will clog in the future?


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Banana Pudding too Firm and Thick?I have been following the recipe on the Nilla waffer box and my pudding doesn't stay creamy once cooled. It becomes thick like a cheese cake. What am I doing wrong?


Singer 9022 Bobbin Winder Not Turning - sewing machine

Singer 9022 Bobbin Winder Not Turning?I purchased my Singer 9022 new and have had this machine for many years. It's been amazing, however, now my bobbin winder won't wind. I can hear it whirling when pressing the floor pedal, but the bobbin will not turn. I was trying to remove the top to take a peek, but can't figure out how. I removed all screws (3) that I saw, but there's something else holding it down.


Identifying Insect Eggs - brown eggs(?) that resemble grains of rice

Identifying Insect Eggs?What is this? I found it in my raised bed garden. Is it friend or foe?


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Removing the Seeds from a Pinecone?I heard you had to burn a pinecone in a fire to get seeds.


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Concord Grapes Small and Not Flavorful?I planted 3 year old seeded Concord grapes about 5-6 years ago. I have never gotten a good harvest yet. I have plenty of grapes on the vines, but for the last three years the grapes have all been small and fairly flavorless. I do get a lot of vine growth during the summer. I live in Idaho and most my neighbor's grapes are great. I want to use my grapes for juicing. What am I doing wrong?


What Breed Is My Dog? - cute small brown dog with curled up tail

What Breed Is My Dog?I really don't know what kind of mix he is. I think Chiweeni. Does anyone else think so?


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John Deere Lawn Tractor Won't Start?My 2 year old E130 John Deere won't start. My wife shut the motor down while the blades were engaged and then it wouldn't restart. It has fresh plugs and oil. The battery reads 12 volts on a meter. I checked the electrical connections. The battery cable is clean and tight. I turned the blades manually and moved the engine shaft. Nothing works. Any ideas?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - mime doll with painted face

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Can anyone help me find any information on this doll? He's at least 28+ years old, about 40 cm, with a porcelain head, and the body is made of cloth. There are no marks on him. The clothes are sewed on to his body, his face and eyes are painted on, and he has a little hat that's glued to his head. I don't know the stuffing material. He's a mime. I'm just curious, mostly about his age and maker.


Value of a Vintage Dresser

Value of a Vintage Dresser?Any idea how much this dresser is worth? There is a spot where the tag used to be, but no other markings. The drawers are dovetail construction, if that helps.


Identifying Bug and Keeping Them Outside - small bug on a piece of paper

Identifying Bug and Keeping Them Outside?What is this bug kind and how does it get in? Two days before I had seen a bug more like a ladybug with yellow color and black spots and it had wings. Then I saw news of invasive ladybugs! Today I saw the bug in the picture. Last year there was another kind that was coming persistently. I don't want to vent my room anymore. Our windows even have swatters. How it is it a different kind each summer?


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Dog Peeing Inside When Lying Down?I'm having an issue with my dog. He's a 9yr old Border Collie who had started to walk and lay down and wee. He has done it 4 - 5 times now in the past few days. Is there something I can do to prevent this from happening?


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