April 28, 2020

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Supplies for upcycling a purse.

Upcycling a PurseLearn how to recreate a thriftstore purse into a unique bag using velvet, other fabrics, beads, etc. It may become habit forming.


An air plant growing in a shell.

Air Plant CraftsAir plants are fun to incorporate into wreaths, decor projects, creative planters, and more. Here are some ideas to inspire you.


Melted Perler Beads - beads in bag prior to melting

Crafts Using Perler BeadsPerler beads are a good choice for many crafts, especially kid crafts. These plastic beads can be heated with a dry iron to create a fused design. The sheets or shapes can then be assembled into other projects, such as the Christmas village included on this page.



Two wine glasses filled with marbles decorating a bathroom.

Happy Accidental DecorI was cleaning the bathroom yesterday and was moving the plastic goblet full of marbles and glass nuggets. My brain went "It would be nice to get these up off the counters". I looked up and wondered if they would fit behind the towel rack.


A Dollar Store lantern hung near a bed.

Keeping a Flashlight CloseWhen services can be interrupted, it's scary to not be able to see what you are doing. In Dec of 2018, my senior community lost power from 1am to 11am. We were cold and without a way to even have a coffee. Too many of us are in that stage where we fall easy enough in the daytime.


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Saving Money On InsuranceCheck your insurance policy. I had a jewelry/fur rider for years. When the gold got high I sold so much of the jewelry. I also gave away a lot to my daughter. I haven't had a fur in many years. I looked at what I have left, and decided it wasn't worth it to keep it. I am saving $89 per year.


Cardboard Tube Rainbow Blower - hand holding finished blower

Cardboard Tube Rainbow BlowerWe are running low on bubble solution, so I thought this would be fun to make as an outdoor alternative, since my daughter loves blowing bubbles. This is easy and free to make (simple supplies I already had from home). When you blow, the tissue papers will fly!


A box of fresh produce; carrots, zucchini, strawberries, cabbage, etc.

Online Grocery Delivery ServicesIn our household, we have not gone grocery shopping physically in stores in over 5 weeks. I have tried 4 new food services since then and I would like to share with you my first impressions, thoughts and reviews.



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Finding Fabric Donations for Making Facial Masks?I have a wonderful seeing machine, and am willing to sew masks to donate, but I really need supplies. I don't have the money to buy fabric and unable to get out due to foot surgery. Any suggestions on finding donations would be appreciated!


Identifying Markings on a Hartmann Wardrobe Trunk - number 12 stamped into the leather strap

Identifying Markings on a Hartmann Wardrobe Trunk?My Hartmann cushion wardrobe trunk has these numbers in the leather handle and paper on bottom under a drawer that says 1912-1926. My number on the leather starts with 12 does that mean year or is it serial number?


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Finding a Manual for a Dressmaker Sewing Machine?I am trying to find a manual for a vintage Super Zig-Zag Model 752 Dressmaker sewing machine. I am willing to pay for a copy of the manual.


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Tension Not Adjusting on Singer Sewing Machine?I'm trying to sew using my Singer machine, but the thread is tangling badly underneath my fabric. The stitching on the top of the fabric looks fine, but underneath its a mess. The bobbin is the right way up, and I'm fairly sure it's threaded properly as I followed the manuals instructions. I suspect the issue is the tension, as it feels the same whether I turn the dial up or down.


Value of an Antique Brass Bed

Value of an Antique Brass Bed?I have a brass bed that I bought from an antique dealer about 45 years ago. I found the name on the frame which is Jose Cobian Fabricante Sevilla R315. Can you tell me about how old the bed is and maybe value. (Excuse the fact that the bed has been in storage and is in need of a cleaning).


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Repairing an Oster Bread Maker?I have an Oster bread machine that is stuck in one mode. How can I fix it?


Identifying Small Black Bug - closeup of the bug

Identifying Small Black Bug?This black bug crawls (no wings) fast along walls, ceilings, and flooring. I don't have carpet. It has what appears to be two white stripes on its back and long "antennae". Please help as I see at least two of these a day. Could they be helping to control a population of other bugs - so keep them alive? Or, are we in danger with having them around?


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Duck Laid Eggs in Yard?There are ducks in my backyard and they come every year, but this year they laid eggs. She laid one yesterday and one today. But there's no nest and they're scattered everywhere. Did she abandon them? Should I move them?


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Keeping Dead Snakes in the Freezer?I know this is gross, but my husband has dead snakes in the freezer to have mounted later. Is it safe to have them in there with our frozen food?


Identifying Small Brown Bugs - bug

Identifying Small Brown Bugs?I have had these bugs for about a week, they don't bite or fly and they crawl slowly. I have only seen around 10, but I'm concerned that it might increase. There has been an ant problem before, and I have no mold/moisture issues except for in the basement where there are no bugs yet. I just wanted know because it has been *bugging* me. (Haha) It is late April/early May in the northeast U.S.


Identifying a Vintage Table Lamp - off white bean pot lamp with floral motif

Identifying a Vintage Table Lamp?This was a gift given to me when I had no furniture. She told me she had it for 40 years. I'm curious about it. Can anyone tell me about it?


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