May 4, 2020

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A parking sign that states "No Parking Both Sides"

Check Street Signs ThoroughlyHere is my lesson learned that resulted me in paying a $60 ticket that I wanted to share with you all. Be sure to check street signs carefully, especially street signs on both sides of the road even if you plan to park on just one side.


Two decorative glass bottles hanging below artwork.

Helping Artwork Do Double-dutyToday I was organizing my plastic bags, yes, I am that bored. But I stood up and bumped a metal frame off the wall. When I thought my little tiny bottle from last year's fair was broken, I decided if it was, I would move the rest.


A collection of snack size zip top bags.

Keeping Plastic Bags SortedToday I was trying to put out a bunch of little fires. It was raining, I was bored, you get it. So, in a big wooden drawer unit in the pantry, I had bags; all sorts of sizes and that meant I could never find the one I wanted. Which, is usually on the bottom, right?


Several used tea bags next to a package of sunflower seeds.

Used Tea Bag to Sprout SeedsRemove the staple and string and snip a tiny hole in your used tea bags and place your seeds inside. Keep moist and in a few days your seed will sprout. From there, you can place in a small pot or directly into your garden. No need to remove the bag. It will protect the young root from any disturbance and pests and break down naturally.


A family waving at their grandma.

Another Day in Quarantine: The Best Day of AllMy day started out about the same. I have to say, I am looking at life a lot more positive these days! That is important for everyone to know. I think we (people) are just adjusting to this way of living. We are so conscientious of the possibility of catching the virus, we have given into the new way of life living in our homes We are at an accepting stage.


Bag Made from Coloured Vinyl Records - bag/purse made from three vinyl records, in red, white, and blue

Bag Made from Coloured Vinyl RecordsI made this bag from 3 coloured vinyl records. It has an inner lining.


A flameless candle inside a green flowered vase.

Mood Lighting for DepressionThe other day, I read an article on the increase of depression due to people having to stay in the house. I liked this one particular idea, it said to use mood lighting. I read on and they said to just get out some clear small Christmas lights and put them in a room where you spend a lot of your time.


A pair of glasses.

Hanging Up ClutterI have to use a glasses magnifyer for now, till my eyes are better. They clip on my glasses, and it helps me do reading, facebook on the phone, crafts, or Kindle work. Also, this is my charging station for the phone. But, they were always in the way or I left them somewhere they weren't needed. Or, the charger was on the floor.



Identifying a Vintage Wooden Bed Frame with Mesh Springs - old bed frame sitting in a driveway

Identifying a Vintage Wooden Bed Frame with Mesh Springs?I have a wooden cot or twin bed frame with mesh springs. Does anyone have some insight as to how I determine the age, value, and/or proper description of this bed? It has no imprints or tags to indicate manufacturer.


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Janome Sewist 780DC Doesn't Pick Up Bobbin Thread?My Janome Sewist 780DC will not pick up the bobbin thread. I have replaced the needle and made sure the reel of thread and the bobbin thread are the same.


Value of Brandt and Randolph Furniture - tiered Brandt end table

Value of Brandt and Randolph Furniture?I am curious about the value of these antique pieces of furniture. I know 2 of them are Brandt (the small tables) and the others say Randolph Ant No. 4320 and Fin. Antique No. 4334.


Value of a 1927 White Rotary Sewing Machine - vintage sewing machine

Value of a 1927 White Rotary Sewing Machine?I just found a 1927 White rotary sewing machine, model 15X6983. I have two questions. This machine comes with a cabinet which has water damage on the back, but it also comes with the original manual, a pattern instruction book, and all of the feet accessories. What is it worth? And where do I turn it on?


Identifying a Small Brown Bug - bug on wooden background

Identifying a Small Brown Bug?I found this bug on my pillow after waking up. It wasn't there right when I woke up, but 20 minutes after. I have had past experiences with bedbugs, not in the same house, and it doesn't quite look like one. Can someone tell me what it is?


Identifying Wild Flowers  - closeup of the flowers on clumping plant

Identifying Wild Flowers?These are some of the flowers I see on my social distancing walks in the neighborhood. Some of them I recognize more or less, but am hoping for more specific information.


Identifying Insect Eggs Found Under a Deck  - cluster on a pry bar

Identifying Insect Eggs Found Under a Deck?I pulled up a composite deck yesterday. I found 3 piles, two near where the deck attached to the house and one about 18 inches away from the house attachment. The piles are about 4-6 inches around and 2-3 inches high. They seem to be round "pellets", clumped together like a tater tot. Any ideas what this is? I live in Vancouver.


Is My Pit Bull Puppy Full Blooded? - cute baby Pit Bull in the grass

Is My Pit Bull Puppy Full Blooded?I got my 9 week old pup a week ago as a gift and was told she is a blue nose Pit Bull. I would like to know is she is a blue nose or mixed? Some people say she is a pure bred blue nose others say she is definitely mixed.


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Selling Cabbage Patch Dolls?I have 4 Cabbage Patch Kids in excellent condition still in their boxes with birth certificates, signatures, and original tags. I have looked all over the internet and I'm seeing different prices. How do I determine a reasonable value?


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Kenmore Zig Zag Stitch Knob Not Working?I was given a Kenmore 158.504 with a cabinet in good condition by a friend. I just fell in love with this one. The zigzag knob in the front does not seem to do anything though. I opened up the top access and see that the knob when turned does not move the needle sideways like it is supposed to. I have a feeling some kind of a cam is missing.


Value of Conant Ball End Tables - two different end tables and streaking cat

Value of Conant Ball End Tables?Bought these end tables from estate sale. Need refinsihning but wondering what estimated value would be for each.


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Duck Eggs Scattered Away from Active Mallard Nest?We have a mallard duck who has made her nest under a lilac bush in our back yard. She has been sitting on it for about 4 days. The weird thing is every one of these four days we have found random eggs in our yard. Are these bad eggs that's she getting rid of? We have not touched them hoping she'll move them to her nest. These four eggs are all within two or three feet of each other.


Identifying a Stuffed Lamb Toy - small yellow and white stuffed lamb toy

Identifying a Stuffed Lamb Toy?My great grandmother who is 92 years old gave me this when I was 2 years old. I am unable to find a tag on it, and it's stuffing has deflated and been flat for years. I am hoping to find out how old it could possibly be, if it's possible to find out.


Age and Value of Older Bassett Chairs - two chairs one has arms, upholstered seats

Age and Value of Older Bassett Chairs?Are these vintage chairs or just old chairs and how do I find out if they are worth anything? I've had them for about 20 years. I bought them from a yard sale for 10.00. They have an old Louisiana 1 cent inspection blue stamp under the bottom. The male chair numbers printed are 405-72-450054.


Value of Noritake China - white tea cup with silver edge and gray leaves

Value of Noritake China?Can you tell me if this china set has any value? I believe it is Noritake Japan, Kerrie, produced in 1965.


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Finding the Value of Ashton Drake Dolls?Is there a guide that lists values of Ashton Drake dolls? I have probably 30. There are too many for pics. They are all around 20 years old.


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Repairing a Pfaff Creative Sensation Sewing Machine?I have a Pfaff Creative Sensation with ActivStitch technology. When I press the pedal, it sews a few stitches and stops. The front panel turns green. Can anyone explain why this is happening?


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Scunci Steamer Switch On All of the Time?I have had my steamer for years and love it, but lately it wouldn't steam so my husband took it apart and did what was suggested. Now if just steams all the time without having the button on the handle depressed. So it runs out of steam way too quickly and doesn't seem to have the force it used to have.


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Value of a Signed 1992 US Olympic Basketball Jacket?What is value of a lightweight jacket signed by members of the 1992 US Olympic basketball team? It is in mint condition.


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