May 11, 2020

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baked Berry Hand Pies

Berry Hand PiesUse cookie cutters to make these cute berry flavor jam hand pies. The kids will love the fun shapes.


Homegrown Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto on plate

Homegrown Mushroom and Asparagus RisottoSautéed chopped mushrooms and asparagus are added to rice cooked in vegetable broth and white wine. Top with grated Parmesan cheese and enjoy.


Several different kinds of cheese.

Using CheeseThis page contains tips for using, storing, and substituting types of cheese in recipes.


Cauliflower Risotto in serving dish

Making Cauliflower RisottoFinely chopped cauliflower replaces rice in this easy to make risotto. Even if you don't like cauliflower rice this delicious dish may change your mind.


Inexpensive Felt Message Board - felt board with notes on countertop

Inexpensive Felt Message BoardFor a quick, temporary felt message board, cover a cut piece of cardboard with felt. Hot glue in place and you are ready to keep organized.


A bowl of alfredo sauce next to a scoop of parmesan.

Freezing Alfredo Sauce?Freezing is a good technique for either storing made ahead dishes or leftovers. Alfredo sauce can be frozen in either case.


A grey cat sitting on a china cabinet.

Koneko (Grey Tabby)Meet Koneko! She is a delicate grey tabby that was rescued as a kitten. Koneko loves watching birds out the window, from her catio or on television.



Walmart Online Grocery Shopping & Free Curbside Pickup  Experience - curbside pick up sign

Walmart Online Grocery Shopping & Free Curbside Pickup ExperienceMany grocery stores already have special hours for seniors, pregnant women, or those at higher risk. However, if you don't feel comfortable shopping at those times or shopping in stores in general - here's an option that I tried out and wanted to share my amazing experience.


A cat in front of a television screen showing wild birds.

Koneko Watching Birds (Grey Tabby)Koneko's rescue story has been shared before. As a kitten she was living feral in a shed near two busy roads. My son captured her, brought her home, and worked hard on taming her.


Ribbon "Hair" Braid Headband - braided ribbon

Ribbon "Hair" Braid HeadbandIf your child is interested in Frozen - this is a fun project that could be used play/pretend/dress up and doubles as a learning lesson.


Chocolate Mousse cups covered  with whipped cream

3-Ingredient Chocolate MousseThese days, more than ever, I am all about cooking and baking with what I have on hand. My husband really wanted chocolate mousse today, but I did not have enough butter, eggs, or heavy cream. I made this luscious chocolate mousse dessert with three ingredients: marshmallows, milk, and dark chocolate. I think you will find this really hits the spot!


Galvanized Roofing Raised Bed - finished raised bed assembly on patio

Galvanized Roofing Raised BedWith this pandemic, we would like to plant more vegetables and fruits in our backyard. We looked into pots and already made raised beds, but they were really expensive and not our dimensions.



Identifying Little Black Flying Bugs - small black bug

Identifying Little Black Flying Bugs?In the last week I have been finding these little black flies either in my window sills or in sticky traps near windows/skirting boards. I live in a first floor flat and have no indoor plants. I'm finding about 10 a day. Any idea what they are please?


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New Female Finch Not Sitting on Eggs Laid by Previous Female?I had 2 Zebra finches, a male and a female who bred and laid about 6 eggs. The female cared for them really well. However, unfortunately my female finch escaped the cage and the male was left to care for the eggs. In a panic I got another female zebra finch hoping to save the nest.


Value of a Vintage Tufted Chair

Value of a Vintage Tufted Chair?I would like to know the value of this walnut, half moon, tufted velvet walnut chair. I have not been able to find anything like it on the internet. It could be from the Depression era maybe 1930s.


Value of Ceramic Vases - vase with blue pattern around top and bottom and floral band around the middle

Value of Ceramic Vases?I haven't been able to find much information on either of these vases. Can anyone tell if they have any value what so ever?


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Buying a Controller for a Biddeford Electric Blanket?I have a Biddeford electric blanket with dual Sealy controls. One control does not work. Is it possible to get/buy a new controller? The lot number is: 100312-2A. Another no. is: TC12B0-.


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Zebra Finches Not Incubating Their Eggs?My zebra finch is laying eggs for the first time. It laid 4, but one got broken. So now there are 3. They are not sitting on their eggs to incubate them either during day nor at night. They don't care for their eggs at all. I am totally disappointed. What shall I do? (I have only two zebra finches.)


Identifying a Stuffed Animal - stuffy lying on a pillow

Identifying a Stuffed Animal?If anyone knows what he is or what brand he is it would be really helpful. I've had him since I can remember and I remember having a mini one just like him too. I can't remember if this came with it or if it was just something I found, but I also remember him wearing a red sheer polka dotted ribbon as was the baby one.


Puppy Recovering From Parvo Has UTI

Puppy Recovering From Parvo Has UTI?I bought my puppy from a private party, we took her in to have her altered. When they tested her for parvo, she was positive. After multiple sleepless nights on two hour shifts with my wife, through injections of saline, and other means of forced hydration, we were able to save the puppy.


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John Deere 115 Lawn Tractor Won't Start Without Jumping the Battery?I have a John Deere 115 lawn tractor. I replaced the battery and the solenoid. When I try to start it, I barely get the engine to turn one rotation. It turns and stops and there is a crying/whining sound. The only way to start it is to jump it with my car. Would a new starter fix this problem?


Value of a Conant Ball Desk - 9 drawer desk

Value of a Conant Ball Desk?I would like to find the value of a Conant Ball maple desk -52.


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Ice Clumping in Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Bin?I have Kenmore French door refrigerator. The ice maker is in refrigerator and makes ice great except the ice clumps in tray. There are no visible leaks. It seems to clump in the center of the bin. Could this be a defrost terminator (thermostat) issue? I tried adjusting template up and down. No change. I replaced the water valve in back of the unit. No change; it was still clumping ice.


What Breed Is My Dog? - tan puppy with upright ears and dark muzzle

What Breed Is My Dog?I'm confused on what type of breed my puppy is. She's 3 months old nearly 4. Does she look like a Belgian Malinois or a Belgian Shepherd Malinois or a xbreed?


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Value of an AMI Rowe Model R.74 Jukebox?We want to know what our jukebox AMI Rowe model R.74 with serial number 901470, 120 volts, 50 hertz, 570 watts would be worth in today's market (in EUR). Does anyone have an idea?


Identifying a Cat Figurine - black cat figurine with tick markings

Identifying a Cat Figurine?Can anyone help me identify this cat? It has odd markings that remind me of an owl, weird I know. There is nothing identifiable as to who made it. It's about 4" high.


Avocado Tree Leaves Turning Brown and Dying - dying leaves on an avocado tree outside

Avocado Tree Leaves Turning Brown and Dying?I can't figure out what's happening with my avocado tree. It was grown at home and is about 2 yrs old. It was fine until about 1 month ago. We live in southern California so the climate should be perfect. Poor little guy; I want to save it. Any suggestions of what it can be?


Discontinued Ronald Redding EK4222 Wallpaper - gray and tan peacock pattern

Discontinued Ronald Redding EK4222 Wallpaper?I am looking for two double rolls of this wallpaper by Ronald Redding Designs.


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