May 27, 2020

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Thin pizza made from tortillas.

Making Tortilla PizzasEnjoy pizza in 3-5 minutes. Start with a flour tortilla, pasta sauce, cheese, and your choice of other toppings.


Pork and Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup

Pork and Shrimp Wonton Noodle SoupThis hearty wonton soup begins with a homemade broth made from chunks of pork shoulder, shrimp, and seasonings. Add your favorite garnish and enjoy!


A couple shopping for home decor after moving.

Name Ideas for an Online Home Decor Business?Establishing a successful online home decor business is helped by choosing an attention getting name that says something notable about your business.


plate with Squishy Eyeballs

Making Squishy EyeballsTry this tasty Halloween treat. The eyeballs are prepared using a steamed glutinous rice flour and sugar batter. They spooned up and flattened into circles and then filled with a homemade custard. They are then rolled into balls and served. The soft eyeball can be squeezed to release the sweet custard inside. What a fun, creepy Halloween treat.


A collection of different jewelry items.

Determining the Value of JewelryDetermining the value of jewelry can be easy if you have a lot of information on the piece. However, if the bracelet, etc. is of unknown origin, composition, and unmarked it may require the help of a jewelry expert. Older pieces can be taken to antique jewelry shops as a start.


An old collectible cookbook.

Determining the Value of Collectible Cookbooks?Certain cookbooks are sought after because of their cuisine or special features. A bit of online or used bookstore research can help to determine the value of your cookbooks.


A collection of jeweled hair clips.

Paparazzi Jewelry Business Name Ideas?Paparazzi jewelry businesses are based on a multilevel marketing model. Coming up with a name for your individual costume jewelry business can help you create interest and encourage others to join your team in a successful marketing endeavor.


Basketball Toss Game - ready to play

Making a Basketball Toss GameThis fun little basketball toss game is simply made from an empty tissue box, a paper cup, and a ball of foil. Your kids will have fun helping to make and then play this game.


Laurel Leaf Headdress - child wearing the laurel leaf headdress

Making a Laurel Leaf HeaddressIn ancient Greece and Rome laurel leaf crowns or headdresses were worn to denote status or power. One to be used as part of a child's costume can easily be made from tinsel foil and paper. Learn how below.


A casserole baking dish filled with chicken and cheese.

Chicken Bake RecipesChicken is a popular meat to combine with spices, veggies, and more to create delicious one dish main meals. Try one of the recipes detailed below.


Bite Size Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bite Size Chocolate Chip CookiesBite size cookies are a great treat for home or your child's lunchbox. Add chocolate chips, fruit, or other favorite ingredients. Grab a handful and enjoy.


Crochet Buddy for Hook and Needle - crochet buddy tied to handle of craft basket

Crochet Buddy for Hook and NeedleA simple crochet circular disk with a crochet chain tail serves as a tool buddy for your hook, a darning needle, stitch markers or safety pins, and scissors. The tail can be tied to a bag or basket that contains your yarn.


A ceramic vase with marking from Portugal.

Value of Ceramic Vases?Determining the value of your ceramic vases can be an internet adventure. First you will need to try to identify the maker, age, etc. Then with that information you can research sites for their possible value.


Branches of blooming yellow flowers on a tabebuia tree

Growing a Tabebuia Tree?The tabebuia tree or shrub is native to the American tropics and subtropics from Mexico and the Caribbean as far south as Argentina. Most of the species are from Cuba and Hispaniola. They are evergreen in the tropics and deciduous in dry climates. Sometimes called a trumpet tree they are known for their trumpet shaped flowers that can be yellow, pink, and a lavender pink in color.



Cheese Filled Potato Ballson plate with sauce

Cheese Filled Potato BallsWe're super done with French fries, potato wedges, and twisters. Today I'm making something different that's still made of potatoes. My kids eat them as long as it's fried like fries or wedges. Now I'm trying this recipe to see if they would still love it. It was a success.


Creamy Sausage Spaghetti Bolognese in bowl

Creamy Sausage Spaghetti BologneseTake your Bolognese up a level by adding Italian sausage, Parmesan cheese, and cream to the pot. Just a few tweaks to your usual meat sauce recipe can make something truly extraordinary!



Junco Babies

Junco BabiesMy friends have a section of their yard that they leave unmowed in the spring and summer. This allows birds to nest there and pollinators to enjoy the flowers. They recently were able to enjoy their little "contribution to the animals" when a Junco chose it as their nesting spot. Look at this tiny, hungry babies!



Getting a Puppy Groomed

Getting a Puppy Groomed?This is my baby, Bella. Is she ready for a haircut? She will be 6 months old tomorrow!


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Recovery Time for a Puppy with Parvo?My dog has been taken to the best vet in the town. He has been being treated for parvo for 3 and a half days. What is the survival rate?


Identifying Small Brown Bugs - bug on light wood looking background

Identifying Small Brown Bugs?What is this house bug? I found them in my house by all the entrance doors.


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Finding Bathroom Repair Help for Disabled Homeowner?I'm disabled and I need help with my bathroom floor and tub. The floor is about to fall through and I would love to find someone to help me fix it. I have a special needs grandson who also stays with me and his mom. I want to have this done so he don't get hurt. Is there anyone that helps with this situation?


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Value of a Set of the The New Book of Knowledge?I have a copyright 1982, 20 volume set with index and dictionary A -Z of The New Book of Knowledge. They are in great condition. Can you tell me if anyone would be interested in buying this set? And how much is it worth?


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Remedy for Brassy Hair Color When Dyed?Every time I dye my hair, whether salon or box, it turns a brass color. I've tried home remedies and shampoo for colored hair. I do have well water, but this is horrible. My hair color is medium to dark brown. It is just a few shades different than my roots. There is just too much brass.


Value of a Mersman Game Table - fold top game table

Value of a Mersman Game Table?What is this Mersman #7380 flip top game table worth? What would it sell for? What year could it be from? I have found several Mersman tables, but not much like this one to compare it to.


Value of a Vintage Bassett Furniture Bedroom Suite

Value of a Vintage Bassett Furniture Bedroom Suite?This bedroom suite belonged to my grandparents and is definitely over 50 years old. I would guess this set dates back to the 1960s - 1970s. The set still has the original porcelain hardware. Does anyone know what this is worth? The dressers have the Bassett seal in the top drawer.


Value of Conant Ball Dining Chairs - medium wood finish dining chairs, all armless

Value of Conant Ball Dining Chairs?How much can I sell this set of 6 dining chairs made by Conant Ball Furniture Maker for? The chairs are in good condition.


Identifying a Small Black Bug - bug on a paper towel

Identifying a Small Black Bug?I found three of these small black bugs next to my house. My exterminator and I are completely stumped as to what they are. They appear to be extremely small oriental cockroaches, however they are almost smaller than the nymphs of that roach when they are born. We have also ruled out smokeybrown and PA wood roach nymphs.


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Treating a Skin Rash Between Folds of Skin?Are heat lamps good to treat intertrigo?


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