May 31, 2020

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A patch of phalaris grass growing by some decorative rocks.

Growing PhalarisPhalaris is a genus of beautiful grasses found throughout the world except for Antarctica. It grows well under a variety of conditions. They have broad leaves and a dense spike of flowers.


Sugar snap peas in bloom in the garden.

Growing Sugar Snap PeasGrowing sugar snap peas is easy. They can be planted earlier than many other garden veggies. The young, flat pods are delicious straight off of the vine. They freeze better than snow peas, thus providing you with a future supply for cooking later in the year. Heirloom varieties and be planted next season from peas dried on the vine with assurance of the same delicious flavor.


Stacked Rocks in the Garden - stack of rocks in a garden

Stacked Rocks in the GardenStacked rocks make for an interesting focal point in an area of your garden. This is also a fun way to display a rock collection. Especially those of us who can't seem to pass up an interesting or pretty rock.


A tree with a broken main trunk.

Saving a Tree with a Broken Main Trunk?Saving a tree with a broken main trunk may be possible. The rotting portion can be removed and the the cut sealed. However, this is not always successful and sometimes the tree must be cut down.


File Flower Seeds to Help Sprouting - packet of nasturtium seed and a nail file

File Flower Seeds to Help SproutingSome seeds such as nasturtium have a hard outer seed coating that can slow down germination. For these and similar seeds you can speed up sprouting by nicking the seed coat and filing lightly until you can see the lighter inner seed coat. Soak overnight and plant immediately.


Potting Shed - countertops

Homemade Potting ShedBuilding a potting shed in your garden is a project that be done by many homeowners. You can even use recycled and repurposed materials to reduce costs. There are plans and kits, or your own creative concepts can be used for its design. Once built you have a useful garden space for potting, preparing plants for transplanting, and storing garden supplies.


Sunken Gutters For Flower Border Containers - newly replanted

Sunken Gutters For Flower Border ContainersIf you are looking for an inexpensive, easy way to create a nice narrow flower border for your garden consider rain gutters. The gutters can be placed level with the soil surface for a discrete planter.


A euonymus bush with variegated leaves.

Growing EuonymusThese easy to grow small trees or low shrubs are valuable for garden design. The color-filled foliage of the burning bush is a popular variety.


A seedling pot made from phone book pages.

Seedling Pots From Phone Book PagesAlthough they are fast becoming a thing of the past phone books are still distributed in many areas. Their pages can be formed into very good seedling pots. There are several tips on making these paper pots found below.


A saskatoon serviceberry bush, with berries.

Growing Saskatoon Serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia)?The fragrant drooping white flowers in spring are followed by large bluish purple edible berries. The Saskatoon service berry is a medium to large upright shrub native to North America from Alaska across much of western Canada into the western and north-central US. They prefer full sun, but can tolerate light shade. The extensive root system results in clumps and allows it to being grown as a hedge.


A green plant with heart shaped leaves in a clay pot.

Growing Philodendron?Philodendron plants are often grown as trailing foliage houseplants. There are upright varieties as well. They lend a bit of a tropical feel to your home. These tropical plants require bright but indirect light, warmth, moist soil, and humidity. In addition to their beauty they are often grown indoors because of their ability to clean the air in your home.


Something Is Eating the Leaves on My Lilies - white lily flowers

Something Is Eating the Leaves on My LiliesAre the leaves of your lilies being ravaged by some unidentified pests? Insecticidal soap may be one method to treat this issue. Read on for more information.


Protect Ripening Fruit with Newspaper - fruit tree festooned with newspaper wrapped fruit

Protect Ripening Fruit with NewspaperYou can protect your ripening fruit from rabbits, birds, etc. by wrapping the fruit in pieces of newspaper. Wrap it and then staple the paper together. There is still sufficient light for the fruit to ripen.


A rosebud geranium in bloom.

What Kind of Geranium Is This? (Rosebud)The blooms of the Apple blossom rosebud geranium form clusters of densely packed rose shaped flowers in several colors including pink, pink and white, red and more. It is a member of the genus Pelargonium which contains 200 species of flowering plants including perennials, succulents, and shrubs, some of which are know as geraniums.


A girl using an iPad

Speeding Up an Old iPad?When you need to speed up an old iPad, it's important to take it slow. There are a number of helpful videos and free software to help you create more space.



A plate with a slice of bread, topped with tomato, basil and garlic topping.

Bruschetta Inspired Tomato, Basil & Garlic ToppingHere is a quick and easy bruschetta inspired recipe that I have been loving for an appetizer or quick snack! For an extra touch pair with brie and salami.


Ingredients for strawberry ice cream cake.

Strawberry Ice Cream CakeIce cream cakes can be pretty expensive at the shops. Aside from the cost, it's rare you can get the flavour that you really want. They are usually available in chocolate, cookies and creme, etc. For his birthday, my best friend wanted a strawberry ice cream cake with white cake layers, so I had to make one myself!



Identifying a Porcelain Doll - black doll with ecru lace dress and hat trimmed with brown ribbon

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I bought this doll in a charity shop at the start of the year, but still haven't been able to identify the doll maker. From what I've found her name is Natalie. She has marks on the back of her neck which I have made out as letters, but they could just be damage. I would greatly appreciate any help, thanks in advance.


Identifying a Tiny Insect

Identifying a Tiny Insect?I had to blow the pic up a lot to see them. They are very tiny and are in my bathroom window.


What Breed Is My Dog? - small light brown dog with feet up on the couch

What Breed Is My Dog?My dog is a male and is a mix of Chihuahua and unknown breed(s).


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Copycat Recipe for McCormick's Worcestershire Pub Burger Seasoning?It seems that McCormick has discontinued its Worcestershire Pub Burger spice mix. Is there any way I can get the recipe for it, for my own personal use?


Identifying a Porcelain Musical Doll - doll with dark green and tan Victorian style dress and matching large hat, standing next to a computer monitor

Identifying a Porcelain Musical Doll?My auntie gave this musical doll to me many years ago, but I have no idea about her or if it is worth anything. She and I wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about this doll.


15th Birthday Present Ideas for My Boyfriend

15th Birthday Present Ideas for My Boyfriend?My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and 2 months now and he's turning 15. I don't know what to get him for his birthday. He and I meet at school and he loves exercising and doing media, playing video games, and he's like the smartest person in our year group at school. I want to spoil him for his birthday the way he spoiled me, but more because he deserves it a lot.


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Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Won't Start?I accidentally ran over a hose. Now it won't start. I removed the hose by cutting it away and pulling the rest of it out. Now if I try to start it, it clicked a couple of times and then nothing.


Value of Mersman Coffee Table

Value of Mersman Coffee Table?I have a Mersman coffee table made of wood with a leather top. 54-3 is stamped on bottom.


Identifying a Translucent Brown Bug - bug on striped flooring

Identifying a Translucent Brown Bug?This is super small bug is almost clear. I can't get a good picture. They are by my front door.


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Toning Down Dyed Hair?I dyed my hair plum, but it came out bright purple. How do I tone it down?


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