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This page contains Christmas decoration projects and ideas.

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Clay Pot Angels

Making Clay Pot AngelsThis page is about making clay pot angels. Terra cotta clay flower pots are a great starting place for many crafts.


Bleach Bottle Santa

Making a Bleach Bottle SantaThis is a page about making a bleach bottle Santa. Clean plastic bleach and detergent bottles are great to use in craft projects. Make this cute Santa for the holidays.


VIntage jewelry tree made by aunt.

Making a Costume Jewelry Christmas TreePerhaps you have seen one of these at a craft show, but it was too costly. You can make your own Christmas tree wall hanging, using your old costume jewelry or pieces from yard sales and thrifty stores. This is a page about making a costume jewelry Christmas tree.


Snowman made with a 2x4.

Making a 2x4 SnowmanThis is a page about making a 2x4 snowman. Start with a piece of 2x4, some paint, and accessories and you can create a cute snowman decorations.


Yo Yo Christmas Trees

Making Yo Yo Christmas TreesThis is a page about making yo yo Christmas trees. Christmas fabric yo yos can be used to make a variety of Christmas tree craft projects.


three fabric pinecone decorations

Making Folded Fabric PineconesThis is a page about making folded fabric pinecones. A fun way to use up fabric scrapes can be making these faux pine cones to add to a wreath or other holiday decorations.


Photo of a pink sparkle ball Christmas Decoration.

Making Sparkleball DecorationsSparkle balls are lighted holiday decorations you can make quickly and economically at home. This page contains information for making sparkleball decorations.


Mr. and Mrs. SantaMade From Reader's Digest Magazines

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Made from Reader's Digest...This is a page about Mr. and Mrs. Santa made from Reader's Digest magazines. Cute decorations can be made by folding the pages of magazines.


adding rows 2

Yo Yo Christmas TreeCovering a Styrofoam or paper cone with seasonal fabric yo yos is a fun way to make a Christmas tree decoration to grace your table or to brighten up a room for the holidays. This is a page about yo yo Christmas tree.


Felt Christmas Tree With Ornaments

Making a Felt Christmas TreeThis is a page about making a felt Christmas tree. Make your little one this cute felt tree so that she or he too can help decorate for the holidays.


Vanity Lightbulb Snowman - finished ornament

Recycled Vanity Lightbulb SnowmanRecycle those globe vanity lightbulbs into a cute snowman or other character. This page shows you how. This is a page about recycled vanity lightbulb snowman.


Wooden Spoon Deer

Wooden Spoon Reindeer CraftThis is a page about making a wooden spoon reindeer. Make a really cute holiday decoration using wooden spoons.



Recycled Christmas Card Slippers

Recycled Christmas Card Slipper CraftRecycle your old Christmas cards into these cute little slipper decorations. This is a page about making a recycled Christmas card slipper craft.


large tire snowman in desert yard

Making a Tire SnowmanThis is a page about making a tire snowman. Old tires can be repurposed to make a fun snowman for an outdoor holiday decoration.


Neck tie Christmas wreath idea.

Neck Tie Christmas WreathThis is a page about making a neck tie Christmas wreath. Looking for a unique Christmas wreath making idea. What about one made from neck ties? Repurposing men's neck ties is a fun crafting experience. This is a page about making a neck tie Christmas wreath.


finished reindeer 1

Making a Wine Cork ReindeerThis is a page about making a wine cork reindeer. A recycled wine bottle cork is perfect for making this diminutive reindeer.


A penguin made from a decorated Coffeemate container.

Making a Coffeemate Container PenguinThis is a page about making a Coffeemate container penguin. Reuse small coffee creamer bottles to make these festive penguins.


Tomato cage made into a light decorated Christmas Tree

Christmas Crafts Using Tomato CagesThis is a page about Christmas crafts using tomato cages. The tomato cage is not just for the garden. You can create some fun Christmas crafts using them.


Tootsie Pop Santa

Making a Tootsie Pop SantaThis is a page about making a Tootsie Pop Santa. Tootsie Pops can be easily decorated by you and your children to make a cute tasty Santa.


Nativity Scene Craft Ideas

Nativity Scene Craft IdeasThis page is about nativity scene crafts. This popular decoration for the Christmas holiday can be created at home.


Paint Brush Santa

Making a Paint Brush SantaThis is a page about making a paint brush Santa. A paint brush can be decorated to make a cute Santa to hang on the tree or use in other ways to decorate for the holidays.


tan and brown rag wreath

Making a Rag WreathThis is a page about making a rag wreath. A rag wreath is an excellent recycled decoration for Christmas.


Driftwood Christmas Tree - finished tree

Making a Driftwood Christmas TreeIf you are lucky enough to be able to collect driftwood, consider making an unusual alternative to the traditional evergreen Christmas tree. This is a page about making a driftwood Christmas tree.


finished reindeer

Making a Tootsie Pop ReindeerThis is a page about making a Tootsie Pop reindeer. These easy to make, cute Tootsie Pop reindeer are perfect to use for stocking stuffers or party favors.


Nativity made from clay pots.

Making a Clay Pot NativityThis is a page about making a clay pot Nativity. Clay pots can be decorated and painted to make a homemade Nativity scene.


A white feather on a white background.

Angel Feather Christmas Poem CraftsThis is a page about finding an angel feather Christmas poem. This cute poem can be made into a nice Christmas decoration for your home.


fabric Christmas decorations: rocking horse, stocking and hearts

Easy Christmas Decoration Sewing...This is a page about easy Christmas decoration sewing projects. There are a wide variety of easy holiday decorations that you can make using a sewing machine or by hand sewing.



Making Pinecone Christmas Trees

Making Pinecone Christmas TreesThis is a page about making pinecone Christmas trees. Pinecones used either alone or in clusters can be decorated to make delightful mini Christmas trees.


Christmas Angel Crafts

Homemade Christmas Angel CraftsThis is a page about homemade Christmas angel crafts. Angels are a popular craft motif no matter what your crafting medium.


Crochet Angel

Making a Crochet AngelA crochet angel can be used as a special gift or decoration and can be made for the holidays or anytime. This page is about making a crochet angel.


Straw Hat Snowman

Snowman Craft IdeasThis is page features snowman craft ideas. Include some of these cute snowmen craft ideas in your holiday decorating plans.


Dryer Vent Snowman

Making a Dryer Vent SnowmanThis page is about making a dryer vent snowman. With this flexible vent tubing you can create an adorable winter decoration.


Decorated Christmas Tea Light Jars

Making Decorated Christmas Tea Light JarsThis is a page about making decorated Christmas tea light jars.Tea lights in these recycled jars are the perfect way to light up even the smallest space at Christmas.


Snowman Place Setting

Making a Snowman Place SettingSpread holiday cheer all the way to the dinner table with a decorative place setting. This is a page about snowman place setting.


Finished snowman sitting on cotton snow.

Making a Paper and Cotton SnowmanA snowman decoration adds some holiday cheer to your home, especially if it's as easy to make as this one. Here are some simple instructions on making a paper and cotton snowman for you own home.


Three medicine bottle carolers.

How to Make Medicine Bottle CarolersGet creative with empty medicine bottles and make as many of these cute carolers as you like. This is a page about how to make medicine bottle carolers.


paving stone snowman

Making a Paving Stone SnowmanThis is a page about paving stone snowman. Using paving stones from your local garden center or big box store you can make a cute snowman home or garden decoration.


Cone Christmas tree table decoration.

Making an Inexpensive Christmas Tree Table DecorationUse paper party hats rather than Styrofoam cones to make this cute seasonal table decoration. This is a page about making an inexpensive Christmas tree table decoration.


Making a Disposable Cup Christmas Chandelier

Making a Plastic Cup Christmas ChandelierThis decorative holiday chandelier starts with white plastic cups and a string of colored lights. This is a page about making a plastic cup Christmas chandelier.


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Ironing Board Santa Pattern?Awhile back I saw a cute Santa Claus painted on an ironing board. I saved it, but can't find it now. Does anyone have a pattern you could share?


hand decorating tree

Making an Artificial Christmas TreeThis is a page about making an artificial Christmas tree. Artificial trees can be quite expensive. With some creativity you can make your own tree and save a lot of money.


Yo Yo Christmas Garland

Making a Yo Yo Christmas GarlandThis page is about making a yo yo Christmas garland. Yo yo quilt pieces can be incorporated into a special garland for the holidays.



side view of ivy bowl snowman showing the nose in profile

Making a Snowman Ivy Bowl LightThis is a page about making a snowman ivy bowl light. A glass ivy bowl is the perfect start to making this lighted snowman decoration.


Santa gourds.

Homemade Christmas DecorationsThis is a page about homemade Christmas decorations. Making your own Christmas decorations is fun. Not only will you start a family tradition, but you can also create many unique decorations.


A mouse made from two Hershey's Kisses.

Making Hershey's Kiss MiceThis is a page about making Hershey's Kiss mice. In just a few minutes you can make these really cute mice using Hershey's Kisses.


Crochet Santa Decorations

Crocheted Santa DecorationsCute Christmas Santas can be fashioned for ornaments and decorations. This page is about crocheted Santa decorations.


Making a Book Pages Christmas Wreath Teaser

Making a Christmas Wreath with Book PagesThis is a page about making a Christmas wreath with book pages. A beautiful and unique wreath can be created using the pages from an old book.


old window decorated with snowmen painted on the panes

Making a "Let It Snow" Window FrameThis is a page about making a "let it snow" window frame. Old windows can be reused to make unique crafts for your home. Paint on a winter motif and you have an original holiday decoration.


Christmas Egg Carton Wreath - attach bow and display

Making a Christmas Egg Carton WreathStart saving your paper egg cartons. You can use them to make a pretty Christmas wreath. We can show you how.


Making a Duct Tape Poinsettia - finished flower

Making a Duct Tape PoinsettiaIf you like crafting with duct tape, try this pretty holiday poinsettia project. You will need duct tape, paper, and a stick. They are perfect for decorating or to use on packages. The instructions for this craft follow.


Paper Plate Framed Christmas Decoration - framed artwork hanging on fireplace

Making a Paper Plate Framed Christmas DecorationFrame a piece of your child's artwork with a cut out paper plate rim. Add paper cutouts, snowflakes, whatever you like to create a great kid inspired Christmas decoration. Make several unique ones.


Hershey Kiss-mas Trees - on the mantle

Making Hershey Kiss-mas TreesColorfully wrapped Christmas Hershey Kisses become the stands for cardstock trees. Use them to decorate for the holidays and enjoy a chocolate treat later.


Three  burlap bags on a string, to use as an Advent calendar.

Burlap Bag Advent CalendarMake your own custom Advent calendar for your Christmas countdown. Using homemade burlap bags, fill the daily bags with candy or a special message.


Stick and Yarn Snowflake Decoration - finished snowflake hanging on the wall

DIY Stick and Yarn Snowflake DecorationThis stick and yarn snowflake decoration is fun to make and can be displayed indoors or out. It uses any kind of sticks you have available; the original project was made using the handles from plastic spoons, but craft sticks or twigs would also work. Instructions follow.


Rainbow Christmas Countdown - countdown hanging on a brick fireplace

Rainbow Christmas CountdownUse rainbow colored construction paper to make a cute Christmas countdown chain. Hang it in a central spot in your home using a pipe cleaner and have the kids tear off a link everyday until Christmas.


Pine Cone Vase - vase surrounded by greenery and red ornaments and filled with faux berry srays

DIY Pine Cone VaseBuy or gather some small pine cones. Then glue them to the outside of a recycled can; spray paint and fill with flowers and foliage for a lovely pine cone vase to display in your home for the holidays.


Santa Vase And Lamp - greenery added to bottle to use as a vase, displayed with a sign saying Happy Holidays and some Christmas ornaments

Making a Santa Vase And LampSpray paint long neck wine bottles. Use black tape and glitter or gem tape to make Santa's characteristic belt buckle. Complete the look with feather boa strands. Add foliage or a solar light for either a vase or a lamp.


Christmas Flower Crown - finish adding flowers and leaves around to the end of the base, tie off with the ribbon and cut off excess

Making a Christmas Flower CrownThis Tahitian craft uses banana leaves, fresh flowers, and plant leaves to make a beautiful crown traditionally worn there for Christmas. If you don't have the fresh plants used here, substitute ribbon for the base and use faux flowers. The steps to complete this project can be found below.


Noel Q-Tip Painting  - border and letters glued down

Making a Noel Q-Tip PaintingWork with your kids to make this noel painting. The background is painted using a Q-tip in place of a brush. Then the letters are cut from scrapbook paper. These artworks can be given as gifts to grandparents and friends, or hung in your home.


Coconut Fiber Christmas Tree - finished tree with angel and blue lights

Making a Coconut Fiber Christmas TreeFiber from the inside of a coconut husk was used to create this rejuvenated faux Christmas tree. The greenery was cut back and the fiber used to replace it to make an island Christmas tree.


Moss Trim Picture Frame Wreath

DIY Moss Trim Picture Frame WreathCover a picture frame with sheet moss from your local craft store, then add ornaments, and a large bow to make a moss trimmed picture frame wreath. We can show you how.


Pasta Jar Snowman Luminaries - three snowmen

Making Pasta Jar Snowman LuminariesDecorate recycled pasta jars with pom poms, felt, buttons, and craft snow to resemble snowmen. Add an LED tea light to use them as luminaries. Great decorations for Christmas and throughout the snowy season.


Faux Christmas Stained Glass Candleholder - painted glass jar candle holder - bow tied around the top of the jar

Making a Faux Christmas Stained Glass CandleholderThis recycled jar project results in a beautiful faux Christmas stained glass candleholder. Draw you pattern on the jar with a permanent marker and paint using paint mixed with Elmer's glue. Add your candle and you are done.


Drinking Glass Candle Holders - snowpeople with lit candles

Painted Drinking Glass Candle HoldersStemmed glasses from a thrift store, such as Habitat for Humanity, can be inverted and painted to look like snowmen. Place a tea light on the base and enjoy your drinking glass candle holders.


Recycled Bottle Gold Leaf Candlestick Holders - two red bottles with gold leaf elements

Recycled Bottle Gold Leaf Candlestick HoldersGold painted burlap leaves are arrayed around these painted beer bottles. Add a coat of glitter gel before and after attaching the leaves and a final coat of varnish. They are ready for your candles to add light to your holiday decor.


Christmas Silhouette
Candle Holders - different colored jars with lights inside

Making Christmas Silhouette Candle HoldersFreehand or use printed out silhouette images to create these pretty Christmas candle holders. Once a candle is lit the image will show. The list of supplies and step by step instructions follow. Make several in different colors.


Wreath Chandelier - pretty Christmas chandelier

Making a Christmas Wreath ChandelierMake a wreath from faux greenery; then add ribbons, poinsettias, lights, and ornaments. Suspend from the ceiling as a wreath chandelier for the holidays.


Coconut Fiber Christmas Angels - finished angel

Making Coconut Fiber Christmas AngelsUsing the fiber that comes from coconut trees you can create these Christmas angels. Follow the steps found below to make a choir of angles for the holidays.


Paper Plate Ornament - ready to hang

Making a Paper Plate OrnamentThis simple craft uses a round paper plate as a Christmas ornament, with a hanger at the top. They can be decorated with crayons, pens, paint, stickers; just let your children's imagination be your guide


Crochet Chain Wrapped Foam Tree Trio - all three trees with mini packages

Crochet Chain Wrapped Foam Tree TrioMake crochet chains using decorative yarn and then wrap around foam tree forms. Add bells or other embellishments to make this foam tree trio.


Christmas Tree Candle Holder - two glass trees decorated with strips of gems and topped with tea lights

DIY Christmas Tree Candle HolderThis craft uses tall narrow stemware as the base of a candle holder. These are painted and decorated with gems but any color or decorations could be used.


Recycled Bottle Holly Leaf Candlestick Holder - two blue bottles with holly leaves painted on to use as candleholders

Recycled Bottle Holly Leaf Candlestick HolderRecycled bottle crafts are not only popular, but also good for the planet. Use some tall neck beer or soda bottles and your sketching and painting skills to make these festive holly leaf candlestick holders.


Ripped Fabric Wrapped Faux  Candy Canes - closeup of canes in the window showing some of the fabric color

Ripped Fabric Wrapped Faux Candy CanesRip up seasonal fabric and wrap it around outdoor faux candy cane decorations. This treatment can rejuvenate older discolored canes or make store bought canes more unique. Display them inside if the weather is too wintry or wet outdoors.


Christmas Tree Place Card Holders - two Christmas tree placecard holders

Making Christmas Tree Place Card HoldersGather some pinecones or pull out some that you purchased at the craft store and get ready to make these cute Christmas tree place card holders for your holiday parties. Personalize their appearance or replicate the ones featured in this project.


Oversized Bow Pinecone Ornament for Door  - ready to hang on door knobs or anywhere

Oversized Bow Pinecone OrnamentThis simple door ornament is perfect for last minute seasonal decorating. Learn how to make an oversized bow pinecone ornament for your door.


Baby Succulent Christmas Tree

Making a Baby Succulent Christmas TreeThe instructions for making this baby succulent Christmas tree include how to make the tree form used. This project is perfect for creating a living bit of holiday decor for your home or to give as a gift.


Recycled Plastic Bottle Christmas Balls - finished balls hanging on a lighted piece of garland

Making Recycled Plastic Bottle Christmas BallsUse washi tape and recycled plastic bottles to make these colorful Christmas balls. Everything you need to know to make this project can be found on this page.


Mini Gift Wreath - wreath hanging

Making a Mini Gift WreathMake a pretty Christmas wreath for your door out of mini boxes, wrapping paper and holiday decorations. This idea could be customized for other holidays too.


Recycled Christmas Card Coasters - decoupaged card front coasters

Making Recycled Christmas Card CoastersRecycle Christmas cards into useful coasters. The supplies and instructions for making these pretty coasters can be found on this page. They would make nice gifts.


Christmas Tree Banner - garland before banner added

Making a Christmas Tree BannerThis "Merry Christmas" banner is made from multiple colorful paper Christmas trees. It can be personalized or modified for different holidays.


Using Winter Scarf As Wreath Cover

Making Winter Scarf Covered WreathsThis project is simple and no sew. All you need is a wreath form and a winter scarf. Wrap the scarf around the form and you are done. Optional embellishments can be ribbons, pinecones, greenery, etc.


Designing  Two For One  - snowman and snowwoman candles with greenery, berries, and lights in the foreground

Designing Two for One CandlesBy painting two different designs on the opposite sides of round pillar candles, one candle can be used for two separate occasions. These are fun to make and less costly than buying multiple candles for different holidays or events.


Christmas Ornaments Wreath - closeup against white background

Making a Christmas Ornaments WreathString some pretty shatterproof ornaments onto copper wire. Add a twisted ribbon laced around the ornaments and finish with a bow. This easy to make wreath is perfect to hang indoors or out. Made with sale items from the previous Christmas season it is also very economical and of course reusable.


Spiral Miniature Christmas Tree Decoration - finished tree closeup

Making a Spiral Pipe Cleaner Mini Christmas TreeThis cute mini Christmas tree is made using a pipe cleaner, pom poms, a cork, and a bit of craft sheet foam. Set them around the house as tiny spots of holiday cheer. The kids can use them to decorate a doll's house or Lego house. There are surely more ideas for putting them to use in your holiday decorating and gift giving activities.


Closeup of unique Christmas arrangement

Making a Recycled Christmas BouquetRather than discarding excess, old, or broken Christmas decorations use them to create lovely Christmas bouquets. The possibilities are as vast as your supplies and imagination. Some examples are pictured on this page.


Recycled Snowman Candy Containers - finished containers

Recycled Snowman Candy ContainersPaint and decorate a variety of recycled plastic containers to make snowmen candy containers. The kids and grown kids will love them and the treats inside.


Let It Snow Paper Plate Craft - finished tree plate

Making a Let It Snow Paper Plate CraftLet the kids get into the swing of preparing for Christmas by making this fun "Let It Snow" paper plate craft. The supplies list, photos, and steps needed to create your own version of the craft can be found on this page.


Christmas Tree Decor Sign - tree sign standing next to a Merry Christmas sign

Making a Christmas Tree Decor SignThe lacy white tree on this piece of Christmas decor is made from a paper doily. Learn who to recreate this craft using the instructions and photos contained on this page.


Kids' Cutout Paper Wreath - ready to hang

Making a Kids' Cutout Paper WreathCut the center from a paper plate, paint it green, and then add fun toy and holiday magazine images, plus stickers, beads, or anything else you might have in your craft stash. The result is a unique kid friendly holiday project to use as decoration.


Happy Bow Wreath - finished wreath hanging on the door

Making a Happy Holidays Bow WreathMake a simple, quick, inexpensive bow wreath using a Styrofoam wreath form and lots of gift bows. The instructions can be found on this page.


Ice cream cones decorated like Christmas trees.

Making Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees?You can make pretty, edible ice cream cone Christmas trees by coating the cone with icing, candy melts, or white chocolate. Then decorate with popcorn, sprinkles, whatever you like.


Poinsettia Wreath

Making a Poinsettia WreathUse a grapevine wreath, some faux poinsettias and leaves, plus pinecones to create a lovely seasonal wreath for the holidays. This page has photos and instructions for this and other wreath craft projects.


Christmas Lighted Bowl  - lighted

Making a Lighted Christmas BowlCover the outside of a clear glass bowl with craft gems and faux snow to create this pretty decorative holiday bowl. Add a battery operated tea light and it's done.


colored cellophane wrapped water bottle Christmas lights

Making Hard Candy Decorative LightsTo make these cute hard candy decorative lights you will need small plastic water bottles, colored cellophane, and a string of mini lights, LEDs would be perfect.


Santa in the window at Christmastime.

Making a Santa Window Decoration?There are a number of fun ways to make a Santa window decoration. This page contains a few ideas.


Easy Christmas Felt Garland or Bracelet - pile of garland before wrapping on stair railing

Easy Christmas Felt Garland or BraceletUsing festive colored lengths of felt and the process described on this page you can make an easy Christmas garland or bracelet. The photos and instructions follow.


Mini Christmas wreaths.

Making Mini Christmas WreathsMini Christmas wreaths can be made using a variety of craft supplies including pipe cleaners, cardboard, or even recycled yogurt container lids. Add your choice of decorations, both from nature or the craft store and enjoy the creative experience.


Chopstick and Bead Christmas Tree - finished tree

DIY Chopstick and Bead Christmas TreeMake a simple chopstick and bead table top Christmas tree using the instructions found on this page. This is a simple and quick to make decoration. Make several.


A snow covered Christmas scene.

Making a Miniature Christmas DisplayWhen decorating for the holidays, have you considered making a miniature Christmas display? This page offers one example for making a unique bit of Christmas decor.


Recycled Raggedy Angel

Recycled Raggedy AngelThis sweet Christmas decoration is made from old clothing and easy to come by craft supplies you might already have. This page shows you how to make a recycled raggedy angel.


Moose Wreath - grapevine wreath with stuffed moose and chipmunk toys

Simple Moose Wreath CraftThis cute moose wreath can be for a door at Christmas or a wall decoration for a rustic look anytime. This page contains instructions for making a simple moose wreath craft.


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Making a Christmas Ornament Display Stand?I could swear I've seen a handmade ornament display. My little 40 inch tree is full of rust. I have had it since I was 13 yrs old; I'm 55 now. I hate to let it go, but it keeps going crooked. Anyway I'm thinking I could make a display stand and put those specific ornaments on it.


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Crochet Chain Wrapped Foam Tree Trio - all three trees with mini packages

Crochet Chain Wrapped Foam Tree TrioI love these tree shapes you can get at Dollar Tree stores. They are easy to decorate in all sorts of ways. Today I finished this trio.


Ripped Fabric Wrapped Faux Candy Canes - four fabric wrapped candy cane decorations

Ripped Fabric Wrapped Faux Candy CanesI have had these for a few years, meaning to do this for almost that long. Well this last week, I got the chance. They had lights inside, so when I took off the end cap, I tossed them. While I might not be able to display them outside (cruddy weather), you can see how cute they are, the world's biggest faux candy canes.


Oversized Bow Pinecone Ornament for Door  - ready to hang on door knobs or anywhere

Oversized Bow Pinecone Ornament for DoorWith just a few simple supplies, you can make this cute oversized bow pinecone ornament! It's a great & inexpensive way of decorating the door handles in your home or any handles around your home!


Pasta Jar Snowman Luminaries - three snowmen

Pasta Jar Snowman LuminariesSnowman crafts are perfect for Christmas because you can leave them out through January! And in my area, the heavy snows don't usually happen until at least the first of the year anyway. I have a lot of old glass jars sitting around, as well as small LED votive candles. After searching for jar crafts, I came across these snowman luminaries.


Funnel and Broken Jewelry Christmas Tree - finished tree

Funnel and Broken Jewelry Christmas TreeThe other day, I had two funnels in my pantry. When I moved the biggest one, it knocked the next smaller one off the shelf. When I picked it up, I realized it sat on the larger one like it was stacked, like a Christmas tree. More on that later in the post. This was a labor of love and I hope you like it.


Hershey Kiss-mas Trees - on the mantle

Hershey Kiss-mas TreesBy using Hershey Kisses as the stand you can make this cute holiday decoration. Make a bunch and you can have a Christmas forest on your mantel or holiday table.


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Flat Snowman Craft

Making a Paper Circle SnowmanThis is a cute winter kids craft. In this video you will see the simple steps to making one of your own.


A planter made out of candy canes and a tin can.

Candy Cane PlanterHere is a cute planter made from candy canes and a recycled tin can. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Felt Christmas Tree With Ornaments

Felt Christmas Tree With OrnamentsA felt Christmas tree is a cute decoration and perfect for the little ones in your life. Learn how to make your own in this step by step video.


Paper Plate Snow Globe

Making a Paper Plate Snow GlobeThis video shows you how to make a snow globe out of paper plates.


A wreath made from cardboard sections of a paper towel tube.

Cardboard Tube WreathCreate this beautiful Christmas wreath from paper towel or toilet paper tubes. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Glove Snowmen

Making a Glove SnowmenThis video shows you the steps to making a snowman decoration out of a glove.


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Rainbow Christmas Countdown - countdown hanging on a brick fireplace

Rainbow Christmas CountdownThis is a craft I made earlier this month, but I haven't had a chance to post because I have been sick for the past week.


Mini Gift Wreath - wreath hanging

Mini Gift WreathI love anything tiny. Smaller versions of things amaze me. So today, I made a wreath using mini packages.


Christmas Flower Crown - young girl wearing the flower crown

Christmas Flower CrownHere in Tahiti it is a tradition to make a beautiful crown to wear on your head for Christmas. Each year at this time the flowers are blooming everywhere and it is so beautiful. We go in our garden and pick a basket full of flowers and a few leaves to make a crown to wear on Christmas.


Noel Q-Tip Painting  - border and letters glued down

Noel Q-Tip PaintingThis is a fun indoor craft my son and I made together. We will place this on our fridge. It could be made as a gift from a toddler/kid to anyone in the family, friends, as a nice art piece, or you can make for your fridge or to hang in your home to display.


Veggie and Cheese Christmas Trees - three edible trees

Veggie and Cheese Christmas TreesThese tiny little Christmas trees make for cute little edible crafts. You can get creative with the types of veggies you use to make these, you don't have to stick with cucumbers and carrots. The little star topper is made from string cheese. Using slices of round cheese sticks helps to make equal sized stars!


Wreath Chandelier - pretty Christmas chandelier

Wreath ChandelierIf I'm not mistaken, my disposable plastic glasses chandelier has been hanging for three years and still the lights are in very good condition. This season I will be saying goodbye to the plastic material and create another eye satisfying decor, minus the disposable glasses, plus the old series lights.


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Making a Christmas Tree Skirt from Old Clothing?My father-in-law passed away and he had a bunch of overalls and red bandanas. Do you have any ideas for using overalls and the bandanas to make a Christmas tree skirt?


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Fabric Door Bell Decoration?I was wondering what is the size of the pattern pieces to cut to make this decoration?


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Making a Toothpick Christmas Tree?Can I just do the spray snow and not the paint on the tree?


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Making a Christmas Angel?I know I asked this before about the little angel with the muffler. I am going to try and make her as close as I can. I just wish I could see her legs and the body. Can anyone help with some ideas?


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Making a Jewelry Christmas Tree?What type of glue do you use to attach the jewelry to the fabric? I want something that I know will stick, but I don't want it to be noticeable. Thanks for your time and consideration.


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Making Gift Tags and Ornaments from Christmas Cards?How do you make gift tags and ornaments from the front of Christmas cards?


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