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Christmas Card Photo Ideas

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There are many ways to create your own personalized cards for the holidays. This guide contains Christmas card photo ideas.


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November 21, 20080 found this helpful

We have had so many great photo ideas submitted that we have broken this into two articles.

Here is a link to the first section if you still need more ideas. Post your own Christmas card photo here.

Happy Holidays!


This year, my daughter (19 months) is very entertained with baking, so we put a bowl of flour on the floor of the kitchen, and put her in a Santa hat and a Christmas apron I had made. The I gave her a wooden spoon and a whisk to play with in the flour. The front of my cards say "We Whisk You A Merry Christmas". The other cards I did, I made my daughter a nighty out of white polar fleece and glued faux fur around the cuffs and bottom. Then I took a pair of wings that i got after Halloween for $1 and put her in front of the Christmas tree with one of those battery operated candles. On that card, I put "I believe" on the front, and on the inside I wrote out the Chorus to the song "Angels Among Us" by Alabama. Both turned out fantastic!

By Diane

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

On Santa's Lap

Here's our Christmas card from 2 years ago. We had my son who was 6 dressed as Santa with my 6 month old twin daughters sitting on his lap. We also added our dog Sammy to the mix.

By Amy

On Santa's Lap

Three Santas In The Tub

I got the bathtub idea from this site last year and came back for another idea for 2007. I got so many compliments on our card. Thanks for the great idea!! My kids had a blast during the photo shoot!

By Kelley

Three Santas In The Tub

The Buckman Bunch

Thanks for the Brady Bunch idea. Here is what our card looks like this year.

By Tabitha

Brady Bunch Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Reindeer Games

What a great website, thanks for sharing all these creative ideas. I enjoyed everyone's card. Here's another variation of the Reindeer theme. My kids enjoyed hiking through the woods looking for antlers!

By Coni, Evanston, IL

Reindeer Games

Naughty, Not Nice!

This is the one we used last year.

By Debra from Alabama

Re: Naughty, not nice!

Classic Candy Cane

A simple Santa suit and a candy cane was all we used to create a classic card. Our daughter was 6 months old when this picture was taken.

By Julie

Classic Candy Cane

Sharing The Christmas Love

We had lots of compliments from this Christmas card. Now I'm trying to find something for this year! This one is hard to beat! :)

By Yolanda

Sharing The Christmas Love

Sports Christmas

A real challenge to get teenage boys interested. We mixed every sport we could into a photo. The big challenge was getting 2 soccer balls balanced at the same time without falling into the tree.

Around the picture we used the word (quote)Soccer balls, basketballs, baseball, track, and more... Oh, what fun we've had this year! We're anything but bored! (sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)(/quote)

When they were smaller, I would dress them in red or green and lay them on the floor in the shape of letters such as J, O, and Y. Photo each letter separately from above and then use a digital editor to cut out the letters and place them on a card.

By Deb from WI

Sports Christmas

Several Years Of Ideas

Last year we have one of those big inflatable snow globes in our yard. We slit the back open the entire family climbed inside, taped the slit closed reinflated it and had a friend take our picture. - Adorable

Another year we all fell into the pool sideways and had the caption "May you plunge into the Holidays with love and laughter"

Went to a cotton field and had an Arizona Snowball fight with cotton since we do not get snow.

My 9 year old sat on the floor, my 13 year old knelt behind him, I sat on a chair behind him and my husband stood behind me so we were in a tall stack. We each had on a different style of Santa Hat.

By Peggy - Arizona

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Let It Snow

I dressed my Yorkie as a snowman. I cut out white poster board into circles, added a green felt scarf, also added a black hat and buttons. Then put it in front of him, made him stand there and took the picture. I added snowflakes and 'Let it snow' in Photoshop. The background was a gray and white bed sheet.

By Cherie

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Long Santa Hat

We found this neat extra long Santa hat for our son to wear. The stripes made it neat and candy cane-y.

By Karyl from Oahu


RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Have A Hot And Steamy Holiday

We had put in an outdoor hot tub this year. I put the kids in there with their reindeer ears and holding polyfill and strays of holy behind them. This was our best photo yet!!! Our caption was "Have a Hot & Steamy Holiday"

By Dee

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Nice Dog/Naughty Dog

I did this Christmas card last year and everyone who knows us and our dogs got a kick out of it.

By Trisha

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Royal Flush

We used this picture last year with the caption - Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a "Royal Flush" New Year!

By lmrauch

Royal Flush

Baby's First Christmas

I took this one myself in front of our fireplace with poinsettias all around. I layed her in her favorite vibrating chair covered in a Christmas quilt to keep her asleep through the process.

By Amanda

Baby's first Christmas

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Florida Christmas

We live in Florida and this was our Christmas card in 1998. Everyone still talks about it!

By Lisa Jane


Peace On Earth . . . Priceless

Having a 15 and a 10 yr old, our house can get pretty crazy! I thought that this was the greatest gift a tired parent could ever hope for! My kids were totally up for this.

By The Byerlys

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Silent Night

I found this site and had to do the "Silent Night...Priceless" idea with my boys. We got a great shot of our 4 boys and our dog! We got REALLY great feedback!

By Tina Keppler

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Tu-Tu Good

This year we dressed our girls in red tutus and Santa hats. Then used the wording "Wishing you a holiday that is "tu-tu" good". Turned out really cute.

By ali

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Vintage Christmas?

This was my card last year. Notice the pictures of the family above the fireplace, our dogs on the back wall, and the ultrasound picture on the very back wall.

By Turner

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Hunting For Santa

This was our lots of good feedback.

By Rhonda

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

"O Come Let Us Adore Him"

Inside card:

"May the light of the Savior be reflected on you this Christmas"

By Y

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

The Lord Is KING

I found this cute Elvis costume at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, that I thought would be so cute for my son to wear for Halloween, but I had to justify to my husband why I was spending that amount of money for a Halloween costume, so I decided to do his Christmas Cards in it as well and, needless to say my husband thought it was adorable. We have had so many compliments on his card!

By Cheryl

Chocolate Covered Cherry's

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

After sorting through a bunch of disappointing pictures for our annual Christmas card, I was about to give up until I found this website and started reading some of the ideas! I found a picture that was somewhat decent, of us sitting at a restaurant with plates of dessert in front of us. Our last name is Cherry, so we took this picture and in photo shop, we "painted" chocolate all over ourselves. (I actually asked my husband if he would be willing to get dressed up, put chocolate on us and take a picture, to which he said NO WAY, so I HAD to do it photo shop!) ;) At the bottom we wrote, "Merry Christmas from a Couple of Chocolate Covered "Cherry"s!" Everyone LOVED it! Inside the card we wrote "May the gift of joy, the gift of happiness, the gift of love, and of course, the gift of chocolate... may these be yours at Christmas". Then we signed it "Hugs and 'kisses'"...

We got so many great responses - we think we'll do a fun card like that every year! Thanks to everyone for their ideas - never would have thought of this idea without reading some of yours!

By Michelle

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Joy To The World

Good for couples that travel a lot.

I did a joy to the world theme and put pictures of all the places my husband and I traveled that year. I created a blank 4x6 inch canvas in Photoshop and cropped all the other pictures to a 1x1 size and inserted them in leaving room for what was originally going to be 4 squares but then switched into 2 that said "Joy to"& "the World". Mine required 18 photos

By Beth


Happy Harleydays

I used one of the ideas on this site and everyone loved it! Grandma had bought a Harley jacket for my son and I read on this site that they used a Harley theme and wrote: Happy Harleydays! That's what I did! I took him to a Harley bike shop and took these photos. I'll be back during this holiday season to get some more ideas! Keep posting!

By Ant

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Sand Snowman

We had fun making a sand snowman... I took a nerf soccer ball, sprayed it with adhesive, and rolled it in the sand to make a nice round head.

By Amber

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

50's Christmas

This is a card that we sent out a few years ago. The photo of our family was taken in 2006 but the living room is authentic 1950s. We just put the two together.

By Theresa

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Modern "Freedom From Want"

This card was a twist on Norman Rockwell's Illustration "Freedom from Want"

By Theresa

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" was a big hit! Lot of friends still have this on their fridge. Kids are big believers and thought this it was pretty funny that daddy was dressed like the real McCoy!

By Elke

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Beatles Christmas

I have four children and 4 years ago we began a series of Christmas photo cards doing our take on Beatles album covers. We began with the Abbey Road album and took a picture of our four kids in order by age crossing the street in the crosswalk. This past Christmas we decided would be the finale in our series and we had a graphic artist friend do an illustration of our kids like the Yellow Submarine cover. We thought it was quite fun and we received many compliments, especially from Beatles fans.

By Stephanie

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Christmas Photo Montage

I came across this page on a fluke but I think the ideas here are wonderful. After seeing everyone's great ideas I feel like it wouldn't be fair not to share my own.

Last Christmas I couldn't decide which family picture to use so I combined a few of my favorites into a montage using some graphics software. It was a smash hit! I've never heard so many compliments on a Christmas card (even from the ladies at Walgreens who printed them).

I think you can get these automatically done now from places like Snapfish or Kodak EasyShare but If you're inclined to try this yourself my only tip is to be careful which aspect ratio you're using--4x6 or 5x7 and do the layout accordingly. (My red border didn't come out symmetric on the prints.) It might take a few tests at your local photo place before you do the "big print."

This definitely raised the bar for me and now I'm on the prowl for 2008 ideas.

By Dan

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Treat Santa Nice

The caption read, "Treat Santa nice this year"

By Jensen

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Simple Group Shot

I loved this website! I got some cool ideas for this year. Last year our card was very simple but it included our very loved dog, this year we're planning something more original and of course, our new addition to the family, our other dog! Thanx to everyone who shared their ideas!

By Mayra


Pumpkin Snowman

Every year I try to come up with something different... this was the picture for Christmas '07.

By Stephanie

Looking for 2008 ideas, sharing 2007

Manger Scene

The website is great, love all the ideas.

This picture was taken in my neighbors yard. My sister-in-law said it took a couple of days before she realized it was my kids in the pic. She had to see it hanging in her mom's house before she noticed it. My mom had made the costumes for the kids to attend an Advent celebration at church where the kids were encouraged to dress up.

By Jolice.

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Going Bananas

My husband and I were monkeys for our Christmas card. The photo was black and white and I went into photo shop to color the hats red, the wreath green, wreath bow red, and the banana yellow. The inside of the card read "Hanging around Atlanta this holiday season. Going bananas for a Christmas filled with...and so on."

By Tiffany

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Let There Be Light

Used this one of our son in 2007.

Caption read

"Let There be Light"



Jingle Bell Rock

This was are Christmas card for last year. It said "Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Jingle bell rock!" on the cover surrounding the picture. On the inside there was another picture of the kids just posing in black and white with the converse kept in red [by photoshop.] On the right of the photo on the inside, "Silent night? forget it. silent days? forget those too." And underneath the photo it said, "life is good." in red. On the bottom half of the card it said, "wishin' you a jammin' 2008 filled with peace and joy. Peace out!

By Monica H

My 2008 Christmas Photo

Wild Ride

Here is my family's 2008 Christmas card photo. The inside will read:

Wishing you a wild ride into 2009!

By Courtney

Three Years of Ideas

This was our 1st Christmas card with our twin daughters. It said "Hope your stockings are stuffed with love this holiday season!"

This was our 2nd Christmas card (the milk and cookies one).

This was our 3rd Christmas with 3 kids. So we did the J-O-Y pictures to make it easier on ourselves.


Inside, it said:

Santa hat...$2
Wooden letters and paint...$5
Choosing a card that didn't require a picture of all 3 kids together...priceless

And in the background is a chaotic picture of all 3, which is what we assumed would happen ;)

By Amber

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Top This!

We did this one last year. What would we do without Photoshop. The composition was created from photos taken in 3 separate stages: bottom, middle, top. My youngest son wasn't that cooperative sitting on his brother's shoulders so I had to take a separate shot of him. The tree topper was illustrated and the tree top was photoshop'd in. I don't know if we can "top" ourselves this year... the inscription read "This circus act performs year 'round. We just up the routine in December. Hope your holidays are head and shoulders above the rest!"

By Seth

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Tiny Tim

Had my 22 month old son dress as Tiny Tim and then made the photo look old/sepia. Then photo shopped a stick/cane under his arm. Title read, "And God Bless Us, Everyone!" Got huge amount of compliments on this one!

By Jeni S.

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Oh Whatever!

Tried to get the perfect shot of everyone, but the crazy one was my favorite so here is what I did "Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Whatever!"

By mom of 4

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Letter To Santa

I did this two years ago with my son and I got tons of compliments.

By Shannon

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Bah Humbug

A few years ago, my husband and I used this photo for our Christmas card. It read 'Merry Christmas and Bah-humbug'.

By Jinny S.

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

O Holy Night

Fourjugglers, What a great card! We also try to create the "different" card every year. Here is one of my favorites that we used a few years ago.

By Tammy

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Merry Grinchmas

Merry Grinchmas! For when your husband really hates the yearly family Christmas photo project. Got the "who" wigs on ebay.

By Metalgal30

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Tie Dyed Christmas

We made red & Green Tie Dyed Shirts for a one of a kind Florida Christmas!

By Shirley

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Christmas Cookies

Here's our Christmas Card photo for 2007...we had a lot of fun preparing for the photo too!

By Shawn

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Elves With M&M's

Everyone loved the kids with the M&M's. We had tried to get a good pic for about 30 minutes and we finally decided to give them the entire bin of M&Ms. They were thrilled.

By Leslie

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Ho Ho Ho

I gave up chasing the kids around for the perfect photo. Paint always gets their attention! In south Florida there was no reason for all the clothes.

By Carey D

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

White Trash Christmas

This was our last year's photo - Card said, "I'm Dreaming Of A..." Inside said "White Trash Christmas"

By Shari

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Christmas In The Garden

We used this photo for our 2007 Christmas Card. We live in Melbourne Australia and took the children to the Royal Botanic Gardens with a few RED Christmas decorations and red tinsil. It worked out lovely, we received so many compliments. The other idea I had was for the children to decorate a tree in the Botancial gardens which turned out lovely as well, but the family vote was for this picture. The red Christmas decorations against the green of the trees is amazing.

By Mary

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Christmas Elves

We dressed up as elves and just used sticky felt on our ears. we took a bunch of pictures of us standing, sitting, kissing, and just picked the one we liked the best. was lot's of fun!


Cute Family Ideas

A Christmas Story is our favourite holiday movie, so of course I just had to do this one...

Here is last year's card. It was perfect for a not so interested teen! We had the image printed onto card stock, with the caption: "Listening" to the Night Before Christmas. Notice the ipod in my son's ears and one of them looking at a sports magazine; both pretending to listen to their little sister's story!

Here is another: simple yet festive - the kids in their winter finery posing on our decorated front porch. Sometimes simple is good!


Check out my decorating blog for more holiday ideas:

By Restyled Home

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Nestled All Snug In Their Bed

Our card read "The (enter last name)'s were nestled all snug in their bed!"

By Cindie

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Colorized In Photoshop

This is our card from last year. We actually did it in our living room and had a friend take the pic. The white background is just a sheet hanging over the bar. I did the black and white in Photo Shop. Our dog was so not feeling the jingle bell collar!

By Kim A

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas


I blew my kids heads up. They looked so funny compared to their bodies.

By ThriftyFun

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

See, Hear, Speak No Evil

This was my last years card. Only had one santa hat, had to take all three photos separate and put back together in Photoshop. The inside said "May you see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil this holiday season". My family expect funny cards every year now!

By Tina

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Colored Pencil Drawing

This year, I wanted to do something different than just a picture, so I found a website called and they did this colored pencil drawing for me. I'm going to use this as my Christmas card. The drawing is an 8x10 but I can easily reduce it to a 5x7 to print on my cards.

By Debra from Alabama

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Dog's Note To Santa

We used this picture for our Christmas Card in 2007. We uploaded this on and used one of their photocard templates. It turned out so great and we got such good feedback! Perfect for those of us who don't have kiddos yet!

By Courtney

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Old Fashioned Feel

I collect old books and thought this was a good idea for an old fashioned photo. The kids are wearing feety pajamas.

By Eileen

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Christmas Characters

I got this idea from your site last year, we got so many complements on the card! I used Photoshop and tried to get as many characters in the picture as possible. The pic features myself and my boyfriend and I'm holding our hedgehog!

By Heather Lindell

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Forced Family Fun

It is always so difficult to get them all happy at once, so we put a nice picture, then this one that read, "Forced Family Fun" from the Holt's!

By The Holt Family

Meowy Christmas

We are a young couple and have no children (except our furbaby). This picture was from our second Christmas together.

Last year our Christmas card featured our cat, Kitty. I found the cutest card from Walgreens that said "Meowy Christmas" and it had little fish and bones, etc on it. She is "reading" 'The Night Before Christmas." We got rave reviews!

By Amy


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October 2, 2009

My son was a knight for Halloween, so it was great to get double duty from his costume!

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November 18, 2014

I propped my 3 month old on his belly and elbows and put an adult sized Santa hat on him. I also got photos of him sleeping in his elf outfit that said, "Santa's little helper" and cropped the photos into a website that provided the template and ordered enough for everyone on my Christmas card list!

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December 8, 2011

Get a box large enough to fit your baby in it. Wrap the box and put a ribbon on it. Place the baby in the box and put a bow on top of his or her head. You take the picture outside in the snow, or under your tree.

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September 30, 20080 found this helpful

We love the movie "A Christmas Story". So last year we decided to pay tribute to the scene the boys love best, which is where one kid dares the other kid to stick his tongue to a frozen flag pole. I used my photo software to change the picture to black and white and frosted the edges. The caption on the card read "WE TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU TO HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS". Everyone loved it!

"A Christmas Story" Photo Card

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This is a guide about Christmas card caption ideas. Adding the right caption to your family Christmas card can really help make it memorable for the recipient.

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August 17, 20160 found this helpful

This is a guide about Christmas card photo ideas with pets. Many pet owners like to include their pets in the family photo for their homemade Christmas cards.

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August 2, 20160 found this helpful

This is a guide about Christmas card photo ideas with kids. Homemade Christmas cards with photos of the kids are fun to make and a great way to share photos with family and friends.

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Christmas Card Photo Ideas submitted by our readers. Post your own Christmas or Holiday photo here.

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November 15, 2007

I saw a great idea for a Christmas card on here and wondered if someone could tell me how to do it. They took individual pictures of their kids and made them into one picture. I've tried to figure it out but haven't had any success. Thanks!


By the photo editor (Guest Post)
November 17, 20070 found this helpful
Best Answer

You get them on the computer. Use the cut and paste star or box in paint brush. No need for professional editing or pricey software.

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November 17, 20070 found this helpful
Best Answer

Another idea--if you are going to have them printed by Snapfish, Winkflash, or one of those kinds of places, they will have software on their site that will allow you to put your own pictures into a template to make a collage.

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November 27, 2007

Christmas card photo ideas, anyone have an idea for a Christmas picture to go with cards that I purchased? The card says "Joy to the World" and "Peace". I have 2 children, a girl and a boy, 10 and 13. Thanks!



By jojo (Guest Post)
November 27, 20070 found this helpful

For 'Peace' how about a snap of both children pretending to sleep (in Santa hats) while you stand over them with your hands joined and eyes upwards with a thankful look on your face?!

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November 13, 20121 found this helpful

I'm doing a Christmas photo card with my 3 boys in Santa hats. One picture is from 2006 and the other is a re-created picture from this year. What caption could I put? I want funny =)

By Shan

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