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My home is in North Carolina, but I have also lived in Georgia, California, Colorado, Texas, and South Carolina; I am a fanatic for animals of almost all kinds. Right now we have 2 dogs and a cat. And there are lots of wildlife that come into our back yard. My main hobbies are crocheting and knitting, or any craft using yarns. I always have at least one, if not several, projects going. I also enjoy reading and watching movies. My favorite books are mysteries. I have many favorite genres of movies, but my favorites are disaster movies. I also enjoy mysteries, dramas, comedies as long as they aren't slapstick, and documentaries depending on the subject. Another thing I really like is trivia. I love playing trivia games, and watching trivia TV shows. I don't remember how I got into ThriftyFun but I've been hooked ever since. Even if I don't post something every day, I do check through the site every day. This is my favorite web site of all the ones I have. It's fun just to read what people have written. If I ever have a question about any subject though, more times than not, ThriftyFun is the first place I look to for answers. Very seldom have I not found several hints of what to do. The picture on my profile is my dog Princess laying on her favorite stuffed animal under a blanket that I crocheted for her and my other dog Buddy. I also crochet them and myself at least one new sweater every year.
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