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Welcome to ThriftyFun

A community of creative people and everyday experts who look for inexpensive solutions to everyday problems and share tips and ideas for crafting, creative recycling, gardening, frugal living, recipes, tips, and more.

Labeling Charging Cords
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Hoarding: Too Much Stuff
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Beaded Rainbow Cuff
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Pencil Box Drawing Kit
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Using Tin Cans to Organize Colored Pencils
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Use a Child's Wading Pool as a Garden
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Bull's Eye Tie Dye Pattern
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Growing Cape Fuchsia
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Buffalo Turkey Sliders
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Recent Articles

Planning a Wedding and Reception on $3000 or Less

I'm planning my wedding for 3/14/2015 and I'm way behind and I don't know what to do. We have a budget of $2500.00-$3000.00 with 50 guests. I going to use I recreation center and make almost everything to save money. I'm so lost, please help. I want to decorate and...

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Canning Sour Cherries

We just bought our own home about 3 months ago and were ecstatic to find out we already have a sour cherry tree. I wasn't able to get anything from it this year (by the time we realized what it was the birds had gotten most of 'em), but would love to try canning some next year....

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Finding Tower Climber Jobs

I'm a 20 year old that's looking for a challenging career climbing towers. I've tried Indeed and Monster. What other sources are there for me?

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Value of Winpower Remote Control Lawnmower

I would like to know the value of a pretty rare lawnmower that I have that belonged to my father. It is a 1960 remote control mower, corded, from the Winpower Mfg. Co. in Newton, Iowa. It is in good condition, runs well, has the original manual, and all original parts except for a...

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Making a Baked Omelet

Can an omelet be baked in a toaster oven or does it always have to be fried?

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Making 3 Day Coconut Cake

Can you use a chocolate cake for this recipe?

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Brownie Pie

So good! There probably won't be any leftovers!

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Brown Paper Bags for Healthy Microwave Popcorn

Store bought microwave popcorn unfortunately is not "health food", mainly because of the artificial butter flavoring. If you are concerned about that, you will want to make your own healthy microwave popcorn at a fraction of the price!

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No More Paper Products!

This was something that put more money in our pockets instantly! We stopped using napkins and paper towels. We were spending at least $5.00 a week just to wipe our mouths and clean our house.

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Customizing a Pen Cup
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Nail Polish Remover For Silk Stains

I have an ivory silk comforter that I purchased about a week and a half ago. It came in the mail, and I've already spilled a pink substance on it. I took a cotton ball and dipped it 1/4 of the way into nail polish remover.

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Funnel from Empty Juice Bottle

Cut top third off an empty juice bottle, usually about where the top of the bottle forms the "funnel". I usually place a ziplock bag into the bottom part and the funnel part into the bag.

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Black Forest Pie

This is a delicious and rich mousse-like pie.

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Use Deodorant To Deter Nesting Birds

I have found that if you put up a "Stick-Up" deodorant disk in the corners of your patio, birds will attempt to visit the corner but they will quickly fly away.

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Make Tablets from Recycled Paper

I fold the 8x11 paper into thirds the long way. I then separate the paper into three pieces, cutting on the fold lines. Fold the pieces in half and cut them again.

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Cheap and Easy Low Flush Toilet

Almost all toilets can be easily retrofitted to allow a extra low flush by adding some plumbers putty to the inside of a hollow flapper which most 'cheap' toilets have. This makes the flapper heavy and not allow it to float.

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Set Up A Wading Pool for the Dogs

We keep ours full of water outside for our two dogs. They can have plenty to drink and even get in if they want to stay cool :)

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Dryer Sheets for Removing Tar

My husband is a roofer and came home with tar on his pants, which I did not notice. I wet several dryer sheets and went to town. Worked amazingly! I then washed the inside of the dryer with hot soapy water.

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Use Flyswatters as a Drain Filter
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Cleaning a Sliding Door Track
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Threading a Serger
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Making a Balloon Bouquet Barrette
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Soft Breadstick Recipes
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Shiloh Shepherd Photos
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Canning Tomatoes

We're going to do some canning this year. We used to can all the time. Our tomatoes are coming on pretty slow. I was wondering if I could can these as they come along? If so, could you tell me how to do this? I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much.

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Removing Shine from Polyester Curtains

I found some polyester curtain panels at Target. They are the perfect color, but they have more of a shine than I like. Is there any way to gently remove the shine? I would like the fabric to have more of a flat finish as opposed to the gloss.

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Value of Winston'a Cumulative Encyclopedia

I have a complete set of Winston's Cumulative Loose-Leaf Encyclopedia copyright 1939. What is the value of this collection?

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Donating Golf Trophies

I live in Queens new York, and have many golf trophies of my husband who has since passed. Where can I donate or dispose of these trophies?

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Maytag Washer Displaying Error code F33

Maytag model MHWZ400TQ00 displays F33 error code and stops before cycle finishes. What does this code indicate?

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Flashing Red Light on Smoke Detector

I have five hardwired smoke detectors with battery backup. I changed the batteries today, four of them show a green light and one has a flashing red light; it's not beeping.

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Celebrating a 57th Golden Birthday

My husband is 57 and it' will be his golden birthday. What is a great family way to celebrate?

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Baking Thick Cut Pork Chops

What is the oven temp and how long for a convection oven?

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Blush Cake Recipes
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Cleaning Fans
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Remember Passwords Easily

Choose a category that interests you; Premier League Footballers, Wild Flowers or whatever. Find a name for all of the more commonly used letters of the alphabet Your password for any given site will be the name that starts with the same initial letter, plus whatever combination of...

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Red Raspberry Velvet Cake

Your guests will go nuts over this cake!

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Chocolate Sabbat Cakes

Sweet and spicy!

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Painting Over Old Plaster and Drywall

I have a 1950s plaster/lathe home where the bathroom was done quickly-not necesarily correctly, and now I the new owner; am re-doing it with twice the effort. First-they painted latex over oil; so I am stripping all the paint off the plaster as it was cracked and bubbled.

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Negotiating With Creditors

My husband died recently leaving me with $22,700 worth of credit card debt. How can I negotiate with the creditors to bring down the balances so I can pay off the credit accounts?

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Using a Wireless Pet Fence

How do German Shepherd/Husky mixes do on wireless fences?

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Organizing School Supplies
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Activities for an Elderly Person

My mother has macqular degeneration, problems with incontinence, dementia, and cannot walk well. Any suggestions to stimulate her mentally and physically would be greatly appreciated. She is 93 years old.

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Inexpensive Driveway Ideas

Any ideas for a driveway? I read the one about the gravel which is great except that my driveway is on a slope and a good shower of rain would wash a lot of it to the road.

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Hosting a Fairy Tea
Read 3 Solutions
Freezing Vegatables

Can I Cryovac fresh diced vegies such as potatoes, carrots, zucchini, onions, and peas, and then freeze them? Do I have to blanch them first?

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Butterfly Weed
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Homemade Corn Syrup or Substitute

I need a corn syrup recipe that is easy or can I just use golden syrup? I really want to know because I was going to make homemade cotton candy and I couldn't find any corn syrup. What could I substitute or could someone tell me a recipe that works. Please.

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Opening a Bag With Stitched String Closure
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1971 General Pants Company Poster

Have a General Pants Co. poster. It has been in the attic forever. I can find it, but as a t-shirt, on eBay. I am looking for more information on it.

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Singer Sewing Machine Manuals
Read 4 Questions