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Welcome to ThriftyFun

Established in 1999, ThriftyFun is a community of everyday experts who seek creative inexpensive solutions to daily problems. We share tips and ideas for crafting, creative recycling, gardening, frugal living, recipes, cleaning and more.

Valentine's Day Ideas
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Valentine's Day Ideas
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Spinach Pasta Noodles
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Look For Credit Cards with No Fees

To save money with credit cards, shop around for rewards credit cards with no fees. Interest rates may be higher, but be smart: pay off everything in full every month and don't pay those ridiculously high interest fees.

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Miniature Pinscher Photos and Information
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Wild Turkey Photos
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Copy Herb and Spice Mixes at Home
Read 1 Solution
Repairing a Broken Couch Frame
Read 2 Questions
Installing a Needle Threader on a Sewing...
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Lemon Cream Cake Recipes
Read 3 Solutions
Color Advice for Drapes
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Adjusting Picture Ratio on TV Screen
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Individual Apple Crunch

An individual apple crunch you make in the microwave.

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Saving Time In the Morning

I am assuming that anyone who logs into Thrifty Fun regularly will already be preparing work bags, sandwiches and uniforms in advance, but here are some other ways of saving time:

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Removing Odors From a Plastic Container
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Replacement Gasket for Decorative Jar

The gasket measures 2 7/8" inside and 3 7/8" outside with a small lift tab. How or where can I get a replacement?

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Fridge Keeps Running and Freezing Food

My fridge won't stop running and it's freezing food.

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Refreezing Deer Meat Hot Dogs

Can you refreeze deer hot dogs that were defrosted outside of the refrigator for a day?

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Palo Verde Dripping Sap

We pruned our palo verde and it's dripping sap from the wound. What do we put on it to stop the dripping?

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Painting My Kitchen Sofit

I want to paint my sofit and have medium brown maple cabinets. What colors will go with the cabinets?

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Hair Falling Out After Perm

I permed my hair 2 weeks ago and it's falling out really badly. Is there anything to use on my hair so it won't all fall out? I've deep conditioned and used a hot oil treatment, but it just keeps shedding.

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Dog Peeing In House

My 2 yr old male Pug pees in the house. He does not have certain spots, he just does it anywhere. He has not been neutered. We have a doggy door so he has access to the outside and he goes out a lot and pees outside, but he still does it inside.

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Social Security Survivor Benefits

My son is 5 years old and his father just passed away. He was receiving Social Security benefits when he died. This is his only son and his name is on the birth certificate. Is my son eligible to receive anything?

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Complementary Colors for Bath

I painted my bathroom copper! What other color goes with it?

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Combined Room Curtain Color Advice

My living room and dining room are very small. I have cream color carpet throughout both rooms. My question is should I keep the color palette the same in both rooms?

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Dyeing Hair Back to Natural Color

I have dirty blonde hair/ash brown hair. Anyway I have about an inch and a half of my roots grown out and the rest is a very pale blonde. I'm wanting to get a hair dye close to my color and than just let it grow out. But I'm not sure if I should dye it all or just the blond parts and leave the roots.

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Bathroom Paint Color Advice

I would like to paint my bathroom turquoise, however it's a small space and has no natural light.

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USPS Delivered Package to Wrong Address

I received notification from a vendor that the package I had ordered had been delivered. When I used the tracking information, it said that the package had been delivered to my address. Since I did not actually receive the package I went to the post office thinking that maybe it was still there.

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Using Old Tea Cups and Saucers at a Tea Party

I would like ideas for how to use old tea cups and saucers at a tea party.

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Curtain Colours

Kindly assist, I have a silver couch, a black rug, and black and orange cushions, which I at times switch with red and apple green. What curtain colours should I put to appeal to this mix? I also need advise on other decorations I can put in the lounge to make it look superb.

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Removing Permanent Marker from Dryer

How do I remove marker from a dryer drum?

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Tween Birthday Party Activities

My daughter is having her birthday. She is turning 11 next week. She is having some friends over for a sleepover, but we don't have any activities. Please give us some ideas.

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Dog Pees and Poops Inside at Night

We have had our dog, a 1.5 year old Patterdale/Jack Russell, for nearly a year now and he was properly house trained when we first took him from a family friend. For about 4 months now he will only mess in the house at night.

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Name and Logo for Real Estate Business

My friend Snehal and I are partners and want suggestions for a logo and name for our real estate firm.

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Treating a Puppy for Worms

My puppy vomited worms 2 days ago, and he is not eating anything, just water. Is it OK to give him dewormer even if he is not eating?

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Kitten Biting
Read 2 Answers
Remedy for Red Itchy Bumps

I have a few red itchy bumps on my face. Is there anything that will stop the itching?

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Ideas for Daughter's 13th Birthday Party

I have made a deal with my daughter that her 13th birthday must be on a night and with parents (in order to meet her new friends and friends' parents). I was thinking of doing something in the day with just the girls then a BBQ at night with the parents, but I am not sure what to do for the day.

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Value of Florence Collection "Limited...
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14th Birthday Meal Out in Perth

I am taking a fourteen year old birthday girl out with her 11yr old sister and mum, for a fun meal out in Perth Western Australia. We are in the northern suburbs.

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Introducing Cat Siblings
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Value and Age of Murphy Armoire

We have a Murphy's cedar armoire wardrobe that is stamped 340 on the back. It is in good condition.

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What Breed Is My Puppy?
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What Breed Is My Dog?
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Child Support and SSI

I have a friend and he's paying child support for his two kids. His two kids are both on SSI and so is the mother. They worked out an agreement for a certain dollar amount per week, so she wouldn't have to let Social Security know about the adjustment.

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Starting a Blog
Read 1 Solution
Christmas Gift Ideas for Long Distance...
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Garlic Toast Recipes
Read 2 Solutions
Asking a Guy to WPA

So the WPA dance is coming up and I think I have an idea of what to do. I have this guy friend that goes to another school, that I am 99% sure that I will ask.

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Kitchen Paint Color Advice

My kitchen is an old 1973 ranch style. It has laminate countertops, and vinyl flooring. The cabinets are white. I would like to spruce it up, but not sure of a color choice.

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What Kind of Puppy?
Read 2 Answers
What Breed is My Puppy?
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