Getting Rid of Tiny White Biting Bugs?

January 12, 2020

Getting Rid of Tiny Biting BugsOn December 3rd I got back from the beach and started to get the worst itchy painful welts all over. I assumed they were sand flea bites. The welts kept appearing for several weeks. I went to the ER one night at 4 am because I was covered with them. I noticed odd looking brown flaky spots around my home, then black dots, then white ones. I then thought bed bugs. I treated my home (1 room apartment) with everything from steam, heat, tea tree oil, diatomaceous earth, fog, alcohol, and sprays. Nothing works! They continue to multiply in number and bite my dog and I. They appear at night, but are not afraid of the light. They don't seem to move, but appear everywhere. I am loosing sleep and have scars and scabs on my body. I am mentally drained, physically exhausted, and emotionally distraught. I vacuum everyday top to bottom, then steam everything. I steam and spray all my clothes I plan to wear each day. I still get bit.


Please help me.

Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Bugs
Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Bugs
Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Bugs
Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Bugs
Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Bugs


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January 12, 20205 found this helpful
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I think these are called no-see-em and they do come from the beach. We have them here and they are horrible. You can try applying mint oil to your skil all the time to keep them from bitting you. But you really need to get your home professionally sprayed to get rid of them.


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especially if you were in Latin America, there is a thing known as a Sand Flea proper and it causes the symptoms you describe.

There is also the 'no see ums' which are just midges


all the solutions say to prevent reinfestation with DEET next time you're at the beach. As well use Caladryl lotion to treat the itches, and if it does not get better, you may need Cortisone and even antibiotics from your doctor.

I read that these bugs die when it's below 40 degrees so if you have the ability to maybe freeze your bedding, clothing, and carpets, that might do something


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January 29, 20201 found this helpful
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What did they do for you at the ER? They should have referred you to a dermatologist if they were not willing to treat.

Please see a dermatologist as soon as you can. The bites look like sand flea bites. Prayers! Post back with an update.

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October 17, 2020

I started seeing white specks fall from my hair then and I noticed I was itching a lot. I tried different shampoo different soaps, then after some time, I started feeling this crawling feeling in my hair and body. At this point, it's getting intense so I went to the doctor and long story short, I have used 8 tubes of permethrin cream. Nothing, didn't even help. Then I started taking ivermectin 6mg 2 days in a row, wait 8 days and repeat. Didn't help. A small white insect.


I have bagged up everything I have except work clothes and that's killing me too. I have tried sulfur soap 33 percent permethrin for my clothes, still wouldn't die. I've tried tea tree shampoo, conditioner and 100 percent tea tree oil. Also witch hazel and 2 percent tar anti itching medicine.

I'm desperate. They bite, crawl, it's coming out of my skin everywhere. If moved, they float around almost like they can fly. I have a dermatologist's appointment but need relief now. Anyone know what this is? They like to go into my nose so I have a nanny pot. Has anyone had this and what to do? This is torture. I thank for anyone that can help.

Small flecks of white on a red striped surface.
A bag of clothing.
White biting and crawling specks
A plastic bag filled with clothes.


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October 18, 20206 found this helpful
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I do not believe that we can really diagnose what is happening as there are several bugs that can cause almost the same symptoms but need different medications to kill them.


I know this must be terrible for you right now but if you have an appointment with a dermatologist hopefully you will be able to find something that will give you some temporary relief.
Be sure you have a written record of how long you have had this problem and dates of any changes as well as everything you have tried that did not help. Hopefully, you continued on any medication given by your doctor for the time period instructed.

I know there are many suggestions with things to try and I sincerely hope one of them will relieve some of your pain and itching.
I only know of one person who seemed to have something similar to what you describe but her doctor said she had Scabies and by following his instructions she was getting better in a short time.
One of the things she told me that helped temporarily was the old fashion original Listerine. She said that when she took her bath she added about a cup of Listerine to her bath water and also added it to her hair/scalp and left it on for several minutes and only rinsed her hair one time thus leaving a little Listerine in her hair.


After she dried off she lathered Listerine all over any place she had felt a bite and left it to dry on her skin.
Sometimes a pharmacist can offer and OTC product that might help temporarily.

Sorry, I wish that I could offer better information.

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August 20, 2020

I live in Arizona & I too am having problems with these white bugs which started about 2 1/2 yrs ago. It started out with seeing micro red dots, clustering together, then came the maggot looking white things all over everything. I'd like to know if anyone experienced them under the skin with the attraction to blood veins, like my body is being used as a host.Getting Rid of Tiny White Biting Bugs? - purple or black cluster or bruise on back of left hand


Now they're coming out all over my body, but when I try to take them off my skin it seems to just dissolve back into my skin, it's all sticky, makes my nails very brittle and when I wash my hands or take my showers it seems dirty water just keeps coming like I'm not scrubbing myself hard enough that my showers are running at 4 to 5 hrs.

I've been to the doctor all stressed, depressed, with suicidal thoughts, she's telling me it'll pass well it hasn't. I'm afraid to eat now cuz it makes me feel like I'm eating bugs, gross. I've also tried just about everything to get rid of them, but I can't. These last couple of months I've been having really bad pains all over. I have been reading other stories of people having or seeing the same thing, but haven't read if it was affecting anyone's health. Can someone please help us all or come up with a solution to rid these bugs?

Getting Rid of Tiny White Biting Bugs?
Getting Rid of Tiny White Biting Bugs?
Getting Rid of Tiny White Biting Bugs?


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August 20, 20202 found this helpful
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The water blisters you are seeing on your hands are the same type of bits that a sand flea or a no see um makes. We have them here in Tahiti and I know in Arizona it is very hot and dry there and a lot of sand around so I do believe you have them there too. If your doctor is not helping at all then you need to go and see a specialist and also get a person in your home from pest control to spray your home. It is really hard to get rid of these but there are special window screens you can put up in your home to keep them out of your home. What we do here is use mint oil on our skin so that they don't bit us.


I would really go to a specialist and have this tested and looked at. It looks very bad and also very painful. Make sure you go to pest control and speak with them to have your home sprayed to get rid of them and get them out of your home. Don't wait any longer you are not eating the bugs when you eat at home. You may also need to talk with a person to help you deal with this and get over your fear that the bugs are living inside of you and using you as a host.


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August 21, 20200 found this helpful
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This pain you are going through is called - Ceratopogonidae - short name is No See Ums or biting Midges. This insect bites sometimes un noticed to the eyes. Making you feel like it is working from the inside out(feeling).


You should contact a professional for your home. This would be a good start to your health , 2 years is too long. also some history about this insect -

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May 15, 2018

How do you get rid of these white brownish bugs/mites that look like lint, but bite and then brown ones you can't feel these only when they bite, but they look like pepper. They get into your skin. The white and brownish ones get on your hair, finger nails, toes, and heels & bite.

When I take a shower they are on me. They only get on me and bother me. They are on all my clothes, even though, I wash clothes in hot water and borax, it doesn't seem to bother the white ones. I was trying to take a picture, but not able to at this time. I see brown bugs coming out of Kleenex from Walmart and Sam's. Help.


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May 16, 201813 found this helpful

i have heard that bird mites can sometimes jump species and start afflicting humans. They are incredibly tiny almost invisible, and relentless.

in general the white version of the insect is the nymph (babies) and the black ones full grown. It makes sense that the borax would only affect the full grown ones because those treatments affect exoskeleton

if you kept birds as pets or if there were pigeons or other fowl nesting near your home, but then you got rid of the birds or they abandoned their nest they will sometimes come looking for a human host

do you sometimes fee they are just crawling around on you though not biting? Especially near your eyes and mouth? Then it is most certainly bird mites

for mroe info on bird mites and how to eliminate


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May 22, 20184 found this helpful

You should take this type of infestation seriously and call an exterminator and ask for a free estimate of service to get rid of your resident bugs and maybe ask at the same time where they think the bugs originated so you will know not to bring them in again in the future.

  • If you cannot afford an exterminator's charges you should grab as many bugs as you can and place them in a zip-lock baggie. Take this with you someplace that has decent/knowledgeable bug people (maybe Ace hardware or True Value hardware, even try Lowe's or Home Depot) and keep asking until you find someone that sounds like they may know something about these bugs.
  • Try very hard to not let the skin bites get infected since you do not know what is biting you and this may create a problem with what medication to use. Keep skin clean and maybe use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide before applying an antiseptic cream.

Try to get help as soon as possible because these bugs seem to be multiplying daily.

December 22, 20184 found this helpful

You described exactly what we have.. They don't bite everybody.. me and my husband get but but not my roommate weird. I have been told I'm crazy i need relief from this.

December 31, 201812 found this helpful

Getting a exterminator is not going to help them. I stay in a apartment, and told my manager and she sent a exterminator and he could not found nothing, He even had a temper with me because he thought I was crazy and losing my mind. I had brought two mattress, throw all my clothes away, I only have 3 outfit now. I spent lot's of money on spray's, carpet cleaning, and throw away my toaster, deep fryer, slow cooker, everything is gone. they get in my hair, car, clothes, carpet, bathrooms, and they bitten me on my inside of my hand, first it was one red dot, now I have maybe 20, And it turns from red dot to brown dots, and some looks like white dots, I feel like killing myself, don't want to live anymore. I have twins grandson's, I cant let them come over because it might spread to them. I live by myself, Don't go nowhere anymore, These things gets in my eyes, lips, ears, while I sleep. First I used to have blood shot eyes, I went to the eye Doctor, and he ran test on me found nothing, Told me to come back ran two more test found nothing, And it was these monsters that was during this to me. Lord I try everything, I feels so lonely, I haven't told no one to embrass they may not want to come around me. These things fly from the cellings too. Anyone with any advice please respond.

March 20, 20192 found this helpful

Please someone tell me what kills these hell bugs for almost 2 Yrs of people thinking I was either going crazy or on drugs I have them so bad my hair is braking and falling out I'm getting yeast infections it'd really affecting my heath more each day

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November 8, 2019

My mom keeps saying that there are bugs in her home. She says little white things bite her in her clothes. She says there are like white to yellow things on her floor that move. Her dog is scratching all the time. I don't know what to do.

Please help.

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March 6, 2021

I have these little black bugs are see-through white bugs. They are in my hair, they bite me everywhere. They are in my eyelashes, eyelids. Nobody believes me, please help!

A small black bug.
A white casing from a bug.


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March 6, 20211 found this helpful
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This insect is called Ceratopogonidae- better known as No-See-ums or Biting Midges. There have painful itchy bites. You may need to contact a professional to get rid of them. Also something for those bites and itch. Here is more about this insect-


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March 7, 20210 found this helpful
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I think these are bed bugs (Cimex lectularius). You can read about them here:
There are different life cycle of this bug. A bed bug nymph is see-through.,_Cimex_lectularius...

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February 22, 2016

I was wondering if anyone out there that is getting bitten by these little tiny white bugs that look like a grain of salt has found out how to get rid of them or stop them? I bought my home in Alabama back in '07 and ever since I moved in I've gotten bitten. I've had 5 different pest control people here and they say it's all in my mind or it might be the meds I'm on because I have dementia and take a lot of meds. I've been to 3 dermatologists, but they can't find anything either.

One thing I did do that seems to work at night for me is to take a little Ben Gay and rub it on my neck and your feet. Now the worst place for me to get bitten is right here in this room where my computer is. I've bombed this house so many times and nothing seems to work. I've had other people on here saying bomb or spray your baseboards, but I have a small dog and a cat I worry they will get sick. I just hope someone out there can help us people who are getting bitten. Thank you.


February 23, 20165 found this helpful

Wipe everything down with Lysol and get peramethin crème for you and wash all clothing in hot water and soap and plastic bag everything cloth for 2 weeks. Sounds like you have scabies.

September 23, 20177 found this helpful

nope not scabies. I have them in Mississippi too. never had that before. til i moved here. I don't have dogs or cats any inside pets. my husband has chicken way Out back. i see these things flying my husband doesn't get bit or can he see them they are a lot smaller then fruit flies. they are where ever I put my pc and the light by my bed. I can't get rid of them either. I don't take meds either. if it was scabies you'd need more than lysol to get rid of that cause they get in your skin and spread.

May 15, 20184 found this helpful

Take a bath in Epsom salt and coconut oil. Wash your hair separately. Also, follow what the other lady suggested. Wash everything on high heat. Turn your water heater up. Get a dehumidifier. That should help a lot. Vacuum daily. Clean your tub with scalding hot water and Lysol. I clean my whole house with this. Use Heppa filters on hvac and vacuum. Sounds like bird mites.

August 26, 20184 found this helpful

Don't set your house on fire, but i,be been using my hand hair dryer, on my pillows, sheets and bed speeds, to rid them off my bed and couch. My going to stick my weddings in a hot dryer. I bathe in a cup of white in my bath water
Use your shower head as close to your skin, to message and flesh pores of your skin

August 26, 20184 found this helpful

I use a cup of white vinegar in my bathe water, for relief, and a long rope shower head close enough to my skin to message pores where it itches, or I've been bitten. Use only for a few seconds a hand hair dryer on sheets, pillow cases, blankets to rid them off bed, or couch, only a grown up should try this. Consider some materials could be flammable
You can also stick bedding in a hot dryer.

September 14, 20181 found this helpful

Use kleen genesis

January 11, 20191 found this helpful

Hi there, i hear this alot from people in different states especially the ones which have miles and miles of agriculture fields about these mysterious bugs. My thoughts on it is research MonSanto (GMO) that will be the start of you journey. I will lead you to find out the rest.

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March 22, 20195 found this helpful

do these tiny biting bugs fall from ceiling?

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September 4, 2022

How do I get those tiny white bugs that look like lint out of my eyes, hair and body?



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September 4, 20220 found this helpful
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This does sound like lice. The quickest way to get rid of lice is to purchase a shampoo specifically made to kill them, then a special fine tooth comb is used to remove any that are still in the hair. Sometimes 2 applications of the shampoo will be required to make sure all the lice are dead. (Head checks of everyone in the household need to be done, as well, & all bed linens will need to be washed in hot water.)
Here is a good article on the subject:

September 30, 20220 found this helpful
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Dust mites are some of the smallest white bugs that look like lint. Dust mites, their body parts, and their feces are the most common household allergens.
Wash all sheets, blankets, pillowcases and bed covers in hot water that is at least 130 F (54.4 C) to kill dust mites and remove allergens. If bedding can't be washed hot, put the items in the dryer for at least 15 minutes at a temperature above 130 F (54.4 C) to kill the mites.
Read how to get rid of dust mites:

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October 10, 2018

I keep getting bitten by little white bugs. They don't bother my mom or brother. I can clean my room, take a shower, and I can still feel them crawling all over me and all in my hair.

They are biting me all over my body. They leave little red dots that are turning into sores. How can I get rid of them because they are driving me crazy.

Getting Rid of Little White Biting Bugs - bug bites


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October 10, 20180 found this helpful

They could be some kind of mite. You need an exterminator.


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October 10, 20182 found this helpful

When I get bit by something, I use this site to compare the bite to mine to figure out what the heck it is:

I recommend going to your doctor and taking samples of the bug if you can (if you can't figure it out OR more importantly, if the bites are red and medical attention ASAP as you could have an infection.

Good luck! Sending up lots of healing prayers!

November 17, 20181 found this helpful

look up the cheyletiella mite its called walking dandruff sometimes. Rabbits, dogs and cats get them but they can infest you and your home. I am having a teribble time with them. Tried everything.

April 20, 20190 found this helpful

Those are bird mite bites! I can tell by the shape of the center of your sore! I am so sorry. I hope you get help with this soon!

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