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Girl with Her Boyfriend

Is 13 Too Young to Have a Boyfriend?Many parents are concerned when their 13 year old wants to have a boyfriend. Going out can mean different things at different ages. While 13 may be too young for unsupervised dating, there may be alternatives that are acceptable to both parents and teens. This is a page about, "Is 13 too young to have a boyfriend?".


Child Buttoning Shirt

Child Refuses to Wear Underwear and Other Clothing ItemsThis is a page about a child refusing to wear underwear and other clothing items. There are numerous reasons that a child might refuse to wear certain types of clothing. It could be out of stubbornness, physical discomfort, or a range of psychological causes. Here is some advice if you are struggling with this issue.


A tired college student trying to study.

Setting a Curfew for College Age Children?This is a page about setting a curfew for college age children. College students still living at home are still a subject of worry for their parents.


Close up of child that needs to go potty

Daytime Wetting in ChildrenThis is a page about daytime wetting in children. Sometimes older children will have an accident during the day. If not due to medical reasons then you have a different issue to resolve.


A toddler wearing jeans and a sweater.

Keeping a Toddler's Pants UpThis page is about keeping a toddler's pants up. Little people wearing big people's styles often need an adjustment, belt or suspenders to keep their pants up.


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2 Year Old Toddler Keeps Biting Himself?I have a two year old little boy that bites himself hard enough to leave marks. What can I and should I do to get him to stop?



Crying Baby

Remedies for a Crying BabyThis page is about remedies for a crying baby. Determining the reason a baby is crying is not always easy.


A pink woman's razor next to a bar of soap.

My Daughter is Shaving Her SideburnsThis page concerns my daughter shaving her sideburns. Young people can be very self conscience. Unwanted facial hair can be removed in a few other ways without shaving.


Tin of green Bag Balm.

Using Bag Balm for Diaper RashBag balm is good for soothing many types of skin blemishes and irritations, including diaper rash. This is a page about using bag balm for diaper rash.


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10 Month Old Won't Hold His Own Bottle?My son is 10 months old and still will not hold his bottle on his own or a cup. He does everything else any 10 month old does. I'm a new mother so I don't know when they start doing this. Does anyone know?


Teens roasting marshmallows around a campfire.

Boy-Girl Sleepover AdviceThis is a page about boy-girl sleepover advice. Parents can find themselves struggling with the request by their child to host a co-ed sleepover.


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Preserving Friendship when Kids Don't Get Along?How do I tell a dear friend that my child does not want to be friends with her child, and not ruin the friendship?


Blue cotton thong underwear on a white background

When Should Teens Wear Thongs?This is a page about "When should teens wear thongs?". Parents routinely need to address clothing styles and what they consider acceptable for their teen to wear.


Grandchild Giving Flowers to Grandmother Gratitude

Teaching Grandchildren GratitudeIt is important for young people to understand the need to show appreciation for gifts given to them. This is a page about teaching grandchildren gratitude.


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Daughter-In-Law Won't Accept Used Items?I need a little advice here. I have a daughter-in-law who is due with our first grandchild. She grew up more fortunate than our children. I bought several things in really good shape at a garage sale but was told by her that she only wants new stuff, she doesn't want anything used by someone else. How do i handle a situation like this?


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4 Year Old That Cries a Lot?My 4 year old stepson has started crying when he is told he can't have something or is told to do something. He even does it after he has had his nap. His father, mother, and myself do not know what to do about this. Any help would be appreciated.


Toddler Being Aggressive

Toddler Being Aggressive Towards Younger Sibling?This is a page about toddler being aggressive towards younger sibling. Knowing what to do when your toddler shows aggression towards a younger sibling can be difficult.


How Can Kids and Young Adults Make Money?

How Can Kids and Young Adults Make Money?Children and young adults often have difficulty finding ways to make some money for things they would like to buy or for savings. This is a page about how can kids and young adults make money?


A child sitting on the toilet.

My Child Won't Poop In The ToiletThis is a page about my child won't poop in the toilet. Helping your child feel comfortable using the potty can be a challenge.


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Using Cloth Diapers With Rubber Pants?Has anyone used prefold diapers with the pull on rubber pants? If so how did that combination work for you? Did you use the rubber pants?


Girl Eating Breakfast Before School

Eating Breakfast Before SchoolThis is a page about eating breakfast before school. Studies have shown that students perform better in school if they eat breakfast. Busy schedules sometimes make this a difficult task.



Young girl pulling on her hair

My Child's Hair is Not GrowingThis is a page about my child's hair is not growing. Almost everyone's hair grows at a similar rate. Sometimes there may be factors that effect this growth rate.


A blue baby stroller.

Saving Money on Baby Strollers?This is a page about saving money on baby strollers. When shopping for a stroller you will be faced with many options. Strollers can be very expensive, so once you know what kind of stroller you need, it is then important to find a good deal.


Toddler Temper Tantrums

Solutions for Toddler Temper TantrumsThis is a page about solutions for toddler temper tantrums. There are ways to deal with the dreaded toddle temper tantrums.


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10 Month Old Child Can't Sit Up By Herself?My daughter is about 10 months old; she can't sit up by herself yet. What can I do to help her sit up?


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Kids Not Wearing Underwear?I have a daughter; she is 10 years old. When it's summertime and hot weather outside I give her jeans/denim shorts to wear without underwear. Is that wrong or okay? Maybe not so good or maybe okay?


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6 Year Old Daughter Won't Wear Underwear at Home?My 6 year old daughter refuses to wear underwear at home. She will wear underwear if we go out and to school, but as soon as we get home all the clothes come off and she just wears a nightgown.


ThriftyFun Links Image

Taste Of Home Kids Coloring CookbookI just came across this link at Taste of Home and it would be such a wonderful project for children and parents to work on together! Not only would there be a cookbook colored by the child to cherish but it's a wonderful way to teach children to cook.


A woman breastfeeding her infant son.

Remedies for Sore Cracked Nipples from Breastfeeding?Ensuring that your baby is latching on properly will help prevent sore nipples. To treat them, check with your nurse, doctor or La Leche League for safe products to help them heal. This is a page about remedies for sore cracked nipples from breastfeeding.


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5 Year Old Misbehaving at School?What to do about a talkative 5 yr. old? My daughter won't stop talking in school that the teacher says she's not listening at all and keeps talking and won't raise her hand.


A woman reading books in the summer.

Starting a Summer Book Club and Book SwapKeep your kids entertained and reading over the summer by organizing a book club and book swap. Consider one for yourself as well. This is a page about starting a summer book club and book swap.


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A Dollar a Year for BirthdaysOn each birthday, instead of sending a package, they enclose with the birthday card a check in the amount of $1 for each year of the recipient's age.


Woman and a toddler playing on the floor.

Activities for Babysitting a 2 Year Old?Having activities that are age appropriate can make your babysitting job that much easier and more fun for you and the child. This is a page about activities for babysitting a 2 year old.


5 year old boy with his hands in the air.

5 Year Old Having Accidents?This is a page about 5 year old having accidents. Occasionally an older child will suddenly begin to have accidents. Determining the cause is critical to helping the child change this behavior.


Woman and Her Adult Daughter

Being a Parent to Adult Children?By the time your child has become an adult, they can become your friend. You want to be able to show your love, and be an ear for their important life decisions. This page is about being a parent to adult children.


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Packing Kids For Multi Day TripsWhen my son (early teens) went away on a church mission trip, I was worried that he would wear mismatched clothes or wear the same pair of socks for several days. You know how young boys are.



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Costume Treasure Chest at Clearance PricesWell, Halloween is fast approaching and soon it will be all over but the belly aches. Start thinking now about those Clearance sales that will have those pricey costumes discounted to practically nothing.


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Parenting A Four Year Old?My daughter is almost 4 and she is beyond attached to me. I can't explain it any other way other to say that it is extremely exhausting and unhealthy. I don't know what to do. Besides the extra clingy thing, she also has a really hard time listening. From the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to sleep, it's an ongoing battle.


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Six Year Old Keeps Peeing on the Floor?My six year old step son won't stop peeing on the floor in his room. I have tried everything that I can think of and nothing works. What should I do?


A children's show in Vietnamese.

Finding Children Shows in VietnameseI am raising my kids bilingual while living in the US. I am always trying to find ways to help my kids be exposed to the Vietnamese language more. One way that I do this is through children's shows that have Vietnamese. In the last couple years, Netflix has been increasing the number of shows that it has dubbed in Vietnamese or has Vietnamese subtitles.


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Son Declining Scholarship for Girlfriend?My son has been playing baseball since 4 years old. It has always been his dream to play in college and maybe be a pro someday. Recently, out of the blue, another college heard he was "free" and offered him a great scholarship to come play for them. In the meantime, his girlfriend, who is a senior in HS, has had some rough family issues since she was 8. Now, my son has this opportunity and he does not want to take it because he does not want to leave her.


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Convincing Parents to Drop Extra TutoringMy mum forces me to have lessons with tutors outside of school. I'm really busy (with clubs, homework, etc.) and I barely have any free time! I get good marks on tests and in class, follow the rules and so on. I don't need the lessons, I'm not struggling in school but it's not too easy. The lessons are extremely boring, not helpful, and I'm getting really sidetracked from school worrying about them!


An angry girl jumping up and down on the couch with an upset mom sitting nearby.

Treating Serious Behavior Issues in ChildrenAlthough all children can act out from time to time, serious behavioral issues should be addressed by a medical professional. They can do testing and determine if prescription medication or psychological treatment can help.


The baby pool with pillows and toys for playtime.

Baby Pool as Play Area and Toy StorageThere are many different blowup pools on the market today. I was looking for a super inexpensive one and found this one in a 50% off bin at Big Lots for $6. I brought it home and blew it up. I took a king size bedspread and folded it over in fourths then I folded the corners under so it would fit nicely in the round bottom for cushion for baby.


Frog Jumping Activity

Frog Jumping ActivityThis jumping activity is a good companion piece to teaching children about frogs and their jumping skills. The steps in the activity are detailed below.


Starter Reading Notebook - front of book

How to Make a Starter Reading NotebookIf you have children or grandchildren learning how to read, this handy starter notebook can help. It's a great way to print out reading materials from educational sites and keep them organized.


A teen girl wearing a crop top.

Talking to Parents About Clothing StylesOne place the generational gap is very evident is in clothing choices. Talking to your parents about wearing certain types of clothing can be intimidating. Your age and the clothing item will no doubt be part of the conversation. This page offers some tips about talking to your parents about clothing styles.


A young man looking irritated with his parents, who are also frustrated.

Feeling Disconnected from ParentsAs we grow into adulthood, we develop our own ideas about the direction our lives should take. Our parents can often have different opinions. This can challenge the relationship.


Celebating A Child's Birthday Without Much Money?Birthdays are important to children and no parent wants to disappoint, but sometimes finances are strained at just the wrong times. We have advice for celebrating your child's big day on a shoestring budget.


A child placing coins into three jars, marked savings, toys and education.

Teaching Kids How to BudgetOften the best way to teach your children how to budget is by example or by giving them a set budget for things like back to school supplies or clothing. Talk to them about the choices they made and the insights they acquired by having to make spending choices. This page contains suggestions for teaching kids how to budget.


Small school earthquake kit.

What is in a School Earthquake Kit?Preparing an earthquake kit for your child to use at school is easy and can bring some comfort during an uncertain time should a disaster occur.


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How to Talk to Kids about School Shootings?How do I talk to my kids about school shootings? I have been living abroad and my family and I just moved back to the United States. My kids grew up in a different country where firearms were illegal for citizens to own. My son just started 2nd grade today and I realized he probably doesn't know about school shootings.


A clear container storing emergency supplies for a child going to school.

Backpack Emergency KitIt can be a good idea to create a small emergency kit for your child's backpack. Some snacks, first aid supplies, and even a comforting letter can be helpful in an unexpected emergency.


Cute baby sitting up and smiling.

Comments About Baby Modeling and Beauty PageantsParents sometimes entertain the idea of pursuing modeling and pageant opportunities for their babies and young children. There are varying schools of thought on this endeavor. This page contains comments from members about baby modeling and beauty pageants, from differing positions.


Painted Lego Math - supplies

Painted Lego Math ActivitiesLearning basic math skills at an early age will help any child with their schooling later on. Using painted legos to demonstrate simple multiplication and additions is a wonderful way to keep kids engaged and learning about math.


A toddler crawling out of a low bed.

How to Keep a Toddler from Falling Out of BedTo keep a toddler from falling out of bed you can start them on a mattress on the floor instead of up on a bed frame. A foam swim noodle can also serve as a border on the bed.


Child's Travel Buddy -  finished bear in a travel case

Making a Child's Travel BuddyKeep a young child happy and entertained during long road trips with one of these cute little bags. This is a page about making a child's travel buddy.


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Kids Constantly Fighting Over Xbox Controller?My kids fight over the Xbox game console all day long. I've taken it away, put them on restrictions, tried talking to them, but nothing works. I really want to do bad things to that Xbox. Should I?


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Is 13 Too Young to Have a Boyfriend?So I'm in love with this guy and I think he likes me too. He's one year older than me. And I really wanna be with him, but am I too young?


Kids happy playing in the snow.

Keeping Kids Warm While Playing in the SnowChildren love playing in the snow, but need to be dressed well to protect them from both the cold and moisture. This is a page about keeping kids warm while playing in the snow.


Young child kissing a newborn.

Preparing Children for a New SiblingWhen expecting a new member in your family, it is important to make sure the older children know how important they are. This is a page about preparing children for new sibling.


Toddler with an old key.

Warning About Letting Small Children Play With KeysKeys have long been an object that children love to play with, especially if they are on a ring. There are a number of potential dangers associated with allowing small children to play with your keys outlined in this page.


Child's hand putting batteries in a red toy.

Cutting Down on Noise from ToysMany battery operated children's toys can be so noisy as to drive the adults to distraction. Try putting some duct tape over the speaker to muffle the sound to a more tolerable level. This is a page about cutting down on noise from toys.


Volunteer teacher reading to a class of kids

Volunteering for KindergartenParents and grandparents can be a part of their young child's schooling by becoming a volunteer for their kindergarten classroom. This is a page about volunteering for kindergarten.


What Do Babies Dream About? - closeup of a baby's face

What Do Babies Dream About?Mothers may have more intuition when it comes to this question. I'd like to hear from them. But on the other hand, just a good imagination might give us some insight. So, anyone with any ideas, feel free to answer.


Green plastic potty chair, with a roll of toilet paper.

Using a Portable Potty for Bathroom BreaksIf you have a young child, carrying a plastic potty in your car can be a good idea. This is a page about using a portable potty for bathroom breaks.


Foster mom with her tow children

How to Become a Foster Parent in CanadaBecoming a foster parent is a great way to help children who have been orphaned or removed from their family. Each country has its own rules and procedures for becoming a foster parent. This is a page about how to become a foster parent in Canada.


Woman calculating expenses, with money, calculator and a small house model.

Tips for Frugal MomsParenting can be expensive and the smart mother learns where to cut corners. This is a page about tips for frugal moms.


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Finding Sponsors for Daughter's Cheerleading Activities?Is there anyone that can help point me in the right direction. I am looking for companies or organizations that sponsor cheer-leaders. We live in the northern Virginia area. My daughter is 15 years old and she has been a cheerleader since she was 6 years old, cheering for 2 different all-star teams.


Kids playing with cards and learning math

Practicing Math With Playing CardsThis is a page about practicing math with playing cards. One or more decks of playing cards are great for teaching children basic math skills, from number recognition and counting, to addition.


Couple brushing their baby's teeth

Caring for Your Child's Baby TeethDental hygiene should start as soon as your child has teeth, and many parents start "brushing" gums to get an infant used to the process. This is a page about caring for your child's baby teeth.


Father helping his son washing dishes

Raising Boys to Become Responsible Husbands and FathersThis is a page about raising boys to become responsible husbands and fathers. Teaching boys to be successful, responsible husbands and fathers begins when they are young. Teach them to respect women and to be self sufficient, helpful, and to share responsibilities in their future relationships.


Keyboard, mug of coffee, pen and a notebook with the words "Work Ethics" printed on it.

Growing Up with a Work EthicThis is a page about growing up with a work ethic. Teaching children to work and how to deal with people when they are young, can give them skills that they can take into adulthood.


Postit note, with words "Pay the Rent" written on it.

Charging Adult Age Children RentIt is common for older, adult aged, children to remain at home longer. Many parents charge some level of rent in such cases. Sometimes chores can be traded for a portion of this rent. This is a page about charging adult age children rent.


Little girl tying her red shoes

Putting Shoes On The Proper FeetTeaching young children to put their shoes on the right foot can be made fun. Try marking the dominant hand shoe with a permanent marker. This is a page about putting shoes on the proper feet.


Cute baby holding a baby wipe

Using Washable Baby WipesStore bought baby wipes can often be washed in the machine on gentle and reused. If you can find a good recipe you can make your own solution and store it and the wipes in a closed container. This is a page about using washable baby wipes.


Toddler Fun Flowers

Toddler Fun With FlowersThis is a page about toddler fun with flowers. Many little kids love to pick flowers. One fun idea is to take them to a nursery and let them pick up the flowers that have fallen on the ground. It is also a great way for them to learn about the different types of flowers.


Children's Clothing

Frugal Tips for Children's ClothingWhether it's because the clothes are too small or they have been damaged, kids always need new clothes. This is a page about frugal tips for children's clothing.


Childs Feet Dangling While Sitting on Toilet

Potty Training an Older ChildThis is a page about potty training an older child. Potty training is not always an easy task. If you are trying to potty train an older child, here is some advice that you may find helpful.


Finding a Sponsor for a School Leadership Conference Trip

Finding a Sponsor for a School Leadership Conference Trip?This is a page about finding a sponsor for a school leadership conference. It is not uncommon for a student to be invited to participate in an event, but the school is unable to cover the cost of travel, boarding, etc. for that student to be able to attend. Finding a sponsor can help defray the costs of an expensive activity.


Clear pockets for holding worksheets.

Reusable Dry Erase PocketsUse dry erase pockets for fun coloring projects or even to keep track of chores around the house. Reusable dry erase pockets have a myriad of uses.


High school age kids playing football.

Paying for School Sports UniformsSports uniforms for school can really add up and get expensive. Here are some ideas about paying for school sports uniforms.


Photo of a kid in a football uniform.

Should I Let My Son Quit Football?Sometimes team sports turn out out to not be as fun or engaging as a child may need. Teens and children quitting football due to the high danger of injuries, such as concussions, is becoming more and more common .


A girl holding a speech bubble.

Keep a Child's Quotes in a JournalKids say the darnedest things and it can be great to preserve those funny little sayings for future reference. Keep a child's quotes in a journal, so you can look back and laugh at the hilarious things your children said when they were younger.


A DIY kids workshop at Home Depot being painted.

Free Kids DIY Workshop at Home DepotThere are over 2,200 Home Depot's around the world. Check to see if your local Home Depot participates in free workshops for kids. You will need to register your child. What's awesome is everything is free.


A boy at work with his father, looking at blueprints.

Bring Your Child to Work Day IdeasI am trying to find new and exciting things to do on Bring Your Children to Work Day. Any and all ideas will be greatly appreciated. This page is about bring your child to work day ideas.


A lit crayon in a candle holder.

Use a Crayon as a Makeshift CandleIn a pinch, a crayon can be used as a candle. This is a page about use a crayon as a makeshift candle.


A parent holding their baby's hand.

Treating a Baby's Dry SkinYou need to consult your doctor and use a mild moisturizer when rehydrating a baby's skin. This is a page about treating a baby's dry skin.


A sign for your car that reads "Baby on Board!"

Baby On Board Sign for your CarMany assume "Baby on Board!" sign is so others can drive carefully but actually the sign is for an emergency. If the car was to be in an accident, the sign will allow emergency personnel to know immediately there may be a baby or child in the car who may not be able to help themselves out and needs assistance.


Feeding Toddler

Feeding My ToddlerFeeding your toddler healthy foods will help them for good eating habits early on. This is a page about feeding my toddler.


7 Year Old Picky Eater

7 Year Old Won't Eat Healthy Food?Young children can often be picky about certain foods. However, eating a healthy diet is an important lesson to learn even if it means a few tears are shed. This is a page about 7 year old won't eat healthy food.


Crying Toddler Girl

Toddler Cries Excessively?Excessive crying can be behavioral or the result of something medical. A trip to your child's doctor could be the first step towards a solution.This is a page about toddler cries excessively.


Little Girl on Carpet

Keeping Carpets Clean with a Toddler?Toddlers can make a mess where they eat and play. Covering areas of carpet at risk and teaching your child to stay off the carpet with food or messy toys can help. This is a page about keeping carpets clean with a toddler.


A picky toddler with a scrunched up face.

How Do I Get My Toddler to Take Medicine?Young children can be very obstinate when it comes to taking medications, even if they are feeling ill. This is a page about, "How do I get my toddler to take medicine?".


Closeup of 3 cheerleaders arms on hips holding pom poms.

Finding a Cheer Squad Sponsor?When your child is in cheer, there are many expenses and obligations. Sometimes, you can find a business that is willing to help shoulder the burden. This is a page about finding a cheer squad sponsor.


Babysitter handing a 7 year old, who is coloring, a piece of chalk.

Activities for Babysitting a 7 Year Old?There are many fun and educational things you can do to enjoy your time together. This is a page about activities for babysitting a 7 year old.


A teenager fixing a lawn mower.

Finding Jobs for 13 Year Olds?Parents at some point will need to assist or support their child in finding safe, age appropriate jobs so that they can earn some spending money. This is a page about finding jobs for a 13 year old.


A mother talking to her teen son.

Random Drug Testing for Your TeensAll parents agree that keeping your kids off drugs is a priority, one way to help accomplish this is by giving your teens random drugs tests. In this page, parents discuss the merits and potential drawbacks of random drug testing for teens.


A red piggy bank being held by a child's hands and then an adult's hands.

Being a Parent During Tough Economic TimesTough economic times can be especially difficult for families. This page offers advice for parents during tough economic times.


A baby sitter giving a child a piggy back ride.

Advice for Safely Finding Babysitting JobsTaking care in how you find sitting jobs will help ensure your safety. Start with people that your know. This is a page about advice for safely finding babysitting jobs.


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Toddler Restaurant Kit

Making a Toddler Restaurant KitThis is a page about making a toddler restaurant kit. This easy to assemble kit will not only keep your toddler occupied, but it also contains snacks in case the menu is not to her liking.


A ferris wheel at Disneyworld.

Thrifty RegretsNow that my children are at the stage where they were moving away to pursue their own adult lives, I find myself having moments where I am absolutely consumed with regret. We never went to Disney World.


Picky Eater Boy

Parenting a Picky EaterMany children can be very picky eaters, causing concern and frustration for their parents. This is a page about parenting a picky eater.


Young teen boy washing the car.

10 Ways for Kids to Earn MoneyThere are a variety of jobs that children can do to make money. The options depend on their age and experience. This is a page about 10 ways for kids to earn money.


A child's feet sitting on a toilet during potty training.

Potty Training Your ChildMost parents eagerly look forward to the days when their child is potty trained. However, children don't always learn as quickly as parents would like, causing stress and discouragement. This is a page to potty training your child.


A girl babysitting two children.

Babysitting Activity IdeasThis is a page about babysitting activity ideas. Having planned activities for the children when you babysit can help make it a positive experience for everyone.


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Dyed Pasta (Preschool Activity)

Dyed Pasta (Preschool Activity)Colorfully dyed pasta is a perfect non toxic toy for preschoolers. Learn how to make it with this short video.


Photo of a woman's waving.

Stop Motion PregnancyAmazing stop motion video of this woman's pregnancy. This is very cool indeed.


Cloud Dough

Cloud DoughCloud dough is great for sensory play. Kids like the wet sand like texture.


Toddler Restaurant Kit

Toddler Restaurant KitKeeping a toddler distracted at a restaurant is easier with this handy kit. Learn how to make it in this short video.



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6 Year Old Child Lies, Steals, and Acts Out?I have a 6 year old boy who is peeing and pooping and rubbing it into his floor because he says he doesn't get what he wants. My wife and I have told him that if he listens and does good he can have what he wants. He steals candy and then lies about it. We have tried everything.


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Parenting A Four Year Old?My daughter is almost 4 and she is beyond attached to me. I can't explain it any other way other to say that it is extremely exhausting and unhealthy. I don't know what to do. Besides the extra clingy thing, she also has a really hard time listening. From the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to sleep, it's an ongoing battle.


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Son Declining Baseball Scholarship for Girlfriend?My son has been playing baseball since 4 years old. It has always been his dream to play in college and maybe be a pro someday. Recently, out of the blue, another college heard he was "free" and offered him a great scholarship to come play for them. In the meantime, his girlfriend, who is a senior in HS, has had some rough family issues since she was 8. Now, my son has this opportunity and he does not want to take it because he does not want to leave her.


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Convincing Parents to Drop Extra TutoringMy mum forces me to have lessons with tutors outside of school. I'm really busy (with clubs, homework, etc.) and I barely have any free time! I get good marks on tests and in class, follow the rules and so on. I don't need the lessons, I'm not struggling in school but it's not too easy. The lessons are extremely boring, not helpful, and I'm getting really sidetracked from school worrying about them!


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Issues with an Adult Child & Rent?I live on low income disability. My paid for house is in desperate need of several repairs. My adult child and small grandchild moved in with me. They work 140 hrs per month and pay me $250 monthly to watch the child. I asked for $100 month "rent to start making repairs". They said "NO! The home is paid for. I'd rather live on my own than give you my $$."


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Allowing Your Daughter to Date at 11?My daughter really likes this boy and they are in the same class and he asked her if she wanted to date him. She asked me and I don't know if I should let her; she is 11.


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