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Miniature of a house, which is being covered and surrounded by cockroaches

Moving and Leaving The Cockroaches BehindWhen leaving a home or apartment that had a cockroach infestation, you will need to be careful not to take them with you to your new residence. This is a page about moving and leaving the cockroaches behind.


Fresh peppermint and oil on wooden background.

Using Peppermint Oil for Mice ControlThere are a number of methods used to get rid of mice without the use of poison or traps. This is a page about using peppermint oil for mice control.


Itching from a bug bite.

Identifying Little Black Biting BugsIdentifying biting bugs is the first step in trying to eliminate them from your home or to repel them when outdoors. This is a page about identifying little black biting bugs.


A brown rat outside.

Dealing With Rats Outside Your HouseThis is a page about dealing with rats outside your house. Rats are very much at home around people, even if we wish they would find a new home.


A bunch of ants on a white background.

Identifying Small Black BugsHaving unidentified insects infesting your home can be annoying. It helps to know what kind they are when determining the best way to be rid of them. This is a page about identifying small black bugs.


Small black bugs smaller than the tip of a match.

Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Black BugsMany types of bugs are small and black, if they are biting bugs they can be annoying and a health hazard. This is a page about getting rid of tiny biting black bugs.



A dog scratching his fleas.

Home Remedies for FleasFleas can be extremely difficult to get rid of when trying to avoid toxic remedies. With perseverance home remedies can work. This is a page about home remedies for fleas.


Aphids on a plant.

Homemade Aphid Spray RecipesAphids thrive in temperate regions and feast on plants. They are one of the most pesky and destructive pests that gardeners have to deal with. This page contains homemade aphid spray recipes.


Human flesh with large read insect bite

Bugs Biting Me In My SleepThis is a page about bugs biting me in my sleep. Identifying the insects responsible for nighttime bites is the first step in getting rid of them.


Cat laying on the hood of a car.

Homemade Cat RepellentsThere are many areas of the home and garden that you may want to keep cats out of. This page features homemade cat repellents and strategies for keeping cats out of your yard.


Fruit fly trap

Getting Rid of Fruit FliesYou just bought some bananas or other fresh fruit at the market recently. Now you are seeing tiny spots before your eyes. Your kitchen is enveloped in a haze of tiny flying bugs. You probably have fruit flies. This is a page about getting rid of fruit flies.


Tiny black bugs next to a penny for scale.

Tiny Black Bugs in the KitchenThe key to getting rid of tiny black bugs on kitchen floor is first identifying what they are. Check out what has worked for others in this page.


Pigeons eating bread on sidewalk.

Getting Rid of PigeonsThis is a page to getting rid of pigeons. Pigeons have been known be be called "flying rats." These birds can be pests if they have chosen to hang out near your home or office. Here you will find tips for humane ways to deter pigeons.


Bug Bites

Getting Rid of Invisible Biting BugsWhen you are having trouble identifying what insect is biting you, they can be difficult to get rid of. This is a page about getting rid of invisible biting bugs.


Closeup of an ant hill.

Getting Rid of Ant HillsThere are a variety of ways both natural and chemical for getting rid of ant hills. This is a page about getting rid of ant hills.


Squirrels outside.

Keeping Squirrels From Chewing on a HouseSquirrels chew on a variety of things to deal with the constant growth of their teeth. However, when they begin to use you house for this activity you will want to take action. This is a page about keeping squirrels from chewing on a house.


Looking out of a window at a pigeon on a balcony

Keeping Pigeons Off Your BalconyThis is a page about keeping pigeons off your balcony. Pigeons can be very messy visitors to your porch or balcony.


Carpenter bee drilling into wood.

Getting Rid of Carpenter BeesCarpenter bees will attack the wood trim and porches around your home making holes and tunnels for nesting. This is a page about getting rid of carpenter bees.


Man scratching his head.

Getting Rid of Fleas in Human HairSometimes in the case of a bad flea infestation, fleas will also get into the hair of the pet's owners. This is a page about getting rid of fleas in human hair.


Household Bug

Identifying Household BugsThis is a page about identifying household bugs. It can be challenge to combat bugs in your home, when you don't know what kind they are.


Getting Rid of Opossums

Getting Rid of OpossumsThis is a page about getting rid of opossums. Opossums are quite adaptable and can thrive near people, munching on vegetable garden produce and nesting under houses and sheds.



A wasp's nest in the corner of a roof.

Keeping Wasps Away From Your HomeWasps can build a nest surprisingly quick around your home and be difficult to relocate. This is a page about keeping wasps away from your home.


A man itching his head.

Tiny Black Bugs Making Head ItchFleas like humans almost as much as dogs, and can be the cause of your itchy head. This is a page about tiny black bugs making head itch.


Getting Rid of Rats

Getting Rid of Rats Inside Your HouseThis is a page about getting rid of rats inside your house. Controlling a rat infestation of your home can be unpleasant.


Mosquito held between two fingers.

Making a Mosquito TrapTo keep mosquitoes from ruining a picnic or camping trip, it is nice to have an enticing trap to lure them away from you. This page is about making a mosquito trap.


Wasp sitting on a glas

Homemade Wasp RepellentKeeping wasps away from your outdoor activities can be a challenge. For those who are allergic to their sting, they can be life threatening. This is a page about Homemade Wasp Repellent.


A garter snake in grass.

How to Get Rid of Garter SnakesAlthough these innocuous snakes are not poisonous, they can still be undesirable in a yard or garden. This is a page about getting rid of garter snakes.


A gopher in the ground.

Getting Rid of GophersThis is guide about getting rid of gophers. The cute little gopher is the bane of many a gardener and home owner. They are herbivores that love to eat roots. They will eat the roots of your vegetables, flowers, and lawn. Getting rid of them can be difficult.


Squirrel in clay pot.

Keeping Squirrels from Digging in PlantsSquirrels can cause a lot of damage in plant containers and the garden. This page is about keeping squirrels from digging in plants.


photo of ants eating a scrap of onion

Getting Rid of Ants in the KitchenHave ants taken up residence in your home? The kitchen can be a challenging place to get rid of ants since there are so many sources of food. This is a page about getting rid of ants in your kitchen.


Someone scratching their hand due to bug bites.

Identifying Small White Biting BugsIf you are being bitten by small bugs, identifying them is the first step to getting rid of them. This page is full of tips for getting rid of tiny biting bugs.


Someone itching their skin from bug bites.

Getting Rid of Tiny White Biting BugsIf you have small white biting bugs in your home, it would be best to exterminate them as soon as possible. This is a page about getting rid of tiny white biting bugs.


Mole Digging Out of Hole into Open Air

Getting Rid of Moles in Your YardThis is a page about getting rid of moles in your yard. Moles can make your yard look really messy in a very short period of time. They are notoriously difficult to eliminate from your yard and often require professional assistance.


bug spray

Identifying Flying InsectsThere are a variety of small insects that can be bothersome around the house and yard. Use these tips to help identify and mitigate common tiny insects. This is a page about identifying flying insects.


yellow jackets in a house

Getting Rid of Yellow Jackets in Your HouseYellow jackets can enter your home through very small openings, such as damaged screens and attic vents. This is a page about getting rid of yellow jackets in your home.


Several small ants inside a sugar bowl

Getting Rid of Small Black AntsAnts taking over your house is exceedingly frustrating. This is a page about getting rid of small black ants.



roaches on broom

Getting Rid of Bugs in the KitchenThis is a page about getting rid of bugs in the kitchen. There are a number of insects that want to live where the human food is. You need a safe way to eliminate them.


Mobile Home Trailer

Cats Under a Mobile HomeThis page is about cats under a mobile home. Keeping animals from going under a mobile home requires good skirting.


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Mysterious Skunk SmellWe've been dealing with a mysterious skunk smell that hits our house sporadically but frequently.


Copperhead snake against a white background

Keeping Copperhead Snakes Out of Your YardThis is a page about keeping Copperhead snakes out of your yard. Finding venomous snakes in your yard can be very scary.


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How Can I Treat a Microfiber Sofa for Bedbugs?I have just found a bedbug on my microfiber sectional last night, and was wondering if I am able to spray my sofa with alcohol or any other chemical that can prevent from further more outbreak.


cat outside

Discouraging Cats from Spraying the Outside of a...It is annoying and frustrating, not to mention smelly, when cats in the neighborhood spray the outside of your home. This is a page about discouraging cats from spraying the outside of a house.


Ants on the wall of a house.

Homemade Ant Killer RecipesStore bought ant killers and pest control services can be expensive and toxic. Save money by making your own. This page has lots of green ideas for killing ants at home.


Closeup of Gray Squirrel

Keeping Squirrels Out of Fruit TreesSquirrels can be really adorable, except when they are decimating your fruit trees. Stopping the squirrels from eating the fruit on your trees will help ensure a good harvest. This is a page about keeping squirrels out if fruit trees.


Dog Scratching at Fleas

Getting Rid of Fleas in Your YardOne of the main sources of fleas coming in on your pets is your yard. Keep fleas out of your home by removing them from your yard. This is a page about getting rid of fleas in your yard.


Nesting Robin

Deterring Nesting BirdsWhen it is time to nest, birds try to choose the safest place. It can be somewhere you don't want them. This is a page about deterring nesting birds.


Orange tabby scratching at fleas inside of house

My Home is Infested With FleasThis is a page about my home is infested with fleas. Even if you do not personally have pets, your home can still become infested with fleas that you need to get rid of.



Getting Rid of Rats Around RabbitsRats love to find families that have outside pets giving them a good source of easy to get food. Care must be taken to rid yourself of the rats without harming your rabbits, chickens, or other pets. This is a page about getting rid of rats around rabbits.


RV camper

Keeping Mice Out of a CamperThis page is about keeping mice out of a camper. Rodents are attracted to human living quarters even when they are mobile.


Natural Repellents for Lizards

Natural Repellents for LizardsLizards are harmless creatures, but can be unsettling in your home or garden. This page contains natural repellents for lizards.


Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard

How to Keep Dogs Out of Your YardThis page is about how to keep dogs out of your yard. Dogs entering your yard can be a challenge to control.


Drug Store Beetles

Tiny Hard Shelled Bugs on Kitchen Countertops (Drug Store Beetles)Do you have problems with tiny hard shelled bugs on your kitchen countertops (drug store beetles)? Look for answers to getting rid of these pests in this page.


Chalked-browed mockingbird opening its mouth.

Getting Rid of MockingbirdsThis is a page about getting rid of mockingbirds.vWhile some people enjoy the varied song and antics of the mockingbird, others view them as too noisy and territorial. If you are part of the second camp then you may be looking for a way to encourage them to move on.


Getting Rid of Ants

Getting Rid of AntsWhether you are trying to deter little sugar ants in your kitchen, wood eating carpenter ants or biting fire ants in your backyard, there are a variety of different pest control methods. This is a page about getting rid of ants.



Preventing Rodents From Chewing on Your Car's...This is a page about preventing rodents from chewing on your car's fuel line. Mice and other rodents can be responsible for considerable damage to your car. They can get under the hood and gnaw on wiring and build nests.


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Should I Be Concerned About the Rat Snake Living Under My Porch?I have a black rat snake living near my front porch and have found several snake holes around the porch. I understand that they are non-venomous, but I am concerned if they can still bite or hurt one of my kids.


A woman scratching at bug bites.

Keeping No-See-Ums from BitingThis is a page about keeping no see ums from biting. No see ums are very small gnats that travel in swarms and deliver an irritating bite. They are also known as midges or sandflies.


Asian Beetles

Getting Rid of Asian BeetlesThis is a page about getting rid of Asian beetles. Often confused with Ladybugs, Asian beetles can invade your home in vast numbers.


Roach Trap

Making a Homemade Roach TrapThis is a page about homemade roach trap. In climates where cockroaches thrive, it can be a challenge to keep them under control. Making your own traps can save you money.


Diatomaceous Earth

Using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for AntsDiatomaceous earth is very effective at killing ants. When ants' exoskeletons come into contact with it, they die. It also is relatively safe for humans and pets, making it an ideal solution for eliminating ants. This page is about using food grade diatomaceous earth for getting rid of ants.


Identifying Little Biting Bugs

Identifying Little Biting BugsThis is a page about identifying little biting bugs. It can be difficult to know how how to deal with a biting bug if you can't identify it.


A woman holding a blue fly swatter.

Tiny Flying Insects in Your HouseThere is nothing more frustrating than having tiny flying insects in your house. Identifying what type of insect they are will help you get rid of them. This page contains tips for getting rid of tiny flying bugs in your house.


woman caring for a peace plant

Getting Rid of Fungus GnatsThis is a page about getting rid of fungus gnats.Getting rid of fungus gnats in your potted plants can be a frustrating chore.



Deterrents for SnakesSnakes slithering around or in your home can be both scary and dangerous. This page has advice about how to deter snakes.


Black and white rabbit eating grass.

Keeping Rabbits Out of Your GardenThis is a page about keeping rabbits out of your garden. Although cute, rabbits can be a real pest in the garden. They can quickly devour all of the plants you are growing.


Young boy looking at a kitten scratching itself.

Child Safe Remedies for FleasIf you are struggling with fleas when you have young children, be sure to use a product that will not be toxic. This is a page about child safe remedies for fleas.


Squirrel Eating From Bird Feeder

Keeping Squirrels Away (Deterring Squirrels)Despite their delightful antics, having squirrels eating the birdseed, garden or playing in your attic or shed, can be very frustrating. It can be a challenge to make your home and garden unappealing. This page is about keeping squirrels away (deterring squirrels).


Cockroach on a wooden surface

Getting Rid of Cockroaches in an...Getting rid of roaches in an apartment can be difficult. There are many options from natural products to commercial pesticides. This is a page about getting rid of cockroaches in an apartment.


Pigeon on a white background

Dealing With Pigeons and Their DroppingsThis page is about dealing with pigeons and their droppings. These birds spending time in your outdoor living area can leave a mess.


Upclose photo of a fruit fly.

Preventing Fruit FliesThis is a page about preventing fruit flies. Fruit flies can be a real nuisance in the house and can make it difficult to keep fruit out on the counter. Preventing them from multiplying in your house will ensure that they don't take over your home.


Neighbor Cat on a fence

Problems with Neighbors' CatsThis is a page about problems with neighbors' cats. You neighbor's outdoor cats can be quite a problem.


A worm on pavement.

Getting Rid of Worms On Your DrivewayWorms may appear on pavement and sidewalks after a rain for a short time. This is a page about getting rid of worms on your driveway.


House fly on a white surface.

Getting Rid of Flies at a RestaurantThis is a page about getting rid of flies at a restaurant. The food waste and garbage thrown out at restaurants can attract a lot of flies. Flies buzzing around your customers is certainly not good for business.


Flea on White

Use Ammonia to Kill FleasAmmonia applied to carpets where your dogs and cats sleep can be effective in killing fleas. Be sure to let animals out while you do this. This is a page about using ammonia to kill fleas.


An indoor cat scratching at flea bites.

Nothing is Working to Get Rid FleasFinding the most effective product and diligence on followup treatments are absolutely needed to eradicate a flea problem. This is a page about nothing is working to get rid of the fleas.


Chicken walking along side a flower bed

Keeping Chickens Out of Flower BedsThis is a page about keeping chickens out of flower beds. Despite the benefit of chickens eating garden pests, they can do some damage to your garden themselves.



Getting Rid of Ants in a DishwasherBits of food and even water can attract ants to your dishwasher. Finding the way that they are getting into your home is an important step in getting rid of them. Many homeowners have found that Terro is a very effective product to use to treat the nest by having the invaders carry it back. This is a page about getting rid of ants in a dishwasher.


A cockroach in a white kitchen sink.

Using Rubbing Alcohol as Roach SprayThis is a page about using rubbing alcohol as roach spray. Try rubbing alcohol for killing roaches rather than a commercial pesticide.


Orange tabby kitten in grass and flowers

Repelling Neighborhood CatsThis is a page about repelling neighborhood cats. Neighborhood cats can quickly become a nuisance, when they decide that your yard and gardens are their personal toilet.


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What is the Safest Product for Cleaning Up Mouse Droppings?The mice have left their droppings in my silverware and junk drawer. What is a safe product to use to clean the drawer, pens, pencils, misc. metal, and wood serving utensils?


Magnified flea against a white background

Getting Rid of Fleas in an ApartmentThis is a page about getting rid of fleas in an apartment. Whether your pet has picked up fleas or they were resident in your new apartment before you moved in it can be a chore to get rid of them.


Snail on a countertop.

Getting Rid of Slugs or Snails in the HouseThis page is about getting rid of slugs and snails in the house. It is upsetting to encounter these slimy creatures in your home.


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Getting Rid of Black Racer SnakesI have a den of snakes living in my front door stoop which is hollow red brick. I have patched the holes I see and they have a hole the size of a dime they are now using which they made. I know I have at least 5 snakes.


Neighborhood Cat On Porch

Keeping Neighborhood Cats Off PorchThis is a page about keeping neighborhood cats off porch. Even cat lovers are not necessarily pleased when the neighborhood cats take up residence on their porch.


Colored Naphthalene Balls

Alternative to Using MothballsThis is a page about alternatives to using mothballs. Mothballs can be an effective method of keeping moths out of your stored woolen clothing. However, they are also made from the highly toxic chemical naphthalene and are linked to several health issues, especially in children.


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Plants That Repel SnakesIs there any plants I can plant that repels snakes?


Keeping Animals Out of Your Garbage, Raccoon Scavenging Garbage

Keeping Animals Out of Your GarbageWhether it's neighborhood dogs, raccoons or some other animal, if they are getting into your garbage it's bound to be a mess. Keep unwanted animals out of your garbage with these handy tips. This is a page about keeping animals out of your garbage.


Silverfish on White Background

Getting Rid of SilverfishThis is a page about getting rid of silverfish. Silverfish are a perennial problem in some regions. Once they get a foothold it can be very difficult to eliminate the infestation.


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Keeping Mice Out of Storage Bins in BarnI am using plastic storage bins in my Dad's barn for things (my daughters memories, dishes etc.). How do I keep the animals (mice/squirrels) from destroying what's inside the storage bins? We switched to the plastic bins from boxes.


Air Conditioner

Roaches Coming in Through an Air ConditionerCentral air conditioning ducting can be an easy conduit for pests to enter and infest your home. This is a page about roaches coming in through an air conditioner.


Puppy scratching.

Keeping Flies Off Your DogThis is a page about keeping flies off your dog. Dogs that spend time outside are often bothered by biting flies. Are you looking for ways to protect your pet from these annoying insects?


Mouse in a House

Mice Coming in Through Hole in a FoundationMice can enter your home through the smallest of holes. Closing up this mouse entryway is the best way to keep them out. This is a page about mice coming in through a hole in my foundation.



Using Hairspray for Lice PreventionIt requires a lot of work to get rid of head lice, so prevention is vital. This page explores the idea of using hairspray for lice prevention.



Keeping Birds AwayThis is a page about keeping birds away. Finding the best way to deter birds from visiting and nesting at your home, patio or garden can be a challenge.


Someone opening the door on their cupboard.

Tiny Black Bugs in the CupboardThis is a page about tiny black bugs in the cupboard. Determining what kind of bugs you have can help you find the best way to get rid of them.


Squirrel Chewing

Squirrels Chewing on Car WiringThis is a page about squirrels chewing on car wiring. Squirrels and other rodents can cause, expensive to repair, damage to your car by chewing on the wiring.


Pill Bugs

Getting Rid of Pill BugsThis page is about getting rid of pill bugs. These arthropods are also called sow bugs, wood louses and roly polies, and live on the ground in moist places.


grey rat

Homemade Rat Bait IdeasThis is a page about homemade rat bait ideas. Getting rid of rats generally involves large traps or toxic poisons. It you are looking for another approach, there are many homemade options, many not involving toxic ingredients.


Preventing Pantry Pests

Preventing Pantry PestsThis is a page about preventing pantry pests. Opening your pantry to find bugs is frustrating.


Cockroach on a Toothbrush

Roaches In a Very Clean Home?If your home is very clean and you still have cockroaches around, they many have been there before you moved in or are coming from something in the surrounding environment. This page is about how to get rid of roaches in a very clean home.


Getting Rid of Fleas in Bedding. Upclose photo of a flea.

Getting Rid of FleasFleas reproduce very quickly so it is best to get rid of them as soon as you become aware of them. Not only do you need to get them off your pets, you need to get rid of them in your home too. This is a page about getting rid of fleas.


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Worms in the Rice and Moths in the CupboardI discovered many moth like flies in my cupboard. Later I went to cook rice and we had worms in all our rice packages. They were not even opened yet. I washed all the shelves, sprayed them with insecticide and threw away all the rice.


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DIY Foil Garden Pest Deterrents - deterrents in a fruit tree

DIY Foil Garden Pest DeterrentsFor several years, most of our big fruit trees were being attacked by squirrels, birds, rodents, raccoons, and insects. Deterrent sprays did not work. Hanging shiny CDs barely helped at all. Finally, we tried this foil method and we have all of our fruit intact and growing at extremely rapid rates. Anyone need nectarines? We can't keep up! :)


A lizard on a porch.

Keeping Lizards Off Your PorchLizards love to sun themselves during the day. Your porch may very well be a nearly ideal place for them to catch some sun and warm up. If you live in an area with many lizards, keeping lizards off your porch might be an issue you have to deal with.


Horses with fly nets to keep the horse flies off their heads.

Getting Rid of Horse FliesHorse flies can be a menace to have around. This is a page about getting rid of horse flies.


Mosquito on someone's hand.

Mosquito Repellent RecipesMosquitoes are a problem in many regions. This page contains mosquito repellent recipes.


Carpenter Bee Trap

How to Make a Carpenter Bee TrapCarpenter bees can destroy the wood in your home. Use this simple trick to capture carpenter bees. This is a page about making a carpenter bee trap.


Tiny Ants

Getting Rid of Tiny AntsBoth borax powder and diatomaceous earth can be effective in deterring ants. This is a page about getting rid of tiny ants.


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Photo of the supplies needed to make a fruit fly trap.

How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap VideoThis homemade video shows you how to make a simple but effective fruit fly trap.


fruit fly trap

Fruit Fly TrapI absolutely hate fruit flies! This trap is very easy to make and works really well.



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Keeping Bugs Out of Sealed ContainersWhen storing goods, like flour or sugar, take a solution of peppermint oil and water and wipe around the top where the lid goes. It will keep the bugs away from trying to get in whatever you are storing. Do this whenever you open the container. I use a few drops of peppermint oil and water and vinager.


A cat with a dead mouse on the ground.

Cats Catching MiceDepending on how a cat is raised, they can be helpful in controlling mice. Cats are natural predators. Many will help catch some mice, but it is important to do other prevention as well.


A carpenter bee burrowing in wood.

Identifying a Flying Burrowing InsectWhen identifying a flying burrowing insect, you may have a bee, hornet or a wasp. Some are very beneficial. There are some good sites online to find out what kind you have.


A man spraying a plant for spider mites.

Getting Rid Of Spider MitesSpider mites can damage and even kill garden and houseplants. Remove the infected leaves and stems and discard. A mixture or rubbing alcohol and water in equal parts can be sprayed on plants to kill the mites. There are additional methods offered on this page.


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Help for Biting BugsPeople, even firewood sitting in a garage can contaminate furniture with microscopic mites - I believe they're everywhere in the outdoors. I got a loveseat from my sister and slept on it, the next morning woke up and had been slimed, covered heat to toe with - nothing I could see, but boy could I feel them.


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Prevent Squirrels Digging in Flower GardenSquirrels love to hide their food. In the process of doing this, they tend to bury the food in soft dirt which is usually a newly planted garden.


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Identifying Household Bugs - small dark bug

Identifying Household BugsI need help identifying these bugs crawling on my bed. I started noticing this bug crawling on my bed. I don't notice any bite marks on me and don't see any blood stains on my bed.


Identifying Small Brown Bugs - perhaps an earwig

Identifying Small Brown BugsIt eats and dies by honey, will chill under couch cushions, and is often found when sweeping up.


Identifying a Tiny Black Bug

Identifying a Tiny Black BugAnyone have any idea what this tiny black bug is? I found it crawling on my sheets very fast, but it is almost invisible to the eye.


Rental Home Overrun with Bugs

Rental Home Overrun with BugsI want to run out of this rental home! So many bugs I have found, but landlord refuses to admit that there is an issue. Okay I know there are 1000 things I have photos of. I am renting a home in Florida, just me and my child. We noticed stains in the carpet (thought she dropped something), now the stains are everywhere. The carpet is 15 yrs old.


Identifying Reddish Brown Bugs in the Bathroom - tiny brown bug

Identifying Reddish Brown Bugs in the BathroomI recently started seeing these tiny reddish brown bugs in my bathroom. At first I just saw one or two, but over the last two days they seem to be multiplying. They are mostly on the floor by the molding, but I have found a few by the window in my shower (which I keep open quite a bit ), and in the sink. They can fly I think, but I've mostly seen them crawling.


Identifying Small Brown Bugs - hand holding a small brown bug

Identifying Small Brown BugsI found it crawling on my arm, then again across a pillow. It crawls really fast.


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