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It is annoying and frustrating, not to mention smelly, when cats in the neighborhood spray the outside of your home. This is a page about discouraging cats from spraying the outside of a house.


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May 12, 2013

I am still having a problem with a cat spraying even though she has been spayed. Can cats still spray on leaves and grass after they are spayed? I live in a basement apartment and there is a terrorist cat who comes to attack my windows and terrorize my cats. When I go outside to try to get rid of her, I smell the cat odor. I know she is fixed as I know her owners. How do I get the cat to stop coming around or attacking my windows, tearing off my screens, scaring my cats, and leaving her smell?

By Shawna


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Yes a neutered cat can and will still spray sometimes. 1st of all I would skip the cayenne pepper. It can blind an animal and create enormous pain. I have seen many things tried. Some folks get rid of the dirt near windows and replace it with rock or gravel to remove the temptation to potty there. Fencing the area with the top portion of the fence bent outward at a 45 degree angle.


My favorite is an attachment for your hose that sprays when something crossed in front of it. We used that to get rid of racoons. You might try a google search to find a noxious smell that repels cats and doesnt cost too much. You are wise to do something about this. Some cats arre so intimidated by cats visiting their windows that they begin spraying themselves. If all else fails you can block the view at the window. good luck.

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January 25, 2011

There are cats spraying on my outside porch. Cats are coming around the house all the time. (I do not own any cats). What can I do?

By Icu3 from Columbus


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Have you thought about getting a dog?

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I had a lot of feedback when I posted this question a few months back. Make sure that you are not leaving anything out for them to eat. Also make sure they cannot get under your house or in a shed close to your house to keep warm. I took dishwater and put in a plastic dishpan and then poured it out on my porch. I kept an old mop to use to clean to porch with. I also bought a couple of inexpensive products made by ARM & HAMMER and used them also. I bought the carpet & room pet fresh powder and the spray. I put both the powder and spray on my rugs that I had on the porch for people to wipe their feet on. I have a rug for the front steps, the side steps and a really good rug, that my animals don't like to step on, for people to use just before they step up into the house.


I have really light carpet, so I do my best to keep it in good shape. I also spray around the inside of the doorway and we keep a few shoes sitting at the door in case we need to go outside fast. I got a box to put the shoes in & sat them behind the door and I put the Arm and Hammer in the bottom of it. It's a very strong powder so you don't need much. I also washed & wiped down all the shoes & sprayed all of them. Again like the powder the spray is also very strong so you don't need much. I did this for about a week and then I didn't have any more trouble. From time to time I still have a stray come up and I simply nip it in the bud with the lessons I have learned. Remember it's very important to be diligent when dealing with this problem. Good luck.

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January 27, 20110 found this helpful

Tobacco dust works great. Get it at garden centers. Good luck. Jenny

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January 27, 20111 found this helpful

Hi Icu3, here are some cheap but effective cures.Hope one can work for you.


A mixture of cayenne and water. Put in spray bottle.This is nontoxic to animals,doesn't hurt plants but cats hate the smell.
Or try this dry mixture:
2 parts cayenne pepper
3 parts dry mustard
5 parts flour
Mix and sprinkle where needed.Apply again after a rain.
Cats also do not like the smell of human hair (any hair dresser would be glad to give you cut hair)
Moth Balls (they don't like the smell)
Good Luck!

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Do not use cayenne pepper around animals. The get in on their paws and then into their eyes. Cats have been blinded trying to end the pain.

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May 9, 20112 found this helpful

I'm having this exact issue. I have 4 male tomcats vying for my 1 year old cats affection. My problem is a bit different beings that I have a cat and she is about to get spayed in a few days so that's why I have the males in my back yard, fighting, and spraying like crazy. Needless to say my house downright stinks. After lots of research I have found some pretty good ways to clean up the stench and to prevent it.


White Vinegar is that one solid ingredient that most grandmothers use and it does the trick. Take 1 part Vinegar and 2 parts WARM water in a spray bottle and go around spraying the infected areas while scrubbing away the sprayed areas.

Another spray you can make is 15 ounces Hydrogen Peroxide, 2 Tbl Spoons of Baking Soda, 2 squirts of dish soap. Very important to use a disposable plastic container and spoon to mix solution. Scrub and rinse with WARM water.

Bio-Zet is a laundry detergent that is used in Australia apparently. I've never heard of it till now, but have heard great reviews about it's ability to remove cat urine or spray from fabrics, clothing, and upholstery. I will be buying this and using it for the rugs outside my house.

Do not use products containing ammonium, this will entice the cats to spray even more! As if we want that, right?

Prevention for inside the house: This also applies to people who have indoor cats in their home


First of all: Cleanliness, cleanliness, and more cleanliness. Cats are very clean animals and need their litter boxes, etc. to be nice and clean.

Having several litter boxes throughout the house in the affected areas may help with spraying. Putting lemon, orange peel, lavender, and I believe it is Eucalyptus scents where the cats have been spraying will help to detour the little tigers. Also putting food, sand paper, or plastic bags in affected areas may help too. If you have cats outside your house trying to get at your cat inside the house such as is my situation, block the view of the outside world. So your cat doesn't feel threatened and feels the need to spray as well adding to the disgusting smell.

Prevention for outside:
Lemon, lavender, orange peel, and eucalyptus scents once again. The cayenne pepper and water as someone stated earlier will definitely do the trick, but use caution as someone stated can cause blindness in cats.. I would say the cayenne pepper and water would be good just to spray on the walls of the house and not the ground (could help to avoid the kitties stepping in the stuff too and causing blindness).. Since when a cat sprays they spray vertical up onto walls, furniture, etc. I would avoid using the powder version of the cayenne pepper to help avoid kitty blindness.

The biggest prevention of all is get your females and males spayed and neutered. This helps eliminate spraying, the excess population of stray kitties, and health problems associated with the reproductive organs. Do not use the excuse that you do not have the funds to spay or neuter your pet. There are plenty of programs where there is zero to little cost to have this surgery done and if you can't afford the proper health care of your pet.. You should maybe altogether rethink the decision about getting a pet.

If none of the tactics work above, take your pet to their local vet. There may be an underlining issue that is causing the your cat to spray.

Best of luck from one cat spray sufferer to another!

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Several or one very busy local cat keeps spraying my front door and my hall stinks. I have read the other posts on here about getting rid of the smell and deterrents, but I have 2 cats. I don't know who is spraying, but I need a solution which will deter the other cats, but won't upset my cats and prevent them from using their cat flap.

I have tried the Felaway spray and have the plug in near my front door, but its not working. Does anybody have any ideas? I now have a micro chip cat flap as I caught a neighbour's cat in my hallway spraying. Both of my cats have been spayed and I don't think its them. Also can anybody tell me if the peroxide solution takes the colour out of carpets? Thanks.

By clairesmatthews


March 19, 20130 found this helpful

I don't have an answer for the cat spraying. I hope someone else does. We have the same problem on our deck at times but not often, thank goodness. As for the peroxide on your carpet, I use it full strength all the time for removing spots on our carpet. Before using it though, I would test a spot that can't be seen first.

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March 20, 20130 found this helpful

I know this might get negative feedback BUT keeping the garden hose hooked up and on spray taught the neighborhood cats what they would get if arriving at my house (pre dog era). My kids' sandbox was not to be used, nor my door. Replacing expensive screens on windows from jumping cats as well were billed to the neighbor's house insurance. That or a big fine from the police department.

Ordinances require you keep your animals in your own yard or you are responsible for their damage. One cat that would not go away; the kids scooped up with a landing net and walked it to the corner vet clinic who adopted it out (prior Humane Society here).

Back to the water. One day this big cat was trying to get into my house, scratching the steel door, I opened the window besides the door and poured out a large bowl of water on the cat. It left. They make memories of things like this. And the owner asked why her cat came home all wet. I said wait till you get the repainting bill.

My dog? Leashed. Does not bark unless pointing out a dangerous situation. She is a German shorthair. Who, when she opens the door to come in, does not scratch my door at all. Put in a handicap door handle. Walks in, shuts door, waits to be unleashed.

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March 20, 20130 found this helpful

Thanks for your responses. I will try the peroxide (test patch first though!) My front door is down stairs so the hose would be no good for me but I will keep on with the Felaway and see if that has any results after a month or so of the plug in.

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April 27, 20130 found this helpful

We have a real problem with a tom cat. Its owners have moved and its not neutered. We have 3 cats, 2 quite elderly. Always been loving, loyal pets. Since the tom cat came on the scene we have paid hundreds in vets bills where it has been fighting with our cats. The youngest is licking her fur off and is bald in patches from stress! We've had a cat flap fitted yet it still sneaks in through an open window and sprays.

My trained cats have also began spraying too. I have been out in the garden this afternoon weeding and it just stinks of cat wee. We are at our wits end. Is there anything that works to stop it coming anywhere near us? Even if we could catch him, the local rescue centre have said they are full. They can help with getting it neutered but I would have to collect it!

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April 28, 20130 found this helpful

I wish that I could come up with an easy fix for you but unfortunately I've found this kind of situation doesn't have any quick fix. The best advise I could give you is the advise I followed. Instead of wasting tons of money on clean up just to have them repeat it over and over I think you should invest in a live trap. You can pick them up under $30.00 and they can come in handy over and over. After selecting the right trap you should contact the local animal control and request assistance with the costs of spaying ferals. You might even be able to borrow or rent a trap from them but I suggest that instead of waiting on them to just spend the $30.00 so you'll always have 1 on hand since ferals and strays show up all the time. After finding a group that'll help cover the costs of spaying then just bring your cats in for the night and set the trap with some tuna or cat food. I'd also suggest that you figure out where you are going to store your catch in between the trapping and spaying since you'll need to store the cats safely after they've been trapped. Before trapping you might want to check out sites online that'll help you through the trappings and everything that you'll need to know about safely trapping, spaying and releasing. As soon as they are trapped you'll want to get them to the vets and have them spayed as soon as possible. Depending on how many ferals and strays you have this might have to be a project that takes a few weeks but it'll be worth it once they've all been spayed. After trapping them and having them spayed they will usually calm down with the spraying, fighting and breeding and that's when you'll actually have a fighting chance with clean up since cleaning up while you have ferals just waiting in the shadows to remark their territory will just cost lots of time and money with little results. There are also a lot of ideas that you can find on line to help keep them away but I think that the best results will always be from trapping, neuturing and releasing since the Tomcats will always find away through any defenses you put up because they only care about finding the ladies and spraying is how they do that.

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September 4, 2013

How do I discourage male cats from spraying my home and my shrubs?

By Irene

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April 11, 2019

I have a female spayed cat who is kept indoors, but I'm constantly faced with the smell of other cat pee outside my front door. What can I do?

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October 2, 2013

My friend next door has cats and one of them sprays on my lounge room window, as soon as I open it to let some fresh air in. I am getting very annoyed with this cat.

By Heather from Murray Bridge

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March 22, 2010

Can anyone give me any ideas on how to keep away stray cats? They spray on the porch and then it comes in the house on our shoes and smells terrible. Please help. It is driving me insane.

By Melissa from Cullman, AL


Cats Spraying Outside Our House

Check this link:


It's the contact info for the Cullman County Animal Shelter which should be near you. I'd give them a call and see if they can refer you to any no-kill, humane-trappers near you.

Where we live in S. FL, there are a couple of small volunteer "cat people" organizations who do just that, collect nuisance stray cats. They run them through participating local vets for neuter and spay, and then either present them to a couple of shelters here for adoption or release them in other areas after they're sterilized.

Might help? (02/23/2010)

By Candy Killion

Cats Spraying Outside Our House

Apart from the removal of the offending cats, you may find that spraying a mix of water and citronella oil (keeps away mosquitoes) may help around the porch. Cats really hate the orange smell, but humans generally find it pleasant. A strong mixture of bicarb soda and water sprayed over the areas cats have peed on will help deodorize and neutralize the smell, without harming anything.
Hope this may help. (02/23/2010)

By Vicki Keong

Cats Spraying Outside Our House

We had the same problem. Years ago a vet told us to take a can of tuna and lace it with cayenne pepper. He said it would not hurt the animal and the animal would go home and have diarrhea after consuming. Thus they would take the animal to the vet and the vet would advise them to keep the cat(s) at home as they were getting into something they shouldn't. It seemed to work, since we didn't have them around anymore. Cats are smart and usually will not go back to an area that has caused them any problems. Vet also told us that they mark their territory this way and obviously some other animal had marked it and it was becoming a marking battle. Go figure. (02/24/2010)

By tikko marie

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May 15, 2009

Is there anything out there for getting rid of cat urine smell? We have a neighbor cat that is spraying the outside of the house. In the late evening, the smell is coming inside the house.

Safka from NW


Cats Spraying Outside My Door

There are about four cats (not sure if they are stray or not) that are always going in my yard. The problem is that they have been spraying all around my house, my kids' bikes smell like it, and now that it is getting warmer you can really smell it when you even walk outside. Is there anything I can plant or put down so the cats stop spraying? And is there anything I can do to get rid of the odor that is already there?


Cats Spraying In My Yard

Fox urine! You can buy it in liquid form and get small containers that you hang around your house and yard in strategic places, or get it in powder form which you sprinkle around your home and yard. The draw back of the powder form is that you have to reapply it every time it rains. It is quite expensive, but it works like a charm!

Another remedy is to plant garlic all around the perimeter of your house, or sprinkle hot pepper powder. You have to have sizable quantities of that to make it work, but animals hate the smell of garlic and the hot pepper. The fox urine is completely nontoxic and won't harm the cats. It's success undoubtedly lies in its ability to scare the living daylights out of the cats! I would go with the fox urine!

You can also use a Have a Heart trap, and the animal warden will pick up the cats, provided you use their traps! The fox urine can probably be found at larger garden supply sources. You might try doing an Internet search. My mother uses it all the time and buys it from a garden center called "The Chalet," but I am not sure whether it is a local thing (Chicago suburbs,) or a national chain!

BySusan K. Beal

Cats Spraying In My Yard

They are probably spraying more because it is mating season.

  1. If the cats were spayed or neutered, they would not likely be spraying. If they belong to your neighbors, I would talk with them about it and do #3. If they are strays, take them to a spay/neuter clinic and they are likely to stop spraying. You may also have some new, more pleasant little friends.
  2. Coffee grounds can be poisonous for dogs and cats and probably other animals and moth balls are not good for children.
  3. Motion-activated sprinkler systems can work to keep cats away and don't hurt them.
  4. To get rid of the odor, hose down anything they have "sprayed" outside and possibly use something like Nature's Miracle on the bikes to rid them of the odor. Moving the items to another location out of reach of the cats might help, as they will smell the odor on the items and keep coming back to the same place.

By guest

Cats Spraying In My Yard

Simple Solution from Petsmart or other pet store works wonders on cat urine odors. I think there is one specifically for cat urine.

By Christy

Cats Spraying In My Yard

Not Mothballs! They change from solid to gas. The gas (therefore the smell) is toxic. In humans it can cause headaches and ruin your desire to eat. They are intended to be used in closed containers to prevent the smell from escaping and to kill moths within the container.

If your problem is with a neighborhood cat invite your neighbors over for a sniff on a hot sunny day and while you are there suggest they consider building an outdoor cat run. It is great for outdoor cats and can be made to cover as much area in their backyard as they feel they would like to donate to their cat. It can be made with something as simple as chicken wire and wood stakes and works at keeping cats in as long as it has a top.

By guest

Cats Spraying In My Yard

One of the tricks I learned while working in vets' offices to get those cats to stop marking in your yard, is to buy strong smelling soaps (Zest, Coast, Irish Spring) and chunk it up around where the cats are spraying. The smell will deter them from the area and it is safe for children.

By Michelle

Cats Spraying Outside My Door

Do not use pepper, it can be fatal to cats.

By<ahref="http://www.thriftyfun.com/profile.Idml?profile=thr165686"> Maryeileen


Cats Spraying Outside Our House

Wanna hear a cool way the Japanese deal with this? They fill up Clear rectangular drink bottles with water and line them up where the cats pee. They said that the lights refracting from these bottles made the cats not want to go there. I saw tons of these water filled bottles in Kyoto so they must work!

The bottles should have as many angles as possible so the "ribbed" bottles work best. In Japan, I think water comes in this size and shape, but there must be some drink like this in your neck of the woods. (03/23/2006)

By Eugene

RE: Cats Spraying Outside Our House

Cats Spraying Outside Our House

Spray hydrogen peroxide on the sprayed area and tell the owners to get responsible and get the cats "fixed" or you will call animal control. (04/21/2006)

By Kat

Cats Spraying Outside Our House

I tried the coffee grounds last night and it worked. The neighborhood skunk checked it out (but didn't stink up our home), and no cats came around! (08/17/2006)

By suburban woman

Cats Spraying Outside Our House

Use lemon essential oil mixed with water. (01/31/2008)

By Mel

Cats Spraying Outside Our House

(Submitted via email)

If you purchase Rug Doctor odor control, it is an enzyme that eats the cat odor, I have used it myself and it is the only thing that worked to get rid of the odor. Pour the contents into a water bottle and spray the affected area.
Also, to prevent the cats from spraying try throwing moth balls around the area and fill another water bottle with half vinegar and half apple cider vinegar and spray. The cats supposedly don't like the smell and it should deter them from coming around.

I don't know if it works as I myself am about to go to the store to purchase the above items and try it out as I now have 2 stray male cats spraying all around my backdoor. But I do know the Rug Doctor will get rid of the odor. Barbs5boys (03/18/2009)

By Sally

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January 25, 2011

How do I keep the stray cats from spraying urine on my cellar windows and screens?

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August 16, 2010

Tom cats spray outside my house and garden and now because of the smell my indoor tom cat has started to spay inside the house.

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February 22, 2010

How do I keep cats from spraying on my house outside?

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