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Dental tools in open mouth

Getting Dental Work w/o InsuranceFor the many people without dental insurance, there are sometimes affordable ways to get the needed work done. This is a page about getting dental work done without insurance.


Buy now pay later button on a computer keyboard.

Buy Now, Pay Later WebsitesBuy now, pay later websites offer an alternative to shopping using a credit or debit card. This is a page about buy now, pay later websites.


A happy girl at a dentists office.

Finding a Dentist That Takes Payments?Dental work is often very expensive. Finding a dentist that takes payments is a good way to get the dental care you need now and finish paying for it later.


$500 bills

Cashing an Old Money Order?This page is about cashing an old money order. A financial instrument often has an expiration date.


Minimum Payments to Avoid Collections

Minimum Payments to Avoid CollectionsMaking minimum payment to keep an account from going into collections is good way to ensure your credit score does not drop unnecessarily. If you can make minimum payments to avoid collections it's usually a good idea.


Roll of quarters on white background.

Where Can I Buy Rolls of Quarters?Paper rolls for rolling coins are often available from your bank at no charge. If you would like to purchase quarters already in rolls, the bank has those as well for $10 per roll. This is a page about where can I buy rolls of quarters?


Sepia tint image of a stack of white envelopes

Making Money by Stuffing Envelopes at...This is a page about making money by stuffing envelopes at home. People looking for work from home jobs have been tempted to consider envelop stuffing opportunities. Many such offers are often a scam.


A nice looking antique chair.

Selling Antique FurnitureWhen you are selling vintage pieces of furniture you will want to get the best price for it. This page is about selling antique furniture.


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Financial Assistance to Purchase a Car?Is there any kind of help out there for purchasing a car? I am disabled and on a fixed income and I need some kind of help with money purchasing a car.


Shredding Confidential Document

Disposing of Important PapersThis page is about disposing of important papers. Protecting your personal data is important. There are a number of ways to destroy documents that you no longer need to keep.


Man holds invoice of water usage over desk.

Keeping Track of Bill Due DatesMany people use a calendar or their cell phone to keep track of when bills need to be paid. This is a page about keeping track of bill due dates.


Kraft Roka Blue Cheese Spread

Buying Kraft Roka Blue Cheese SpreadThis page is about buying Kraft Roka Blue cheese spread. This well loved spread has been discontinued by Kraft and can no longer be found in store but you can still find it sometimes online.



A girlfriend and boyfriend struggling to pay bills.

Sharing Living Expenses With Boy/GirlfriendThis page is about sharing living expenses with boyfriend. When living with a partner it is important to have a clear understanding of how the household costs are divided.


Using a tablet to shop at a website.

Bill Me Later WebsitesIt is possible with some website to order products and have them bill you later. This is a page about bill me later websites.


A person creating a denture plate.

Getting Dentures Without Insurance?This is a page about getting dentures without insurance. If you don't have dental insurance it can be difficult to afford dentures. Here are some tips about finding low cost dental care.


Senior Woman Giving Credit Card Details On The Phone

Avoiding Telephone ScamsIt is important to be cautious of anyone contacting you via telephone. There are many criminals who use fraudulent tricks to get personal information, which can result in identity theft or credit card fraud. This is a page about avoiding telephone scams.


Woman Holding Handful of Coupons with Thumbs Up

Tricks for Saving MoneyThis is a page about tricks for saving money. The whole point of being thrifty and frugal is to save money. Saving money in big chunks can be very difficult, but little things you do everyday can really add up over time.


An street with an "Apartment For Rent" sign.

Renting an ApartmentThis is a page about renting an apartment. Whether you are a first time renter or have rented before, there are a lot of things to consider when renting an apartment.


Coins Flying out of Jar

Saving Spare ChangeIt can be amazing how quickly those extra coins can add up. This page is about saving spare change.


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Repaying Cigna for Disability Overpayment?My husband received his retroactive back pay from Social Security. He was supposed to forward it to Cigna, as repayment for overpayment of long term disability received from Cigna.


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Saving Money on DentistryBrush your teeth and floss after every meal and have a professional cleaning every 6 months! Saves in the long run from having cavities filled, teeth pulled, gum scrapings, etc.


Money Management Tips

Money Management Tips and TricksThis page contains money management tips and tricks. There are a few basic rules to managing your money that will help you avoid fiscal trouble.


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Device To Keep a Running Total While Shopping?I am looking for a device other that a calculator that will keep a running total of what I'm putting in my shopping cart. I am just starting a new budget and would like to keep on track as much as possible.


A woman looking at many receipts and paperwork on a wooden floor.

Simple Household Bookkeeping SystemKeeping track of household expenditures does not need to be a complex process. This is a page about simple household bookkeeping system.


A woman working from home.

Finding Legitimate Work From Home JobsThis is a page about finding legitimate work from home jobs. Working from home is rewarding but requires discipline, organization and finding just the right opportunity.


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Ways to Raise Money for a School Trip?My class is going on a trip to Washington D.C.. What are some good ways for me to raise money if I'm under the age of 15?


A woman working a second job at a gift store.

Second Job Ideas?This is a page about second job ideas. Financial constraints may at time require you to get a second job.



Buying Garage Sale Items to Resell

Buying Garage Sale Items to ResellThis page is about buying garage sale items to resell. Selling select items bought at yard sales can be a great way to make some extra money.


A woman adjust her heat thermostat to save money.

Tips for Living on Just Social Security?This is a page about tips for living on just Social Security. Trying to live on Social Security alone can be very challenging.


Computer screen on the online auction website, eBay.

How to Use Online Auctions and Not Get...This is a page about how to use online auctions and not get burned. Online auctions can be a great way to find bargains, but there are always risks when buying items on online auction sites. Safely buying and selling on online auction sites like eBay can be a great way to save or even make money.


A woman looking at Medicare paperwork.

Medicare Part B Coverage Advice?This is a page about Medicare Part B coverage advice. Medicare part B covers a variety of outpatient services, doctor visits, supplies, and other costs. Understanding the types of things covered by the different parts of Medicare can help save you money.


A shopping cart in a grocery store.

Listing of Discount Grocery StoresDiscount grocery stores can be a great place to save money when buying food for your family. Finding a list of stores near you can sometimes be a challenge. This is a page about listing of discount grocery stores.


Man Working at Home

Rural Work at Home Ideas?Working from home may be just the employment option to fit your current needs. However, if you live in a rural area there may be challenges in addition to getting the support of your employer or finding a legitimate work from home company.


A man holding a money order.

Filling Out a Money Order?Money orders are a safe alternative to checks and can be used for any debts that need to be paid. Money order services such as Western Union are popular. They are also available through the U.S. Post Office.


White Low Flow Toilet

Saving Money on Your Sewer BillThis is a page about saving money on your sewer bill. An unavoidable bill for many of us is the sewer bill. Finding ways to save money on this utility expense will help your family stay on budget.


Saving Money on Paper Towels

Saving Money on Paper TowelsThis page is about saving money on paper towels. A thrifty way to reduce garbage is to use fewer paper towels, and consider using washable fabrics.


Using VA Benefits

Using VA BenefitsThis page is about using VA benefits. Service veterans are eligible for many benefits through the veterans administration.


Cash Tip Left UNder Water Glass at Pizza Restaurant

Getting Good Tips Waiting TablesIf you wait tables, you know that a large portion of your income is from tips. Getting the best tip possible from each customer can have a big impact on how much you take home at the end of the day. This is a page about getting good tips waiting tables.


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"Debt into Wealth" Reviews?I'm wondering if any of you have tried the "Debt into Wealth" course that is offered online by Greg Moore. He claims that he can have you debt free in 5-7 years, including your mortgage.


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Retaking the Longshoreman UTR Training?I was one of the lucky winners that got my name pulled in the lottery. I went through the orientation, passed my lashing test and when I waited for my name to come up for my UTR training, but it never came up.


Garbage Bag

Saving Money on Garbage BagsThis page is about saving money on garbage bags. There are a number of ways to save on these bags and reduce the bulk of your garbage.


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Gas Only Credit Cards?Are there any gas credit cards to limit purchases/use to gas only?



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How to Report Rental Income from a Live-in Relative?We just bought a house and my sister is going to live with us for a time and give us $500 towards expenses each month. Once tax time comes, I am not sure how to claim this money that she gives us. Does anyone else have a similar situation, and how do you work it with taxes?


Increasing Your Savings, Stack of Money

20 Easy Ways to Increase Your SavingsThe best way to secure the financial future of you and your family is to save money now. This page features tips you can use to start increasing your savings.


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How Much Should I Charge a Friend Temporarily Staying in My Apartment?A friends apartment is under investigation for BGE (Baltimore Gas and Electric) which means she has no electricity in her apartment. She has been here for over a month, doing her laundry and eating. She asked, "How much do I owe you?" My question is what is a fair amount?


A shocked woman reviewing a utility bill.

Troubleshooting the Cause of a Large Electric Bill?Receiving a utility bill that is unexplainably high is initially a shock. Then the question is what is wrong. With a high electric bill, sometimes the culprit is a malfunctioning appliance. This is a page about troubleshooting the cause of a large electric bill.


Senior Woman eating lunch after shopping

Saving Money as a Senior CitizenThis is a page about saving money as a senior citizen. Many senior citizens live on fixed incomes making it hard to deal with continual cost escalation.


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Sharing Expenses with a Live-in Boyfriend?I moved with my bf. We had an argument with him regarding sharing the expenses. He is not clear and just told me that couples help each other. I'm gonna leave my job to move with him, but as of now I don't have source of income. We were at the grocery he told me we need to share at least half. I thought he was kidding me and when we were at the counter he told the cashier to split it.


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Reducing Food Costs and Avoiding DebtBudgeting is an integral part of personal finance and debt management. It requires proper allocation of money in all the categories to save money. Although purchasing food is necessary, if you're not attentive, it may also break your budget.


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Selling Vintage Heat Transfer Designs?Does anyone have any insight on how to sell or where to turn to unload mostly vintage heat transfer designs? Mostly from the 80s and 90s, some are also from the 2000s up to 2014. I purchased what was left from a business that closed and now have over 8000 heat transfer images.


A woman working on a computer at home.

Non-MLM Work From Home Ideas?I will soon be moving to a location that is deep in a canyon and about 30 miles from the nearest town. It's over 80 miles to a town that would have employment that could be considered substantial. I would like to do something at home.


A recycled jar with change inside.

Change ShortageMy husband and I save our change. It's quicker and more convenient for us to get change back from the clerk than it is to carry change with us. However, there is a change shortage now so when I get a pint jar full, I roll it in coin wrappers and take it to the bank. They are so appreciative to get it. I turned in $46.50 a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised to see it was that much. It does not take long to fill a pint jar.


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My Debit Card Was Stolen and Used Online?I have recently had my credit/debit card number stolen and used online. Between May 27-31st over $1000.00 of charges were made. I was alerted to this by a letter from my bank saying that I was .32 cents overdrawn.


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Contact Your Internet Provider About OutagesThis morning, my internet suddenly stopped working. I restarted my router and nothing was working. I searched online "Is Cox down in my area" and there were many reports. I decided to log onto my Cox Internet account and it said there are outages in your neighborhood and to text a number to stay informed when it'll be back up. My internet ended up being down for 5 hours.


A pile of money with a face mask.

How Are You Using Your Stimulus Payment?Many U.S. citizens are receiving money from the government this week, in order to stimulate the economy and help struggling families during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a big help for many people, including my family. I'm using about half of the payment to cover an upcoming surgery and the other half will pay off a hospital stay from last February.


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DIY Business Receipts?How do you use or create a business receipt that is acceptable for filing taxes?


An arrow sign that says "Home for Sale"

Preparing a Home for SaleWe want to sell our home and build a smaller one. Our home is only three and a half years old. I need some staging tips before we put it on the market.


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What Are Some Reliable Survey-taking Sites?This question didn't fit in any category, but here goes: Does anyone here participate in online surveys to earn cash/rewards/gift cards? I'm interested in doing this, but I don't know of many sites that are reliable and safe and I thought some of you here would. Right now I'm on surveymonkey and I like it. Also which survey sites should I avoid?


A person holding several shopping bags.

Being a Secret ShopperIf you love to shop or dine out, a part time job being a secret shopper might suit you. You have the chance to share your shopping experience to improve the business. Payment is often in goods or discounts rather than cash but there are many different programs.


Woman looking at a bill.

Changing the Name on a Utility BillI decided to change the name on the phone bill from my husband's name (since he has been deceased for over a year) to my name. However, it turns out they cancel everything in the old account, including the old email, and start over with a new account!


Coins on top of a paper cup with a plastic lid.

Hiding Car Coins in Plain SightI rarely buy coffee out but when I do, I have these cups to recycle. One day, I was throwing my change in the console, and this old cup was in there from the day before.


Online Sales Tax

Will the Main Street Fairness Act Affect Me?As Congress debates whether or not to pass the Main Street Fairness Act, consumers are wondering what this means to them. In fact, customers have been wondering for years why they pay sales tax to some online and catalog orders and not to others.


Several coast guard ships at a dock in Miami, FL.

Applying for a TWIC CardThe TWIC card, or Transportation Worker Identification Credential, allows people to work for the Coast Guard or other maritime facilities in the U.S. Applications can be found online and there are many locations nationwide to turn in the paperwork.


A collection of lit pillar candles.

Selling Candles?Candles are popular for decorating and scenting your home. Some people hand craft their candles and others act as a salesman for a commercial candle company, or resell their own candles.


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Investing in the Stock MarketInvesting in the stock market takes some research. Learn what stocks you can purchase and how best to acquire them. Direct stocks can be purchased without a broker


A man using a credit card

Protecting Your Banking InformationChecking account information has been at risk for some time. Whether the thief steals a check or is able to acquire your account number and routing number or debit or credit card information, it is the account holder that needs to be aware of unauthorized activity on their account. This page contains ideas for protecting your checking account information.


A shower of money.

Why a Budget is Like a ShowerUsing a too hot shower as a simile for one's monthly budget, learn how you can adjust your expenditures to fit your budget rather painlessly. The following essay discusses why a budget is like a shower.


A pile of coins on a white background.

Give Yourself a Second Payday With CoinsMany people drop their loose change in a bucket or jar. If you take that cache in to your local market where there is a Coinstar machine you can turn it into cash, no fee gift cards, or make a donation. There is a fee for the service, but you don't have to sort and wrap as with a bank. This can make you feel like you just got a second payday.


A bandaid on a white background.

Saving Money on BandagesWhen your kids use too many bandages, there are some ways you can reduce the number they use. One way to save by using stickers on plain bandaids in place of character bandaids.


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Finding Free Dental Assistance for Veterans?I can't afford to remove a molar lying on my jawbone. I is 4000.00 plus. However I found a dentist who made me a lower denture that looks great except that with cuts on my tongue and multiple abrasions under my tongue I am unable to shallow. It is too unbearable for me to use them longer than an hour. I have dental insurance with the VA, but they can't help.


Several envelopes on a desk with other supplies around.

Is Hazel Peppergood Inc. a Scam?Hazel Peppergood is advertised as a viable work from home opportunity but reviews have not always had good success with this opportunity. This page discusses whether Hazel Peppergood, Inc. is a scam.


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Buying a House with Bad Credit?I'm on disability and my husband has been self-employed for over 25 years. We want to sell our mobile home and buy a house more suited to us, but with low income and bad credit (due to identity theft we are still dealing with), we're not sure if it's even possible. Where and with whom should we start?


Legal paperwork for child support in the judge's chambers.

SSDI and Child Support Modifications?Balancing a social security payment with a large child support bill can be challenging. This page discusses SSDI and child support modifications.


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Suggestions for Investing for Short Term Growth?I have $500 to invest for each of my 4 children. I want to invest it and have it grow for the next 5 years. Any ideas?


money flying around about a laptop

Making Money With Your ComputerAlthough there are lots of websites online that suggest you can make money working from home, it's best to use caution to avoid scams or predatory MLM businesses. However, there are some legitimate ways to use your computer to earn income. This page discusses making money with your computer.


A woman using her phone about money matters.

Roadblocks to Financial WellbeingCommon mistakes in budgeting or spending can cause a ripple effect through your finances. Planning and will power can keep you on the right track. This page contains advice for avoiding roadblocks to your financial wellbeing.


Person with credit cards and a calculator.

Reducing Credit Card DebtThe amount of credit card debt you owe can creep up on you. If you only pay the minimum payment you will not make any headway in reducing the balance. Make larger payments, pay off recent charges, and reduce the purchases to see the balance go down. This is a page about reducing credit card debt.


Dresses on mannequins.

Earning Extra Money With Consignment StoresWhen clearing clutter and unused clothing, rather than donating it all to a thrift store check to see if any of the items may be a good choice to take to a consignment store. You might earn some extra cash. This is a page about earning extra money with consignment stores.


Certificates of Deposit  on a desk.

Investing in Certificates of Deposit (CDs)Unlike a savings account, certificate of deposit funds are invested for a set time period and set interest rate. There can be a stiff penalty when the funds are withdrawn early. This is a page about investing in certificates of deposit (CDs).


Financial advisor going over some notes with senior couple

Financial Advice for RetirementWhether you are just starting your retirement plans or are currently retired, your situation can benefit from expert financial advice. This is a page about financial advice for retirement.


Mother and daughter choosing product at the grocery store.

Saving Money on Kid Friendly ProductsYou don't need to spend much money to have fun with the kids. Frugal options are available to teach a creative young mind. This is a page about saving money on kid friendly products.


Home inspector with a clipboard.

Home Inspection Tips for New Home BuyersGetting a house inspected properly before purchasing is an important step to take for first time home buyers. This is a page about home inspection for first time or new home buyers.


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Opt Out of Financial Credit OffersPeople can steal those forms right out of your mailbox and steal your identity. You can opt out by going to this website.


Woman surrounded by boxes, getting them ready to send.

Finding Production or Assembly Work You Can Do From Home?Finding work from home jobs, especially non technical ones can be very difficult and not necessarily profitable. Continued diligence may pay off. This is a page about finding production or assembly work you can do from home.


Woman holding a stack of credit cards and typing into a calculator.

Dealing With Credit Card DebtThis is a page about dealing with credit card debt. Do you have a large amount of credit card debit or is your interest rate really high? Here are some tips and advice to help you deal with your credit card debt.


Man making purchase with credit card online

Do I Need to Insure My Credit Cards?Most credit card companies offer some type of insurance if you are injured, unemployed or otherwise unable to pay. This page helps answer the question: do I need to insure my credit cards?.


Too many overdue bills piled up on desk.

Sinking In Debt, More Bills Than Income?If your bills are higher than your take-home pay, it's time to get some help. This page has advice about sinking in debt, more bills than income.


Woman sitting in kitchen working on her budgeting

Struggling With a Small BudgetIf your paychecks are being stretched, look for places to tighten the belt. This is a page about struggling with a small budget.


Man sitting down to interview looking at resume

Finding a Job with a Felony Charge?Unfortunately, a felony charge can follow you around, damaging your employment opportunities. This is a page about finding a job with a felony charge.


Graduation hat on top of a pile of coins.

Paying Off High Interest Student Loans?It is important to pay off high interest loans as quickly as possible. In some cases, you may be able to consolidate student loans for a lower rate. This is a page about paying off high interest student loans.


Filing an Insurance Claim After a Fire - Pokémon card collection

Filing an Insurance Claim After a Fire?When claiming a fire loss I have a book Pokémon cards in plastic sleeves. What is a replacement value of over 1000 cards? Do I look up every card? Will the smoke smell ever disappear? I am trying to negotiate with the insurance company myself. The cards can't be cleaned like most surfaces in my house.


Hands holding cash to be put away for savings

Saving Your RaiseThis is a page about saving your raise. Saving money can be difficult. One thing that might work for you, if you get a raise, is to bank it, all of it. This way that extra money can grow and be used for future large purchases or unforeseen events.


Building with the word "Bank" on it.

Emigrant Direct Bank ReviewsIt's best to do research when selecting a financial institution to manage your money. This is a page about Emigrant Direct bank reviews.


Man driving at night in the city.

Driving for UberThis is a page about driving for Uber. If you check local job listings you are apt to find numerous ads for becoming an Uber driver. The pros an cons are clearly laid out in the personal experience essay included in this post.


Man holding out a car key.

Loaning Your Car To SomeoneThis is a page about loaning your car to someone. Before loaning your car to a friend or family member check with your insurance company to make sure that they will be covered.


Woman concerned about her bills negotiating on the phone

Negotiating Payment Plans for BillsThis is a page about negotiating payment plans for bills. When it becomes difficult to make the payments on your bills you can sometimes contact the company or utility and arrange a payment plan. Even if they are not open to that concept, consider whether equal monthly billing for utilities would help.


Woman studying for exam with books and computer

Tips for Passing the NBCOT Exam?The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy is for health professionals who treat people recovering from an injury, physical impairment, or mental health issues.This is a page about tips for passing the NBCOT exam.


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Claiming Step Children on Taxes?Can I claim my stepdaughter on my taxes if I support her and she is a full-time student that lives under my roof?


Tax Return Form with One Hundred Dollar Bill

Avoiding Early Tax Refund LoansIt's better to wait for your tax return to come from the IRS rather than losing part of it to pay for the early loan. This is a page about avoiding early tax refund loans.


One hand giving money to another hand.

Loaning Money to RelativesOftentimes, family will financially support each other whenever there is an emergency. However, it can be difficult to expect it to be returned promptly. This is a page about loaning money to relatives.


Brick apartments with laundry hanging from the balcony.

Low Income Apartments in North Carolina?Most cities have what is known as section 8 housing, for low income residents. You will need to contact Social Services or the Housing Authority in order to apply and get on the waiting list. Unfortunately the wait is typically quite lengthy. This is a page about low income apartments in North Carolina.


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A pile of money with a face mask.

How Are You Using Your Stimulus Payment?

Many U.S. citizens are receiving money from the government this week, in order to stimulate the economy and help struggling families during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a big help for many people, including my family. I'm using about half of the payment to cover an upcoming surgery and the other half will pay off a hospital stay from last February.


A man cutting up his credit cards.

Reducing Credit Card DebtMany of us use a credit card for online purchases, bill pay, or when we go out so we have some fraud protection. Throw in a major auto repair or medical expense and it can be easy to start running a balance. It's easy to feel resigned to being in debt but with proper planning you can get your credit cards under control.


Woman paying grocer with cash

How to Save Money By Paying With CashThis is a page about how to save money by paying with cash. There are numerous benefits to not purchasing items on credit. We are surrounded by constant incentives to use credit, but just avoiding interest fees help you save money.


A woman with a coffee cup and a computer monitor behind her.

Working From HomeMany people are attempting to work from home during the current lockdown. Here are some tips for being effective without having to go into the office.


Getting Out of Debt, Picture of a woman cutting a credit card.

Getting Out of DebtThis page is a page about getting out of debt. Consumer debt is at all time highs and the interest on carrying large amounts of debt is very expensive. Carrying less debt is something that every household should strive for.


A sneaker next to a heeled dress shoe.

Preparing for a Life with Less IncomeI am planning to retire in the next three to five years. I have been thinking a lot about making sure I am in the best financial situation possible. I realized that it is really my second time planning to live on less income. 35 years ago I left the workforce to raise my family. That was temporary; this is probably going to be permanent. A lot of the things I did then to prepare for less income I am doing now.


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Price For Laundry?How much should I charge a friend for folding three loads of laundry, only folding?


A woman working at home giving a high-five to her cat.

Brainstorm: Non-MLM Work From Home Ideas?There are many people looking for ways to earn money at home, either part time or as a full time career. It is even more true now that the COVID shutdowns showed us all how many jobs can be handled remotely. If you are able to earn a living working from home, please tell us how you do it.


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DIY Business Receipts?How do you use or create a business receipt that is acceptable for filing taxes?


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Cleaning Charge for Airbnb?I am starting a cleaning service and my first client wants me to clean their Airbnbs when a guest leaves and do the laundry such as the sheets and towels. They also wants me to restock the houses. They will have one central location for supplies where they keep their supplies. I can take the laundry home and do it myself or I can take it to a service and do a drop-off and pick-up. I live in North Alabama, so how much do you think I should charge for each job?


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Charges For Housekeeping?What do I charge to mop and dust two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and kitchen. The floor is all porcelain tile. I'll also be cooking breakfast, coming in 3 days a week, taking to doctor's appointments, running small errands The house is already really clean. It's an older gentleman and just mostly needs to see another person in the house.


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Cashing an Older Money Order?I have an 6 month old Western Union money order; can I still cash it? And where?


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