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Tips and ideas about living frugally and keeping the money you save.

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Woman Holding Handful of Coupons with Thumbs Up

Tricks for Saving MoneyThis is a page about tricks for saving money. The whole point of being thrifty and frugal is to save money. Saving money in big chunks can be very difficult, but little things you do everyday can really add up over time.


Coins Flying out of Jar

Saving Spare ChangeIt can be amazing how quickly those extra coins can add up. This page is about saving spare change.


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Saving Money on DentistryBrush your teeth and floss after every meal and have a professional cleaning every 6 months! Saves in the long run from having cavities filled, teeth pulled, gum scrapings, etc.


Saving Money on Paper Towels

Saving Money on Paper TowelsThis page is about saving money on paper towels. A thrifty way to reduce garbage is to use fewer paper towels, and consider using washable fabrics.


Garbage Bag

Saving Money on Garbage BagsThis page is about saving money on garbage bags. There are a number of ways to save on these bags and reduce the bulk of your garbage.


Increasing Your Savings, Stack of Money

20 Easy Ways to Increase Your SavingsThe best way to secure the financial future of you and your family is to save money now. This page features tips you can use to start increasing your savings.


A recycled jar with change inside.

Change ShortageMy husband and I save our change. It's quicker and more convenient for us to get change back from the clerk than it is to carry change with us. However, there is a change shortage now so when I get a pint jar full, I roll it in coin wrappers and take it to the bank. They are so appreciative to get it. I turned in $46.50 a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised to see it was that much. It does not take long to fill a pint jar.


Coins on top of a paper cup with a plastic lid.

Hiding Car Coins in Plain SightI rarely buy coffee out but when I do, I have these cups to recycle. One day, I was throwing my change in the console, and this old cup was in there from the day before.


A shower of money.

Why a Budget is Like a ShowerUsing a too hot shower as a simile for one's monthly budget, learn how you can adjust your expenditures to fit your budget rather painlessly. The following essay discusses why a budget is like a shower.


A pile of coins on a white background.

Give Yourself a Second Payday With CoinsMany people drop their loose change in a bucket or jar. If you take that cache in to your local market where there is a Coinstar machine you can turn it into cash, no fee gift cards, or make a donation. There is a fee for the service, but you don't have to sort and wrap as with a bank. This can make you feel like you just got a second payday.


A bandaid on a white background.

Saving Money on BandagesWhen your kids use too many bandages, there are some ways you can reduce the number they use. One way to save by using stickers on plain bandaids in place of character bandaids.


Mother and daughter choosing product at the grocery store.

Saving Money on Kid Friendly ProductsYou don't need to spend much money to have fun with the kids. Frugal options are available to teach a creative young mind. This is a page about saving money on kid friendly products.



Hands holding cash to be put away for savings

Saving Your RaiseThis is a page about saving your raise. Saving money can be difficult. One thing that might work for you, if you get a raise, is to bank it, all of it. This way that extra money can grow and be used for future large purchases or unforeseen events.


Military Serviceperson Holding Cash

Proof for a Military DiscountGetting your military discount when you can is important because it can save you a lot of money over time. Be sure to bring proof for a military discount if you are entitled to it.


A cashier refunding cash to a customer.

Understanding Price Adjustment PoliciesThis is a page about understanding price adjustment policies. Sometimes after you purchase an item, you find it for less somewhere else. Many stores have price adjustment policies, where they will match the lesser price and refund you the difference.


An instructor and student in a welding class.

Saving Money at Local Technical SchoolsLocal technical schools often offer services at a discounted rate to help train their students. This is a page about help your local tech school and save money.


Refill Foaming Hand Soap

Refill Foaming Hand SoapFoaming hand soap can be expensive when you buy a new bottle each time you run out, but you can save money by refilling a foaming hand soap bottle with diluted liquid soap. Learn how in this page.


two yellow onions on white background

Saving Money on OnionsThis is a page about saving money on onions. Buying onions in season and storing properly can help you save money.


two people shaking hands and exchanging business cards

Saving Money on Business CardsThis is a page about saving money on business cards. Making your own cards and online ordering can both save you money on business card creating and printing.


family make dinner

Saving Money on DinnerYour biggest meal of the day does not have to be expensive and you can save a lot, by making food from scratch. This is a page about saving money on dinner.


Professional Portrait Photographer

Saving Money on PhotographyThis is a page about saving money on professional photographs. Hiring a photographer can be expensive. There are a few ways to save on these services.


Businesswoman putting money into piggybank at desk.

Using Your Job to Save MoneyThis is a page about using your job to save money. Even a part time job may qualify you for discounts at your place of business or some type of health or vision insurance.


Couple Working on Household Expenses

Saving Money on Household ExpensesThis page is about saving money on household expenses. When you look at your budget closely, there are usually ways to save money on your cost of living.


Perm Rollers

Saving Money on a PermThis page is about saving money on a perm. Doing a permanent at home can save you money or there are ways to create a temporary perm look.


Cleaner in a spray bottle.

Saving Money on Household CleanersThis page is about saving money on household cleaners. Whether you make your own or use less expensive products, there are ways to reduce the cost of cleaning supplies.


Entertainment Book Website

Saving Money With an Entertainment BookThis page is about saving money with an entertainment book. Available for most major metropolitan areas, these coupon books can give you more for your money.



man buying wine

Saving Money on WineThis page is about saving money on wine. Enjoying fine wine does not have to be expensive.


Air Courier

Becoming an Air Courier?This page is about becoming an air courier. Providing a delivery service may be a way to save on travel expenses.


Sylvan Learning Center Coupons

Sylvan Learning Center Coupons?This page is about Sylvan learning center coupons. It's always helps to save money on education.


Teen girl holding a pink piggy bank.

Teaching Teens to Save MoneyLearning to manage money is important for all young people to know. This page is about teaching teens to save money.


Woman Making Long Distance Phone Call

Saving Money on Long DistanceThis page is about saving money on long distance. It doesn't have to cost a lot to make calls out of your area.


Saving Money on Moving Boxes

Saving Money on Moving BoxesThis page is about saving money on moving boxes. With a little work, collecting boxes for moving doesn't have to cost you.


Saving Money on Candles

Saving Money on CandlesThis page is about saving money on candles. If you know where to buy them, these wonderful lights don't have to be expensive.


Saving Money on a Bicycle

Saving Money on a Bicycle?This page is about saving money on a bicycle. Whether buying a bike or maintaining one you have, there are ways to save.


A photo of an old phone.

Saving Money on Your Phone BillThis page is about saving money on your phone bill. We all want to save on our utilities.



Saving Money on PumpkinsWhether by the pound or each there are ways to get the most from your purchase. This page is about saving money on pumpkins.


Saving Money on Laundry

Saving Money on LaundryThis page is about saving money on laundry. There are a number of thrifty ways to save when doing your laundry.


Buying a Used Boat, A boat on a trailer.

Saving Money on BoatingThis page is about saving money on boating. You can enjoy the water and your craft without needing a lot of money.


Insurance Form on Money

Saving Money on InsuranceThis page is about saving money on insurance. No matter what kind of insurance you need to purchase, there are ways to cut the cost.


Row of Colorful Drinks on Ice

Saving Money on DrinksThis page is about saving money on drinks. When at home or out with the kids, there are ways to reduce the cost of beverages.


Saving Money on Medicine

Saving Money on MedicineThis page is about saving money on medicine. You want to make sure you are using the right medication, but there are ways to reduce the cost.



Boy Taking Bubble Bath

Saving Money on Bubble BathThis page is about saving money on bubble bath. Having bubbles in the tub doesn't have to be expensive.


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Saving Money on Music?This page is about saving money on music. Inexpensive music can be found at all kinds of stores, yard sales, and even online.


Recycling Prescription Bottles, Prescription Bottles on White Background

Saving Money on Prescription DrugsThis is a page about saving money on prescription drugs. As we all know the cost of prescription drugs can be a drain on your budget.


Cutting Expenses

Cutting ExpensesThis is a page about cutting expenses. There are many ways to trim down your cost of living.


Piggy Bank Surrounded by Money

Adding Up the Savings of a Frugal LifeThis is a page about adding up the savings of a frugal life. We all know that those little things you do to be frugal everyday adds up to big savings over time. However, it can help you stay motivated to be frugal by sitting down and calculating just how much your are saving.


Saving Money vs. Saving Time, Watch Sitting on Top of Dollar Bills

Saving Money vs. Saving TimeThis is a page about saving money vs. saving time. Almost every day a person can find themselves weighing the time vs. money issue. It is important to evaluate whether time or money is most important, especially for tasks such as remodeling your home or repairing your car.


Hand Holding iPhone 4

Using Your Smartphone to Save MoneyThis is a page about using your smartphone to save money. Smartphones have rapidly become ubiquitous in our society. While not everything about these phones is great, they are an easy way to track finances and even get discounts at stores you shop at.


Teaching Children to Save Money, Child Saving Money

Teaching Children to Save MoneyThis is a page about teaching children to save money. Learning to save money is the best way to live frugally and be prepared for lean times all at once. Teaching children how to save money early in life, will pay them great dividends in the future.


A pile of gold jewelry

Personal Property LiquidationWhen times get financially tough, the idea of rummaging through your home and turning items into cash isn't the move of a financial mastermind. However, taking some time to do periodic liquidation is the habit of a smart financier.


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Saving Money on a Trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas?Are there any tips for saving $$ at the Great Wolf Lodge facilities in Dallas, TX? Can you find coupons? We will have 4 adults and 2 children; which room accommodations would you recommend? We don't need fancy, just roomy/comfy.


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Save Money by LetterI have an easy and fun way to save money for extras (like a new flat screen TV for my kitchen). I started saving dollar bills by initials in the serial number. In January, I saved "A" bills, in February, "B" bills, and so forth.


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Triple Coupons?What are triple coupons? I have heard of double coupons, but not triple. I live near Akron, Ohio and I would like to know where I could find these? Thank you.


Scissors With Cut up Credit Cards

A Handbook for SavingsIf you made a resolution to surround yourself with responsible spending from now on, a set of spending rules can come in handy. Learn them, live by them, and watch them save money.


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Subtract Savings FirstIt seems the more I made the more I spent, until I decided to try a special way to save money. Each month, when I get paid, I subtract an amount of money that I am going to try to save.


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Putting Money From CD Into IRA?I made a really stupid mistake a while back. I closed an IRA upon maturity to move it to another bank with a better interest rate. I got a check for the full amount, took it to the other bank, and mistakenly (and stupidly) opened a CD instead of an IRA. This account now matures tomorrow and I need to know what to do with the funds at this point. Can I now close the account and re-open it as an IRA? Thanks for any suggestions.


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Saving Money to Buy an Expensive Item?How can I save up money for a small project? I want to buy a treadmill for $700. I will be taking out $100 every time I get paid for this project. Where can I save/store the money until I get $700? I do not use credit cards and I like paying for things cash. Is the green dot prepaid debit card something I could use?


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Spending Money on Things You Don't Need?What do you do when you get the urge to go out and spend money for things you really don't need? I'm not usually like this, but we've been snowed in for a week and now I want to go to Disneyland! Aargh!


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A Change Jar for ChristmasI put all my change in a jar from one Christmas to the next. I always pay with bills, this way I get more change to put in my jar. When I'm ready to do my Christmas shopping, I take my change to the bank and cash it in for bills or put in my account.


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Saving for Next ChristmasI noticed today at the grocery store we sell gift cards you can keep loading. Hey, everyone needs groceries! So I decided after Christmas I am going to get one and put $5 on it every payday.


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Not So Frugal Newlyweds?My husband and I have been married for just over a year and have shared a bank account for just about half of that time.


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Creative Ways to Save Money?What creative ways do you save money?


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Jim Snyder - Saving You MoneyWe have a local news station here in So. Nevada that helps us save money in ALL areas of our lives. They have tips on how to take your mortgage payments from a 15-30 yr loan and have your house paid off in 5 years! How to save gas like UPS drivers :) Hint: making only right hand turns!


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Go On a Money DietOne thing we do when money is tight, say before pay day, is just go on a money diet and spend as little as humanly possible. It's a good habit to get into now and then, as it helps you curb the habit of spending just to amuse yourself!


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Bank of America: Keep the Change Reviews?Bank of America's Keep the Change program is now available in my state. Has anyone used this? What do you think?


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Having Fun Saving and Making Extra MoneyHaving Fun Saving Money. I'm a preschool teacher, but just started a month off of work without pay (we close in August for maintenance and teacher training).


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Saving on Professional Services from SchoolsJust got a great haircut at the Vidal Sassoon Academy for $20! (As they say, a $75-$100 value) - by an experienced cutter there to hone her skills. . .


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Sending Complements to Manufacturersfound that if you write to manufacturers of toiletries and tell them that you enjoy their product, they will often send out coupons for those products for free...


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Saving Money - Delay BuyingIf you want something put it on a list and wait a month. If it is still on the list budget for this item and get it!


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Vouchers for UK SupermarketsThis is a tip for shoppers in the UK, Asda currently take money off vouchers for any other supermarket, for any item that they stock, even if you have not bought it.


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Save the Diaper Money for CollegeWhen your child finally gets potty trained, put the $50 or so you have been spending monthly on diapers into a college fund!


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Auto Withdrawal For Your Child's 529Have your children's 529 taken automatically out of your checking so you don't 'forget' to do it! Before you know it you'll have a nice chunk put away for them!


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Affirmations To Help You Save?A reader named Jill submitted a tip that reciting the Lord's Prayer helps her keep her finances in order. Is there anything that you do on a regular basis that helps you keep your spending habits under control?


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How to Save Money Without Giving Up the Things You LoveRecently, a close friend wanted to lose weight. He had psyched himself up, and he was ready to go. Until his doctor suggested he had to restrict his calories, that is. "No way!" he said. He left his doctor's office, determined to never return there.


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A Savings Challenge?I really liked Tawra's site Living on a Dime and I really feel challenged. We've been living on a fairly low income for years, but even so we were able to become debt free as well.


Websites offering discounts and coupons.

Savings Websites: The Good, the Bad, and the...There are great websites that offer deals and discounts, but then there are just as many that aren't worth the time it takes to navigate them. Beware of sites that require a subscription before you see any of their deals and discounts.


A smiling woman sitting in a restaurant booth.

Why a Budget is Like a ShowerI recently read an article from Readers Digest about a writer who decided he and his wife and son should try and not spend any money for a month. Of course the essentials were covered like mortgage and car payments/insurance and the like, but newspapers, videos, lattes, etc were cut. essay.


Jar Full of Coins

Ready for the Rainy Day?The irony of saving is that it is more important now than ever, yet it's harder to save today than it was a few years ago. What's the method of savings some extra money without cutting back on the things that you love?


New Years Resolutions

New Years Financial ResolutionsNot all of my 2012 new year's resolutions focus on money. There are a few others like going to the gym regularly and calling my grandmother more often. But the money saving resolutions are the one I'm looking forward to the most.


Challenge Yourself to Save

Challenge Yourself to SaveLast Christmas, as part of my Christmas gift, my mom gave me the Money Challenge. The challenge is: Week 1 save $1 and put it away, Week 2 save $2 and put it away, etc through Week 52, save $52.


Saving Money in the New Year

Saving Money in the New YearMoney saving tips and strategies for saving money in the new year from the ThriftyFun community. Feel free to post your ideas!


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Advice on Canceling Cable and Phone Service?We are thinking of cutting our bills and canceling cable TV and our phone connection with it. Are there any issues I should be aware of? Also, are those black boxes, that we will need for our TV all the same?


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Looking for Coupons Online?I am always looking for a good grocery coupon site. Most of the ones I have found require personal info or a phone number. I just need coupons, not more junk mail. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Earning Extra Money for College Classes?Does anyone have ideas on earning extra money to pay for summer college classes? I work FT, go to school FT and I'm a single mom. I have started saving for summer courses. Any money making ideas are welcome. Thanks!


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Advice For Using Coupons Effectively?I've been reading a lot about coupon clipping and stacking coupons. Does anyone in the Pittsburgh North (Cranberry Twp/Butler PA) know of a good place to start grocery shopping? I just can't seem to figure out how to get all the good deals I hear/read about. Thanks!


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Advice for Saving for the Future?I would like to know how do I go about saving money for the future?


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Spending Freeze Tips?Tomorrow is the first day of my January Spending Freeze, that means no spending other than the essentials: bills, gasoline and groceries. No more McDonald's for lunch, I will bring something from home.


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