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Tips and ideas about saving time and money when shopping at the store or online.

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Buy now pay later button on a computer keyboard.

Buy Now, Pay Later WebsitesBuy now, pay later websites offer an alternative to shopping using a credit or debit card. This is a page about buy now, pay later websites.


Kraft Roka Blue Cheese Spread

Buying Kraft Roka Blue Cheese SpreadThis page is about buying Kraft Roka Blue cheese spread. This well loved spread has been discontinued by Kraft and can no longer be found in store but you can still find it sometimes online.


Using a tablet to shop at a website.

Bill Me Later WebsitesIt is possible with some website to order products and have them bill you later. This is a page about bill me later websites.


Used Washer

Buying Used Washers and DryersThis is a page about buying used washers and dryers. Replacing a worn out or broken washer or dryer can be less costly if you shop for a good used appliance rather than a pricey new model.


A shopping cart in a grocery store.

Listing of Discount Grocery StoresDiscount grocery stores can be a great place to save money when buying food for your family. Finding a list of stores near you can sometimes be a challenge. This is a page about listing of discount grocery stores.


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Device To Keep a Running Total While Shopping?I am looking for a device other that a calculator that will keep a running total of what I'm putting in my shopping cart. I am just starting a new budget and would like to keep on track as much as possible.


patchwork quilt

Hiring Someone to Make a Quilt?This page is about hiring someone to make a quilt. For a very time consuming project, it's important to determine the final price before someone starts to make a quilt for you.


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Reducing Food Costs and Avoiding DebtBudgeting is an integral part of personal finance and debt management. It requires proper allocation of money in all the categories to save money. Although purchasing food is necessary, if you're not attentive, it may also break your budget.


Online Sales Tax

Will the Main Street Fairness Act Affect Me?As Congress debates whether or not to pass the Main Street Fairness Act, consumers are wondering what this means to them. In fact, customers have been wondering for years why they pay sales tax to some online and catalog orders and not to others.


Shopping Site

Shopping Sites Without Credit Check?While rebuilding your credit rating it can be difficult to find online sites that will allow you to make payments without a credit check. This is a page about shopping sites without credit check.


Paper Towels

What Are the Cheapest Paper Products?Paper can often be purchased in bulk rather inexpensively. However, paper comes in a myriad of forms and textures, so be sure the bulk paper you are buying will fit your needs prior to purchasing it. This is a page about what are the cheapest paper products?



Traffic around Washington DC.

Bargain Shopping Near Washington D.C.There are many opportunities for discount and bargain shopping in the Washington D.C. area. This is a page about bargain shopping near washington d.c..


A couple shopping at the grocery store.

Saving Money When ShoppingWhether you are shopping for clothing, groceries, or a new car finding ways to save money when shopping is a good idea. This is a page about my frugal life: saving money when shopping.


A woman shopping confidently.

Track Sales With a Price BookThis is a page about track sales with a price book. When you keep track of the last price you paid for commonly purchased items, it can help you know when you find the best deals.


Woman receiving change at the grocery store

Advice for Stretching Your Grocery BudgetThis is a page about advice for stretching grocery budget. When living on a budget, you are probably trying to reduce expenses in many areas of your budget.


lamp with lampshade

Saving Money on Lampshades?This is a page about saving money on lampshades. Attractive lampshades can be costly. You can shop sales or perhaps even make your own.


Lift Chair

Saving Money on a Lift ChairThis is a page about saving money on a lift chair. Age and injury can make considering buying a lift chair a reality. However, these specialized chairs can be very pricey.


Shirts on Sale

Tips for Price MatchingThis is a page about tips for price matching. By shopping with merchants that have a price matching policy you can save time and money.


A couple trying out a new mattress in a furniture store.

Buying a MattressThis page is about buying a mattress. Locating the most comfortable mattress at the best price will help you have a good night's sleep.


Peppermint Oil

Buying Peppermint Oil?This page is about buying peppermint oil. Peppermint oil has culinary uses, can be used for pest control and also has some health benefits, like helping settle an upset stomach.


A woman speaking to a clerk at the grocery store.

Grocery Shopping TipsThere are many ways to save time and money when tackling your household shopping. This page contains grocery shopping tips.


List of Sales By Month

List of Sales By Month?This page is about a list of sales by month. Knowing when to expect certain products to be on sale can help you save money.


Woman at Supermarket

Organizing a Shopping TripThis page is about organizing a shopping trip. Time and money can be saved by planning your shopping outing.


A paper bag full of groceries

Stocking Up on GroceriesThis page is about stocking up on groceries. Reducing your trips to the grocery store can be accomplished if you buy lots of what you use.


Sales Flyers

Keeping Track of SalesThis page is about keeping track of sales. It can be a challenge to remember which store has the products you need on sale.


How to Avoid Overspending

How to Avoid OverspendingThis page is about how to avoid overspending. When shopping it is easy to forget the budget when you see somethings you really want.



Purchasing With Layaway

Purchasing With LayawayThis page is about purchasing with layaway. Sometimes you don't want to miss the opportunity to buy a special product.


Hand with Many Gift Cards Fanned Out

Keeping Track of Gift Card BalancesThis is a page about keeping track of gift card balances. Often when we receive a gift card we do not use the entire available amount on the first purchase.


Pile of Coupons

Bargain Shopping TipsThis page contains bargain shopping tips. We all like to save money when shopping.


Saving Money On Ziptop Bags, Coins in Zip-Lock Bag

Saving Money On Ziptop BagsThis is a page about saving money on ziptop bags. Whether you use Ziplock or generic for your ziptop plastic storage or freezer bags, here are tips that can save you money.


Saving for a Large Purchase

Saving Money for Large PurchasesThis is a page about saving money for large purchases. Rather than build up credit card debit, save up for your large purchases.


starbucks sign

Saving Money at StarbucksThis is a page about saving money at Starbucks. Enjoying your favorite mocha latte can be an expensive indulgence.


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My Frugal Life: Beware of Sales!At this time of year all the shops are blazoned with seductive notices of enormous reductions: "fifty percent off", "eighty percent off". Who wouldn't be excited at the prospect of picking up a new toaster or food mixer or winter coat at a fraction of its original price?


A woman pushing a cart of presents.

Finding Black Friday Deals Online?This is a page about finding Black Friday deals online. Battling the crowds on Black Friday isn't for everyone. If you want to avoid the crowds but still find some good deals, there are many great online sales.


Buying on eBay, Photo of eBay's home page.

Buying on eBayThis is a page about buying on eBay. You can buy many hard to find items on eBay. There are also a lot of great deals to be found if you know what you are doing.


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What Factors Contribute to Your Weekly Grocery Budget?What does your family spend a week for groceries, how many people are in your family, are you a stay at home parent? Do you have small children and do you make a lot of your own baking/meals, etc.?


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Buying Wholesale with Deferred Billing?How can I buy shoes and clothes in bulk and get a deferred bill?


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Advice for Stretching Grocery Budget?Where can I find help on food for the month, on a $350.00 budget? It's for my fiance and myself.


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Listing of Discount Grocery Stores?Where do I find a list of discount grocery stores?


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Buying Cheap Milk?Where is the cheapest place to buy milk by the gallon in central Irving, TX?


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Financing a Treadmill Purchase?I am looking for senior financing for a $300 treadmill. Does anyone know where I might find financing, so that I can make payments?



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Tax Free Weekend?What time is tax free weekend?


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Budgeting Groceries for a Family of Four?I was wondering what a family of four spends on their grocery bill each week. I live with my husband and two daughters aged 9 and 13. I have worked out a new budget this year as we want to make inroads on our mortgage. I have budgeted to spend AUD 150 per week on food including pet food.


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Walgreen's EasySaver BookletI like saving money when buying beauty items, cleaning items, etc. and I love Walgreens Easysaver books. They come out every month and have coupons as well as refunds many for FREE items.


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Calculating Grocery Savings?I am trying to find a store that will list average grocery store prices of popular items. We are going through tough times in our household with food and budgeting (my hubbie was in the mortgage business).


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Website With Opened Package Discount?I once visited a web site that sold items discounted because the package had been opened. I was looking for sheets at the time. Anyone familiar with this site? I never bookmarked it. Thanks.


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Who Can Buy and Receive Food from a Food Bank?Does anyone know if you have to be a non-profit organization to receive/buy food from your local food bank? Or can anyone buy from them? Such as a large family (9) with an annual income of $40,000 qualify?


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Suggestions For an HDTV for a Kitchen?My very old kitchen 13 1/2 inch TV set is doing a going...going... almost gone. Thought I'd replace it with a small size HDTV.


Shop At Stores That Save You MoneyIt's true that while one store may save a shopper money on shampoo another store will do that same for grapes. Yet, traveling to these different stores to save pennies here and there often isn't worth the gas it takes, especially with today's gas prices.


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Tips for Shopping at Outlet Malls?Tips for Shopping at Outlet Malls. I am planning my first "Outlet Mall" excursion for this next month, for school shopping and for supplementing my little one's hand-me-down wardrobe. What is the best time of month to go to these stores?


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Don't Buy Items Under StressDon't buy items when you are stressed out or anxious. Always be prepared to leave a store or a car lot if you don't feel comfortable with your purchase. Most items can be returned, no questions asked, within the first month of purchase if they are unopened.


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Window ShoppingWindow shopping can be fun and useful - I went to an upscale craft fair over the weekend and saw several things at much higher prices which I had gotten for much less.


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Lists for the RefrigeratorIf you get a small notebook and glue some magnets to the back, you can keep it on your refrigerator.


A person holding an empty wallet

How I Went Broke Saving MoneyI haven't used more than five coupons at the grocery store in the past month, and I don't remember picking up more than a handful of items on sale. I don't "shop around" anymore, and I refuse to "stock up."


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Website With Grocery Store Prices?I have heard that there are websites where you can compare prices for supermarket goods. Specifically, it allows you to see where the lowest prices for each product is in your neighborhood. Then you can go to that store to buy something such as cheese or meat and get the best price possible. Has anyone else found out about this?


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Buying Used RefrigeratorsI have had good luck with buying used refrigerators, but an apartment manager I knew gave me a good tip. When you buy a used refrigerator, "Torture" it during the time period of the month or so warranty you have.


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How Can I Join a Cash and Carry?Is there any way a member of the public (me) who is not in retail trade can join a "cash and carry" outlet to obtain a card to purchase in bulk and take advantage of reduce prices offered to traders? Bit of a cheek I know... but hey! My nearest city is Glasgow, UK and Im currently researching where these trade outlets are. Any advice would be appreciated.


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Store Brand vs. Brand Name ProductsTips and opinions about Brand Name products versus their store brand counterparts. Post your thoughts and tips.


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Buying Gently Used ItemsConsider buying 'gently used' items instead of paying full price at the mall or other stores. Try checking out consignment shops. If you've never been to one, you'll be surprised at the good deals you'll find.


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Walgreen's Monthly Easy Saver RebateWalgreen Drug Stores offer a monthly easy saver rebate where you can usually get 1 -3 items free of charge after rebate. This offer is so good they usually are out of the "freebies" the first week of the month. It's best to buy during the middle of the month after they restock. They will have a small easy-saver flyer as you enter the store that features the monthly specials.


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Grocery Book Deals?Does anyone know some good offers for buying grocery coupon books? A lady on another site had posted one but I lost the post somehow.


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Avoid "Skip Payment" and "No Payments or Interest Until" OffersWhen shopping, avoid "skip payment" offers as they cause you to pay more interest and face larger bills. Also, avoid "buy now and pay later" offers, which encourage you to spend money you don't have.


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Set Price Limits When ShoppingBefore your shopping trip, make a list of items you intend on purchasing. Going to the store with a list in hand you may be less likely to buy on impulse. Set a price limit so you'll not overspend. It's the thought that counts, not how much you've spent!


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Bring a Snack When ShoppingSave money at the grocery store by taking along a small package of cut up veggies or fruit to curb your appetite when doing errands or shopping rather than going thru the drive thru or stopping at the local food court.


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Research Before ShoppingDoing the homework before buying really pays off! Our church is replacing tables in the fellowship hall, and after selecting the brand, style and identifying number, I called all stores within a 30 miles radius to find out if they stock these, if they can order out for us, and ofcourse prices.


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Samples - Try Before You BuyTry before you buy. I'm a great believer in samples!


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Keep Receipts & Watch For Sale PricesIf you take your register receipt back to customer service, most times they will refund the difference. Check with the stores to find out what time frame that store allows, then make a note of it for future reference. Be as prompt as you can on requesting refunds.


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Some Generics End Up Costing MoreCertain things will end up costing you more in the long run if you buy generic. Stay away from paper towels and toilet paper. You will use more, because the sheets are thinner, and end up costing you more than a name brand.


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Imperfections Equals Discounts, Even PackagingEveryone probably knows about getting an additional discount on imperfect merchandise, but many don't know that imperfect packaging gets the same discounts. The store I work at, like most stores, has a policy that allows at least an additional 10-20% discount on damaged items.


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Too Early, Too Late For a Great Sale - Not AnymoreMost retail stores have an unpublished policy that allows customers to receive the sale price for an item either a day before or a day after the begin and end dates of an advertised sale. You just have to ask to receive the sale price.


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Returning Items Without the ReceiptYou can return your items to Robinson's May, Old Navy and Home Depot without a receipt if you paid by a credit card. How many times have you not returned something because you lost the receipt? Hurray for Robinson's May/Old Navy/Home Depot for doing this! By Lara~


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Shopping CardsIf you shop at a store that has a shopping card (like so many do nowadays), make sure the cashier scans it before any groceries are rung up. Otherwise, you might not get the sale price.


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Wait a Week Before Making a PurchaseIf you see an advertisement for something you want to purchase, cut it out and save it in a separate folder. One week later look at your folder and see if that must have item is really a "must have". Often times it was not.


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Mailing Rebates On A Post CardMany times you can paste your rebate information to a post card for .23 cents rather than send an envelope for .37 cents. Trim the items down and overlap. The postage sure reduces the actual rebate! This may not sound like much, but if you rebate a lot, it does. By Syd


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How To Limit Holiday Buying Impulse and Recover Lost MoneyRegular Buying on Impulse will skyrocket any type of Money management system. If you are one of those shoppers who finds, too often, that items you don't need have just followed you home from the store, then you're one of many millions of people who have the "Impulse Buying Syndrome".


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Make a List for Each StoreI use junk mail envelopes, make a list of items on the blank side and place my coupons I am going to use in that envelope. I do this for every store I intend to shop that day.


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Frugal living. More than a lifestyle. It's a passion.

Call Me Crazy! I love It! Why, who wouldn't love getting paid to buy products that they use everyday?


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See How Tangible Your Grocery Store Savings AreDo you find that you don't have the extra money to stock up on items that suddenly go on sale for a really unbeatable price?


Shop at Home to Save Money

Shop at Home to Save MoneyAlthough, I'm not a packrat, there are times when my pantry, closets and cabinets can get rather full. This is when I go on a home shopping spree.


A bed with pillows and a comforter

White Winter Sale StockupsThe Winter White Sale is a phrase most people have heard, but rare is the person who truly understands it. Linens appear on sale throughout the year, but January often touts the label of White Sale month.


The Internet Shopping DietIt's hard to resist purchasing items at the store, but resisting on-line is even more difficult. High internet sales suggest that consumers are finding it hard to curb their internet spending appetite. Maybe it's because the internet offers so many great desserts.


Saving Money on Appliances

Saving Money on AppliancesBuying new appliances is an expensive proposition. Here are some tips for saving money on appliances from the ThriftyFun community.


Online Sales Tax

Will the Main Street Fairness Act Affect Me?As Congress debates whether or not to pass the Main Street Fairness Act, consumers are wondering what this means to them. In fact, customers have been wondering for years why they pay sales tax to some online and catalog orders and not to others.


Swiping a credit card through a machine.

Altering The Shopping HabitSpontaneous shopping is not only a problem but a habit as well. Have you ever gone shopping because you were bored or because it was a rainy day? This behavior leads to overspending and overcrowding in your home. Instead, follow some rules while shopping to eliminate the desire to purchase.


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Buy Now Pay Later Web Sites?Does anyone know of any sites that still do buy now pay later without a credit check? My credit is not the greatest. I need to get Christmas presents for my daughter. Thanks.


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Buy Now Pay Later Stores?Are there any on line stores like FingerHut who allow 17 year olds to apply for credit?


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Maximizing Savings When Shopping Online?I normally use several techniques. I was wondering do you have any other ideas to save more?


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Buying Peppermint Oil?Where can I purchase this product in larger quanties?


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Buy Now, Pay Later Websites?Do have suggestions for the best websites for buying now and paying layer?


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Shopping on eBay?I found "the" Sunbeam electric blanket replacement cord I wanted on eBay yesterday, and thought I purchased it, but it didn't go through. Today I can't find "the" replacement cord I wanted on eBay.


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