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Tips and ideas about saving money your utility bill.

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White Low Flow Toilet

Saving Money on Your Sewer BillThis is a page about saving money on your sewer bill. An unavoidable bill for many of us is the sewer bill. Finding ways to save money on this utility expense will help your family stay on budget.


A shocked woman reviewing a utility bill.

Troubleshooting the Cause of a Large Electric Bill?Receiving a utility bill that is unexplainably high is initially a shock. Then the question is what is wrong. With a high electric bill, sometimes the culprit is a malfunctioning appliance. This is a page about troubleshooting the cause of a large electric bill.


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Contact Your Internet Provider About OutagesThis morning, my internet suddenly stopped working. I restarted my router and nothing was working. I searched online "Is Cox down in my area" and there were many reports. I decided to log onto my Cox Internet account and it said there are outages in your neighborhood and to text a number to stay informed when it'll be back up. My internet ended up being down for 5 hours.


Woman looking at a bill.

Changing the Name on a Utility BillI decided to change the name on the phone bill from my husband's name (since he has been deceased for over a year) to my name. However, it turns out they cancel everything in the old account, including the old email, and start over with a new account!


A man watching a video through a streaming service.

Using Video Streaming Services Instead of Cable TVThis is a page about using video streaming services instead of cable tv. Cable is expensive, but there are some ways you can save money. One option is to switch to a streaming service to watch your favorite shows. Netflix and Hulu are just some of the services out there. Here is some advice if you are thinking about cancelling cable.


A family using a laptop computer on the couch.

Using Facebook to Make Phone CallsYou can use Facebook's messenger service to call people. This is a page about making free phone calls through facebook.



Replacing a lightbulb in a lamp.

Slash Your Electric Bill in HalfUtility bills can be very expensive, but there are some easy cost effective ways to reduce them. This page contains ideas to slash your electric bill in half.


Satellite Services

Choosing Between Cable and Satellite...This is a page about choosing between cable and satellite bundled services. It can be confusing when trying to choose the best service provider for bundled TV and internet services.


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Cost of a Toilet Running 24/7?We have a old toilet and sometimes the handle gets stuck. I was wondering what this is costing us in water if it ran for 24 hours?


A man looking at his cell phone.

Blocking Calls on a Cell PhoneThis is a page about blocking calls on a cell phone. Getting unwanted or repeat wrong numbers on your cell phone can be very annoying, especially if you don't have unlimited minutes on your plan.


Coaxial Cable TV

Getting Rid of Cable TVThis is a page about getting rid of cable TV. Fed up with the rising cost of cable, but reluctant to have no easy access to your shows can create a quandary.


Photo of a TV remote control.

Saving Money on Your Cable BillThis is a page about saving money on your cable bill. Cable TV service is a commonplace, but expensive part of many household budgets.


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Using a Phone Number Parking Service?I'm looking for a way to reduce the cost of a phone service I rarely use. Right now I'm paying my phone company about $30 per month to keep a number active that rings about 10 times a month.



Saving Money on Heating CostsThis is a page about saving money on heating costs. Heating our homes can be very expensive.


Cell phone sitting on top of a pile of change.

Saving Money on Cell PhonesThis is a page about saving money on your sell phone plan. Trying to save money on your cell phone plan can be a confusing and exhausting process. Don't give up, there are ways to cost cut.


An upclose photo of a laptop keyboard.

Saving Money on Your Internet BillInternet is a necessity in many homes. While faster internet can be nice, it can cost a lot. This is a page about saving money on your internet bill.


Saving Money on Utilities, Energy Savings Piggy Bank

Saving Money on UtilitiesThis is a page about saving money on utilities. Utility costs just seem to keep on rising. Finding ways to pay a little less to the utility companies each month puts more dollars in your pocket.


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Inexpensive Heating Unit Similar in Efficiency to Window AC?Out of necessity, we have "zone-cooled" our home the last two summers with a portable a/c unit and 2 window a/c units. This has been an efficient way to cool the room we are in and keep the bill down.


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Most Economical Time to Run Large Appliances?What is the most economical time to use a washing machine and dishwasher?


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Determining the Most Cost Effective Lighting Source?Does anyone know if a study has been done on the thriftyness of one type of lighting compared to another, such as lamp oil, versus candles, versus electric? Or know a way to check?


Cell Phone User Making call with Card

Saving Money on Phone CardsThis is a page to saving money on phone cards. Phone cards can be a great way to save money on long distance phone calling, especially international calls. They can also very helpful in maintaining your budget for long distance calls.



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Does Running the Air Conditioner Continuously Save Money?Does it really save you money if you keep your air conditioner set a specific temperature and never turn it off in the summer? I know the electric companies claim this works, but I wonder is it true?


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Determining the Energy Usage for an Electric Room Heater?Could someone please tell me how to figure out how much electricity an item uses? I am interested in buying a room heater, but do not know if it would be cost-effective to use. Thank you.


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Cutting heating Costs By Blocking Open Doorways?I need your advice. My 2 largest rooms, between them, have 3 open doorways, yet I seldom use these areas (at least for now). My gas heat bills can be enormous, and blocking the vents alone doesn't quite solve the problem.


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Buying Lamp Oil in Bulk and Inexpensively?Where can I buy lamp oil in bulk, inexpensively? I want to cut down on my electric bill.


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Inexpensive Heating?I would like to know if anyone can help me and my mom save money on heating. We have Seco electric; we live in Florida. Our electric bill was $460.00 for 1 month. We of course heated our house, it has been cold here.


Utilities: What's Mine and What's Theirs?At the moment when the phone line to your home stops working, you don't expect a large bill for repairs. After all, isn't the phone company's responsibility? My company offers a repair plan with a monthly fee; is it worth it?


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Link: Get The Best Electrical Rate In TexasHere in the Dallas, TX, area we have (The Official Electric Choice Web site of the Public Utility Commission of Texas). You input your zip code and it shows a list of electricity providers for your area and their rates. There are a lot more providers than you might imagine, all using the exact same electric delivery company.


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How Has the Cost of Gasoline and Oil Affected Your Life?With gas at record high prices and due to go up more with the price per barrel at an all time high, how much more are you spending on gasoline now than you were at this time last year? How much more is your heating oil costing you if you use it? How has this affected your overall budget.


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Keep Your Home Phone For EmergenciesI have a niece that her and her husband only have cell phones. Yet when they're both out (not together) and have their children being babysat, now what?


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Cheap Long Distance Calls From Mexico?I need advice for making long distance calls cheaply while vacationing in Mexico.


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Reducing My Utility Bills?Our utility bills were hiked at the beginning of the new year and nearly 6 months into it I'm still not used to it. I'm looking for your help on how we can reduce our utility bills as I've tried everything I can think of!


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Before Purchasing a Cell Phone PlanBefore purchasing or renewing your cell phone plans, ask around and find out what your friends and family are using. Some cell phone carriers allow you call people on their network for free which can dramatically reduce the number of minutes you need each month.


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Our Energy Bill Keeps Going Up?I am wondering if you all can help me pinpoint where our electricity is going. Starting approximately in November our electric bill began going sky high. We hadn't changed any of our habits that we could think of, yet our KW per hour usage started to go up. We don't watch much TV and our computers had both bit the dust so we weren't spending time on them.


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Dealing With High Energy Costs?How is everyone dealing with gas bills this winter as well as those other utilities? I work a part time job which is all I can find in my area this time of year. Any advice would be appreciated because I am drowning.


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Saving Money on a Cellphone?Tips for saving money on a cellphone. Post your ideas.



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"Pay As You Go" Cellphone Plans?If you are thinking about buying a cellphone but don't want to sign up for a 1 or 2 year contract, pay as you go cellphones plans are a great option. You can buy a reasonably nice cellphone for as little $30.00 to $60.00. The phones come with a small amount of minutes, when those run out, you buy a card to reload the phone with more.


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Saving Money With a CellphoneMost of us should use our cell phones for all long distance calls. If you have unlimited LD, why are you paying for each call on your land line? For that matter, why do you have a land line? Think hard about whether you need both.


Saving Money on Long Distance?Tips for saving money on calling long distance. I dropped my land line and only use a cell phone. It's great because I can walk around the city and feel safe, plus, anyone can get a hold of me in an emergency.


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Saving Electricity in the Winter?I would like a information on what I can do to save money on electricity during the winter. I live in a condo and face the south east. I get lots of sun, therefore heat during the day. I asked a contractor about wrapping my water, heater he said that my heater is so new it is already insulated enough.


Cutting Cell Phone CostsI remember when cellphones came out. My dad had one in his car but most people didn't have one. I would walk down the street in the city I lived in at the time and saw these business people with them, they were the size of a walkie-talkie and very ugly-looking.



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Determining Why Electric Bill Is So High?I live in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath older home in the country. Ever since I've moved in 2 years ago my electric bill has been $400-600 a month. This month it was $600 and we haven't used AC or heat. We have well water and I had someone come check the water and there were no issues.


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Inexpensive Internet Services?I found that I use Netflix way more then cable TV. My cable is $95 a month and I called to cancel the cable. They told me if I cancel the cable they will take $20 off my bill. If I cancel cable and phone $37, but I need internet to watch Netflix.


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Energy Usage of a Dryer Not in Use?Does a laundry dryer that is turned off use a lot of energy with a 220 plug?


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Choosing an Internet Service?I am looking for an inexpensive fiber optic Internet swerve that provides 3 MPs speed so I can Skype.


Moldy, worn gasket.

Saving on Electric Bill?My electric bill was over 220 dollars for one month in a small 2 bed/1 bath apt in Ohio. My apartment has old appliances, stove, refrigerator, hot water heater, and AC unit from 1999. Whenever I say anything to the landlord, she gets mad! The seal around the refrigerator and oven are old, moldy, and don't fit well enough to seal properly. Now my utility bill is so high, but I can't afford to move!


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Saving Money on Energy?How can we save $$ on our energy bill when my utility company increases our rates because we are using less energy?


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