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This page contains tips and advice to help you organize and pay your bills on time.



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Minimum Payments to Avoid Collections

Minimum Payments to Avoid CollectionsMaking minimum payment to keep an account from going into collections is good way to ensure your credit score does not drop unnecessarily. If you can make minimum payments to avoid collections it's usually a good idea.


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Help Prevent Check Theft: Use Gel Ink Pen When Writing ChecksI used to work at a bank and once during our monthly meeting a couple of investigators from the DA's office came to talk to us about different scams; identity theft, etc. They told us to NEVER use a regular ball point pen to write a check as the ink could be "washed" and the check could be re-used. They said to always use a gel ink pen, that the gel ink wouldn't wash off. They demonstrated by putting some regular nail polish remover in a small bowl and dipping the check and using a cotton ball to wipe until all the ink was off. Some crooks are very meticulous and leave the signature intact; but that's not really necessary since banks clear clecks electronically and only spot check signatures. If there is such a problem, though, your bank will refund the monies lost after filing a police report. By Margaret


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Best Method for Making Payments to Collection Agency?I am paying off an old debt via a collection agency. Do you think it is wise to pay using my debit card on their website or just send them a money order or personal check through the mail? I have to make 3 payments to them. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


A man holding a money order.

Filling Out a Money Order?Money orders are a safe alternative to checks and can be used for any debts that need to be paid. Money order services such as Western Union are popular. They are also available through the U.S. Post Office.


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Keeping Track of Bill Due DatesMany people use a calendar or their cell phone to keep track of when bills need to be paid. This is a page about keeping track of bill due dates.


Woman concerned about her bills negotiating on the phone

Negotiating Payment Plans for BillsThis is a page about negotiating payment plans for bills. When it becomes difficult to make the payments on your bills you can sometimes contact the company or utility and arrange a payment plan. Even if they are not open to that concept, consider whether equal monthly billing for utilities would help.


A man using a tablet to pay bills with a credit card.

Paying Bills With a Credit CardIf you don't currently have credit card debt, you can save money and gain rewards if you pay bills with a credit card. Learn more in this page on paying bills with a credit card.


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Paying Utility Bills in AustraliaUtility companies in different areas bill on various schedules, making it useful to plan ahead and perhaps set up autopay plans for some of them. This is a page about paying utility bills in Australia.


A smartphone being used to pay a bill online.

Using Bill Pay FeaturesThe bill pay feature on your checking account allows you a bit more control over when bills are paid than having the payee choose the date of withdrawal. This is a page about using bill pay features.



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Splitting Bills With Your SpouseThis is a page about splitting bills with your spouse. Some working couples like to have a "yours, mine, and ours" budget.


Promenade bills marked "Late Payment" and "Unpaid" with worried looking man at adding machine in the backtground

Dealing With Late PaymentsThis is a page about dealing with late payments. Many of us at one time or another find ourselves in the predicament of having an overdue payment.


Couple Negotiating With Creditor

Negotiating With Creditors?This is a page about negotiating with creditors. When you find yourself unable to satisfy the companies you owe money, you may be able to talk to them and make a plan to pay them smaller monthly payments.


Overdue Bill

Changing Bill Due DatesThis is a page about changing bill due dates. Sometimes the default due date for some of our bills does not work well with the family budget. Try contacting the company and see if you can choose a different due date.


Paying Off a Payday Loan

Paying Off a Payday Loan?This is a page about paying off a payday loan. While financial problems may make a payday loan seem like the best solution, they can be very difficult to repay, largely due to the very high interest rates.


Sticky note reminder to pay the rent.

Rent Assistance for a Low Income Family?This page is about rent assistance for a low income family. Depending on where you are located, there are programs available that can help pay the rent.


Bill Paying Tips and Tricks

Bill Paying Tips and TricksThis page contains bill paying tips and tricks. Being organized to pay bills on time can be a challenge.


A woman paying her bills online.

Paying Bills OnlineThis page is about paying bills online. To save time and money, a convenient way pay your bills is securely online.


Paying Bills on Time, Bills and Calculator

Paying Bills on TimePaying bills late can affect your credit and can also accrue late fees. This page has tips to help ensure that you pay your bills on time.


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How Do I Find Help to Pay My Rent?Where do I go to get help paying my past due rent of $903.00? I am not having any luck so far. Thank you.


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Collection Agencies Calling on Old Settled Bills?I was in a very serious accident 11 years ago. It took about 3 years to get back on my feet. We had a lot of bills at that time so I paid my lawyer to pay or settle these bills 10 years ago.


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Logging Bill Information?I'm in need of a basic form to log/register the bills that I pay each month. I would like it to include a running account of each bill, with the name of company, due date, amount paid, conformation number, how it was paid, the balance, etc.


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Paying Off a High Interest Debt on a Fixed Income?I am a senior citizen paying over $1000.00 in interest fees on a $180,00.00 line of credit. The interest exceeds my income. What can I do?


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Repaying Cigna for Disability Overpayment?My husband received his retroactive back pay from Social Security. He was supposed to forward it to Cigna, as repayment for overpayment of long term disability received from Cigna.


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How Long To Keep Financial Records?How long do we have to keep records of PAID credit card bills, etc



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Too Many Bills to Pay?I have gotten myself in a bind and don't know how to get out. I owe a lot of money for my property tax. I also owe lots of other little bills that add up to big bill. Does any body have any recommendations, insights, etc.?



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Finding Rent Assistance Agencies?My husband and I need help. My husband is self employed and his business isn't doing very well. So because of this we are extremely late with this month's rent and don't know what to do or how to come up with it. We have two children, 12 and 11. We don't want to get evicted. Where can we find help?


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Asking For Contribution Toward Household Costs?In my divorce 4 years ago, I retained possession of the house with the understanding that I continue to pay the full mortgage, and when our youngest child graduates (She's a junior this year) I prep and sell it with the majority of proceeds going to me.


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Paying Off Payday Loans?How do I get out of big mess? Not thinking very clearly I got 3 payday loans in 20 days plus the 3 loans with another company. I now find myself owing 1340 in loans plus rent. I pay 2064 month with 1690 SSD.


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Agencies that Help with Rent and Utilities?I am on SSI and getting 600.00. I live in a mobile home and I have lot rent to pay. My lot rent is 500.00. Are there any agencies in Glendale Arizona that can help me with the rent or my light bill which is 130.00 a month. I don't know what to do about my bills.


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Rent Assistance for Person on SSI?I live in Louisiana and my fiancé is 100% disabled due to a car wreck about 5 years ago when a police car rear-ended him at 85 mph. He was left paralyzed and in a wheelchair for 3 years.


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Finding Rent Assistance for Low Income Idividuals?I am disabled and get SSI every month. Yesterday I got a 5 day eviction notice from the manager in the park where I live. I live in Wisconsin (Schofield) and I have to pay lot rent; I owe $433.00. I cannot be evicted as I'll be homeless. Is there a place in my city that does help with rent?


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