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Poke-A-Pumpkin Game

Making a Poke-A-Pumpkin GameThis is a page about making a poke-a-pumpkin game. Make this Halloween or fall festival game for a school or home party.


Crafts Using Old Jeans, Stack of jeans to use for crafts.

Crafts Using Old JeansWhether you are thinking of remaking them into other clothing items, decorations, rugs, or something completely different, there is a project just for you. This is a page about crafts using old jeans.


Making a Candy Bouquet

How to Make a Candy BouquetA homemade candy bouquet makes a great gift for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. These tutorials show you how to make beautiful candy bouquets.


Empty Pill Bottles

Craft Ideas for Used Medicine or Pill BottlesRather than throwing them away or into the recycle bin, you can make many creative projects using medicine or pill bottles. This is a page about craft ideas for used medicine or pill bottles.


Finished Air Freshener

Mason Jar Air FreshenerAn inexpensive room deodorizer can easily be made in an attractive canning jar. This is a page about Mason jar air freshener.


Wire-Edged Ribbon Bow

Making a Wire-Edged Ribbon BowFashioning your own accessories or package adornments can be fun with this stiffened ribbon. This is a page about making a wire-edged ribbon bow.


old silverware

Crafts Using Old SilverwareThis is a page about crafts using old silverware. In addition to the silverware wind chime, there are endless crafting possibilities for using old silverware.


Paper Bead Bracelet

Making a Paper Bead BraceletThis is a page about making a paper bead bracelet. Paper beads are fun to make and then can be used to make a variety of jewelry pieces.


Seashell Wreath

Using the Right Glue for Seashell CraftsThis is a page about using the right glue for seashell crafts. Certain types of glue work best when working on projects involving gluing shells to other objects.


Stepping Ston With "Sheri's Garden" on it

Homemade Stepping StonesThat well worn path can be paved with inexpensive stepping stones. This page is about homemade stepping stones.


2 pink clothes hangers.

How to Make a Clothes Hanger Wall DecorationThis abstract wall hanging is fun to make and an eye-catching piece of wall decor. And it is so easy to create using plastic clothes hangers. This is a page about how to make a clothes hanger wall decoration.


Men's Crocheted Skull-Cap

How to Make a Men's Crocheted Skull-CapA tightly fitted hat is an easy pattern to crochet, and will keep a young man warm and stylish. This is a page about making a men's crocheted skull-cap.



Green Glass Bottles

Cutting Glass BottlesThis is a page about cutting glass bottles. Recycling glass bottles for craft projects often requires that they be cut to size.


Mold and Concrete Stepping Stone

Making Concrete Stepping StonesMaking your own stepping stones is a fun project and a way to create unique stones for your garden. This is a page about making concrete stepping stones.


Blue Colored Granules

Homemade Simmering Granules?This is a page about homemade simmering granules. You can make your own simmering granules using the scents that you favor.


Finished Tie Rose Pin 1

Making a Men's Silk Tie Rose PinThis is a page about making a men's silk tie rose pin. Using a tie in your choice of color, you can make this lovely pin for your lapel or purse.


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Preserving a Dead Starfish?How do we dry out a dead starfish? We recently went to a beach that had lots of tide pools. There were lots of starfish. We would never bother the live ones, but my son found a dead one.


glue bottle

Gluing Paper to Plastic?This is a page about gluing paper to plastic. Whether it's for a craft project or you just need to cover something up, sometimes you need to attach paper to a piece of plastic. Some glues will work better than others to get the task completed.


Two colored glass fragrance lamps consistent with the style sold by Lampe Berger

Making Your Own Lampe Berger...You can create your own unique fragrances for your lamps. This is a page about making your own Lampe Berger fragrances.


Three Fleece Blankets

Making a Fleece BlanketThis is a page about making a fleece blanket. Fleece fabric is a good choice for making a blanket, it is soft, warm, and easy to work with.


Making a Washcloth Soap Pouch

Making a Washcloth Soap PouchUse pretty, colorful washcloths to make these useful and fun soap pouches. They are great for use in your home and to give as gifts. This is a page about making a washcloth soap pouch.


A kitchen towel with blue yarn crocheted on the top.

Crocheted Towel TopperThis handy craft project allows you to hang your kitchen towel on a bar, kitchen cabinet knob, or oven door. You also could use it to hang a hand towel in a bathroom. This page features several patterns for making a crocheted towel topper.


Making a Puzzle Board

Making a Puzzle BoardThis is a page about making a puzzle board. A puzzle board with a raised edge provides the prefect surface to work on you puzzle and the edges help to prevent loss of pieces.


grave cross made of artificial flowers

Protecting Silk Flowers at GravesitesThis is a page about protecting silk flowers at gravesites. While they will definitely last longer, the elements eventually will cause artificial flowers to fade and become tattered.


Applying craft sealer to a vase.

Making Homemade Craft Sealer?Make your own decoupage sealer at home. This is a page about making homemade craft sealer.


sharpie tie dyed tshirt

Making a Sharpie Tie Dyed T-ShirtThis is a page about making a Sharpie tie dyed T-shirt. This project is an easier way to create a tie dyed looking t-shirt, that even the kids can help with.


Patchwork quilt with a pile of quilting squares on top.

How Many Fat Quarters Do I Use?The number of fat quarters needed for various quilts will depend on the finished size, but even more importantly on the type of block chosen. Complex blocks may require more fabric as there may be more waste. Save scraps for future projects. This page provides some estimates and sources for determining the amount of fabric needed.



Person painting an egg made of polystyrene

How to Paint StyrofoamThe rough porous surface of Styrofoam can make it a challenge to paint. This is a page about how to paint Styrofoam.


Photo of a finished dog made out of yarn.

Making a Coat Hanger Yarn DogUse an old hanger and a skein of yarn to make a yarn dog. This is a page for making a yarn dog.


Necktie Purse

Making a Necktie PurseThis is a page about making a necktie purse. Neckties can be repurposed into a number of interesting craft project.



Drying Okra for Crafts?This is a page about drying okra for crafts. In addition to being a tasty vegetable frequently used in southern cooking, okra pods ca be dried and used in arts and craft projects.


Flat Glass Gems

Crafts Using Flat Glass GemsThis is a page about crafts using flat glass gems. Flat glass gems can be purchased in a variety of sizes and colors and used in many craft projects.


Making Curtains from Sheets

Making Curtains from SheetsThis page is about making curtains from sheets. Fashioning bed sheets into curtains can save you money and give you the window covering you want.


Homespun Fabric Covered Bowl

Making a Fabric Covered BowlThis is a page about making a fabric covered bowl. Strips of fabric in your favorite colors and designs take a plain bowl and help you create a decorative piece of home decor.


Three crocheted doilies.

Starch Recipe for Crocheted Items?Certain crochet projects, such as doilies or ornaments, need to be starched to stiffen them upon completion. This is a page about starch recipe for crocheted items.


Polka dot fleece socks.

Making Fleece SocksThis page is about making fleece socks. Fun gifts can be made using fleece to make warm and cozy socks.


Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

Making a Dog Poop Bag DispenserThis is a page about making a dog poop bag dispenser. One way to always have a poop bag handy when walking your dog is by having a supply with you.


tear in right triangle piece on quilt

Repairing a Tear in a Quilt BlockThis is a page about repairing a tear in a quilt block. Time, loving use, or an accident can cause a tear in a favorite quilt.


Friendship Bracelet with Simple Sliding Knot - finished bracelet

How to Make a Friendship Bracelet with a Simple Sliding KnotThe distinction of this style friendship bracelet is the ability to easily remove it. This is a page about how to make a friendship bracelet with a simple sliding knot.


Colorful foam mattress topper.

Craft Uses for Memory Foam Mattress ToppersWhen you replace the memory foam mattress topper on your bed don't toss it, there are a number of crafts and DIY projects it can be used in, such as dog beds, pillows, toys, etc. This page contains craft use ideas for memory foam mattress toppers.


Bobby Pin Thumb Piano - finished piano

How to Make a Bobby Pin Thumb PianoMaking one of these hand held musical instruments is a great project to work on with your children. This is a page about how to make a bobby pin thumb piano.


Valentine's Day Candy Bouquet

Making a Valentine's Day Candy BouquetFlowers are beautiful and a delightful gift to receive, but you can't eat them. Try this candy bouquet instead or in addition to the traditional bouquet of flowers. This is a page about making a Valentine's Day candy bouquet.



Washing Machine

Using RIT Dye in a Washing MachineOne method of dyeing clothing is in the washer. This is a page about using RIT dye in a washing machine.


Uses for Leftover Printer Ink

Craft Uses for Leftover Printer Ink?This is a page about craft uses for leftover printer ink. In our efforts to reuse and recycle, some crafters look for ways to reuse printer ink in their projects.


A person welding.

Welding Cap Patterns?Welding caps were originally designed to help keep sparks from burning exposed skin when welding, but they are worn by non-welders as well. Making your own welding caps allows you to create ones that match your personality and it also can save you money. This page has advice about finding welding cap patterns.


A plastic canvas project with yarn being worked on.

Free Plastic Canvas PatternsThis is a page about free plastic canvas patterns. Plastic canvas is a fun and easy craft used for making many different projects.


Yarn to be used in a hand loom.

Love and Money Loom InstructionsLap weaving using the love and money looms does not involve any knitting or crocheting. A variety of different sized hexagonal looms were popular in the 70s and can be used by adults and children alike. Instructions can be found online at a variety of sites and at your local craft store.



Repairing the Elastic on Fitted SheetsRepeated use and laundering can breakdown the elastic in your fitted sheets. This is a page about repairing the elastic on fitted sheets.


balls of yarn

Donating Yarn?If you have an excessive amount of yarn, it would be great to donate it to a school, nursing home, or someone that needs it for a special project. This is a page about donating yarn.


Bin of scrap wood.

Craft Ideas Using Scrap WoodThis is a page about craft ideas using scrap wood. Scrap wood can be used in a wide variety of crafts; let your imagination go and get creative.


Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon

Making a Paper Mache Hot Air BalloonThis page is about making a paper mache hot air balloon. You can make a cute little paper mache hot air balloon with just newspaper strips, flour, water, paints, and an inflated balloon.


three boys wearing doo rags

Du (Doo) Rag Pattern?This is a page about du rag pattern. These fun cloth head covers or skull caps are worn by men and women, and often tied from handkerchiefs.


A green-blue fleece blanket.

Making Fleece Lap Blankets?This is a page about making fleece lap blankets. Making a fleece blanket will help keep you or a loved one warm and makes a great gift.


tutu montage

Making a No-Sew TutuThis page is about making a no-sew tutu. Making a tutu doesn't have to require much sewing.


Making a Tissue Paper Bowl

Making a Tissue Paper BowlThis is a page about making a tissue paper bowl. Torn pieces of, new or recycled, colored tissue paper can easily be fashioned into a beautiful decorative bowl.


Dollhouse Furniture With Everyday Objects

Dollhouse Furniture With Everyday ObjectsThis is a page about dollhouse furniture with everyday objects. There are a wide variety of small things that can be repurposed for thrifty doll furniture.


woman in wheelchair with afghan

Making a Wheelchair LapghanThis is a page about making a wheelchair lapghan. When mobility is assisted by a wheelchair, a cozy gift can be a perfectly sized blanket to help keep the occupant warm.


Tin can lantern illuminated with a candle.

Making a Tin Punch LanternThis is a page about making a tin punch lantern. You can easily turn an empty tin can into a beautiful lantern. Simply punch a pattern into its surface and place a candle inside to illuminate it.


Papier Mache Clay

Papier Mache Clay Recipe?Paper mache clay may be used to mold sculptures and make masks. Paper mache clay can be used in the place of traditional moistened newspaper strips and dries much harder, too. This page is about paper mache clay recipes.


Granny square flag afghan.

Stars and Stripes Granny Square AfghanThis flag afghan is made of hundreds of small granny squares that are the stitched together. This is a page about stars and stripes granny square afghan.


Made from tin cans of various sizes.

Making a Recycled Tin ManThis is a page about making a recycled tin man. Recycle clean empty food cans into a delightful tin man for your home or garden.


A row of cattails growing in a lake.

Preserving CattailsThis is a page about preserving cattails. Without some type of preservation measures cut cattails will eventually release their seeds sending fluff everywhere.


Plastic Cup Marshmallow Shooter

Making a Plastic Cup Marshmallow ShooterThis is a page about making a plastic cup marshmallow shooter. You can easily make a fun and safe projectile toy with plastic cups and marshmallows.


Kandi Cuff Bracelet

Making a Kandi Cuff BraceletThis is a page about making a kandi cuff bracelet. Using the peyote beading stitch, you can create a custom patterned bracelet. Stretching string and and colorful plastic pony beads are all that's needed.


A Christmas wreath made from neckties.

Crafts Using NecktiesThis is a page about crafts using neckties. Neckties are a popular, colorful crafting supply. They can be used in making new clothing, quilts, purses, and other projects. Use the ones you have around the house that are no longer fashionable or check out the thrift store for a new supply.


A plastic red container of ground coffee.

Finding Plastic Folger's Coffee Cans?Plastic contains can be used in many craft projects. This is a page about finding plastic Folger's coffee cans.


Crafts Using Crown Royal Bags

Crafts Using Crown Royal BagsThis is a page about crafts using Crown Royal bags.Those beautiful purple cloth Crown Royal bags are perfect to use in many crafts.


Garden Flag

Making Garden FlagsThis is a page about making garden flags. Garden flags are a bright and cheerful garden decoration. You don't have to spend a lot of money to add them to your garden decor; make some inexpensively.


Green fabric in a craft room.

Removing Stitch Witchery ResidueIf you make a mistake using Stitch Witchery, you will be left with a sticky residue that can be difficult to remove. This page offers advice about how to remove Stitch Witchery residue.


A terra cotta lighthouse.

Making a Terra Cotta LighthouseAn inexpensive craft project made with clay pots is a lighthouse for a garden decoration. This is a page about making a terra cotta lighthouse.


Barbie doll with clothes pin furniture.

Making Doll Furniture from Clothes PinsClothes pins can be used to make really cute doll furniture. If you don't have some to recycle they can be purchased at many hobby and craft stores. This is a page about making doll furniture from clothes pins.


Fabric Pumpkin

Making Fabric PumpkinsThis is a page about making fabric pumpkins. If you like crafting with fabric, this is a fun project for the holidays.


Pistachio Shell Flowers and Candle Holder

How to Make Pistachio Shell Flowers and Candle HolderSave the shells next time you enjoy a bowl of pistachios. The shells can be used to make a unique candle holder or flowers. This is a page about how to make pistachio shell flowers and candle holder.


Making a Yo Yo Turkey

Making a Yo Yo TurkeyThis is a page about making a yo yo turkey. Turn your yo yo addiction into a cute Thanksgiving turkey decoration.


hand holding paint brush for watercolors

One Handed Crafts?This is a page about one handed crafts. An accident or stroke may result in losing the use of one hand. This does not mean the end of crafting opportunities.


Finished birdbath.

Flower Pot Bird BathUsing a few inexpensive terra cotta flower pots you can make a beautiful bird bath for your garden. This is a page about making a flower pot bird bath.


bumper pads on stairs

Crafts and Other Uses for Crib Bumper Pads?This is a page about crafts and other uses for crib bumper pads. Many parents have bumper pads that they are no longer using. While you may not wish to use them in the crib due to safety concerns, there are many other ways to put them to use.


Ornamental Gourds

Preserving Ornamental GourdsThis is a page about preserving ornamental gourds. Proper preservation of ornamental gourds can keep them looking good for a long time.


pattern books for making Cabbage Patch Kids and clothing

Finding a Cabbage Patch Doll PatternOriginally created in 1978 and called Little People, these dolls are still popular today. You can make the soft sculpture version of this doll at home. This is a page about Finding a Cabbage Patch doll pattern.


Applique Patterns

Printable Applique Patterns?This is a page about printable applique patterns. Applique is a popular craft that is often incorporated into quilts and other fabric arts. Finding printable applique patterns can be an adventure.


Pipe Cleaner Bracelets - woman wearing bracelet

How to Make Beaded Pipe Cleaner BraceletsThis is a fun but relatively easy craft that even younger kids can make. This page shows you how to make beaded pipe cleaner bracelets.


Glass Block

Crafts Using Glass BlocksThis is a page about crafts using glass blocks. There are numerous craft projects that can be made using glass blocks.


Shaggy Dog
Out of Yarn

Making a Shaggy Dog Out of YarnThis is a cute project you can make without knitting or crocheting with the right pattern and yarn. This is a page about making a shaggy dog out of yarn.


Candles With Lavender

Homemade Candle Scents?You can use essential oils to add your favorite scents to homemade candles. This is a page about homemade candle scents.


Plastic Bag Rug

Making a Rug from Plastic BagsThere are a few different ways to make a plarn hooked or braided rug reusing hundreds of plastic bags. This is a page about making a rug from plastic bags.


brightly colored comforter and matching pillow

Altering a Comforter?This is a page about altering a comforter. You have found the perfect comforter; well it is almost perfect.


young girl wearing crochet hooded scarf

Making a Crocheted Hooded ScarfThis is a page about making a crocheted hooded scarf. Make this warm and cozy hooded scarf for all of your friends and family.


Faux Hornets' Nest - hanging on balcony

How to Make a Crochet Faux Hornets' NestThis crochet hornet nest may work to discourage these stinging insects from building a real nest on your deck or balcony. This is a page about how to make a crochet faux hornets' nest.


Mistletoe with red ribbon

Drying Fresh Mistletoe?This is a page about drying fresh mistletoe. Mistletoe is an evergreen parasitic plant that grows on a wide variety of trees. If you are unlucky or lucky enough to have some in your yard, you can harvest it and make your own dried mistletoe bunches for the holidays.


Dollar Bill Rose

Making a Dollar Bill RoseGiving money as a gift is even more fun if you know how to fold money into interesting shapes. This is a page about making a dollar bill rose.


suncatchers outside 2

Making Melted Bead SuncatchersThis is a page about melted bead suncatchers. A creative project you can especially enjoy when the sun shines, is a glass or plastic bead suncatcher.


Autumn Lanterns, Lit Up Close

Autumn Craft Ideas For KidsThis page contains autumn craft ideas for kids. As the days grow cooler, the kids have more time for inside projects.


Knifty Knitter Loom

Making a Blanket With a Knifty KnitterA Knifty Knitter is an easy tool to make a knitted blanket. They come in many shapes for different projects. This is a page about making a blanket with a Knifty Knitter.


Paper Towel Pillow

Making a Paper Towel PillowThis is a page about making a paper towel pillow. The surprise stuffing in this decorative pillow is a roll of paper towels, covered with a piece of fabric.


A stained glass window using cut wine bottle bottoms.

Using Wine Bottles In Stained GlassThis is a page about use wine bottles in stained glass. A bottle cutter can help you reuse glass containers to create beautiful projects.


A photo of a pug.

Making Homemade Piddle PadsThis page is about making homemade piddle pads. For training puppies and dogs unable to go out to relieve themselves, piddle pads can be helpful, but expensive.


Book Pocket Pillow - finished pillow with book in pocket

How to Make a Book Pocket PillowThis cute reading pillow has a special pocket to fit a beloved book, making a reading nook wherever it goes. This is a page about how to make a book pocket pillow.


view of finished candle out of the mold

Making Coffee Bean CandlesThis is a page about making coffee bean candles. Adding whole coffee beans while making a candle will allow you to enjoy the aroma of coffee every time you burn it.


Nine patch block and tools for quilting.

Making a Patchwork QuiltThis is a page about making a patchwork quilt. Making a patchwork quilt begins by cutting fabric into pieces of various shapes and sizes and sewing them together to form blocks. This quilting style is great for using up leftover fabric scraps or you can purchase new material in the colors and patterns you like. You don't need a lot of experience to make a patchwork quilt.


Effusion Lamps

Making Oil for Effusion LampsEffusion lamps are a great way to add a pleasant fragrance to your home or office. Save money and make your own scented effusion oil by mixing isopropyl alcohol (91 or 99%) with oil scents.


Tin Can Robot

Making a Tin Can RobotThis is a page about making a tin can robot. This is a great recycle project for you and the kids to make together.


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Granny Square Quilt Block

Granny Square Quilt BlockThis block is a way to use up smaller size quilt scraps. You can make a potholder, a table runner, or a quilt using this fun design.


The completed Silverware Dragonfly

Silverware DragonflyUsing old silverware to create an outdoor sculpture adds interest to my collection of backyard sculptures. Some of this old silverware was what I used in my childhood my parents had given to me. I wasn't sure how I could use these "keepsake" knives and then came across this idea.


The completed pullout box pieces.

Surprise Pullout BoxHere's another craft idea that I learned from my son. He is preparing a lot of unique valentine greetings for his teachers. What I like most about these crafts is that you won't need to spend so much for a gift. And it will take only 10 minutes to make.


The finished butter flower knife.

"Butter" Knife FlowerIn a previous posting, I submitted a craft on making a dragonfly out of forks and butter knives. This craft shows how I used up the "leftovers" from the dragonfly which was a "thrifty" use of leftovers. It is made from the end pieces of forks and knives.


The completed box filled with candy.

Origami Heart BoxMy eldest is the sweetest person next to his dad. The most thoughtful kid ever. I saw him cut out some pieces of art paper and asked him what it's for and he said he'll give it to his teacher. He said he doesn't have much money to buy her a gift so he tried searching for ideas online. I helped him with his work and it turned out really nice.


Tablet Holder

Tablet HolderThis project makes a handy addition to the kitchen if you are following a recipe from the internet while cooking or it can be used anytime you need to prop up the iPad while you are doing something.


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A child's hand in a container of pink flubber.

Homemade FlubberThis homemade flubber is a great toy for a preschooler. It can be used over and over again. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A confetti launcher made from a toilet paper tube, decorated in red, white and blue for the 4th of July.

Toilet Paper Tube Confetti LauncherThese cute confetti launchers are a great way to celebrate the 4th of July without dangerous fireworks. Learn how to make them in this short video.


A recycled toddler toy with brightly colored pom poms.

Toddler Pom Pom SorterHere is a cute homemade toddler toy using a recycled sour cream container and some colorful pompoms. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A child's rubber boot with marigolds planted inside.

Rubber Boot PlanterHave a pair of rubber boots that are just too cute to toss? You can upcycle them into an adorable planter. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A flower brooch made from a tape measure.

Tape Measure Flower BroochTake an ordinary tape measure, a button and a pin back to create this pretty flower brooch. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A lariat necklace with a decorated washer in the middle.

Washer Lariat NecklaceTake a flat metal washer from the hardware store and convert it into beautiful jewelry. Learn how to make it in this short video.


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Coin Purse Made of Soap Box

Coin Purse Made of Soap BoxMy son collected a few soap boxes. He's been so fascinated with different boxes and cardboards turning 'em into toys like a mini oven, or tv and even washing machine. Then he would enjoy playing with his creations.


4th of July Inspired Paper Cup Rocket

4th of July Inspired Paper Cup RocketI made a paper cup toy to entertain my youngest child. I thought the 4th of July would be a nice subject for this art since it is already fast approaching.


Crochet Rose

Crochet RoseThese are simple, little crochet roses that you could use to decorate something. I made 25 of them to go on a quilt I made.


Embroidered Photography

Embroidered PhotographyThis three dimensional craft was quick and easy and fun to do.


Monogram Jewelry Craft

Monogram Jewelry CraftUsed old jewelry to make this wall art for a friend.


A toy car made from recycled materials.

Bottle Cap SculpturezMy tip is: Find art supplies in any trash can in America by using alternative materials. Oftentimes, the materials that I utilize are destined to end up in a landfill.


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Mr. and Mrs Claus Pattern?

Mr. and Mrs Claus Pattern?Is there any way to still get the Ivory soap bottle patterns for the Mr. and Mrs. Claus Dolls?


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How To Make King Size Pom Pom Blankets?I am trying to learn how to make the king size pom pom blankets and build the frame. Is there anyone that would show me how. I am currently not able to work and I think this would be something I could stay busy with


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Readers Digest Patterns for Mr. and Mrs. Claus and Wisemen?Can you please provide the patterns for the Readers Digest Mr. & Mrs. Claus, as well as the Wisemen? Also, where is the best place to purchase the accessories for them? Thank you.


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Making a Jewelry Tree?I am looking into making a jewelry tree out of my mom's jewelry. I noticed from the pictures on Pinterest, the jewelry is mounted in frames. Could they work in a shadow box? My mom passed away in January, 2022 and I want to protect the jewelry pieces as much as possible. Thank you.


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Puzzle Board or Puzzle Mat?Which is easier and cheaper to make: the puzzle board or the puzzle mat?


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Making Art From Costume Jewelry?I am at the point where I have enough jewelry and am ready to start. I bought Elmers Repositioning Glue to adhere the fabric to the cardboard and E6000 for the permanent bond for the jewelry and fabric attachment. Though, I am apprehensive about starting. I am wondering how deep the jewelry is and if the weight of the larger pieces will hold up once glued. I keep thinking the fabric will pull away from the cardboard once it's in an upright position! I guess I need encouragement!


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