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Valentine's Day Candy Bouquet

Making a Valentine's Day Candy BouquetFlowers are beautiful and a delightful gift to receive, but you can't eat them. Try this candy bouquet instead or in addition to the traditional bouquet of flowers. This is a page about making a Valentine's Day candy bouquet.


Arrow Toss Valentine's Day
Toddler Game -  heart with the arrows arrayed around it

Valentine's Day Arrow Toss GameThis is a fun Valentine's Day game you can make at home for the kids. Felt and dowel arrows are thrown towards the paper heart. The closest one wins.


Simple Heart Garland - garland hanging on a mantel

Making a Simple Heart GarlandThis attractive heart garland is made with kraft paper, tissue paper, and ribbon. A heart shaped paper punch comes in handy as does a paper cutter, but are not required. Learn how to make this garland using the instructions found below.


several roses in a clay pot

Making Hershey's Kiss RosesThese candy roses are a clever, sweet gift to make for someone you love for Valentine's Day or any special occasion. This is a page about making hershey's kiss roses.


Heart Shaped Pot Mitt, Heart shaped pot or oven mitts.

Heart Shaped Pot MittA decorative and useful craft for Valentine's Day is a heart shaped pot mitt. You can make one yourself with a few materials and a bit of time. This is a page about making a heart shaped pot mitt.


Finished heart.

Recycled Candy Box Heart Shaped Wall HangingA heart shaped candy box, some knit scarf and fleece remnants, and a variety of buttons are all it takes to make this lovely wall hanging. This is a page about making a Recycled Candy Box Heart Shaped Wall Hanging.



Romantic Wreath - wreath hanging on closet knob

How to Make a Romantic WreathDisplaying a lovely romantic wreath at Valentine's time is easy especially if you make your own. This page shows you how to make one version inexpensively. This is a page about how to make a romantic wreath.


Paper Heart Door Hanger

Paper Heart Door HangerThis easy to make paper heart decoration is easy enough for child to make. It's a nice Valentine's Day or Mother's Day project. This is a page about making a Paper Heart Door Hanger.


Finished brown paper heart.

Brown Paper Hanging Heart DecorationThis cotton stuffed brown paper heart decoration is inexpensive and easy to make. This is a page about brown paper hanging heart decoration.


Pop Heart Decoration - finished heart

Making a Paper 3D HeartThis is a page about pop heart decoration. These neat 3D paper hearts can be attached to a Valentine's day card or gift for a beautiful handmade touch. They also make great decorations for your home or office. While they may look complicated, they are quite easy to make.


The completed pullout box pieces.

Surprise Pullout BoxHere's another craft idea that I learned from my son. He is preparing a lot of unique valentine greetings for his teachers. What I like most about these crafts is that you won't need to spend so much for a gift. And it will take only 10 minutes to make.


The completed box filled with candy.

Origami Heart BoxMy eldest is the sweetest person next to his dad. The most thoughtful kid ever. I saw him cut out some pieces of art paper and asked him what it's for and he said he'll give it to his teacher. He said he doesn't have much money to buy her a gift so he tried searching for ideas online. I helped him with his work and it turned out really nice.


Two heart shaped stockings for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day StockingsI started the tradition of Valentine Day stockings a few years ago. We enjoyed filling them with sweets and love notes.


The front of the card.

Greetings Cards from Vintage MagazinesI made a Valentine's card and a birthday card from these old magazines I had stored from my childhood.


Adding valentine notes to the mailbox.

Love MailboxThe best Valentine activity we had in high school was putting up a Love Mailbox. Receive your love notes and valentine goodies thru this cute looking mailbox.


The completed Cupid's Arrows

Cupid's ArrowsLet me share to you another unique way of sending messages to your lovies with Cupid's arrows. I learned this cute craft way back in high school. Here's how to do it.


The completed violet jar.

Vintage Valentine Violet JarsI love decorating bottles. I wanted to make a unique candy jar this year to give to some lady friends. I found violet candy to put in my violet decorated jars. These are recycled spice jars.


A Valentine's decoration made from recycled materials.

Upcycled Valentine DecorationsIf you ever buy these seasonal Valentine Candy canes, save the packaging. Upcycle them into a backdrop decoration (like I did) or you can use for decoration at your front door.


Yarn Heart Decoration

Yarn Heart DecorationInstead of purchasing a new plant pot for a specific holiday, you could make reusable decorations.


Cute Mini XOXO Wood Sign - sign hanging on door knob

Cute Mini XOXO Wood SignDo you have any thin/small wood scraps? You can create cute little wood signs as Valentine's decorations.


A mini banjo made from recycled materials.

Mini Love BanjoHere is a way to make a mini love bonjo using popsicle sticks and a jar lid.



Repurpose Victoria's Secret Shopping Bag for Valentine's Day - cute pink and white striped shopping bag repurposed into a Valentine's Day gift bag

Repurposed Victoria's Secret Shopping BagPaper shopping bags from your favorite shops can be repurposed into attractive gift bags for special occasions, such as Valentine's Day. The craft project included on this page will show you how.


Valentine's Day Paper Craft Card - finished front of the card

Making a Valentine's Day Paper CardThis cute paper card is made from varying colors of scrap paper. Your children can help to decorate it and give it to their teacher, grandparents, and others on Valentine's Day.


Finished card.

Heart's Delight Valentine CardYou can use a heart shaped cookie cutter and punch to easily make your own version of this cute Valentine's Day card. The instructions and supplies list can be found below.


"Eyes On You" Valentines - glue down a square with a heart cut out

Making "Eyes On You" ValentinesKeeping your crafting eyes open allows you to see the potential for using all sorts of packaging materials in future craft projects. In this case tape packaging was incorporated into homemade Valentine's Day cards. Learn how below.


Valentine's Day Hanging Picture Frame - finished hanging frame

Making a Valentine's Day Hanging Picture FrameThis pretty picture frame is perfect as a kids' craft for Valentine's Day. Inexpensive decorations are glued around a red paper plate with a window to display a photo or illustration.


Space Valentine Box - one end with large red heart and smaller elements

Making a Space Valentine BoxUse some of your child's space themed artwork to decorate a tissue box. Now you have a fun, unique Valentine's Day card box.


Valentine's Day Plant Stake - two gift plants

Making a Valentine's Day Plant StakeGive a plant for Valentine's day. Make a personalized plant stake with a paper heart to express your love.


Guitar Heartstrings Card - finished card

Making a Guitar Heartstrings CardShow your valentine how much you care with this adorable handmade card. It's perfect for a guitar lover.


Penguin Valentine's Card or Crown - finished card faced crown

Making a Penguin Valentine's Card or CrownThis amazingly cute paper penguin can be used as a Valentine's Day card or become the decoration on a crown to add to your child's stash of play wear.


Heart Sticks Valentine's Day Arrangement - finished arrangement

Making a Heart Sticks Valentine's Day ArrangementMake this decorated jar filled with twigs from your garden, adorned with foam hearts in various sizes and colors. It is a great project to work on with your kids.


Valentine Hearts Kite Vase - finished bottle with stems in it

Making a Valentine Hearts Kite VaseA clear glass vase or recycled bottle can easily be transformed into a bit of Valentine's Day decor with a heart shaped kite motif. The supplies you will need and the instructions can be found below.


Valentine's Day Picture Frame - man's photo in the finished frame

Making a Valentine's Day Picture FramePaint a photo frame red and then decorate it with recycled CD hearts. Follow the link in the project for instructions. It makes a fun gift. Everything you need to know can be found on this site.


Valentine Gift Jar - pink rocks added to the lid, ready to fill with candy or other small gifts

Making a Valentine Gift JarDecorate a recycled jar to create you own handmade Valentine gift jar. We can show you how. Change the motif and it works for many occasions.


Happy Valen-Slime Cards - card taped to gift of slime

Making Happy Valen-Slime CardsYoungsters may enjoy some slime for Valentine's day with a personalized card with the message 'will you be my Valen-slime'. Ready in a jiff with a few fabric scraps to decorate the card.



Paper Heart Display - both decorative hearts next to plants

Making a Paper Heart DisplayShow your spirit for the holiday with paper hearts. Simple to make with paper, corks and dowels. They don't take much room and are easy to display.


Valentine's Themed Gift Basket for Him - finished snack gift basket

Valentine's Themed Gift Basket for HimShowing him your love on Valentine's Day can be a personalized gift basket. Using recycled boxes and decorating it yourself, you can fill it with things you know he likes or needs.


Heart Picture Frame Magnet - finished magnet on a stainless steel refrigerator door

Making a Heart Picture Frame MagnetThis magnetic heart picture frame magnet is fun to make for Valentine's Day or other occasions. Let us show you how.


3D Pop-Up Heart Card - open card with 3-D heart

Making a 3D Pop-Up Heart CardGather together scissors, glue, and paper to create this delightful 3D pop-up heart card. Using 3 colors adds to the overall effect.


Hogs and Kisses Candy Holder - finished hog holder surrounded by red and silver wrapped Kisses

Making a Hogs and Kisses Candy HolderThis Valentine's Day craft is based on a play on words. This sweet little TP pig makes the perfect container for some candy treats for you Valentine. The attached craft details the steps required to make your own.


Heart-Shaped Toy Binoculars - red binoculars on dark background

Making Heart-Shaped Toy BinocularsPaint and recontour TP tubes to make these fun heart shaped toy binoculars. We can show you how.


Valentine's Bird Card Holder - closeup of card holder

Making a Valentine's Bird Card HolderWhen children exchange Valentine's Day cards at school, they often need to bring in a holder of some type to collect their cards. This bird card holder is so cute, as well as functional. Learn how to make your own here.


Giant Strawberry Valentine's Day Card - ready to give to recipient

Making a Giant Strawberry Valentine's Day CardReadily available supplies such as construction paper, googly eyes, and heart stickers are used to make a cute teacher's card for Valentine's Day. We can show you how.


Valentine's Handprint Cactus Card - finished card with foam heart stickers added too

Making a Valentine's Handprint Cactus CardTurn your child's handprint into a cute Valentine's card. Here it is used to create a potted cactus. This is the perfect card to send to grandparents and other family members. We can show you how in the following project.


Handmade Valentine's Day Cards - cards for family

Handmade Valentine's Day CardsMake Valentine's Day card giving even more fun by working with your children to make their own cards for their friends and teacher. These cuties were made using recycled cardboard from cereal boxes. Let us show you how.


Valentine's Hanging Wall Decoration  - full view of the hanging

Valentine's Hanging Wall DecorationWall hangings are fun to make for different seasons and holidays. This Valentine's Day one is no exception. It is easy to construct using crafting supplies you already have. If you don't they are inexpensive to buy and add to your stash for future projects.


Heart Garden Stakes - a purple and a pink heart shape with green stems

Making Heart Garden StakesDon't forget to decorate outdoors for Valentine's Day. Learn how to make these fun craft stick hearts to add to your entryway planters or even to houseplants.


Hot Air Balloon Happy Valentine's Day Hanging Art - hanging on brick fireplace

Hot Air Balloon Happy Valentine's Day Hanging ArtThis fun hanging hot air balloon Valentine's Day craft incorporates your child's art into a cute seasonal decoration. Follow the steps and accompanying photos to make one of your own.


Wall Shell Decoration for Valentine's Day - hanging on a brick fireplace

Making a Wall Shell Decoration for Valentine's DayKids love to craft. This shell wall decoration with a Valentine's Day theme was made entirely by an elementary school child. Give your kids some craft supplies and see what happens.


Valentine's Day Spider Card - finished card

How to Make a Valentine's Day Spider CardFor a fun twist on traditional Valentine's Day cards, try this spider card. Use your child's artwork as the background for the web and add other embellishments as desired. This is the perfect card for family members, such as grandparents. See how to make your own below.


Valentine's Day Hanging Flag Banner - ready to hang

Valentine's Day Hanging Flag BannerThis fun Valentine's Day banner is constructed from scrapbook paper, a branch, pink and red buttons, and ribbon. It is easy to make and you may even already have some of the necessary supplies.


Heart Banner as Wall Decor - multiple hanging heart banners

Heart Banner as Wall DecorVertical strings of paper hearts attached to lengths of yarn can be used as a simple heart banner when decorating for Valentine's Day. Let us show you how.


Transform any Vase into a One with a Valentine's Theme - red bottle with heart decoration with a rose bud,  in front of a red wood/paper heart

Transforming a Vase for Valentine's DayFor a quick, temporary Valentine's Day decoration, add hearts cut from paper doilies to some of your vases. Tie them in place with narrow ribbon or cord. They look cute and are extremely inexpensive to make.


Valentine's Day Candy Jar - raffia glued around the neck and faux foliage and flowers added

Making a Valentine's Day Candy JarThis dimensionally decorated Valentine's Day jar is an excellent project for the recycle crafter. Save up those empty food jars and then refer to the project below to make a variety of them to give as gifts.


Valentine's Day Candy & Gift Box - ready to gift

Valentine's Day Candy and Gift BoxDecorate a recycled box to create this pretty candy and gift box for your Valentine or change it up for other occasions. The steps and photos follow.


Making a Tinsel Pipe Cleaner Heart Garland - pipe cleaners attached to a length of twine

Making a Tinsel Pipe Cleaner Heart GarlandThis inexpensive Valentine's Day decoration is easily made with tinsel pipe cleaners, a length of twine for hanging, some glue, and a pair of scissors. Make it as long as you like or make several.


Valentine's Themed Bee Crown - finished crown on the floor

Making a Valentine's Themed Bee CrownThis paper crown kids' craft combines a cute bee theme with Valentine's Day. Little foam heart stickers adorn the tips of the antennae and are the eyes for your bee. Your child will be buzzing around the house with this fun crown firmly in place on their head.


Eye Love You Valentine's Day Art Work

'Eye Love You' Valentine's Day ArtworkThis fun Valentine's Day card is made primarily from recycled cardboard and magazine clippings. Learn how to make one on this page.


Hand Painted Popsicle Stick Puzzle - puzzle

Hand Painted Popsicle Stick PuzzleUsing colored or painted Popsicle sticks you can recreate this cute puzzle. Follow the instructions provided to make this love themed puzzle or design your own image.


"Giving You All My Love" Octopus - finished octopus

Making a 'Giving You All My Love' OctopusBegin with a recycled TP tube, cut and paint to make a heart tipped octopus. Fill with Valentine's Day candies or other small gifts and give it to someone you care about.


"Bee Mine" Clothespin Craft - three finished bee clothespins

Making 'Bee Mine' ClothespinsThese fun little clothespin bees can be clipped on your clothing or a gift. Learn how to make them below.


Heart Shaped Fox Card - add eyes and a nose

How to Make a Heart Shaped Fox CardUse paper heart cutouts to assemble this cute fox shaped card for your Valentine. Easy to follow instructions follow.


Kissmark Decorative Banner - apply the lipstick colors in turn and make three kiss marks on the lighter paper

Making a Kissmark Decorative BannerMake a fun Valentine's Day banner by applying lipstick kiss marks onto pieces of paper. Then attach those to a colored background and hang. Easy, cute, and fun to make.


Valentine's Day Dog - red heart Valentine puppy

Making a Valentine's Day DogCreate a fun paper Valentine's Day dog with your kids. It can be used as an actual Valentine by writing a greeting on the back, or simply be a fun craft for the dog lovers in your household.


Flamingo Heart Card or Kids' Craft - reverse flamingo with head added

Making a Flamingo Heart CardUsing a cut out pink heart you and the kids can make flamingo cards for Valentine's day. Pipe cleaners can be the neck and long legs adorned by pink feathers for the tail.


"I love you a WATT!" Greeting Card - bulb with message

I Love You a WATT! Greeting CardMake a cute homemade light bulb themed Valentine's greeting card. Tell someone dear to you, "I love you a WATT!".


A pile of multicolored socks.

Giving Socks as GiftsWhen giving socks as a gift for Valentine's day a fun way to personalize them is decorating them with cute messages. Using a recycled tissue box you can make a special card.


Drum Beat Card - finished card with the message on pink paper add above and below the drum

Making a Drum Beat Greeting CardUsing a drum and drum sticks as the motif, this Valentine's Day card is unique and extra special because it is handmade. Learn how to make one by following the steps with accompanying photos found below.


Paper Carnation Wreath - add additional leaves to fill the gaps

Making a Paper Carnation WreathLearn how to create pretty pink paper carnations and then use them to construct a wreath. Everything you need to know about this project is detailed below.


Cutout Heart Valentines - add greeting

Making Cutout Paper Heart ValentinesFollow the instructions below to make two cute construction paper heart Valentines. One is a funny heart caterpillar and the left over paper from which the hearts were cut is incorporated into a second card.


A homemade solar light Valentine gift.

You Light Up My Heart Solar Valentine GiftSurround a solar stake with a seasonally decorated towel, pot holder, and a ribbon. Add a box of chocolates to this gift to show someone special how they light up your heart.


A gift box for Valentine's treats.

Valentine's Day Patchwork Treat BoxRecycle an empty tissue box to make this pretty patchwork paper covered treat box for your child to carry their Valentine's Day cards and treats to school.


"I Knead You" Card - finished card

Making an "I Knead You" Valentine's CardThis cute handmade card is a play on words. Make your own "I Knead You" card complete with a cardboard rolling pin rolling out some dough. The instructions follow.


Making a Paper Valentine Tree - Valentine tree

Making a Paper Valentine TreeDecorate for Valentine's Day by making this pretty paper Valentine tree. You need a TP tube, a paper cone, and pink and red paper for the hearts, plus any additional decorations you desire. A complete list of supplies and instructions follows.


No-Sew Gradient Felt Heart Purse - ready to fill with candy or whatever

Making a No-Sew Gradient Felt Heart PurseFelt is the perfect material to use for many no sew project. This pretty gradient felt heart purse is the perfect craft for a beginner. It can be made from scraps of felt that you might already have in your stash.


Valentine's Checkers Game - game in process

Making a Valentine's Day Checkers GameMaking a checkers game for Valentine's day can be fun. Play with heart shaped pieces in the spirit of the holiday.


Upcycled Calendar Valentine's Heart Wreath - folded paper wreath

How to Make an Upcycled Calendar Valentine's Heart WreathRecycle last year's calendar into a pretty heart shaped wreath. This page contains the instructions and photos explaining how to make an upcycled calendar Valentine's heart wreath.


Valentine Wreath Card - banner added to bottom and bow to the top

Making a Valentine Wreath CardTake small paper hearts to make this beautiful Valentine's Day card in the shape of a wreath. This is easy for kids to make with recycled materials.


Valentine's Heart Chocolate Candy/Coupon Gift

Valentine's Heart Chocolate Candy and Coupon GiftThis page contains instructions and photos to guide you in making two sweet Valentine's Day gifts. One is a kids' treat and the other a candy and coupon gift. The first step it to make small heart shaped paper boxes.


Peppermint Syrup as a Valentine's Gift - glass jar of peppermint syrup

How to Make Peppermint Syrup as a Valentine's GiftUse those on sale, after Christmas, candy canes to make a delicious gift for Valentine's Day or any occasion. This page explains how to make peppermint syrup for yourself or gifting.


Love Grows Valentine Card - finished card

Making a Love Grows Valentine CardThis card has a tree trunk with branches that end in pink or red hearts, symbolizing how your love grows. It's a beautiful way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your love.


Valentine's Day Decorated Gift Bag

Valentine's Day DIY Gift BagsYou can add holiday themed decorations to a gift bag with simple supplies you probably already have at home. This is a page about valentine's day DIY gift bags.


Rocketship Valentine's Day Gifts - two finished rocket gifts

Making Rocketship Valentine's Day GiftsWhen it's not appropriate to share sweets for a Valentine party, you and your youngster can create these fun holiday greetings. This is a page about making rocketship Valentine's Day gifts.


"I Love You To Pieces" Valentine's Day Card - finished card standing on a tabletop

Making a "I Love You To Pieces" Valentine's Day CardAn inexpensive way to show your love is by making this cute card. This is a page about making a "I love you to pieces" Valentine's day card.


Finished gift.

Be My Valentine Floral GiftMake this pretty faux floral and lollipop gift for your Valentine or tailor it for other occasions as well. Learn how to make a, "Be My Valentine" floral gift.


Valentine's Day Tissue Wreath - finished wreath with three hearts in middle

How to Make a Valentine's Day Tissue WreathThis cute seasonal wreath is made using a wreath form cut from a paper plate. Scrunched up bits of tissue paper and crepe paper streamers are glued on to decorate it in pink and red. This page is about how to make a Valentine's day tissue wreath.


Pink felt heart tree on mantle.

Making a Valentine's Day TreeWe have all seen beautiful cone shaped Christmas tree decorations, but why not make one for Valentine's Day? You can create a lovely decoration by covering the cone shape with felt, paper, or other materials, for example fabric yo yos. Learn how to make a Valentine's Day tree.


Wreath hanging on door.

Making a Paper Valentine WreathUsing scrapbook paper you can make a pretty wreath to decorate your wall or door for Valentine's Day. This page provides step by step instructions for making a paper Valentine wreath.


Candy Basket - closeup of candy basket

Candy BasketThis is a cute candy basket - perfect as a Valentine's Day gift, or little decoration piece for your office desk.


Hearts Garland - hanging on mantle

Making a Paper Valentine's Day Hearts GarlandTurn strips of red and pink paper into cute curled heart shapes that are then strung into a garland of any length. Decorate the mantel or other places in your home or office. This page contains photos and instructions for making a paper Valentine's Day hearts garland.


Heart Shaped Leis

How to Make Heart Shaped LeisThese fun to make, paper heart and straw piece, leis are an easy project for your child to put together as gifts for friends on Valentine's Day. This is a page about how to make heart shaped leis.


"Wide-Eyed Over You" Valentine Card

Making a 'Wide-Eyed Over You' Valentine CardHomemade Valentine's Day cards can add an even more special meaning to the day. Give your Valentine this cute little heart with its wide eyes and happy smile. This is a page about making a "Wide-eyed Over You" Valentine card.


Fan folded paper heart.

"Number 1 Fan" Valentine Project for KidsThis is a page about "Number 1 Fan" Valentine project for kids. This fun paper plate craft is perfect for children to make and give for Valentine's Day.


Styrofoam heart wreath on a red background.

How to Make a Foam Heart WreathThis is a page about how to make a foam heart wreath. Whether you use a heart shaped wreath or a circle, foam wreath forms are the starting off point for a variety of pretty heart themed wreath projects.


A homemade Valentine's Day card with pop-up hearts.

Mini Pop-up Valentine Card Kids' CraftEasily create vibrant pop-up cards from construction paper, great for kids to make for Valentine's Day. This page has instructions for making a mini pop-up Valentine card kids' craft.


Turtle Dove of Love Valentine Card - finished card with rhinestones randomly glued to the card face around the doves, inside the heart

How to Make a Turtle Dove of Love Valentine CardThis pretty Valentine's Day card is adorned with two resin turtle doves. If you enjoy making your own greeting cards or are new to this craft give this one a try. This is a page about how to make a turtle dove of love Valentine card.


Valentine's Day Hearts Card - hearts added and rhinestone strip

Making a Valentine's Day Hearts CardThis is a page about making a Valentine's day hearts card. These beautiful, curly paper hearts are the perfect decoration for these custom cards.


Loved Up Drinks Coasters - coat with varnish and allow to dry

'Loved Up' Heart Drink CoastersThis is a page about making 'loved up' heart drink coasters. These cute coaster make a great gift for Valentine's day. They are easy to make and can even be customized with a personal message.


Heart-Shaped Cupcake Topper - three cupcakes with heart decoration in the center one

How to Make a Heart-Shaped Cupcake TopperAdd a fun heart shaped topper to your Valentine's Day, or other occasion, cupcakes. Try one made with Froot Loops strung on a pipe cleaner in the shape of a heart. This is a page about heart-shaped cupcake topper.


Personalized Valentine's Day Card - finished card and bubble wand

Personalized Valentine's Day CardA cute and thoughtful way of giving a Valentine's Day card is making it personalized. You can get inspiration from other Valentine's Day cards or Pinterest. The cost for each card and bubbles wand was only .13 cents per card! This is cheaper than buying in stores and who doesn't love bubbles?


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Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

Handmade Valentine's Day CardsYou can create these lovely handmade Valentine's Day cards out of cereal boxes. My daughter made these for her classmates as well as for us and her brother.


Space Valentine Box - finished Valentine's Day card box

Space Valentine BoxNeed a last minute Valentine Card box? Here's a style you could recreate. We used an empty tissue box and my son decided he can reuse his space mobile for his Valentine Box.


Heart Garden Stakes - stakes in a potted tree

Heart Garden StakesHere is a project for making cute and thrifty heart/Valentine conversation candy inspired garden stakes. They are perfect to place as outdoor decorations for a pathway, in your planters, or even use as party decorations (place inside a vase with rocks or other decorations so the stake could stand).


Valentine's Themed Gift Basket for Him - finished snack gift basket

Valentine's Themed Gift Basket for HimI was able to achieve this snack gift basket with an empty Persian cucumber cardboard container from Trader Joe's and an empty cereal box (for the handle.)


Valentine's Hanging Wall Decoration  - hanging

Valentine's Hanging Wall DecorationHere is a cute and inexpensive Valentine's hanging wall decoration you can make for your home. This could double as party decorations for an at home date night, birthday, anniversary, wedding, bridal shower, etc.!


Happy Valen-Slime Cards - card taped to gift of slime

Happy Valen-Slime CardsMy son and I made these "Will You Be My Valen-Slime Valentine Cards" for some of his friends in the neighborhood using left over fabric scraps and construction paper.


More Featured


Bouquet made from candy

Valentine's Day Candy BouquetSurprise your sweetie with this candy bouquet on a special day. Check out this video and learn how easy it is to make.


Hershey's Kiss Roses

Hershey's Kiss RosesThese Hershey's Kisses roses are a cute way to give that special someone flowers. Learn how to make them in this video.


Heart Ornament

Heart OrnamentThis video shows you how to make this cute heart ornament, sprinkled with glitter and sequins, embellished with lace, bow, and ribbon rose.


Ombre M & Ms Candy Jar

Ombre M & Ms Candy JarThis is a simple gift to make for someone special. See how we made this ombre m&m's candy jar in this short video.


A Valentine's day craft with colorful fabric hearts in a container.

Bucket of HeartsThis container of cheerful fabric hearts is sure to bring a smile to your valentine. Learn how to make it in this short video.



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Valentine Craft and Decorating Ideas?I need ideas for decorating at a Valentine's party as well as ideas for small gifts.


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Ideas For Toilet Paper Roll Valentine Crafts?I have a bunch of toilet paper rolls. I'm wanting to make some Valentine crafts with them. I just don't know any ideas on what to do with them. Any suggestions on reusing?


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Valentine's Day Centerpiece?I need ideas for a Valentine table centerpiece. Any help would be appreciated.


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Valentine's Shoe Box Designs?I was wondering if anyone had any great creative Valentine box ideas? Pictures are great too to see the box. Thanks.


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Making a Kissing Ball for Valentine's Day?Anybody know how to make a kissing ball for Valentine's Day? I saw one in a Better Homes and Garden magazine but it calls for some stuff I don't have.


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Making a Valentine's Scrapbook?I'm making a Valentine's scrapbook for my boyfriend. We have been together for about 2 years now and I want to make it really special. Does anyone have any ideas? Does anybody have any good Valentines sayings or jokes that I can us in it? I am also going to but some photos of us in it. Anyone got some special things I can do with pictures?


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