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This page contains Easter crafts, including great Easter crafts for kids as well as adults.

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ribbon easter cross

Plastic Canvas Cross CraftUsing plastic canvas and ribbon or yarn you can create a beautiful easy to make cross. This is a page about making a plastic canvas cross craft.


Crochet Jellybean Duck - little yellow crochet duck

Making a Crochet Jellybean DuckCrochet this cute little duck and add some jellybeans or other small candies to her drawstring pouch. This is a page about making a crochet jellybean duck.


The completed pouch.

Bunny Candy PouchesI made these for my daughter-in-law's school class so she could give them a fun little treat.


The completed foam bunnies.

Foam Dice BunniesCover and decorate foam dice with balloons to make a cute and easy bunny. In winter, use white balloons and make them into snowmen.


The finished Paper Bag Carrots

Paper Bag CarrotsTurn a brown paper lunch bag into paper bag carrots for spring or Easter! Paper bag carrots are so easy to make and you probably already have everything you need!


Completed fabric Easter egg candy pouches.

Fabric Easter Egg Candy PouchI saw this idea in a magazine and decided to make one similar.



Mini Wreath Bunny - cute bunny wreath with flowers at base of ears and bow around its neck

Making a Mini Wreath BunnyI saw a larger version of this and while I didn't have the materials, I did have them for a smaller version. I hope you like it.


Easter Bunny Puppet from a Dishwashing Glove - other paw and back paws drawn in place - it is done

Easter Bunny Puppet from a Dishwashing GloveDark pink dishwashing gloves are remade into a cute Easter bunny hand puppet. The easy to follow instructions can be found below.


Upcycled Mini Easter Hat - finished

Upcycled Mini Easter HatYou would never guess that this pretty mini Easter hat is made from a sink basket style strainer and a lone sock. Learn how below.


Chick or Duckling Easter Decoration - finished chick/duck

Chick or Duckling Easter DecorationConstruction paper, scissors, tape, and a stapler are all you need to make one or more of these cute bird decorations. They can be strung into a garland or displayed alone.


Repurposed Easter Wreath - finished wreath hanging on a door

Repurposed Easter WreathUpscale a sale wreath with items you might already have in your craft stash. Small faux eggs and a ribbon hanger complete the look.


Personalized Initial Tissue Box Easter Basket - paper cir

Personalized Initial Tissue Box Easter BasketReuse an empty tissue box to create a initialed Easter basket. Scrap paper, hot glue and a few common crafting items will make a fun personalized container.


Faux Egg Faces - closeup of flirting eggs and gassy egg

Making Faux Egg FacesA fun activity for the kids involves decorating faux eggs with funny faces. Lay out the markers and let the creativity begin.


Easter Box - filled goodie bag in Easter box

Making an Easter BoxIn lieu of a traditional Easter basket, what about making a recycled Easter box. The craft project on this page will show you how.


Recycled Bunny Friends - bunnies among the cupcakes

Making Recycled Bunny FriendsSave your toilet paper tubes to make a collection of these adorable bunny friends. These are perfect as an Easter craft and decorations.


Happy Easter Banner - glue the eggs in place at the ends and add lengths of ribbon for hanging, front view of banner hanging on a wood mantle

Making a Happy Easter BannerMake this Happy Easter banner to welcome your guests during the Easter season. It's easy to modify this for a birthday or other special event.


Tin Tub Easter Basket - add grass and filled plastic eggs

Making a Tin Tub Easter BasketTin tubs make wonderful Easter baskets and come in a variety of bright colors. They can be used after the holiday for storage in a bedroom or bathroom.


Easter Egg Wreath

Making a Plastic Easter Egg WreathPlastic Easter eggs can be used to make a pretty seasonal wreath. Make it as simple or elaborate as you like. We have some excellent examples to choose from.


A man, woman and child with bunny ears on, decorating eggs.

Easter ActivitiesThis page contains Easter crafts, games, a coloring page, and more. Have fun.


A basket of marbleized Easter eggs.

Making Marbleized Easter EggsFor a beautiful decorated Easter egg, try a marbleized effect. This page has tips for using nail polish and food coloring to create these unique eggs.



Cheetos Carrots

Making Cheetos CarrotsYou can make these awesome carrot treats by filling triangular shaped treat bags with Cheetos and tying them off with green ribbon.


Pink bunny napkin ring.

Making a Bunny Napkin RingCreate a cute pink paper bunny napkin ring by following the instructions found on this page.


A balloon wrapped in yarn.

Making Yarn Wrapped Balloon CraftsYarn wrapped balloons can be the start of cute Easter baskets and egg shaped decorations. See how to create these crafts on this page.


Crochet Bunny Wreath - wreath hanging

Crochet Bunny WreathCrochet this adorable bunny wreath and hang it on your door to celebrate Easter. The wreath can be used as a gift and is inexpensive and quick to make with yarn and decorations you may already have on hand.


Peeps Racers - two race car bunnies

How to Make Peeps RacersPeeps bunnies dash about in their personalized racers made from Twinkies, marshmallows, and chocolate covered pretzels. See how to make these cute, edible delights in this page.


Spring Colored Bunny Wreath - bunny hanging in wreath

Making a Spring Colored Bunny WreathMake a stuffed bunny the centerpiece of this cheerful Easter wreath. This is a page about making a spring colored bunny wreath.


Making Bunny Bag Favors

Making Paper Bag Bunny FavorsTake plain paper lunch bags to create these cute favors. It's perfect for holding candy and eggs at Easter but could be for any party. This is a page about making bunny bag favors.


Easter Egg Curtain

Easter Egg CurtainCut brightly colored fabrics into egg shapes and string them in a row to make this festive window decoration. This is a page about making an Easter egg curtain.


Finished eggs.

Felt and Ribbon EggsMake this fun egg craft with your kids for Easter decorations. This page has directions for making felt and ribbon eggs.


Ribbon bows added.

Wooden Spoon Bunny Plant Poke CraftTurn a plain wooden spoon into this cute decoration to add to flowers or a potted plant as a gift at Easter or any time. This page contains a wooden spoon bunny plant poke craft.


Unique Eggs in One Homemade Basket - decorated eggs in crochet basket

Decorated Plastic Easter Eggs in a Crochet BasketDecorate several plastic eggs with a variety of finishes, such as twine, a crochet yarn chain, gem stones, or small buttons. Then crochet this cute little basket to display them in. This is a page about decorated plastic Easter eggs in a crochet basket.


Plastic Egg Baby Chicks  - yellow chick

Making Plastic Egg ChicksThis fun Easter craft reuses plastic Easter eggs and transforms them into these cute Easter chick decorations. With some feathers, paper, and googly eyes you can learn to make them in this step by step guide.


Easter Card Notebook with Stickers

Making an Easter Card NotebookYou can make a cute Easter notebook by recycling an Easter greeting card and transforming it into a small notebook. Learn how to make one in this step by step guide.


Decorated bunny eggs.

Plastic Egg Bunny CraftsUsing either two part or hinged plastic eggs you and your children can make several of these cute bunnies. Try each design for a bit of variety. This page contains fun to make plastic egg bunny crafts.


Easter Cans Baskets

Making Easter Baskets from Recycled CansRecycled cans from coffee, formula or other larger canned goods can be reused to make adorable baskets for the Easter Bunny. This is a page about making Easter baskets from recycled cans.



Easter Bunny Resealable Candy Pack - finished bunny with two rolls of Smarties

Making Easter Bunny Resealable Candy PacksThese handy candy pouches are made from soft felt wrapping paper and a few other basic supplies. They can be hidden in lieu of plastic Easter eggs or given as gifts. This page has instructions for making Easter Bunny resealable candy packs.


Styrofoam Ball Bunny Statue - finished bronze metallic bunny on turquoise background

How to Make a Styrofoam Ball Bunny StatueIf you are looking for a different Easter decoration to make this year try this cute and eye-catching bunny statue. Learn how to make a Styrofoam ball bunny statue on this page.


Shredded Paper Nest - egg sitting in the center of the nest. Some of the shreds are painted gold.

How to Make a Shredded Paper Easter Egg NestShredded paper, glue, and some paint are all that you need to make this Easter egg nest. Let the kids join in for some family fun. This is a page about how to make a shredded paper Easter egg nest.


Paper Plate Bunny Mask -  red bunny with whiskers

Making Paper Plate Bunny MasksThe humble paper plate is a stay by crafting supply for children's projects. This page is about making paper plate bunny masks.


Spring Bunny Banner

Making a Spring Bunny BannerCelebrate Easter with this easy paper banner made of bunny silhouettes and puffy tails. This page has instructions for making a spring bunny banner.


Pinecone Chicks

How to Make Pinecone ChicksIt is so much fun to see what you can create using pinecones. Try this fun spring and Easter decorative craft and make these cute chicks.


Easter basket made from wooden craft sticks.

Making a Craft Stick Easter BasketWooden craft sticks, tongue depressors, or Popsicle sticks can be used to make these sturdy baskets. It's a great project to do with kids for the Easter Bunny. This is a page about making a craft stick Easter basket.


Easter Eggs and Cookie Cutter Paintings - finished page with bunnies, chick, and basket

Making Easter Eggs and Cookie Cutter PaintingsCookie cutters and plastic Easter eggs make great stamps to begin a painting project with young children. This project demonstrates ideas for making Easter egg and cookie cutter paintings.


Easter Bunny and Egg Silhouette Stamps - egg shapes decorated

How to Make Silhouette Stamps from Paper TubesHere is yet another fun craft that begins with paper tubes either from towels or toilet paper. With a bit of shaping the tubes can be used as stamps to make fun designs, such as Easter bunnies and eggs. This page shows you how to make silhouette stamps from paper tubes.


Floating Eggs Easter Basket - add marshmallow eggs and paper eggs

Making a Floating Eggs Easter BasketThis pretty plastic bucket, decorated with a paint and glitter abstract motif, holds yummy candies and "floating" pink textured cardstock eggs on skewers. This page contains photos and instructions for making a floating eggs Easter basket.


Chocoholic Easter Bunny Card

Making a Chocoholic Easter Bunny CardMake this fun card showing the Easter Bunny holding a large pink paper wrapped chocolate candy Easter egg. This is a page about making a chocoholic Easter bunny card.


Egg Carton Easter Chick Containers - three chicks one with candy inside

Making Egg Carton Easter Chick ContainersPainted paper egg carton sections can be used to make these cute Easter treat containers. This is a page about making egg carton Easter chick containers.


Easter Egg Sun Catcher  - close up of one complete egg

Making Paper Easter Egg Sun CatchersMake an Easter egg outline with thin cardboard and then fill in the spaces with colored tissue paper for a fun project you can do with children. This page contains a project for making paper Easter egg sun catchers.


Easter Egg Collage Decoration - canvas on an easel

How to Make an Easter Egg Collage DecorationYou too can make this lovely decorative egg collage using cardstock, sugar paper strands, punched calendar page flowers, and stick-on rhinestones. This page is about how to make an Easter egg collage decoration.


Bunny magnet with pink pom pom nose.

Craft Foam Bunny MagnetsYou or an older child can easily make these cute bunny magnets, using craft foam and a few other inexpensive craft supplies. This is a page about making craft foam bunny magnets.


Bunny garland.

Easter Bunny Garland CraftThis page contains an Easter bunny garland craft. This adorable Easter bunny garland is easy to make. It's a great way to use up extra scrapbooking papers too.


Several finished eggs in carton.

How to Make Egg DioramasUse blown eggs and small flowers, beads, figures, etc. to make these one of a kind egg dioramas. This is a page about how to make egg dioramas.


Standing Ninja Eggs - closeup of two Ninja eggs

Standing Ninja EggsMy little nieces and nephews adore ninjas, so I thought we could make some out of eggs for Easter this year. These ninjas wear coloured belts made of ribbon, and have little swords on their backs that are made of toothpicks. The swords double up as a way to keep the ninjas standing up without any other support!


Nest of Feathers - candy filled feather nest

Nest of FeathersThis nest made of feathers is beautiful and easy to put together. It makes a wonderful candy dish. I've placed my chocolate Easter eggs in mine. All you need are feathers, glue, and balloons. This is great fun for all ages!


Woven Egg Paper Mat - finished mat with strip ends trimmed

Woven Egg Paper MatTry this fun and easy craft project to do with your toddler. He/she can pick their favorite colors for the strips and weave.


Easter eggs with a quilted appearance hanging from a chandelier.

How to Make "Quilted" Easter EggsBy pushing fabric into a Styrofoam egg you can make these quilted look Easter egg decorations. This is a page about how to make "quilted" Easter eggs.


Two pom pom chicks holding Easter candy.

Jelly Bean ChicksThese cute little chicks are made from plastic bags of candy topped with a yellow pom pom. This is a page about making jelly bean chicks.


Gardener's Easter Basket - Easter decorated flower pot with bulbs and two Easter plant pokes

Easter Basket Ideas for a GardenerGardeners love the spring time, so Easter is a perfect time to give them a gift of flower bulbs. Here are some Easter basket ideas for a gardener in your life.


Plastic Easter egg flower.

How to Make Plastic Egg FlowersWith just some colorful craft foam, plastic Easter eggs, and a few other inexpensive supplies you can create these cute flowers. This is a page about how to make plastic egg flowers.


Glass Block

Decorating Glass Blocks for Easter?Glass blocks can be used to create decorations for many holidays including Easter. This is a page about decorating glass blocks for Easter.


Uses for a Felt Carrot Pocket

Uses for a Felt Carrot PocketThis cute felt carrot can be used in a variety of ways such as to hold a gift or as a utensil holder for an Easter dinner or garden party.


Upcycled Easter Bunny Craft - finished bunny

Recycled Easter Bunny CraftsThese fun projects use recycled materials that you can make with your children on or before Easter. They make cute decorations.


jelly bean prayer magnet

Jelly Bean Prayer CraftCreate an Easter decoration using the jelly bean prayer mounted to cardstock and surrounded with colored jelly beans. Or you can make a smaller copy and attach to a container of jelly beans. This is a page about jelly bean prayer craft.


Decorating Door Poster with Ribbons - finished poster with additional ribbon decorations

Decorating Door Poster with RibbonsI have a poster calendar in my door with an image of Jesus Christ. It was posted there way back in 2004 and has been stuck on that door until now. This Holy Week, I came up with an idea of fixing it by putting on a little decoration and removing the extra unnecessary images.


White towel folded into an Easter bunny with plastic egg in pouch.

How to Make a Towel Easter BunnyBy folding a towel or washcloth in certain ways you can create a cute bunny to help decorate this Easter. This is a page about how to make a towel Easter bunny.


Felt Carrot Utensil Holder - utensil holder on plate

Felt Carrot Utensil HolderBrighten up your informal Easter table with this fun felt carrot flatware holder. This is a page about felt carrot utensil holder.


Felt Carrot Pencil Gift Pocket

Felt Carrot Pencil Gift PocketThis easy and fun to make felt carrot pocket is the perfect container for giving a non candy gift of pencils to your student. This is a page about felt carrot pencil gift pocket.


Felt Carrot Money Pocket - hand holding the finished pocket

Making a Felt Carrot Money HolderThese easy to make money holders make an excellent gift for Easter rather than more candy. This is a page about making a felt carrot money holder.


Spring Magnet or Easter Basket Decoration

Felt Easter Bunny CraftYou can make this cute felt egg filled with a bunny and chick with the instructions on this page. This is a page about felt Easter bunny craft.


Deluxe Easter Eggs - Addition of bows, ribbon, and rhinestones.

DIY Deluxe Easter EggsUsing candle wax make lovely unique Easter eggs in multiple colors. This is a page about DIY deluxe Easter eggs.


Cute Pompom Chick - Closeup.

Making a Yarn Pompom ChickWith the knowledge of a few craft basics, yarn, card rings and scissors you can create a cute pompom chick. This page is about making a yarn pompom chick craft.


Side view of bunny house.

Easter Gingerbread HouseContinue the fun of the Christmas gingerbread house creation at Easter. Make a bunny themed house for more tasty fun. This is a page about Easter gingerbread house.


A bunch of colorful plastic Easter eggs.

Plastic Easter Egg AnimalsA fun inexpensive craft to make cute animals, and decorate a child's Easter basket. This page is about making plastic Easter egg animals.


A cute chick made from fabric yo-yos.

Yo Yo Chicks and BunniesThese sweet yoyo chicks and bunnies are the perfect non sugary addition to your child's basket. They are also fun and easy to make. This page contains instructions for making yo yo chicks and bunnies.


An Easter basket made from a milk jug.

Recycled Milk Jug Easter BasketGallon milk jugs can easily be cut down to make inexpensive Easter baskets. Decorate them to make each one unique. This is a page about recycled milk jug Easter basket.


Finished card.

Making an Easter Egg Hunt CardThis cute greeting card features the Easter bunny with some of his eggs hiding in the grass. This is a page about making an Easter egg hunt card.


How to Make Cross Silhouettes - finished  poster paint cross

How to Make Cross SilhouettesMaking silhouettes with paints and other art supplies is easy and can be used to create a variety of works. This is a page about how to make cross silhouettes.


Making a Recycled Deviled Eggs Tray

Making a Recycled Deviled Eggs TrayMake a decorative, elevated deviled egg stand for your Easter dinner table. This is a page about making a recycled deviled eggs tray.


Tulip Favor Cup - A finished Tulip Favor Cup

Making a Tulip Favor CupRecycled plastic bottles can be used to make cute basket cups for Easter favors. This is a page about making a tulip favor cup.


Easter Cup

Making Recycled Easter Egg CupsUsing recycled lids from bottles or spray cans you can make pretty little cups to hold individual decorated Easter eggs. This is a page about making recycled Easter egg cups.


Cotton ball lamb Easter basket.

Cotton Ball Lamb Easter BasketMake this sweet wooly lamb Easter basket with simple to find supplies; some you may already have at home. This is a page about cotton ball lamb Easter basket.


A pink balloon.

Use a Balloon to Make an Easter BasketUsing a balloon as the mold, you can make cute Easter baskets from string or yarn. This is a page about use a balloon to make an Easter basket.


Easter Chick - Closeup of finished chick made out of an old chenille blanket.

Making an Easter Chick From Chenille BedspreadUse an old chenille bedspread to make this cute chick decoration for Easter. In this page you will learn how to make this recycled Easter craft.


blue fabric covered cap in shape of bonnet

Making a Recycle Easter Bonnet CapA fun, little, inexpensive project for a pin or magnet san Easter bonnet made from a bottle cap. This is a page about making a recycle Easter bonnet cap.


Fabric Easter Corsage

Making a Fabric Easter CorsageThis colorful Easter corsage would make a great gift. This is a page about making a fabric easter corsage.


Skinny Chicks for Easter

Making Popsicle Stick ChicksThese fun Easter decorations are sure to make anyone who receives them smile. This is a page about making Popsicle stick chicks.


Easter bunny made from paint roller.

Making a Paint Roller BunnyThis fun and easy Easter craft makes an adorable decoration for the house. This is a page about making a paint roller bunny.


Recycled Cardboard Tube Bunnies

Making Recycled Cardboard Tube BunniesHave your children make cute decorative cardboard bunnies for Easter starting with toilet paper tubes. This is a page about making recycled cardboard tube bunnies.


Bunny Easter basket made from a formula can.

Making a Formula Can Easter BunnySave your formula cans for neat craft projects like this cute Easter bunny. This is a page about making a formula can easter bunny.


Easter Mobile - finished

Making an Easter MobileThis is a page about making an easter mobile. This fun and easy mobile will brighten your home just in time for Easter.


Finished bunny.

Making a Paper Plate BunnyHolidays are the perfect time to set your kids to making simple decorations. This paper plate bunny is a good example. This is a page about making a paper plate bunny.


Straw hat with bunny ears, face, and a bow.

Making a Straw Hat BunnyTurn an inexpensive straw hat into a cute bunny decoration for your wall or door. Hang it this spring or for Easter. This is a page about making a straw hat bunny.


red, yellow, and pink crochet flowers

Making Crocheted Easter FlowersCrochet a collection of pretty flowers to make an Easter bouquet. This is a page about making crocheted Easter flowers.


Pink bunny photo frame.

Bunny Frame with Moveable EarsThis craft foam bunny photo frame is too cute for words. It is perfect to give as a gift. This is a page about bunny frame with moveable ears.


Carrot Craft Ideas

Carrot Craft IdeasEaster is a great time for carrot crafts. This is a page about carrot craft ideas.


Plastic Egg Bunny Treasure

Making Plastic Egg BunniesThese cute bunnies are perfect for an Easter party or basket. This is a page about making plastic egg bunnies.


Handmade Sock Easter Bunny

Making a Sock Easter BunnyTurn a common sock into this cute Easter Bunny. This is a page about making a sock Easter bunny.


Bleach Bottle Bunny

Making a Bleach Bottle BunnyMaking this adorable bunny is a great way to repurpose a bleach bottle. This is a page about bleach bottle bunny surprise.


Completed eggs.

Making Fabric Easter EggsThe appearance of these stuffed fabric eggs can be altered by your choice of material and decorations. This is a page about making fabric Easter eggs.


Last Minute Easter Egg Basket for Kids

Making a Plastic Coffee Can Easter BasketA coffee can makes a perfect last minute Easter Basket for children. This is a page about making a plastic coffee can Easter basket.


Filled baskets.

Making a Paper Easter Treat BasketUsing your choice of cardstock and embellishments, you can make up several of these pretty paper baskets for Easter. This is a page about making a paper Easter treat basket.


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The completed foam bunnies.

Foam Dice BunniesCover and decorate foam dice with balloons to make a cute and easy bunny. In winter, use white balloons and make them into snowmen.


Easter Box - filled goodie bag in Easter box

Easter BoxEaster is right around the corner, tomorrow! If you don't have any baskets you can improvise and make this Easter box (or it could be held like a basket if you cut the handle (where the top is a circle larger). Then, fill with some goodies inside.


Faux Egg Faces - two cartons of egg faces

Faux Egg FacesHave some eggstraodinary fun with faux eggs and markers. If your kids are past the age of licking pens or writing on their faces, this is a great idea for kids. Not everyone is going to have these available, but if you can order them from Amazon, or just get the plastic ones from the dollar tree, this is a fun craft.


Easter Bunny and Eggs

Easter Bunny and EggsI saw the idea for these bunnies and eggs in a magazine and decided to use them as an inspiration for making these.


Mini Wreath Bunny - cute bunny wreath with flowers at base of ears and bow around its neck

Mini Wreath BunnyI saw a larger version of this and while I didn't have the materials, I did have them for a smaller version. I hope you like it.


The completed pouch.

Bunny Candy PouchesI made these for my daughter-in-law's school class so she could give them a fun little treat.


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A felt pocket resembling a carrot with money poking out of the top.

Felt Carrot Money PocketThese adorable felt pockets resemble carrots and are perfect for giving Easter cash. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Felt Easter Bunny Pin

Felt Easter Bunny PinThese simple felt pins are a great way to display your Easter spirit this spring. Learn how to make them in this short video.


A pen decorated with colored duct tape to resemble a carrot.

Duct Tape Carrot PenThese cute carrot shaped pens decorated with duct tape would be perfect in Easter baskets or to celebrate spring. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Simple Bunny Mask

Simple Bunny MaskPipe cleaners, felt and a tongue depressor make up this easy bunny mask. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Felt Carrot Pin

Felt Carrot PinThese cute felt carrots make colorful pins for Easter or springtime. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Yarn Wrapped Carrot

Yarn Wrapped CarrotThese yarn wrapped carrots are an adorable soft decoration for Easter or spring. Learn how to make them in this short video.


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Decorating Glass Blocks for Easter?What can I put in glass blocks? Can I put Easter grass and lights?


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Making Clorox Bottle Easter Bunny Baskets?Has anyone found where you can buy the faces for the old fashioned Clorox bottle bunnies?


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Making String Easter Baskets?My string Easter basket is completely dry, but I want it to stand up straight. Can I rub a little bit of water on the bottom to make it soft so that I could make a dent in the bottom or will this mess up my basket.


Example of bunny basket.

Making Bleach Bottle Bunny Easter Baskets?I am looking for directions on how to make an Easter basket like one I received as a child in the 60s. (something similar to the attached photo of a pinkytoast basket)


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2 Liter Bottle Easter Basket?I am trying to find a pattern for an Easter basket made from a 2 liter bottle. The handles and ears are cut from the bottle. Holes are punched in plastic so you can crochet around the bottle. The bunny face is a large pom pom.


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Easter Gingerbread House?I can't seem to find the directions for the house. It's quite lovely, but I need a little more to go on than just the picture!


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