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This page contains miscellaneous craft projects and tips.

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suncatchers outside 2

Making Melted Bead SuncatchersThis is a page about melted bead suncatchers. A creative project you can especially enjoy when the sun shines, is a glass or plastic bead suncatcher.


Making a Candy Bouquet

How to Make a Candy BouquetA homemade candy bouquet makes a great gift for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. These tutorials show you how to make beautiful candy bouquets.


Shaggy Dog
Out of Yarn

Making a Shaggy Dog Out of YarnThis is a cute project you can make without knitting or crocheting with the right pattern and yarn. This is a page about making a shaggy dog out of yarn.


Blue Colored Granules

Homemade Simmering Granules?This is a page about homemade simmering granules. You can make your own simmering granules using the scents that you favor.


Robot Shrinky Dink

Making Your Own Shrinky DinksShrinky dinks are a fun craft to make with your kids. This is a page about making your own shrinky dinks.


Two colored glass fragrance lamps consistent with the style sold by Lampe Berger

Making Your Own Lampe Berger...You can create your own unique fragrances for your lamps. This is a page about making your own Lampe Berger fragrances.



Cigars in a Box

Uses for Cigar BoxesThis is a page about uses for cigar boxes. From storage to craft projects galore, cigar boxes have so many uses. You can organize with them, decorate them how ever you like, stack them easily and more.


Making a Pom Pom Blanket Loom

Making a Pom Pom Blanket LoomThis is a page about making a pom pom blanket loom. A pom pom blanket is much easier to make if you have a loom for it.


Two homemade pleated face masks.

Homemade Face Mask IdeasFace masks are very useful to prevent illnesses like the cold and flu. They are also helpful for breathing in toxic environments, such as smog from traffic or high pollen counts.


A photo of hands molding multi-colored polymer clay.

Making Homemade Polymer ClayThis is a page about making homemade polymer clay. You can make an inexpensive version of polymer clay from everyday household ingredients.


Wire-Edged Ribbon Bow

Making a Wire-Edged Ribbon BowFashioning your own accessories or package adornments can be fun with this stiffened ribbon. This is a page about making a wire-edged ribbon bow.


scrapbooking photos

Craft Ideas Using PhotographsPhoto crafts are a great way to display treasured moments. This page contains craft ideas using photographs.


Jar Lid Pincushion

Making a Jar Lid PincushionThis is a page about making jar lid pincushion. A simple, useful craft you can make is a pin storage container with a pincushion on top.


Coat Hanger Yarn Cat

Coat Hanger Yarn CatCoat hanger animal crafts have been around for many years. Many of us are familiar with the yarn dogs. Similar steps can be used to create a cute yarn cat. This is a page about making a coat hanger yarn cat.


Man spools of grosgrain ribbons

How to Keep the Ends of Grosgrain Ribbon from Fraying?Certain types of ribbon, such as grosgrain, tend to fray along the cut edges. This is unacceptable, particularly when you are crafting. Try Fray Check from the craft store or even clear nail polish to solve this problem. This is a page about how to keep the ends of grosgrain ribbon from fraying.


Make a Cute Fox from Shells - shell fox on fabric background

Make a Cute Fox from ShellsCreate this very cute bit of decor using mussel and scallop shells. The complete craft with photos, a supplies list, and instructions can be seen below.


DIY Lava Lamp - place battery operated light behind the bottle

DIY Lava LampUsing common products found in your home you can make your own fizzing and floating lava lamp. This page is about making a DIY lava lamp.


Craft Ideas for Socks

Craft Ideas for SocksThis is a page about craft ideas for socks. You can make fun and useful crafts using socks, whether they are lonely ones from the wash or new ones purchased for the project.


A wicker basket decorated with gold garland and bells.

Basket Craft IdeasThis page contains basket craft ideas. There are many ways that baskets can be made, modified or filled to create fun and useful decorations.


Making a Clothespin Bag

Making a Clothespin BagThis is a page about making a clothespin bag. If you dry your clothes on the line, a clothespin bag is an essential item. Have fun and make your own.


wooden thread spools

Craft Ideas for Thread SpoolsThis is a page about craft ideas for thread spools. There are many ways to use empty wooden or plastic thread spools for homemade projects.



sheep wool dryer balls

Homemade Wool Dryer BallsThis is a page about homemade wool dryer balls. Rather than buy dryer balls, try making your own using wool yarn.


Vase of Many Colors - example with pennies

Vase Filler IdeasVases can hold many other things besides fresh flowers. You can use a vase or jar to create a table decoration filled with marbles, stones, coins or dried beans. Top with fake or dried flowers, leaves or grasses. This is a page about vase filler ideas.


DIY Ear Saver and Mask Extender - view of extender from the side of her head

DIY Ear Saver and Mask ExtenderSave wear and tear on your ears by using this DIY mask extender. This can easily made with pieces of leftover felt and buttons.


markers in holder

Pen and Pencil Holder IdeasThis is a page about pen and pencil holder ideas. Homemade pen or pencil holders are a good craft gift idea or a useful handmade addition to your home office.


Moroccan Terracotta Cooking Tagines

Fireproof and Heat Resistant Clay Recipes?This is a page about fireproof and heat resistant clay recipes. Some crafts require fireproof or heat resistant clay.


Costume Jewelry

Craft Uses for Costume JewelryThis is a page about craft uses for costume jewelry. Old costume jewelry is a perfect crafting item and can be use in making and embellishing many craft projects.


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Rag Rug Made with Pantyhose?Do you have directions for making a rag rug out of pantyhose?


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Make Artificial Pies and Muffins?I found your "recipe" for making an artificial pie. I'd like to make a lattice top cherry pie, but I'm confused as to when to paint and when to bake. Do I need to bake the berries before I paint them and then re-bake the entire pie once it's assembled?


Handmade Wifi Signal Booster

Handmade Wifi Signal BoosterThis is a page about boosting your wifi signal. Sometimes your wifi router doesn't have enough signal to be useful through the home. Use this easy to make signal booster to expand the wifi signal area.


pliable wax

How Can I Make Wax More Flexible for a Design Project?We are doing a project where we make textures that reference the human body. This one texture I'm doing looks pretty cool, but the problem is that since I'm doing it with candle wax it chips/break easily. Do you guys know of anything I can put on the wax that will make it more flexible and durable?


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Ideas For Leftover Patches?My daughter was cleaning her closet and found a huge bag of patches she earned from soccer, swimming and girl scouts. Any craft ideas to make for a keepsake?


bottle of tongue depressors

Craft Ideas Using Tongue DepressorsThis is a page about craft ideas using tongue depressors. Wider than a Popsicle stick, tongue depressors are an excellent crafting item for use in many projects.


balls of yarn

Donating Yarn?If you have an excessive amount of yarn, it would be great to donate it to a school, nursing home, or someone that needs it for a special project. This is a page about donating yarn.



Washcloth Craft IdeasThis is a page about washcloth craft ideas. Old or new washcloths can be the beginning of a fun craft project.


A collection of hangers with the front one being covered in yarn.

Making Yarn Covered HangersThere are a number of varying techniques for making yarn covered hangers. This page offers some ideas. These make fun gifts, as well as, being quite useful to the maker.



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Making Domino Racks?How do you make domino racks out of plastic canvas and yarn?


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What Kind of Glue to Use on a Puzzle?What kind of glue would you use on a puzzle after you have put it together?


Eyeglass Hanger

Eyeglass HangerMade from a little bit of wood and a chain makes your reading glasses readily accessible.


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Interested In Jarmar Mallary Porcelain Doll Molds?Is anyone interested in Jarmar Mallary porcelain doll molds, in excellent condition, heads, arms, skirts? I am giving them away.


Tablet Holder

Tablet HolderThis project makes a handy addition to the kitchen if you are following a recipe from the internet while cooking or it can be used anytime you need to prop up the iPad while you are doing something.


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Food Grade Sealant for Oyster Shells?Does anyone know what I can put on oyster shells to make them washable and give the ability to eat off of them?


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Wind Spinner Patterns Using Canvas?I am looking for wind spinner patterns made from strips of plastic canvas, does anyone know where I can find them? I have looked at some on-line, but they are not quite what I want.


Two completed money sashes.

Money Sash For All OccasionAfter being able to do all the money surprises (money cake, money umbrella and money boquet), I thought that will be the last money project I can make. Then here comes my sister in-law asking me to make a money sash for her younger brother's wedding.


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Puzzle Board or Puzzle Mat?Which is easier and cheaper to make: the puzzle board or the puzzle mat?


The orange colored hot glue.

Turn Transparent Hot Glue into Colored Hot GlueIf you need some colored hot glue to craft, then you can make it yourself very easily and quickly. You will need transparent hot glue and a colored wax crayon.


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Making a Swan from Netting and Coat Hanger?I am looking for instructions for a swan made of wire hangers and netting.


The laminated sheets on file cabinet drawers.

DIY Lamination AlternativeWe have been busy working with labels at our workplace. We wanted it to look neat so we decided to canvas for label lamination. Later, I found out that it costs too much and our office couldn't handle the expenses.


The finished phone case.

Hot Glue Phone Case Using Baking SleeveThere are many craft projects on how to make a phone case using hot glue and baking paper. I wanted to make such a cover, but I just ran out of baking paper at home. So I thought about what can replace the baking paper. And I came up with the idea of using a baking sleeve. It is even better suited for making a phone case, as the film follows the contours of the phone better than paper.


The finished paw print key case.

Paw Print Key Case Made of Plastic BottlesUsing plastic bottles in crafty DIY projects is a great way to save money and minimize environmental impact. I used a plastic water bottle and shampoo bottle to make this key case.


The completed butterfly hairpin.

Fabric Butterfly HairpinThis stunning looking butterfly hair clip is made of painted chiffon fabric. This is an easy, fast, inexpensive and perfect for adding a touch of personality project. Great for gifts too!


The finished concrete butterfly.

Concrete ButterflyThis butterfly is made from simple cement. The cost of cement is not that high, so making this butterfly is not expensive and not difficult. You can glue it with instant glue to any hard surface.


Colorful bookmarks made from adhesive tape.

Multicolor Adhesive Tape BookmarksI wanted to find a use for my expired dry eyeshadow. I used it to color the transparent adhesive tape. The result is original multicolor bookmarks. Shiny eyeshadow adds a delightful shine to the bookmarks.


Creating decorative vegetable slices.

How to Make Simple Vegetable Carving ToolsFruit and vegetable carving make food more eye-catching and more enticing. But don't spend money on carving tools. You can make simple carving tools yourself from a tin can and an old razor.


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Pattern for Yorkie Craft?Anyone know of a pattern to make a Yorkie either with or without coat hanger and not knitting or crocheting, please? Thank you.


The completed Airplant Wooden Holder

Airplant Wooden HolderDo you have any wood scraps laying around? Or do you plan on making a wood project - if so save those scraps they could be turned into an airplant wooden holder like this!


An ironed ribbon using a hair flat iron.

Hair Flat Iron for Wrinkled RibbonHere is a way to dewrinkle ribbon using a hair flat iron. Just pull the ribbon as you iron. I use my foot to hold the ribbon down. Use a water spray bottle if wrinkles are tough.


Felt Ear Bud Pod - tuck into the other half

Felt Ear Bud PodYou know how those wires get tangled with each other and with other things and get lost in the bottom of your handbag. Make this handy earbud pouch and you will always have them to hand.


A stick shift knob that resembles a skull.

Making Your Shift Knob FitI recently bought a used Toyota Tacoma. I wanted to use this small skeleton head for the shifter, but it didn't fit. Hmm I will just have to make it fit because local stores do not sell the inserts of the shift knobs.


A hat on top of the DIY Hat Rack.

Easy To Make Hat RackI needed a hat rack, so used one of my brass candlesticks, some foam scraps, a very small round tablecloth, and some elastic string, and had a quick and easy to make hat rack in no time at all.


Making Shank Buttons the Cheap Way Using Concrete - finished buttons

Making Shank Buttons Using ConcreteI want to share with you a method I have invented for making shank buttons out of concrete. This is a very easy and cheap method. As a result, you will get very original shank buttons.


A pile of bananas

Making Banana ArtBananas have thick skin which is perfect for decorating with pens or even by poking a pattern directly. It's a perfect way to bring a smile to someone's face when unpacking their school or work lunch.


Buttoned Headband for Masks - woman wearing the headband with a mask attached around the buttons

Buttoned Headband for MasksThis headband is helpful when you have to wear a mask for extended periods of time and don't want the pressure on your ears. Your mask's straps loop around the buttons near your ears. I originally made this for my sister who is a makeup artist and has to be extra protective for herself and her clients at work. I used an old t-shirt's sleeve for this headband.


Mask Chain Holder - finished mask chain holder

Mask Chain HolderMy daughter works at a school and because of covid19 needs to wear a mask. At times, during the day, she isn't required to wear a mask and wanted a convenient way to keep the mask handy. Here is what I designed.


Removing dye from a marker to add to a body scrub.

Alternative Dye for ProjectsWhile looking on Pinterest, I find cool bath bomb recipes, body scrub recipes, etc. They all had something in common, they required some kind of dye. Either soap dye or food coloring. I didn't have any of that, and so I thought of what I could use instead. I came up with the idea of cutting open a marker and using the ink out of that!


Outdoor Doggie Commode - shaved small white dog in the commode

Outdoor Doggie CommodeWe've trained our dog to go potty on a piece of fake grass. It was on the side of my patio area and didn't look too great. Our new doggie commode turned out really cute and looks more like a play area than a potty pad. And it is no longer an eyesore for our patio view!


Ancestor Necklace - framed necklace

Making an Ancestor NecklaceWear your family history around your neck or display the finished necklace in a shadowbox.


Mod Podge Clothespins - being used to clip closed bags of rice, chips, etc.

Mod Podge ClothespinsTry this great simple and easy craft to help you be more organized. These are for use with everyday items that we clip with a clothespin. By labeling each clothespin, it just makes everything look neater and when the clip isn't in use then we know we're out!


Ribbon "Hair" Braid Headband

Ribbon "Hair" Braid HeadbandWith a little imagination you can make this is faux braided hair "in ribbon" headband (using Frozen inspired colors - blue, sky, sheer blue, purple.)


Home Shaped Money Bank - collage of finished bank and window and chimney steps

Home Shaped Money BankThis is a pretty complicated project. I have so much on my mind, like buying a car and building a tiny home. Saving is my one priority in reaching these goals. Then I came up with the idea of making a house shaped like a money bank which is divided into two compartments. One is for coins and the other side for the paper bills.


Craft Ideas Using WaxWhether using beeswax or leftover candle wax, there are many craft ideas that use wax for molding or decorating. Painting or dripping wax on surfaces is very popular as is making candles.


Paper Card Organizer - open organizer ready to use to store cards

Making a Paper Organizer for Loyalty CardsThis accordion fold paper store loyalty card organizer is easy and inexpensive to make. Let us show you how.


Peaceful Cat Grayscale Coloring Page - grayscale photo of a calico cat.

Peaceful Cat Grayscale Coloring PageIf you enjoy the traditional adult coloring page pastime you might just be ready to move up or over to grayscale coloring. Gel pens and fine tips markers are good choices for this art form to add color to the already shaded image. Begin your journey with this free grayscale cat.


Hanging Memo Holder - ready to hang

Making a Hanging Memo HolderSelect a nice straight twig from your yard. Wrap it with yarn or ribbon. Add a ribbon hanger and you have a colorful memo holder. Decorated clothespins hold the notes or photos.


Inexpensive Felt Message Board - felt board with notes on countertop

Inexpensive Felt Message BoardFor a quick, temporary felt message board, cover a cut piece of cardboard with felt. Hot glue in place and you are ready to keep organized.


Felt Carrot Garland and Paper Carrot Sign - garland hanging on the front of and empty crate

Felt Carrot Garland and Paper Carrot SignThis project was designed to decorate for a co-worker who routinely brought a pet rabbit to work. The cute felt carrots can also be used in other projects. Let us show you how to make the carrots and the paper sign advising when the bunny had remained at home.


Sun Goddess Headdress - paint the reverse side and allow to dry

Making a Sun Goddess HeaddressThis sun goddess headdress is quite easy to make. You will need a headband, zip ties, and gold paint. It is perfect for Halloween or any occasion calling for a costume.


Melted Perler Beads - beads in bag prior to melting

Crafts Using Perler BeadsPerler beads are a good choice for many crafts, especially kid crafts. These plastic beads can be heated with a dry iron to create a fused design. The sheets or shapes can then be assembled into other projects, such as the Christmas village included on this page.


Homemade Stylus Pen

Making a Homemade Stylus PenThis touch screen tool to help preserve your screen can be easily made for free from things you have on hand. Just use an old recycled pen as a base.


Making Decals Using a Plotter - different design in black

Making Decals Using a PlotterIt's easy to make personalized decals with a Cricut or other plotter. Newer models allow more flexibility to plot whatever design you want.


Dried Banana Leaf Crown - adding a leaf

Making a Dried Banana Leaf CrownIf you have access to banana leaves, weave them together to make these festive crowns. Perfect for a luau or special birthday party.


Making Custom Push Pins - pins and ticket on corkboard

Making Custom Push PinsCreate your own custom push pins. You will need thumbtacks, hot glue, and paint. Design shapes that delight you or make sorting and posting notes and reminders more clear at a glance.


Making A Coconut Leaf Broom - finished broom

Making A Coconut Leaf BroomNatural fibers, such as broom corn, have long been used to make brooms. Despite the fact that many commercially manufactured brooms are now assembled using synthetic bristles, you can still make one at home. If you have a coconut palm in your yard, this project may be just the one for you. Give it a try using the tutorial provided.


Coconut Leaf Panels - continue

Weaving Coconut Leaf PanelsYou don't need to live in the islands to enjoy the look of woven coconut leaf panels. Learn how to make them here and then use them to roof an outdoor space or find other uses for them in your garden area.


Daily Activity Calendar - hanging on a bulletin board

Making a Daily Activity CalendarLife sometimes has a way of overwhelming us and making it difficult to get organized. The tutorial on this page offers a solution, by detailing how to make your own daily activity calendar.


Felt Heart Hair Clip - closeup of heart hairclip

Making a Felt Heart Hair ClipGather some red felt, a heart shaped template, hair clip, and some embroidery floss and a needle to make this felt heart hair clip. It is quite easy to do and fun to wear. Add embellishments as desired.


Making a Bamboo Rain Stick - braid some string and decorate the instrument. Be sure to glue the string in place.

Making a Bamboo RainstickIf you have ever heard the beautiful sound made by a rainstick you will want to try this project. The detailed steps make this an easy craft to undertake. Once done relax to the sound of the rain falling.


Tie Dye Notebook Cover - finished notebook surrounded with the markers used

Creating a Tie Dye Notebook CoverThis tutorial will show you how to make a fun tie dye notebook cover. The pattern is created on bond paper and then glued to a notebook or folder.


A collection of brightly colored pom poms.

Pom Pom Craft IdeasPom poms can be used in so many crafts for all seasons. This page gathers up a variety of pom pom craft ideas from spring chicks to Halloween bats, plus home decor projects including a rug.


Making a Plate Stand - plate in homemade stand, sitting on couch

Making a Plate Stand?When you have a special plate that deserves a stand, a bent wire clothes hanger might just serve the purpose. Old forks can also be repurposed to make a sturdy stand.


A denim heart with pink thread made into a keychain.

Keychain CraftsMaking keychains is a great craft project of adults and children alike. This page contains an assortment of keychain crafts.


Exercise Jar - write the exercise on each stick add a dot or line to one end

Making an Exercise JarTo increase your daily activities, make an exercise jar from a recycled food jar. List simple exercises on Popsicle sticks and them place in the jar. These quick and fun activities help keep you on task.


ball of clay with smiley face

Making Salt ClaySalt clay is inexpensive and easy to make. It is often used for kid crafts and Christmas ornaments. Mix salt, flour, and water, knead, and it is ready to shape and bake. Adding alum makes the dough harden when left out to dry.


Mini Flipflop Keychain - two door keys attached to key chain

Making a Mini Flipflop KeychainThis mini flipflop keychain is as much fun to make as it is to use. Gather up your foam scraps from other projects and get stated using the instructions that follow.


A wall memo board made from clothespins.

Making a Wall Memo Clothespin BoardDecorate an old CD and attach clothespins to create a useful wall memo board. You can paint or decoupage the clothes pins or leave them natural. The instructions and photos needed to make this project can be found on this page.


How to Make Apple Bunnies and Flowers  - arrange slices as petals, top with the notched wedge, the apple stem serves as the flower stem

How to Make Apple Bunnies and FlowersLearn how to cut up apples to resemble bunnies and flowers. What a nice way to serve this nutritious fruit snack.


DYI Wine Bottle Holder - bottle inserted in the holder

DYI Wine Bottle HolderIf you are comfortable using a saw, sander, and a propane torch, which is optional, you too can make this self balancing wine bottle holder. Made from scrapes of 2x4 wood, they are inexpensive and would be really nice gifts.


Dragonfly Clothespin - clothespin holding a gift card

Making a Dragonfly ClothespinDecorate a spring style clothespin and add wings using pipe cleaners, Popsicle sticks, and more to create these cute dragonfly clothespins. Add a magnet and use on the fridge or for attaching a card to a gift. You can probably find other uses for them.


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How to Make Fabric Covered Display BoxesTo create pretty display boxes try wrapping empty boxes with fabric, just as you would a gift. Add ribbon and bows if desired. If you use pins or water soluble glue then the boxes and fabric can be reused later.


Revamping a Kid's Lunch Box - finished lunch box

Revamping a Lunch BoxDon't buy your child a new lunchbox just because their choice of themes has changed. Apply your artistic talents to creating a "new" lunchbox by painting it with their favorite new superhero or film character.


Binder Insert Art - finished notebook

Making Binder Insert ArtOne way to fancy up an old binder is to create an insert to slip into the front and/or back pockets. Old magazines and scrapbooking paper are great options to get started.


A photo cut and folded for a 3D effect.

Making a Zigzag 3D PhotoThis is a good kids' project for grade schoolers. The instructions and accompanying photos can be found on this page.


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The finished concrete butterfly.

Concrete ButterflyThis butterfly is made from simple cement. The cost of cement is not that high, so making this butterfly is not expensive and not difficult. You can glue it with instant glue to any hard surface.


Inexpensive Felt Message Board - felt board with notes on countertop

Inexpensive Felt Message BoardWith everything going on, it's been really busy in our household. I made this felt message board so my husband and I could remember some important tasks. This would be an inexpensive method of making a message board for your makeshift at home office too.


Making Custom Push Pins - pins and ticket on corkboard

Making Custom Push PinsI love making push pins with my own designs. Visually, they make it easy for me to separate different bills, events, and reminders on my cork board with just one glance. To make your own, all you need are some flat-head thumbtacks, hot glue, and paint. You can make any design you like!


Mask Chain Holder - finished mask chain holder

Mask Chain HolderMy daughter works at a school and because of covid19 needs to wear a mask. At times, during the day, she isn't required to wear a mask and wanted a convenient way to keep the mask handy. Here is what I designed.


Felt Carrot Garland and Paper Carrot Sign - view of the garland and the sign

Felt Carrot Garland and Paper Carrot SignI recently made this felt carrot garland and sign for a coworker who often brings their rabbit to work. We work at a school and she likes to let the kids know that he stayed home on days that he isn't there.


Hanging Memo Holder - hanging on the wall with two items clipped on

Hanging Memo HolderMake this fun and bright hanging memo holder. It is perfect for your office wall or somewhere in your home where you'd like to attach notes/reminders or clip photos!


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Button Bulletin Board Pins

Button Bulletin Board PinsThese button pins are a great way to spiff up a bulletin board. Check out this video and learn how simple they are to make.


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Shoe Box Locker Organizer (Video)My daughter found this video on youtube. It is about how to turn a shoebox lid into a locker organizer with duct tape, a glue gun, and some small wine cork.


Mason Jar Match Dispenser

Mason Jar Match DispenserHere is an attractive way to store matches using a jelly sized mason jar. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Duct Tape Rose Pen

Duct Tape Rose PenIf you are looking for a fun craft for the kids to do this summer, give these a try.


Spirit Gloves 3

Spirit GlovesSpirit gloves are the perfect way to cheer on your favorite team! These fun gloves are simple to make, learn how in this short video.



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How To Make King Size Pom Pom Blankets?I am trying to learn how to make the king size pom pom blankets and build the frame. Is there anyone that would show me how. I am currently not able to work and I think this would be something I could stay busy with


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Instructions for Vintage Coat Hanger and Tulle Swan?I am seeking full instructions for the vintage coat hanger and tulle swan please


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Can You Make Car Window Decal from Vinyl Samples?I recently went to a going-out-of-business sale at a fabric and upholstery shop I got tons of faux leather / vinyl pieces with the cloth backing on the back. I would like to make DIY car window decals with them. I'm not usually very crafty LOL. Any ideas?


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Making Simmering Granules?Hi, Im excited about making these and have got coarse sea salt, both FO and EO. Just wondering for colour, can I add liquid food colouring? This is to use for my tea light oil burner. Thanks heaps.


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Homemade Simmering Granules?Can someone please give me the recipe of how to make Homemade Simmering Granules. I have looked everywhere for them.


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Making Lampe Berger Fragrance Oil?I'm trying to make my own Lampe Berger fragrance oil. I have the 91% alcohol. What kind of fragrance can I use?


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