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Making a Candy Bouquet

How to Make a Candy BouquetA homemade candy bouquet makes a great gift for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. These tutorials show you how to make beautiful candy bouquets.


Wire-Edged Ribbon Bow

Making a Wire-Edged Ribbon BowFashioning your own accessories or package adornments can be fun with this stiffened ribbon. This is a page about making a wire-edged ribbon bow.


Homemade Dog Diapers

Homemade Dog DiapersThis is a page about homemade dog diapers. Buying dog diapers can be very pricey and then it can also be difficult to get the right size.


Making a Pom Pom Blanket Loom

Making a Pom Pom Blanket LoomThis is a page about making a pom pom blanket loom. A pom pom blanket is much easier to make if you have a loom for it.


Shaggy Dog
Out of Yarn

Making a Shaggy Dog Out of YarnThis is a cute project you can make without knitting or crocheting with the right pattern and yarn. This is a page about making a shaggy dog out of yarn.


suncatchers outside 2

Making Melted Bead SuncatchersThis is a page about melted bead suncatchers. A creative project you can especially enjoy when the sun shines, is a glass or plastic bead suncatcher.


Two colored glass fragrance lamps consistent with the style sold by Lampe Berger

Making Your Own Lampe Berger...You can create your own unique fragrances for your lamps. This is a page about making your own Lampe Berger fragrances.


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Making Domino RacksHow do you make domino racks out of plastic canvas and yarn?


Blue Colored Granules

Homemade Simmering GranulesThis is a page about homemade simmering granules. You can make your own simmering granules using the scents that you favor.


An RV at dusk.

Making RV Lamp Post from PVC PipeThis is a page about making a RV lamp post from PVC pipe. You can use PVC pipe to make a portable lamp post to use in your yard or to carry with you in your RV to use when camping.


Melted Crayon Masterpiece

Melted Crayon MasterpieceThis is a page about melted crayon masterpiece. Some interesting artworks can be made by melting crayons onto a canvas. They can be simple or more complex.


A woman holding yarn.

Homemade Yarn Holder IdeasThis page contains homemade yarn holder ideas. When working on your knitting or crochet project, there are ways to keep the your yarn in order.



Phone Holder

Making a Phone Holder for a Cordless PhoneThis is a page about making a phone holder for cordless phone. A simple holder can be fashioned to keep your phone conveniently on your person.


Gluing Puzzles Together

Gluing Puzzles TogetherThis is a page about gluing puzzles together. Gluing a completed puzzle together allows you to frame your hard work and enjoy it for years to come.


Cigars in a Box

Uses for Cigar BoxesThis is a page about uses for cigar boxes. From storage to craft projects galore, cigar boxes have so many uses. You can organize with them, decorate them how ever you like, stack them easily and more.


earrings attached to record

Record Album CraftsVinyl records were used for music for years and are making a comeback in popularity recently. There are lots of undesirable or damaged records available that can be used in a variety of crafts.


balls of yarn

Donating YarnIf you have an excessive amount of yarn, it would be great to donate it to a school, nursing home, or someone that needs it for a special project. This is a page about donating yarn.


A photo of hands molding multi-colored polymer clay.

Making Homemade Polymer ClayThis is a page about making homemade polymer clay. You can make an inexpensive version of polymer clay from everyday household ingredients.


Homemade Dry Erase Boards

Homemade Dry Erase BoardsThis page is about homemade dry erase boards. Money can be saved by making your own white board.


Decorative Cardboard Box

Making Decorative Cardboard BoxesThis is a page about making decorative cardboard boxes. A creative and enjoyable craft is the decorating of cardboard boxes to use for home decor, storage, or gift giving.


Felt Heart Bookmark - bookmark on corner of book pages

Making a Felt Heart BookmarkFelt page corner bookmarks are fun and easy to make for your own use or to give as gifts. This is a page about making a felt heart bookmark.


Paper Mache Lanterns

Making Paper Mache LanternsPaper mache lanterns are an easy and beautiful craft. This page contains instructions for making your own paper mache lantern at home.


Using Homemade Mod Podge

Making Homemade Mod PodgeThis page is about making homemade mod podge. This craft supply can be made inexpensively at home.


Glue in Press and Seal

Keeping Glue From Drying OutThis page is about keeping glue from drying out. It can be frustrating to find that your glue has dried since the last time you used it.


Zipper Flower Purse

Craft Ideas Using ZippersThis page contains craft ideas using zippers. Zippers can be used in creative ways to make pins, hair clips or for decorating clothing, purses, and bags.


Melted Plastic Pony Bead Crafts

Melted Plastic Pony Bead CraftsThis is a page about melted plastic pony bead crafts. Pony beads can be melted in the oven to create beautiful craft items.


A mother and daughter shopping online.

Making EZ Stretchable Hair CombsYou can save money on these popular hair styling combs by making them yourself. This is a page about making EZ stretchable hair combs.



A bag of corn kernels.

Homemade Heat PacksThis is a page about homemade heat packs. Therapeutic heat packs can be quite helpful to treating aching muscles and other ailments. You don't need to buy an expensive one at the store, when you can easily make one at home.


A woman working on a puzzle.

Making a Jigsaw Puzzle MatThis page is about making a jigsaw puzzle mat. Making a jigsaw puzzle takes time; often you are looking for a way to store an unfinished puzzle.


Fabric Covered Container

Making a Fabric Covered ContainerThis is a page about making a fabric covered container. Covering a plain container with colorful fabric is a great way to make a pretty, useful addition to your home decor or to give as a gift.


Wire Hanger

Crafts Using Wire HangersThis is a page about crafts using wire hangers. Try adding projects using wire coat hangers to your crafting pursuits.


Making Soap Sachets

Making Soap SachetsThis page is about making soap sachets. Small pieces of soap can be useful to make sachets.


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Making a Swan from Netting and Coat HangerI am looking for instructions for a swan made of wire hangers and netting.


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Make Artificial Pies and MuffinsI found your "recipe" for making an artificial pie. I'd like to make a lattice top cherry pie, but I'm confused as to when to paint and when to bake. Do I need to bake the berries before I paint them and then re-bake the entire pie once it's assembled?


Wood Lovers' Initials String Art - finished heart on mantle

Wood Lovers' Initials String ArtAfter Valentine's Day, I bought a couple of heart shaped wall decor panels for 90% off (.59 cents from $5.99). I decided to design one of the panels with my fiancé and my initials. I really liked how it turned out and what's awesome is that this project cost less than $2 to make.


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What Kind of Glue to Use on a Puzzle?What kind of glue would you use on a puzzle after you have put it together?


Making String Art

Making String ArtThis is a page about making string art. This project is not as difficult as it may look and is great for older children and adults.


Salt Dough Ornament

Crafts Using Salt DoughThis page contains crafts using salt dough. This homemade simple dough can be used to make a variety of things.


Tiny Bow

Making a Tiny BowThis is a page about how to make a tiny bow. Many occasions and craft projects require you to be able to tie a tiny bow.


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Washcloth AnimalsHow do I make animals from face washes?


Corn Starch

Making Corn Starch ClayThis is a page about making corn starch clay. This homemade, no bake clay dries to a nice smooth finish making it perfect for sculptures.


Improvised Incense Burner

Homemade Incense BurnersThis is a page about homemade incense burners. Making your own unique incense burner is really quite easy. Make one for yourself and perhaps extras for gifts.



kitten playing

Homemade Cat ToysThis page is about homemade cat toys. There are a number of inexpensive ways to make toys that your cat can enjoy.


Robot Shrinky Dink

Making Your Own Shrinky DinksShrinky dinks are a fun craft to make with your kids. This is a page about making your own shrinky dinks.


The finished Fall leaf card.

Autumn Craft IdeasThis is a page about autumn craft ideas. As the leaves begin to put on their fall colors, crafters look for new ideas for fall crafts to decorate their homes and give as gifts.


Glue Sticks

Storing Glue SticksThis is a page about storing glue sticks. Some crafters use a lot of glue sticks for their projects.


A watercolor of purple grapes

Grape Themed Craft ProjectsThis is a page about grape themed craft projects. There are fun ways to use this popular fruit's grapes and clusters to create beautiful decorations.


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Gift Ideas for Wash ClothsI am looking for a cute but useful idea to use pretty wash cloths as small gifts. Any ideas? Thanks.


Coat Hanger Yarn Cat

Coat Hanger Yarn CatCoat hanger animal crafts have been around for many years. Many of us are familiar with the yarn dogs. Similar steps can be used to create a cute yarn cat. This is a page about making a coat hanger yarn cat.


finished button magnet

Making Button MagnetsFinding crafts to make from buttons in your stash or an especially nice one you bought for just the right project is a common event. One quick easy craft is a magnet. This is a page about making button magnets.


A-Frame Folding Sign

Making an A-Frame Folding SignThis is a page about making an a-frame folding sign. Make your own frame for a store or even a yard sale and save money over buying one.


Craft Ideas for Socks

Craft Ideas for SocksThis is a page about craft ideas for socks. You can make fun and useful crafts using socks, whether they are lonely ones from the wash or new ones purchased for the project.


A cute bird made with a clothespin.

Crafts Made With ClothespinsThis is a page about crafts made with clothespins. Clothespins can be used in making a wide variety of craft projects.


wooden thread spools

Craft Ideas for Thread SpoolsThis is a page about craft ideas for thread spools. There are many ways to use empty wooden or plastic thread spools for homemade projects.


volunteers collecting trash in a park

Making a Litter Bag HolderThis is a page about making a litter bag holder. A handy tool you can make to keep your trash bag open when doing home, community, or roadside clean up.


Two story backyard playhouse.

Building an Outdoor PlayhouseThis is a page about building a playhouse. What kid wouldn't love to have a playhouse out in the yard? Building a playhouse doesn't have to be too complicated.


Make a Bunny from Shells - scallop and mussel shell bunny face

How to Make a Bunny from ShellsYou can make a cute bunny from scallop and mussel shells with your glue gun and acrylic paints to draw the face.


Felt Ear Bud Pod - tuck into the other half

Felt Ear Bud PodYou know how those wires get tangled with each other and with other things and get lost in the bottom of your handbag. Make this handy earbud pouch and you will always have them to hand.


safety pin on purple background

Safety Pin and Bead Craft ProjectsThis is a page about safety pin and bead craft projects. Safety pins and small beads are the perfect supplies for making a variety of craft projects from lapel pins to decorative boxes.



Washcloth Craft IdeasThis is a page about washcloth craft ideas. Old or new washcloths can be the beginning of a fun craft project.


sheep wool dryer balls

Homemade Wool Dryer BallsThis is a page about homemade wool dryer balls. Rather than buy dryer balls, try making your own using wool yarn.


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Making an Herbal Heat WrapCan anyone help me with instructions on making an herbal wrap that you put in the microwave to relieve muscle pain? I know you can add rice or corn however I do not know what types of herbs should be used.


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Animals Made from SeashellsI am looking for ideas for animals made with seashells.


Scented Sachets

Making Scented SachetsThis page is about making scented sachets. Adding fragrance to linens and clothing can be accomplished with dried flower sachets.


Homemade Math Bingo Game - bingo cards and rolls of pennies

Making a Homemade Math Bingo GameLearning basic arithmetic is often easier for kids in a fun game format. This is a page about making a homemade math bingo game.


bottle of tongue depressors

Craft Ideas Using Tongue DepressorsThis is a page about craft ideas using tongue depressors. Wider than a Popsicle stick, tongue depressors are an excellent crafting item for use in many projects.


pliable wax

How Can I Make Wax More Flexible for a Design Project?We are doing a project where we make textures that reference the human body. This one texture I'm doing looks pretty cool, but the problem is that since I'm doing it with candle wax it chips/break easily. Do you guys know of anything I can put on the wax that will make it more flexible and durable?


Costume Jewelry

Craft Uses for Costume JewelryThis is a page about craft uses for costume jewelry. Old costume jewelry is a perfect crafting item and can be use in making and embellishing many craft projects.


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Rag Rug Made with PantyhoseDo you have directions for making a rag rug out of pantyhose?


Paper Butterfly

Butterfly Craft IdeasThis is a page about butterfly craft ideas. A colorful insect that can be the inspiration for a variety of craft projects.


A collection of hangers with the front one being covered in yarn.

Making Yarn Covered HangersThere are a number of varying techniques for making yarn covered hangers. This page offers some ideas. These make fun gifts, as well as, being quite useful to the maker.


Colorful Sponges

Craft Uses for SpongesBuying bulk sponges can be inexpensive and there are creative ways to use them for crafts. This is a page about craft uses for sponges.


A Christmas tree made out of ribbon.

Craft Ideas Using RibbonThis is a page about ribbon craft ideas. If you are looking for a new crafting medium, try ribbon. There are many decorative and useful projects you can make with various types of ribbon.


Mosaic made with rice and beans.

Making Mosaics With Dry FoodsThis page is about making mosaics or collages with dry foods. Pantry staples such as dried beans, rice, coffee beans and nuts can make a fun and decorative craftproject.


Old Lace Pillow

Crafts Using Old LaceThis is a page about crafts using old lace. Recycle old lace from worn garments or finds made at yard sales and the thrift store.


Making Decals Using a Plotter - different design in black

Making Decals Using a PlotterIt's easy to make personalized decals with a Cricut or other plotter. Newer models allow more flexibility to plot whatever design you want.


Hanging Memo Holder - hanging on the wall with two items clipped on

Hanging Memo HolderMake this fun and bright hanging memo holder. It is perfect for your office wall or somewhere in your home where you'd like to attach notes/reminders or clip photos!


Dried Banana Leaf Crown - adding a leaf

Making a Dried Banana Leaf CrownIf you have access to banana leaves, weave them together to make these festive crowns. Perfect for a luau or special birthday party.


Making Custom Push Pins - pins and ticket on corkboard

Making Custom Push PinsCreate your own custom push pins. You will need thumbtacks, hot glue, and paint. Design shapes that delight you or make sorting and posting notes and reminders more clear at a glance.


Making A Coconut Leaf Broom - finished broom

Making A Coconut Leaf BroomNatural fibers, such as broom corn, have long been used to make brooms. Despite the fact that many commercially manufactured brooms are now assembled using synthetic bristles, you can still make one at home. If you have a coconut palm in your yard, this project may be just the one for you. Give it a try using the tutorial provided.


Coconut Leaf Panels - continue

Weaving Coconut Leaf PanelsYou don't need to live in the islands to enjoy the look of woven coconut leaf panels. Learn how to make them here and then use them to roof an outdoor space or find other uses for them in your garden area.


Felt Heart Hair Clip - closeup of heart hairclip

Making a Felt Heart Hair ClipGather some red felt, a heart shaped template, hair clip, and some embroidery floss and a needle to make this felt heart hair clip. It is quite easy to do and fun to wear. Add embellishments as desired.


Felt Carrot Garland and Paper Carrot Sign - view of the garland and the sign

Felt Carrot Garland and Paper Carrot SignI recently made this felt carrot garland and sign for a coworker who often brings their rabbit to work. We work at a school and she likes to let the kids know that he stayed home on days that he isn't there.


Daily Activity Calendar - hanging on a bulletin board

Making a Daily Activity CalendarLife sometimes has a way of overwhelming us and making it difficult to get organized. The tutorial on this page offers a solution, by detailing how to make your own daily activity calendar.


Making a Bamboo Rain Stick - braid some string and decorate the instrument. Be sure to glue the string in place.

Making a Bamboo RainstickIf you have ever heard the beautiful sound made by a rainstick you will want to try this project. The detailed steps make this an easy craft to undertake. Once done relax to the sound of the rain falling.


Tie Dye Notebook Cover - finished notebook surrounded with the markers used

Creating a Tie Dye Notebook CoverThis tutorial will show you how to make a fun tie dye notebook cover. The pattern is created on bond paper and then glued to a notebook or folder.


Make a Cute Fox from Shells - shell fox on fabric background

Make a Cute Fox from ShellsCreate this very cute bit of decor using mussel and scallop shells. The complete craft with photos, a supplies list, and instructions can be seen below.


A collection of brightly colored pom poms.

Pom Pom Craft IdeasPom poms can be used in so many crafts for all seasons. This page gathers up a variety of pom pom craft ideas from spring chicks to Halloween bats, plus home decor projects including a rug.


Making a Plate Stand - plate in homemade stand, sitting on couch

Making a Plate StandWhen you have a special plate that deserves a stand, a bent wire clothes hanger might just serve the purpose. Old forks can also be repurposed to make a sturdy stand.


A denim heart with pink thread made into a keychain.

Keychain CraftsMaking keychains is a great craft project of adults and children alike. This page contains an assortment of keychain crafts.


A lighter in a cover that is made with eyelets.

Creative Lighter CoverGet a good eyelet fastener and eyelets which can be found at JoAnn Fabrics, 100 cost around 5 dollars. I used the protective material around a big fancy light bulb to make this, but you can also use craft foam.


Exercise Jar - write the exercise on each stick add a dot or line to one end

Making an Exercise JarTo increase your daily activities, make an exercise jar from a recycled food jar. List simple exercises on Popsicle sticks and them place in the jar. These quick and fun activities help keep you on task.


ball of clay with smiley face

Making Salt ClaySalt clay is inexpensive and easy to make. It is often used for kid crafts and Christmas ornaments. Mix salt, flour, and water, knead, and it is ready to shape and bake. Adding alum makes the dough harden when left out to dry.


Mini Flipflop Keychain - two door keys attached to key chain

Making a Mini Flipflop KeychainThis mini flipflop keychain is as much fun to make as it is to use. Gather up your foam scraps from other projects and get stated using the instructions that follow.


A wall memo board made from clothespins.

Making a Wall Memo Clothespin BoardDecorate an old CD and attach clothespins to create a useful wall memo board. You can paint or decoupage the clothes pins or leave them natural. The instructions and photos needed to make this project can be found on this page.


How to Make Apple Bunnies and Flowers  - arrange slices as petals, top with the notched wedge, the apple stem serves as the flower stem

How to Make Apple Bunnies and FlowersLearn how to cut up apples to resemble bunnies and flowers. What a nice way to serve this nutritious fruit snack.


DYI Wine Bottle Holder - bottle inserted in the holder

DYI Wine Bottle HolderIf you are comfortable using a saw, sander, and a propane torch, which is optional, you too can make this self balancing wine bottle holder. Made from scrapes of 2x4 wood, they are inexpensive and would be really nice gifts.


Dragonfly Clothespin - clothespin holding a gift card

Making a Dragonfly ClothespinDecorate a spring style clothespin and add wings using pipe cleaners, Popsicle sticks, and more to create these cute dragonfly clothespins. Add a magnet and use on the fridge or for attaching a card to a gift. You can probably find other uses for them.


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How to Make Fabric Covered Display BoxesTo create pretty display boxes try wrapping empty boxes with fabric, just as you would a gift. Add ribbon and bows if desired. If you use pins or water soluble glue then the boxes and fabric can be reused later.


Revamping a Kid's Lunch Box - finished lunch box

Revamping a Lunch BoxDon't buy your child a new lunchbox just because their choice of themes has changed. Apply your artistic talents to creating a "new" lunchbox by painting it with their favorite new superhero or film character.


Binder Insert Art - finished notebook

Making Binder Insert ArtOne way to fancy up an old binder is to create an insert to slip into the front and/or back pockets. Old magazines and scrapbooking paper are great options to get started.


A photo cut and folded for a 3D effect.

Making a Zigzag 3D PhotoThis is a good kids' project for grade schoolers. The instructions and accompanying photos can be found on this page.


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Coconut Leaf Panels - several panels

Coconut Leaf PanelsIn Tahiti, we use a lot of coconut leaves around our home and even to make roofs. These panels are woven from coconut leaves and placed on the roof of homes. The leaves protect the home and keep the rain out. They also look great and give your home a very island look. The roof can last for 8 years before they need to be changed.


Flower Foam Pen Case and Stand - montage of the multi-purpose flower pen and stand

Flower Foam Pen Case and StandIt's really fun doing things that have multiple uses. Multipurpose - that's how I call it. So far, in my projects this is the one that has the most uses. At first you will see it as a simple table decoration. You'll see its transformation here.


Making Custom Push Pins - pins and ticket on corkboard

Making Custom Push PinsI love making push pins with my own designs. Visually, they make it easy for me to separate different bills, events, and reminders on my cork board with just one glance. To make your own, all you need are some flat-head thumbtacks, hot glue, and paint. You can make any design you like!


Felt Heart Hair Clip - closeup of heart hairclip

Felt Heart Hair ClipTransform a basic hair clip into a pretty hair ornament using just felt and thread. You can make your hair clip as plain or as fancy as you like.


Making A Coconut Leaf Broom - finished broom

Making A Coconut Leaf BroomThe coconut tree in Tahiti is very important to the way of life here. We use the tree for food, water, to make roofs for our homes, decorations, costumes, and even cleaning. Using the leaves we can make a broom that we use in our homes to clean the floors. The broom is sturdy and can also be used in the garden to sweep up leaves, clean spider webs away, or even be used for beating rugs clean.


Homemade Air Dry Clay - hand holding a large ball of clay

Homemade Air Dry ClayI have been trying all types of air-dry clay recipes and none of them seem to be working and when you use them, the clay cracks and breaks easily. I happened to run across a recipe a few months back that I just love. I gave it a try because you didn't need to cook this one. It was the best clay recipe I have found so far and it is so easy to make.


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Shoe Box Locker Organizer (Video)My daughter found this video on youtube. It is about how to turn a shoebox lid into a locker organizer with duct tape, a glue gun, and some small wine cork.


Spirit Gloves 3

Spirit GlovesSpirit gloves are the perfect way to cheer on your favorite team! These fun gloves are simple to make, learn how in this short video.


Button Bulletin Board Pins

Button Bulletin Board PinsThese button pins are a great way to spiff up a bulletin board. Check out this video and learn how simple they are to make.


Duct Tape Rose Pen

Duct Tape Rose PenIf you are looking for a fun craft for the kids to do this summer, give these a try.


Mason Jar Match Dispenser

Mason Jar Match DispenserHere is an attractive way to store matches using a jelly sized mason jar. Learn how to make it in this short video.



Turn a Photo Into a Colouring Page - original photo and one ready to print or send to friends for them to color

Turn a Photo Into a Colouring PageUsing the free photo editing app, Prisma, you can transform a photo into a fun coloring page. Learn how on this page.


Decorated Seashell Jewelry Dishes - finished shell dishes

Decorated Seashell Jewelry DishesAdd some paint, glitter, and craft pearls to large sea shells to make these pretty jewelry dishes. They are great to give as gifts or as craft fair items.


Button Lined Tray - finished tray

Making a Button Lined TrayDecorate a simple wooden tray with a burst of colored buttons for a pretty display piece. Add a layer of resin or a piece of plexiglass and it becomes a serving tray.


Making a Balloon Paper Clip Topper - cut out another set and repeat the steps. Then glue the second half to the first creating a 3D balloon

Making a Balloon Paper Clip TopperIt is fun to make little toppers for paper clips. Try this 3D balloon project made from sticky note paper. Use it as a bookmark.


Paperclip Charm for a Zipper Pull - charm hanging from zipper pull

Making a Paperclip Charm for a Zipper PullIf the pull tab on a zipper breaks or comes off, you could have a bit of fun and make a replacement. This page contains steps and photos for making a glittery paperclip charm zipper pull.


An owl craft made from fall leaves.

Owl Craft IdeasOwls are a good motif for various types of craft projects, from kids' crafts to outdoor garden art. This page contains owl craft ideas.


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Making Pot Scrubbers Using Old Towels - striped towel scrubber

Making Pot Scrubbers Using Old TowelsI have an old pot scrubber made from an old towel that my sister bought for me at a farmer's market years ago. I am trying to find out how to make them. It is just a common towel with something on it to make the terry towel loops hardened. It is the best pot scrubber I have ever had that is safe to use on non stick pans. I can see Amazon sells them for $5.99 for two!


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Making Simmering GranulesI have made some simmering granules with dishwasher salt, food colouring, and fragrance oil and left them to dry for 24 hours on a tray uncovered. They smelled strong, but then when I put them on a burner they don't let off much scent?


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Essential Oil RecipesDo any of you have recipes for popular fragrances? I used to have one for making my own Savannah Gardens scent, but I can't find it.


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Making Your Own Lampe Berger FragrancesWhat is the strongest scent I can buy to mix with my 91% alcohol to make my own Lampe Berger oil and where can I buy it? I tried Walmart. I bought the cheep one. Then I bought the expensive one and it still does not have a smell that is strong enough.


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Making Crystal Melts for Oil BurnersCan you send me a video or tell me how to make simmering crystal melts for oil burners?


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Making Lampe Berger OilI'm trying to make my homemade oil for my lampe Berger. I got 91% alcohol I tried the fragrances and pure fragrance from Walmart. I tried every different type Walmart has and none of them are strong, I can barely smell them. I tried tendra. I even used 20 drops and I still can't smell the fragrance. Is there a special kind of oil or place I can buy some from that has a strong smell today?


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