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Craft Ideas for Socks

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You can make fun and useful crafts using socks, whether they are lonely ones from the wash or new ones purchased for the project. This is a guide about craft ideas for socks.


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November 5, 20111 found this helpful

This is a guide about making a sock snowman. With some simple accessories, you can turn a plain sock into an adorable snowman. They are cute decorations for around the house and make great gifts too.

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January 19, 20170 found this helpful

Decorating plain socks with beads turns the mundane into a unique clothing item. This is a guide about beaded socks.

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December 13, 20160 found this helpful

This is a guide about making a sock cupcake. This is a cute way to give a gift of socks.

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September 30, 20120 found this helpful

This is a guide about making a sock puppet. Sock puppets are fun to make and even more fun for your little ones to play with.

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February 7, 2009

This is Elsy she is made from Red Heel Socks, the kind used for sock monkeys. I used one sock for her body and sewed it into a fish shape. Then I cut her arms and mouth from the other sock. Hand stitch the fins. Her hair is that twisty yarn used for scarves.


By Mamie K. from Beech Grove, IN.

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November 19, 2008

I love making things that require no pattern or few instructions. This "Little Monster" is made from an orphaned sock, scrape fabric, and my imagination.

By Gloria from Scottsville, NY

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February 28, 20170 found this helpful

Repurpose sock tops to help keep your arms warm on cold days. This is a guide about sock tops for arm warmers.

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December 12, 20040 found this helpful

Use the ribbed ankle part of a cotton sock for "security wrist guards".

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July 19, 2006

Here are some craft ideas for socks.

Beanbags or Puppets

Make odd socks into beanbags for the kids.

By fats82439

Uses Them for or Make a Heat Pack

Fill with rice and heat in microwave or freeze in freezer and use as a hot/cold pack.

Use for cleaning small messes or for dusting. Slide on a yard stick and secure with a rubberband to dust under fridges, freezers, washers, dryers, beds, etc.

By Barbie

Barbie Tube Tops

The top part of old childrens socks can be used to make Barbie clothes. My daughter and I recently spent the evening making several items. You can make tube tops, dresses and skirts, etc. for the dolls. They look great, it saves money, and you child will enjoy doing it.

By kathy_ph1976

Extend the Life of Pajamas

Save the top part and sew them onto the arms and legs of children's pajamas to extend the usage of the pj's. I did this for many years. Kids didn't care at all.

By Mary

For Freezing Jars

Not really a craft, but if you freeze in jars instead of bags you can put a jar in each sock. Then if they break or leak it will contain the mess.

By Sonya Yoder

Dusting Mittens

Put one on each hand and dust the whole house in no time!

By suzi homemaker

Dog Ear Cleaner

I use them turned inside out and use like a glove for cleaning our Dog's ears.

By Jessie

Sock Puppets!

You can use markers to make faces which is fast and easy. Or you can sew or glue on buttons for eyes, use felt for a tongue and yarn for hair. These are very fun and inexpensive!

By Stella

Holiday Snowmen

You can make Holiday snowmen! They are very easy to make and great for childern and the elderly. Take a sock and fill it with Birdseed. Then using a rubberband, string, etc (Or you can twist it a few times and it will just stay, but be careful, if you move it, it may come undone-so pick it up from the bottom) make your three "snowballs". Use something to close the top of the head and then you can fold the top part of the sock down and can color it black for a hat. Use any other items you'd like for eyes, nose, etc. It can be things from a craft store or simply a permanant Sharpie marker, whatever you'd like. Puff paint seems to be the best, it looks great and you don't have to deal with glue!

By Christina Roby

Beverage Sweaters

Not exactly "crafty", but useful. I cut some tube socks to use as beverage "sweaters" for some glasses I have that sweat profusely. They also keep your fingers from getting cold. I'm considering decorating each "redneck koozy" differently for parties - similar to the wine glass trinkets used to identify which drink belongs to whom. (Be sure they are open on both ends to prevent tipping). Another advantage to using socks - they STRETCH to fit different sized beverage glasses and can be washed.

By Tamara

Protecting Small Items

We also stuffed small glass items inside whole socks to keep the items from bumping during a short distance move (not sure how well it would work for shipping).

By Tamara

A Sock Quilt

Old socks make the warmest quilts you'll ever have. Use clean, stain free socks to make a patchwork quilt. Just cut out useable portions and sew together until you get the size you want.

This is a wonderful "as you grow" project. Start with your childrens baby socks (or clothes) and each birthday take time (together) to add that years collection to the quilt. Be sure to date each sock with the year. By the time they go off to college or move out on their own, they have a warm quilt and a lifetime of wonderful memories of time spent with just you. Add your own socks too, just mark whose is whose.

Add socks from special occasions when possible (even if still brand new)

Easy, Easy, Easy, even for people who can not sew.

By Becky

Grass Head!

If you put grass seed in first and then soil and close it up with a rubberband then turn it over and water it you can make a grass head. The kids can put eyes on with a permanent marker, we did it, it was a lot of fun.

By gail caldwell

Puppets and Doll Clothes

You could use them to make sock puppets with your kids, neighborhood kids, nieces and/or nephews. I always made Barbie and baby doll clothes with old socks.

By Myra

Use Your Imagination

Use your imagination! Kids can come up with the most fun ideas - ask THEM! My children, when very small, would love to play like she was folding laundry by playing in the mismatched sock basket.

By Sara C

Deodorize Your Closet

You can fill the sock with soap flakes (which you can make yourself by grating a soap bar), tie it with a nice ribbon and use to deodorize your closet.

By Sigal

Sock Baseball and Other Ideas

I have used socks as hand warmers in the winter. I couldn't find my gloves one very cold morning and use a pair of socks on my hands until my heater got warm.

When I was a youngin long ago a friend of mine's mother made a old sock baseball. It wouldn't go as far as a Wiffle ball but we sure had many great games. The sock balls were all socks. The last sock tied tight around the other socks.

People have been known to stash their extra money in a sock in a sock drawer.

I remember breaking Brazil nuts in clean old socks with the handle of a butter knife.

And if you feel the need to sock someone in the eye. Well please use clean soft socks. To Sock Or Not To Sock Is it a DeFEETING QUESTION. Sock It To Me.

By Michael Ruger

Sock Pot Holders

Use to make pot holders by cutting rings and using one of the loop looms. You can buy one at walmart really cheap in the craft section.

By brenda thompson

Reinforce Other Socks

Reinforce the toe before you start wearing the socks. Get inexpensive "boring" socks, cut the toe off and sew it to the novilty sock. Then use the boring sock for the other terrific ideas here.

By Laura Tarasoff

Lap Robe or Quilt

If you have knee length, cut them off at the ankle, cut a seam up the back so they lay in flat "squares" and sew them together for a lap robe or a quilt.

By Carla Bledsoe

Heating Pad

Make heating pads to give as gifts. Fill them with rice then sew the top closed and reinforce the bottom seam. Instruct your giftees to heat them in the microwave for 1 minute.

By Mart

Arm Warmers

If they're long socks, like knee socks, cut the toe off (or right above the ankle if they have that weird heel) and cut a small thumbhole to make arm warmers. Sew a small stitch around the thumbhole and the top so it doesn't fray. Shorter socks can be bunched to make a sachel thing to put those smelly dried flowers in.

By Marissa


Cut off the foot part, leaving just the part that covers your ankle or calf (I don't know what style of socks you wear!). Use this "tube" you have left, with all the cute kitties, etc (my favorites have frogs on them) as "cozies" for bottles and glasses -- keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot!

By Becki in Indiana


By Trisha (Guest Post)
July 21, 20060 found this helpful

What about sock monkeys??

http://www.craf  o?projectID=1104

I love making them you can also google it for more patterns ideas

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By Beatrice (Guest Post)
November 11, 20070 found this helpful

Cut a finger of a not used or too small glove and make a funny face out of it! Great for children to play with and keep collecting them, get your friends round and make a play out of the finger puppets!
Truely recommended!

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By Michael A. (Guest Post)
December 21, 20070 found this helpful

1 puffball
2 eyes
1 felt noes
4 buttons
Fabric to make a scarf

1. Get a mens sock.
2.Pour 1 inch of marbles into sock.
3. Stuff the Sock with 6 1/2 INCHES of (old rags old shirts or cotton balls
4. Then put a rubber band or a string to tie
5. then stuff the head. 4 1/2 inches
6. Then pull the extra sock over the head to decorate.
7. Decorate!
8. Makes a great gift!

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By FELICIA (Guest Post)
November 4, 20080 found this helpful

Use baby socks and turn them into roses. You use a little bit of lace and a wood skewer and you roll the socks and use two sided tape. It makes a great bouquet for a baby's room or just on a table and when you mix them in with plastic flowers it really is pretty.

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By soccer mom (Guest Post)
November 7, 20080 found this helpful

Cut the toes out of long socks and put them under soccer shin guards. They soak up the sweat and stop the shin guards from sticking to the kids' legs.

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March 29, 2007

I want to make a craft called a coin sock, but I am having trouble finding a closure like used on a small coin purse. I hope one of you crafty people out there can help me.

Jean from Columbus, Ohio


March 29, 20070 found this helpful

What is a coin sock? and how do you make? thanks Dar

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By hwalz (Guest Post)
March 29, 20070 found this helpful

Have you tried a coin holder from BigLots or OddLots? Easter is coming and a lot of children's purses may have the hinge unit you can adapt.

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March 29, 20070 found this helpful

how bout using velcro???


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March 29, 20070 found this helpful

You could try the steps for the following:

Items needed:
~Orange juice lid
~Paper clip
~Shoelace/Rope (thick string, nylon,etc)
~Utility knife

Using the knife cut a thick "I" into the lid, in the middle. Fold back and cut off the tab edges. Next take the large paperclip and cut it at one end so you can form a small ring when one of the ends is twisted together. Punch a hole into the top middle of the lid and insert the paperclip. (See pix)

Feed the top of the sock through the open slit of the lid and fold the sock around the lid, pushing the paperclip through the sock material. Glue the end of the sock to the underside of the lid.

Using the shoelace/rope, tie in a circle and cut the excess off. Loop the shoelace/rope around the paperclip- this will be used to put your bank on a hook or door knob. Decorate the sock to your hearts content and start dropping in your cash.

And just be creative with ways to close it or alternatives to a juice lid

Here is the link with a picture
http://frugalfo  and-sell-it.html""""

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March 31, 20070 found this helpful

http://www.bagl  /PurseFrames.htm should have what you are looking for. There are other online sources for "purse frames" - you just need to decide what size you want.

I have a manufactured one of these coin socks - and I LOVE IT!

Be sure to post pictures when you complete them!

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By Trish (Guest Post)
March 31, 20070 found this helpful

A couple of years ago my sister bought me a coin sock purse. It is a baby sock with frogs on it (I love frogs), every time I take that out of my pocketbook I get comments on how adorable it is. Hope you can find the parts you are looking for..


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April 5, 20070 found this helpful

Jean, I have seen what you are looking for at Hobby Lobby. It may not be in the section with purse supplies. It seems to me I saw it in the needlework section.
I have a pattern for a sock bank called "Sock It Away". It is similar, only you make it your self. The sock part holds the money.It is make with 1/4 yrd. stretch knit for sock. The opening is made with a canning jar lid that you stretch the fabric over( from outside to inside). Next you make a stuffed ring shaped animal face to glue over the ring. It uses a ribbon to hang it up. My pattern has a chicken,ckow,pig,bear,bunny and a dog for faces. I made them for my grandchildren for Christmas one year.I have a picture,but am not sure how to send on to thrifty fun. If anyone is interested, I could scan and send you the picture and pattern as well as instructions. My email address is bjptl AT Just email me if you are interested.
ps I just read how to send an image to Thrifty Fun,but couldn't make it work. I'll try and send one directly to them.

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April 19, 20070 found this helpful

I finally made my first coin sock.. I used velcro on the top-inside of the sock. It seems to be working. Now I need a little poem to attach to it to sell at craft shows. thanks Jean at smithmj@

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September 17, 2012

I would like some ideas on what to make with socks that have no mate. Craft ideas would be great. Thanks.

By Shirley from Henderson, NV


September 24, 20120 found this helpful

If they are knee socks, you can cut them off at the bend and use them for wine sleeves, leg warmers for kids, or for covering an ugly vase.
Hope that helps. PBP

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January 18, 20140 found this helpful

If you have some spare tube sock of any color or prints you can make "longjohns". You only need 4 socks, thread, and 5 buttons.

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July 7, 2007

Does any one know any great crafts to do with old worn out socks?

Wendy-Lou from Chilcotin, British Columbia


March 30, 20110 found this helpful


1. ipod case: cut off the foot of the sock and keep the tube. sew the bottom of the tube closed, and fold down the top until the ipod almost can be seen.
2. scarf: use the tube of the sock as a scarf. Either sew multiple tubes together or cut the tube and sew the fabric together for a scarf.
3. bouquet of roses: Attach lace to the bottom of a sock. Roll like a burrito and slide onto a skewer. tape for extra security.
4. cat toy: put catnip in the toe of a sock and tie a ribbon or rubber band around the top to seal it. make sure the bag isn't opened by your lucky feline friend!
5. smell sachet: put your favorite scents into an ankle socks. Tie a ribbon around the top and insert into a smelly place or a closet, mmmm.
6. scrunch: cut an ankle sock into strips. Tie the strips to a thick pony you don't use normally.
7. sock buddy: fill a tube sock with polyfill or cotton balls that are stretched out. Make a knob in the corner of the sock and tie string around it. Repeat on the other bottom corner. go up and mark the middle of the sock and tie two knobs and the rest of the inside stuffing material. then tie the top of the head. draw a face and add hair if you wish.
8. coin purse: Open sock. Add coins. Tie a ribbon on the top and voila!
9. stress ball: roll into a ball and squeeze
10. hand warmers: Microwave and slip over your hands. Ahhhhh...
11. dog toy: slip a rolled sock into another sock's toe and rubberband. To use, throw the toy by the tube of the sock.
12. doll pillow: Stuff other socks into a pretty sock and tie closed. Instant pillw!
13. weights: put heavy rooks into two socks. Use them as anything from dumbbells to balloon weights!
14. burn protector: use the tube of a sock to slide over a hot mug of hot chocolate or coffee.
15. coaster: Put a drink onto a flattened sock to save harmless wooded tables.
16. bookmark: keep your place your favorite book by placing a sock in your place in your book.
17. soapy clean: put slivers of soap from an old soap bar into a thinning sock. Perfect way to clean yourself in the shower.

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January 7, 20140 found this helpful

I use old socks to hold my Christmas ornaments. They help keep them from being scratched & getting broken.

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January 8, 20150 found this helpful

What can I make from a red fur Christmas sock with white fur around the top besides little girl purses?

By Donna


January 11, 20150 found this helpful

I have used the red part to make valentine hearts. Or the whole thing to make Christmas gift sacks or cut into triangles for Christmas pendant banners.

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December 6, 20120 found this helpful

How do I make cupcake baby socks stay secure in cupcake boxes of four?

Thank you.

By Irene

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June 22, 20102 found this helpful

Turn your baby's or kid's socks that they have grown out of into cute cuddly sock babies. Fill them with soft items. The other use for them is to fill them with dried beans and use them as a doorstop

By Ann from Sussex, UK

Sock Baby Doll made from a sock

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December 7, 20100 found this helpful

Does any one know any great crafts to do with old worn out socks?

Wendy-Lou from Chilcotin, British Columbia


Keep Your Shoes Clean When Painting

Keep paint splatters off you shoes by putting old socks over your shoes. (06/18/2004)

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel

A Use for Old Socks

I save old socks that have holes in them for use in the garden to tie up flowers, etc.

By ldslupie (06/18/2004)

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel

Uses for Old Socks

A great idea that I had seen this past week while volunteering at a Girl Scout day camp was they had used nylon stockings and put a bar of soap inside of them and tied them to a water jug to use as a handwashing station. (06/21/2004)

By Tawnda

Uses for Old Socks

Got a little one crawling? Cut the toes of the socks off and slide over your little ones knees for extra protection during crawling and playing. (06/22/2004)

By Nicole

Uses for Old Socks

I have a couple suggestions:

  1. You can easily turn an old sock into very creative clothing for dolls (such as a Barbie doll), by cutting the toe-part off and just getting a lil creative.
  2. You can make a very festive puppet, the one I made was a reindeer for Christmas.

    You simply stuff the sock with fluff or anything really, and then tie an elastic around the opening, then glue the front part of the sock down so it looks like a head and a neck. The rest you can leave to your imagination, be creative! (This is also a fun project for kids to work on!) (08/18/2004)

By Mandy

Uses for Old Socks

You can cut the tops off and then cut them down the back or bottom open them out and they make great dish rags or what ever. I haven't bought a dish rag in several years. If they get really ucky I throw them out. I always have plenty of old socks. (08/19/2004)

By Judi

Uses for Old Socks

Here's a use for unmated socks. Make shoe fresheners. Fill the sock with kitty litter (make to absorb odor and wetness), sew or rubberband the top, and place into shoe. Shoes should be fresher and drier in a few hours. (08/20/2004)

By Cheryl from MO

Saving Old Socks for Dusting

When doing laundry, I pull out any socks with holes or that are stretched out and put them in the rag bag. When dusting, socks work great to get into the little crevices. Just put it on your hand to do the dusting. When done I just toss it or rewash it. There is never a short supply of socks in the rag bag.

By Amy (10/15/2004)

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel

Uses for Old Socks

Another idea for dusting with socks. Slip a sock, turned inside out (so the loops show and catches more dust), over the end of a yardstick. Now you can reach those cobwebs on the ceiling and in the corners. It's up to you if you want to wash it or trash it when you're done. (10/16/2004)

By Cheryl from MO

Uses for Old Socks

Make dishrags. My favorite dishrags are from old socks. Here's how: Uses 2 socks. Cut off the toes. Cut each in half lengthwise. Turn one around so the cuff of one sock is aligned with the bottom portion of the other. This makes a nicer cloth that way and people can't readily tell it's socks you're washing your dishes with. Sew them together. Now, sew across the bumps the heels make and cut away that extra fabric, making it flat. Zig-zag around the edges. This takes only 10 minutes and you have a nice wash cloth. (10/18/2004)

By Jayne

Uses for Old Socks

Make a soap-holding washcloth for the shower. Cut 2 old socks in half lengthwise, sew them together. Using 2 socks gives you more fabric for a nicer washcloth. Now sew up 3 sides to make a "bag". Sew almost all the 4th side too, leaving an opening just big enough to put small pieces of soaps inside. Turn right side out. Sew an old shoelace (cut off the ends or they'll scratch you) or use a piece of trim sewn to the top so you can cinch it together after you put soap into the bag. Insert soap, tie it up, and use. (10/18/2004)

By Jayne

Uses for Old Socks

Old socks make great beanbags and are easy to make. Or you can stuff them with scrap fabric for a softer, indoor bean bag game. (10/18/2004)

By Jayne

Uses for Old Socks

Very silly ghost toys. Stuff an old white sock, draw or embroider a scary face on it. These are perfect for scaring people, hahahaha!

By Jayne

Uses for Old Socks

Hand warmers. Cut the toes off, cut a slit for your thumbs, and you have an impromptu pair of fingerless mittens for keeping your hands warm while you write letters, study, type, or do housework. (10/18/2004)

By Jayne

Uses for Old Socks

I tied three of my husband's old socks together and made a great toy for our dogs. :) (11/05/2004)

By Glynda Lomax

Uses for Old Socks

I use old socks to put a bun in my hair. Cut the toe part off and roll the sock to form a donut. Place it over my ponytail and cover the sock with my ponytail. (12/09/2004)

By Jewels

Old Socks To The Rescue

Do not throw your old socks away. Save them as they make effective bandages for hard-to-dress areas on horses' (and dogs') legs.

By joesgirl (01/01/2005)

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel

Uses for Old Socks

  1. I take the socks and cut them into 1/2 in pieces, this gives me a small tube. I then take them and make pot holders by weaving them together using a loom made of nails and boards forming a square.
  2. Take those same pot holders stitch them together and make a rug for in front of your sink or stove.
  3. Take same pot holders and stitch one to each side of one pot holder, fold all towards each other and make a basket.

Decorate each with RIT dye for brite colors as most socks are cotton and most food dyes will wash out or leave a pale color. You may even try doing a tie dye look for fun.

By Sally

Another Use For Old Socks

Cut off the cuff of sock and turn inside out. Sew across bottom and turn right side out. Slip over your Crisco oil or other vegetable oil bottle in your cabinets and keeps from getting oily spots in your cabinets.

By Georgia (01/12/2005)

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel

Uses for Old Socks

For those of you who give their dogs plastic soda bottles to chew on, here's another idea for your old socks and pop bottles. Take one plastic pop bottle (about 20 ounces) and put about 4 or 5 dried beans inside the bottle and put the cap on. Slip this bottle (cap side up) inside an old adult- sized sock and tie a knot at the top near the cap. Now give it to your dog for some chewing fun! This works best with tube socks because they are a bit longer, but crew socks will also work. Cheap and fun!

Tori (01/12/2005)

By Tori

Uses for Old Socks

I had a pair of knee socks, and I didn't like the up to the knee feeling. So since Jim needed new cuffs on his work jacket, I cut off the six inches off the tops of my socks folded them and after removing the old torn cuffs, I resewed the sock tops onto the jacket! It really looks like they were meant to be there! He couldn't believe it. (and I love my socks now) (01/13/2005)

By kate

Another Use For Old Socks And Unwearable Clothing

I cut down the socks to fit onto my "Swiffer" for washing floors or dusting. I also use unwearable old clothing (holey shirts, etc.)

By Kathy (01/13/2005)

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel

Uses for Old Socks

Slip one of those old socks over a yardstick and use it to clean under your refrigerator. Beats having to move that heavy appliance. (01/14/2005)

By Bonnie


Keep an old pair of socks around in case you lose your gloves or mittens. If the need ever arises slip the sock over your hands. It may not be stylish, but it will do for the time being. (01/18/2005)

By Skyler

Using Old Socks

A lady I know cuts the tops off of old socks (that the elastic is still good) and uses them around her water bottles that she's partially froze and refilled with water, so her hands don't get cold.

By Terri H. (05/03/2005)

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel

Uses for Old Socks

Heck, I put the whole sock over my frozen water bottle to keep it cold longer and as the water freezes the sock absorbs the wetness.

Ziggee (05/03/2005)

By Ziggee

Uses for Old Socks

Old socks make the warmest quilts you'll ever have. Use clean, stain free socks to make a patchwork quilt. Just cut out usable portions and sew together until you get the size you want.

This is a wonderful "as you grow" project. Start with your children's baby socks (or clothes) and each birthday take time (together) to add that years collection to the quilt. Be sure to date each sock with the year. By the time they go off to college or move out on their own, they have a warm quilt and a lifetime of wonderful memories of time spent with just you. Add your own socks too, just mark whose is whose.

Add socks from special occasions when possible (even if still brand new).

Easy, even for people who cannot sew. (07/02/2005)

By Becky

Uses for Old Socks

You can use them for polishing shoes. Fill them with rice and microwave them for sore muscles. Use extra long ones as back scrubbers. Also great for wrist sweat bands and head sweat bands. (12/26/2005)

fun with kids

Be traditional! Make your old socks into sock puppets. They're fun! (02/15/2006)

By Dana

dog foot warmers

You could put them on you dog or cat and have them be foot warmers. (03/24/2006)

By Amanda

make snow men

Divide the sock into 3 parts and fill them up with rice. Put a pipe cleaner as a nose, buttons for eyes and for coal. (03/24/2006)

By Hannah

Uses for Old Socks

I happened across an old mop head that opens up to take a long set of mop strings bound in the center. I laid 6-8 old tube socks to make a wide rectangle, then sewed down the center to hold them together. Works great and I can wash it in the washer! (06/20/2006)

By Gretta

Uses for Old Socks

Sometimes we use them to wash the car and there's enough of them so everybody can help. (06/21/2006)

Rag Curls

This has been passed down through the women in my family from the Depression Era. Make "rag curls". Cut socks into small strips. Take a large or small portion of hair, tie sock strip at the bottom of the lock of hair, roll up to the scalp, then tie again. You get very nice, tight, fun curls! Works best when done with wet hair, and sets overnight. (06/25/2006)

By Cat

Uses for Old Socks

Use ribbing tops of socks to sew on mittens and then they stay neatly on the child and can tuck under a sweater neatly before the coat is put on.
(I actually make the mittens first out of old sweaters and then sew extra long "old sock" cuffs.
If the colours match up it actually can look quite trendy. (01/25/2007)

By Lin

Uses for Old Socks

Put two tennis balls side by side tightly in the toe of the sock. Tie the rest of the sock into a tight knot up against the tennis balls. While in the bed, on the floor or in your recliner, place the tennis balls under your neck one on each side of your neckbone. This was suggested to me by my massage therapist and is great for relieving stress and tightness of the neck. (04/02/2007)

By Skye

Uses for Old Socks

This is a great game for outdoor boy parties and such. It works best with old nylon men's socks or women's knee highs or even the toe ends of worn out panty hose. Just fill the toe end of the sock/stocking with flour and tie up the open end. Make plenty of these, at least 10 per child. Use a timer and say "Go" when they are to start. Then they can play army or war and "bomb" each other and it is very child friendly, low cost, easy to tell when you have been "tagged" or "bombed" and makes for a fun time for all. After the timer goes off, they get to count who got hit the most times and who won! This was such a big hit at a birthday party for my tween son! They brush themselves off and beg to play. Again and again! (07/08/2007)

By HungryArtist

Uses for Old Socks

I use them as a throw in front of the door way where air creeps in. I have one long sock and stuff it with old socks and tie it at the end, you may to use two stuff sock tied together in order to make it long enough. You can also use it for your pets to play with, and it won't cost you a cent. (07/11/2007)

By Lou

Uses for Old Socks

  • I stuff an old clean sock with Catnip, then twist the area where the catnip is shut, then wrap the rest of the sock around this, (inside-out) then twist again, then inside out again and twist again until I have a "Catnip Ball".

    My cat has the best time, rolling this sock-ball around the room and attacking it!

  • You can also fill old socks with body powder and tie them shut to make your own "Powder Puffs".
  • Use the cuffs of colored fancy socks for ribbing when sewing.
  • Fill toe of old sock with salt and wipe this on bathroom mirrors to keep them from fogging up.
  • Can you find a better thing to clean or polish with? I think not!
  • Sock Dolls, we all remember these! (07/11/2007)

By Cyinda

Uses for Old Socks

Pour one cup of uncooked rice into the toe of a sock (make sure there is no hole in the toe). Tie the sock off above the rice. Voila! You have a therapy rice bag. Heat it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds, and then use the warm bag on sore muscles, aching joints, painful sinuses, whatever. Make sure that you use a tighter knit sock, not a loose one that the rice grains will fall through. You can add some dried herbs before tying a knot so that you have a scented rice bag, peppermint for relaxation, sage for headaches, rosemary because it smells so nice. (07/14/2007)

By Patty

Uses for Old Socks

Comment: I've never enjoyed any posting more than this one. Way to go everyone. I have a tub of mismatched socks right now I can hardly wait to "play" with. Thanks (09/13/2007)

By Barbara

sock bun

Very cool idea, I don't have long hair and I never wear a bun, but that is clever. (07/08/2008)

By Lisa

Uses for Old Socks

Make an iPod holder, works well with those real cool socks that you just can't seem to throw out. (07/28/2008)

By Kamlin

Uses for Old Socks

Old socks filled with beans or rice and closed with a tight knot are a one-minute, no-money, effective solution to craft your own photographic bean bag yourself quite easily.
A bean bag is basically a compact cradle for your camera to rest on and do not shake while shooting photographs: it is very handy when you cannot carry a tripod with you.
You can find a bit more about photo bean bags and how to craft one starting at the link below:


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