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Baby Woody (Yorkshire Terrier)

Yorkshire Terrier PhotosThe Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie is a small dog breed, developed in the 19th century to catch rats in clothing mills. Today they are a popular pet, despite their stubborn nature and being difficult to house train. This page contains Yorkshire Terrier photos.


closeup of puppy

Shih Tzu Mix PhotosThis is a page about Shih Tzu mix photos. These mixed breed dogs make great companions. They are bright and lively, but can adapt to apartment living.



Chihuahua Mix PhotosThis page contains Chihuahua mix photos. This popular Mexican breed can sometimes be mixed with other small dogs to create some very cute companions.


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Printing Photos From Old Oversize Negatives?My grandmother died several years ago. I recently found old negatives that are from the early 50's. I was wondering if their is anyway of getting pictures made off of these at a reasonable price.


Photo of a Mock Orange bush.

Garden: Mock OrangeThis Mock Orange is right outside our front door. I just love this Mock Orange when it is blooming. It has over a hundred blooms on it, and smells so good. As you can see by the picture of my car, the bush is huge.


Over Easy Eggs without FlippingIf you like over easy eggs, but hate to flip them, here's a nice thing I learned while cooking for a living. Have a nice flat pan or a skillet that allows for a flat center. Get a squirt bottle with some water, and a good lid that covers the pan or at least the eggs.



Terrier Mix

Terrier Mix PhotosThis page contains terrier mix photos. Small mixed breed dogs can make wonderful companions.


A beautiful white gardenia.

Gardenia PhotosThe fragrant, white flowers of the gardenia bush make a beautiful garden photo subject. This page contains gardenia photos.


Cactus Blossom

Cactus Blossom PhotosThis is a page about cactus blossom photos. Cactus for all of their prickliness have strikingly beautiful flowers.


A close up of a mourning dove.

Mourning Dove PhotosThis very common bird is found from southern Canada to central Mexico. They are recognizable from their soft prolonged cooing that has a distinctly mournful sound. This page contains mourning dove photos.


Pug Mix dog's face

Pug Mix PhotosThis is a page about Pug mix photos. breed dogs are always a surprise. Their appearance and personality are unique and often a blend of the different breeds in their heritage.


Protecting Backyard Wildlife From a Cat?I have a duck nesting in my backyard. There are about 7 eggs inside and they're due to hatch anytime now. The problem is the cat next door and the owners who refuse to do anything about it. We've patched the holes in the fences, bought cat repellent, set a cat trap loaned to us by our local animal control, and rigged some wire fencing along the top of some of the entry ways on the fence.


Film Slide

Converting Slides to a Digital Format?This is a page about converting slides to a digital format. Converting your old slides to a digital format can be done yourself or by finding a slide conversion service near you.


Raccoon Photos

Raccoon PhotosThis page contains raccoon photos. These very cute animals can be pests or pets for homeowners, and are very photogenic.


Lilac blooms.

Lilac PhotosThe beauty of purple or white lilac blooms, in conjunction with their luscious fragrance, make them a perfect choice for many gardens. They are also an excellent subject for a photo. This page contains lilac photos.


Shiba Inu Mix

Shiba Inu Mix Photos and InformationThis page contains shiba inu mix photos and information. Mixed breed dogs can make wonderful family pets.


The dirty soles of four girls feet, all in a row.

Photo: Dirty FeetWe'd been remodeling the house, trying to add on another bedroom. The original house is well over 120 years old, so there's lots of old, fine creosote like dust and dirt. Apparently Hubby didn't clean the floor very well, because the girls' feet were no longer clean.


Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon PhotosThis page contains Maine coon photos. Also known as American longhairs, these large domestic cats are known for their hunting skills.


Closeup of Salmon Queen Geranium

Geranium PhotosThis is a page about geranium photos. Geraniums can be upright or vining and come in many colors from white through pinks and reds to deep purples.


Lab Pointer Mix

Lab Pointer Mix PhotosThis page contains lab pointer mix photos. Some of the best family pets are mixed breed dogs, especially mixed with the popular Labrador Retriever.


Identifying Southern California Wild Flowers - pretty 6 petal bluish purple wild flower with bright yellow center

Identifying Southern California Wild Flowers?These grow wild along the hiking trails outside San Diego on Black Mountain!



Wisteria Photos

Wisteria PhotosWisteria is a vining, flowering plant member of the legume family. The draping clusters of purple flowers are quite fragrant. It is typically grown as a woody vine, but can also be trained as a standard or small tree. This page contains wisteria photos.


Yorkshire Terrier Chihuahua Mix

Yorkshire Terrier Mix PhotosYorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies, are loving, playful and intelligent. Most Yorkshire Terrier Mix dogs have similarly positive characteristics. This page contains Yorkshire Terrier mix photos.


Copperhead Snake

Copperhead Snake Information and Photos?These venomous pit vipers are found mostly in the Eastern US in deciduous woodlands and mixed forests. This page contains copperhead snake information and photos.


Family Taking Digital Photos

Transferring Digital Photos to Your Computer?This is a page about transferring digital photos to your computer. There are a couple of different ways to transfer digital photos to your computer. The first couple of times you do it, it may seem hard, but it's actually quite easy to transfer you digital photos to your computer.


Water at Lola Valley Park, OR.

Lola Valley Park PhotosThis page contains Lola Valley Park photos. You can take home beautiful images to remind you of a wonderful day in a favorite place.


Garter Snake on a White Background

Garter Snake PhotosThis page contains garter snake photos. A wide variety of these snakes are found throughout North American. These garden helpers are generally harmless to humans and can move fast when encountered.


Mallard Duck

Wild Duck Information and PhotosThis is a page about wild duck information and photos. These beautiful birds love the water, and can be found in wide variety of aquatic environments.


Pit Bull Mix

Pit Bull Mix PhotosThis page contains Pit Bull mix photos. Some of the best family pets are mixed breed dogs.


Rat Terrier/Chihuahua Mix

Rat Terrier/Chihuahua Mix PhotosThis page contains Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix photos. Some of the best family pets are mixed breed dogs.


Boxer Mix

Boxer Mix PhotosSome of the best family pets are mixed breed dogs. This page contains Boxer mix photos.


Birds flying around a birdhouse (Marietta, OH)

Birds and Birdfeeder (Marietta, OH)This was taken north of Marietta at the lock and dam on the Ohio. They have a picnic area there and at each end of it is this high birdfeeder. It was so much fun to watch them and take pics.


Springer Spaniel Mix

Springer Spaniel Mix PhotosThis page contains springer spaniel mix photos. These playful dogs require a lot of exercise and an active family.


A green katydid or leaf bug on a smooth surface.

Katydid (Leaf Bug) PhotosKatydids or leaf bugs actually resemble walking leaves, in the same way as walking stick bugs look like twigs. These are not related to Phylliidae or walking leaf insects. This page contains Katydid (leaf bug) photos.


A picture of the "Welcome to Montana" sign.

Montana Scenery PhotosThis page contains Montana scenery photos. Many breathtaking views can be found in this mountain state.



Saying Goodbye to a Paradise: The...We found Steinhatchee quite by accident. We owned land right on the Suwanee River just outside Old Town and someone told us about a seafood restaurant in Steinhatchee.



Pit Bull Lab Mix

Pit Bull Lab Mix PhotosThis page contains Pit Bull Lab mix photos. Many of the best family pets are mixed breed dogs.


A palm tree lined street.

Drifting AwayBeautiful view of palms and a street that runs right by the beach in Clearwater Florida! White sands, salty ocean air & breeze, blue skies, and lots of sunshine. A heavenly daydream lived through one picture.


A Balinese cat on a fluffy blanket.

Balinese Photos and InformationBalinese cats are a long haired version of the popular Siamese breed. They share a similar temperament and personality. These beautiful cats are prized among pet owners for their beautiful silky coat.


A view of the city of Phoenix.

Arizona Travel PhotosArizona is a favorite destination for many travelers and snowbirds. The state is filled with natural wonders, ancient civilizations and burgeoning cities carved out the the desert.


The sun shining through leaves.

Time to Wake UpThe early morning hours are a good time to take photos as the sun comes out for the day. I like this picture taken on a hiking trail, when the sun is shining through the foliage while parts of the foliage are still waking up!


A boat on a lake at twilight.

Twilight on Lake ZvornikThe best way to spend a great summer day is to go to the lake. but the most beautiful moments come at the end, when the sun sets and everything calms down.


A lake surrounded by forest.

Spring Surroundings of the Vidraru LakeThe surroundings of the Vidraru Lake are unforgettable especially in spring. The mountainous landscape, the gentle rays of the sun and the calm surface of the lake enchant with their beauty.


A baby sleeping on a handmade Boppy pillow.

Making A "Boppy" Style Pillow For BabiesBoppy pillows are so handy for nursing moms or simply for baby to lay on while we Grandmothers rock them to sleep. At the baby stores, they are around $25 but, with the following instructions, you can make your own for half the price.


A woman at the edge of a riverwalk looking at the river.

Date Night (Chattahoochee Riverwalk)Date night in Alabama.


Peeling Bark on a Madrone Tree - peeling bark on a madrone

Peeling Bark on a Madrone TreeTo me, one of the most interesting and striking characteristics of madrone trees is the beautiful mahogany colored bark which crazes and then flakes off year round exposing the underlying green bark which will turn brown, then orangish, and finally this deep hue before it sloughs again.


Two knees over a grassy field.

Legs in the Middle of ParadiseI haven't felt free and refreshed for a very long time because of this pandemic. Yet, on this day, I felt like a rebooted phone right after.


A red-tailed hawk on a branch.

Eyes On The Prize (Red-tailed Hawk)I almost walked right past this handsome fella at the park last fall. He was perched above my head watching the nearby bird feeder looking for lunch. Luckily I looked up and saw him. He was very close to me and I was surprised to see him right above the very busy walking trail.


Wildflowers at sunset.

Wildflowers and Sunsets of SerenityThis absolutely beautiful picture of yellow daisies, dandelions to make a wish upon, bunches of petite white flowers, peace. Long grass and pretty green weeds, this is my garden of sunshine, my garden of peace. This is heaven.


Red leaves with snow.

Vibrant RedsA splash of red on a snowy day.


A sky full of clouds that resemble cotton balls.

Weird Looking CloudsThe temperature was about 40 degrees and we had a snow shower that lasted about 30 minutes. No rain or snow was in the forecast. Afterwards, these weird looking clouds appeared in the East as the snow showers moved in that direction. I had never before seen clouds that looked like this.


A chestnut-sided warbler in a bush.

Chestnut-sided WarblerI captured this picture in September while I was birding at a local pond. This little bird was elusive, hopping from branch to branch, keeping an eye on me at all times. His beautiful green plumage confused as to what species he was but I soon discovered it was a juvenile Chestnut-sided warbler!


A child dressed as spaghetti and meatballs.

Spaghetti and Meatballs Halloween CostumeTo make this simple costume, cut a platter from a large circle of cardboard with a hole in the middle for child's legs to fit through. Tie on some off-white yarn strings like suspenders.


A lake surrounded with autumn trees.

Photos of WisconsinWisconsin is a beautiful midwestern state that borders the Mississippi River on one side and two of the Great Lakes on the other. It is popular with hikers due to its large amount of forest land.


White geese with goslings.

Geese PhotosGeese can be pets, raised for food or found in the wild. These waterfowl are larger than ducks but can often be found in similar habitats.


A rock bridge over a creek.

Rock Bridge Over CreekAt the beginning of June, my family went to stay at a KOA cabin. My mom and I woke up in the early morning, so we could capture nature's beauty and have good lighting. We found a hidden hiking trail. Along the way, I took pictures of the bridge over the creek.


A sandhill crane walking in a grassy area.

Sandhill Crane PhotosSandhill cranes are indigenous to North America. These grey birds have long legs, white and red heads and long pointy beaks.


A bluebird sitting on a branch.

Bluebird PhotosBluebirds are indigenous to North America and are prized by birdwatchers and gardeners alike. There are three types of bluebirds; the Eastern and Western are blue with markings in rose, whereas the Mountain bluebird is almost entirely bright blue.


A mountain view in Idaho.

Idaho Scenery PhotosIdaho contains many beautiful parks and hiking trails with scenic views. There are mountains and clear lakes to the north panhandle area, flattening out to arid farmland in the south.


A family looking into a cage at the zoo.

Visiting Zoos and AquariumsZoos and aquariums are often located in larger cities and tourist areas. They give the visitor the chance to learn about all sorts of animals and even offer information about the specific location or country where the animals live in the wild.


A girl feeding a giraffe at the zoo.

Photos of Zoo AnimalsZoos are a wonderful way to see animals from all parts of the world. Many of these animals are endangered or rescues who might not be able to live without special care.


A boy looking into an a tank of sharks at an aquarium.

Aquarium PhotosAquariums give you a unique chance to see marine animals without having to snorkel or scuba dive. They are generally located near the ocean and can be a wonderful activity for children when on vacation.


A field of poppies with a setting sun.

Poppy PhotosThere are numerous varieties of poppies. They can be grown as perennials, annuals, or biennials. Their colors range from brilliant red to the blue of the more difficult to grow Himalayan poppy. This page contains shared poppy photos.


Junco Babies

Junco BabiesMy friends have a section of their yard that they leave unmowed in the spring and summer. This allows birds to nest there and pollinators to enjoy the flowers. They recently were able to enjoy their little "contribution to the animals" when a Junco chose it as their nesting spot. Look at this tiny, hungry babies!


A flowering passionfruit bush.

Passiflora PhotosThese exotic blooms are generally referred to as passion flowers. The passionfruit is primarily used for its delicious juice.They grown naturally in tropical areas of the Americas, the Caribbean and parts of Asia.


A collection of white daisies with yellow centers.

Daisy PhotosThere are so many varieties of daisies that grow wild all across the world. Gardeners often plant them as annuals to add color to a garden bed or planter.


A snowball bush in bloom.

Snowball Bush PhotosThe old fashioned snowball bush with puffy white flowers is found in many gardens and yards. This can be either a type of hydrangea or viburnum.


Tomatoes growing in the garden.

Garden Tomato PhotosIt is fun to share photos of our garden produce. Whether it is to brag a bit about the abundance or to share a photo of a misshapen, weird, funny, or uniquely shaped tomato; gardeners often enjoy seeing pictures from like minded folks' home veggie gardens.


Llanddwyn Island in Wales

Visiting WalesWales is a located on the west coast of the Isle of Britain. Travelers can enjoy the long stretch of wind swept coastline, rolling green hills dotted with sheep and in the more rugged northern part of the county you can visit castles and enjoy the natural beauty of this small country.


A rose breasted grosbeak on a branch.

Grosbeak Photos and InformationGrosbeak refers to a number of species of seed eating song birds with large beaks. The rose-breasted and evening grosbeak are two representatives of this grouping.


Swimming Snail

Swimming SnailThe other day as I was walking past our bog pond I noticed something moving. Upon closer observation I realized it was one of the resident snails swimming in the water. I just had to get a video so that I could show my 6 year old. He loved it and I hope you do too!


Different colored bromeliads in bloom.

Bromeliad PhotosThese beautiful, colorful, tropical plants are mainly native to the tropical Americas. Some are found in the subtropics and one species grows in Africa. Despite their unusual appearance they are not high maintenance as one might expect and can be successfully grown as houseplants. This page contains photos of these tropical beauties including one with a cute little visitor.


A Louisiana swamp.

Louisiana Travel PhotosAmong other things, including excellent food, Mardi Gras, Cajun zydeco, and jazz, Louisiana is also a scenic wonderland of bayous and cypress trees draped with Spanish moss. Scenic photos follow.


A banana tree with bunches of banana fruit.

Banana Plant and Flower PhotosThis beautiful purple flower is a banana tree bloom. They form at the end of the fruit clusters. In South-East Asian cuisines they are eaten raw or cooked in salads, soups, and curries.


A photo showing a lake with ducks and colorful autumn trees.

Arboretum PhotosA visit to a local arboretum can be a relaxing and visually enjoyable experience. Each season and area of the gardens offers beautiful textures and colors depending on the types of plants grown. Save the memories by taking photos of your trip.


A bee on the top of a purple coneflower.

Photos of Bees on Echinacea FlowersThese pretty flowers attract both bees and butterflies. They are native to the eastern and central areas in the U.S., but do well in many other growing zones. These lovely photos capture some of their visitors.


Tilly (Pit Bull mix) - one flop eared Pit in a car

Tilly (Pit Bull Mix)Meet Tilly a rescue Pit Bull mix who enjoys fishing for seaweed at the beach and attempting to play with the household cats. She is often on the receiving end of their disinterest as evidenced by the bandage on the tip of her ear.


Prettier than a Blackeyed Susie

Kokoa Girl (American Staffordshire Terrier)We have collected up some photos of Kokoa Girl an American Staffordshire Terrier.


A campfire in a round firepit.

Fire PhotosHumans have been fascinated by fire since its discovery. It has been given symbolic value in religion and art. The ever changing organic flames are captured in photos of fire.


A flamingo wading in water.

Flamingo PhotosThese beautiful pink wading birds are a delight to see. In the wild they are seen in million plus groups on some African lakes. They are distributed though the Americas including the Caribbean, and in parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe. The distinctive pink plumage is the result of the foods that they gather from the muddy bottoms of lakes and shorelines.


A green June bug on a flower.

Green June Bug (Cotinis nitida) PhotosThe green June bug is found in the eastern United States, particularly in the south. The photo of one on a bit of watermelon gives you a hint to their favorite foods. The beetles love fruit of all kinds, especially overripe fruit, and are responsible for extensive damage. That aside they are also beautiful and fun to watch if you are lucky enough to see one.


Three kittens drinking from a dish.

Rescued Kitten PhotosMany kittens join families as the result of being rescued. These feral or abandoned kitties make great pets. This page contains photos of rescued kittens.


Pink and yellow plumeria blossoms.

Plumeria (Frangipani) PhotosThese warm region flowering deciduous trees or shrubs are native to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. They do well from Brazil to Florida. Photos of these beautiful flowers follow.


A small dachshund/terrier mix dog on a grassy background.

Dachshund Mix PhotosThere are so many possibilities for appearance or personality in mixed breed dogs. Meet some cute Dachshund mix pups and check out their beauty shots.


A wolf pack with a rocky background.

Wolf Photos and InformationCatching a photo of a wild wolf is quite rare. At a wolf preserve you can learn about wolves and their importance in the wild. Wolves are close relatives to the domestic dog and can interbreed.


A pot of purple pansies growing outside.

Photos of PansiesFound in Europe and western Asia the pansy is a hybridization of several species in the genus Viola. They are also some of the cutest, happy, little flowers you can add to your garden. Enjoy the photos of pansies found in this page.


A shih tzu and Yorkshire terrier mix on a white background.

Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier Mix (Shorkie) PhotosThe Shih Tzu Yorkshire Terrier mix, also know as a Shorkie, is quite common. These loyal and loving "toy" dogs make great companions. Enjoy the following photos of these cuties.


Buying flowers from the farmer's market.

Flower Market PhotosMany beautiful colors can be enjoyed at a flower market to take wonderful pictures. This is a page about flower market photos.


A collection of different colored chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemum PhotosThese beautiful flowering plants are native to Asia and northeastern Europe. The chrysanthemum makes a lovely, colorful addition to any garden. This page contains chrysanthemum photos.


Singapore skyline at dusk.

Singapore Travel PhotosThere are many interesting places for adventure on this highly populated, tropical island nation. This is a page about Sinapore Travel Photos.


Beautiful Multnomah Falls, located on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge.

Columbia River Gorge Photos and InformationThe Columbia River bisects Washington State to turn west at the Washington/Oregon border. This beautiful 80 mile scenic area is filled with canyons and navigable waterways and is visited by tourists year round. This page contains photos and information about the Columbia River Gorge.


A Shichi puppy.

ShiChi PhotosThere are many common cross breed dogs available for you to take home. Since cross breeding can result in very different outcomes, it is fun to look at photos of dogs and puppies resulting from the cross you are interested in. This page contains ShiChi photos.


Double rainbow over a lake.

Rainbow PhotosWhether or not there is a pot of gold at the end, rainbows are a beautiful part of our world's scenic weather displays. This page contains rainbow photos.


bird sitting among white tree blossoms

Backyard BirdsFeeding or simply watching these vistors to your yard or garden can be quite enjoyable. This page contains information and photos of backyard birds.


Double Rainbow On Beach

Double Rainbow PhotosYou can check the internet to read up on the atmospheric effects that result in rainbows and their less frequent double appearances. With the sun at your back and rain in front of you, chances are there may be a rainbow. This page contains double rainbow photos.


St. Louis Cathedral in background, with crape myrtle

New Orleans, LA PhotosNew Orleans is known for its food, jazz music, Mardi Gras, architecture, and more. If you can't visit the city, enjoy some New Orleans, LA photos.


sand dollar lying on top of broken shells

Finding Seashells at the BeachA visit to the coast is likely to include a search for shells. Taking photos of these lovely bits of nature can remind you of the adventure later. This is a page about finding seashells at the beach.


Seven Magic Mountains (Nevada)

Seven Magic Mountains (Nevada)Here is a beautiful twist on nature. This is a free outdoor exhibit in Nevada called curated by Swiss artist, Ugo Rondinone. This is called Seven Magic Mountains. These boulders were locally sourced and painted, then stacked about 35 feet high. The sun does a beautiful number on these colours, making them radiate against the subtle desert background.


Mockingbird Photos - bird on leafless branch

Mockingbird PhotosA common North American bird is know for imitating the sounds of other birds. This page contains mockingbird photos.


Cascade of Vines - vines cascading over a retaining wall with orange and yellow flowers below

Cascade of VinesI work for the State University of New York in Albany. On a lunch time walk I couldn't help but notice the beauty of these cascading vines and the color of the flowers was so vibrant. I also found the angled view gorgeous.


Grey cat in a pirate costume.

Photos of Cats in Halloween CostumesIt is not uncommon to see dogs dressed up for the holidays. Occasionally a cat owner will successfully get permission from their feline friend to dress them up for Halloween. This is a page contains photos of cats in Halloween costumes.


Moonflower or Datura flower.

Moonflower PhotosWhether they are ipomoea, datura or cereus, these night blooming flowers can be seen in the light of the moon. This is a page about my blooming moon flowers.


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Praying Mantis in My Backyard   - mantis with a caterpillar of some sort

Praying Mantis in My BackyardWe have a couple of praying mantises in our backyard. They like to hang out in our apple tree and passion fruit vine. Sometimes they are hard to spot because they camouflage so well. I just happened to have my camera out when I saw this praying mantis catch it's prey! It is very fascinating to see how small its mouth is yet it has such a big appetite.


Pelargonium (Geranium) - closeup of beautiful red geranium bloom

Pelargonium (Geranium)Red has always attracted a lot of attention, and red flowers are always the most beautiful. Whether you are giving away or receiving flowers, red is a great choice.


Peeling Bark on a Madrone Tree - peeling bark on a madrone

Peeling Bark on a Madrone TreeTo me, one of the most interesting and striking characteristics of madrone trees is the beautiful mahogany colored bark which crazes and then flakes off year round exposing the underlying green bark which will turn brown, then orangish, and finally this deep hue before it sloughs again.


Beautiful Amaryllis - red and red and white blooms in garden

Beautiful AmaryllisI love amaryllis because of its beautiful flowers, which last quite a long time and as by arrangement, they often flourish together.


Finches Dining on Rudbeckia Seeds - late flowers and finches eating the seeds of the earlier blooms

Finches Dining on Rudbeckia SeedsTypically I don't deadhead my rudbeckia for this very reason. At the end of the season the birds love to eat the seeds. I had to take this photo through a window as there was no good way to get closer without scaring these sweeties away. They appear to be female gold finches or juveniles. I have nyjer thistle feeders further south in the same part of the garden.


Baby (Cat) - long haired gray and white cat sitting on a chessboard

Baby (Cat)My little cat just HAD to try to play chess with me!


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The sun peeking through the trees.

Sun Playing Peek-A-BooThere is something so serene, so special when I see the sun peeking through the trees.


A blue bird being held.

Beautiful BirdsOne of my favorite hobbies is to feed birds. I love seeing ANY bird, but to actually get to hold a wild bird is amazing to me. Unfortunately, the Indigo Bunting and the Cardinal flew into my glass patio door. I gently held them and petted them until they flew away.


Icy asparagus branches and fruits.

Icy Asparagus Branches and FruitsUsing only frost and water, nature has turned asparagus branches with fruits into fabulous decorations.


A fountain with orange flowers.

Orange You Glorious (Tucson, AZ)This picture was taken at St. Joseph Church in Tucson, AZ. The running fountain with the flowers surrounding it was so peaceful and beautiful. If we look for nature's art, we will find it!


Ducks swimming in the water.

Delightful DucksIt was a beautiful cloudy day. A pair of ducks were swimming together. One of them kept diving into the stream. Its feathered bottom looked so cute sticking out !


A lone tree in a field in Serbia.

A Lone Tree (Serbia)This lonely tree was photographed in Tara National Park. It attracts attention because there are only meadows and pastures all around it.


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Identifying a Segmented Casing or Cocoon  - possibly a moth cocoon

Identifying a Segmented Casing or Cocoon?Can anyone identify this? It is about 2-1/4 inches long and 3/4 inch wide. It was found on the ground in South-Central PA. It may have originally been hanging in a tree. That is only a guess based on the fact that there is a small protrusion at one end that could have been an attachment to a tree branch.


Identifying a Turquoise Iris

Identifying a Turquoise Iris?I bought this iris last fall, 2018, but lost the name. I've tried looking all over the internet and pinterest to find it, but have been unsuccessful. It is a standard dwarf iris in a true turquoise blue with white markings on the falls and a light yellow beard.


small snake in hay

What Kind of Snake is This?I found this snake in my back yard. We live in South West Alabama.


Identifying Egg Casings or Cocoons - dried leaf cocoon

Identifying Egg Casings or Cocoons?I submitted a segmented egg casing or cocoon for identification a few weeks ago. The general consensus was that it is a moth. Thanks to everyone who responded.


Identifying an Old Tree in Michigan Forest - old branch

Identifying an Old Tree in Michigan Forest?While hunting for morel mushrooms in a Federal forest, I came to a small area with these trees. This was in the state of Michigan. The Federal forest consisted largely of maple, oak, birch, and some red pine trees. The United States Forest Service did not give me an answer about the mysterious ancient tree.


Identifying Antique Farm Equipment

Identifying Antique Farm Equipment?What type of antique farm equipment is this? What was this used for? Aeration?


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