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Kids' Cut and Paste CookbookI will never forget the joy I got when I received my first Betty Crocker Kid's Cookbook when I was a kid. It was wrapped in a pastel pink paper with a big pink bow. It was the only present under the Christmas tree I had not figured out. I spent days reading that cookbook and planning all the big events I would hold.


A baby sleeping on a handmade Boppy pillow.

Making A "Boppy" Style Pillow For BabiesBoppy pillows are so handy for nursing moms or simply for baby to lay on while we Grandmothers rock them to sleep. At the baby stores, they are around $25 but, with the following instructions, you can make your own for half the price.


A painted container with blue green flowers.

Practice Paintings on Recycled ContainersMost of these items were either trash or about to be recycled. I needed practice with my painting without using stencils. I used these items to practice my painting on....


A penguin snow sculpture.

Snow Sculpture PhotosThis page contains snow sculpture photos. In the winter where it is below freezing for an extended period of time, snow sculptures can be fun and stick around awhile.


Spider Web

Photographing Spider Webs?This page is about photographing spider webs. The delicate engineering of a spiderweb can be difficult to capture with a camera.


3 Month old babies

Three Month Old BabiesI know it is suppose to be scenery photos, but this was such a cute moment I just had to share it.My grandson Calin is on the right and his pal Maverick on the left.



Storing Flim

Storing and Developing FilmThis is a page about storing and developing film. For those of us who still use film cameras, one of the concerns is the best way to store and develop the film.


Closeup of Button Flowers in Vase

Craft Project: Button BouquetKids will have fun combining the buttons and colored chenille stems to make these flowers.


Craft: Cute Magnet GiftsWith Father's Day coming, I wanted to share these magnets my 3 year old twin grandsons gave me for Mother's Day, with a little help from their mom and dad. They would be perfect for Father's Day, Grandparent's Day, or any other holiday!


Craft: Diva Doggie CoatEvery doggie has a diva side, and with this doggie coat you can show it all the time. Stripes, hot pink, and lace - what else would a doggie diva want to wear?


Craft: Landscape Painting of New ZealandThis a painting that I did of Mt. Cook, South Island, New Zealand. It is a beautiful tourist destination.


Make Repairs with Scraps of FabricWhat is it with most guys? They'll wear an article of clothing until it rots or rips to shreds before they buy something new to replace it. My army son owns a pair of bathing trunks that he's had for years now.


Decorative Flowers from Empty Product BoxesI found a use for most of the cardboard packaging that I end up with so much of. I cut the boxes apart and begin cutting the flowers. The parts are then stacked to create multiple layers of petals. An upholstery tack holds all of it together and to the wall.


Crochet Thread To Hold FlowerI get a lot of spools of crochet thread in bags at thrift stores.


Projects from Old Craft SuppliesI am using up all my discount craft materials! I tied a bow on the top of a large size paperclip and this is the result- a paperclip and ribbon bookmark.


Craft: Portable Yard SinkStainless steel sink built into a old gas grill stand.


Use an Oatmeal Box to Hold YarnWhen knitting or crocheting with different color yarns, slide skeins into empty oatmeal boxes. These boxes can be set into another box of the appropriate size to hold them, or they can be taped together so they will not fall over.


Craft: BEBE BunnyThis is BEBE Bunny, one of my primitive pattern designs. She is made of all recycled materials. I love to design and I especially love to use vintage fabrics.


Craft: Family Keepsake QuiltThis is a family keepsake quilt that I made with a cross-stitch center. It is in country colors of pinks and blues. It was so much fun to create and quilt!


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Digital Scrapbooking?I am thinking about starting digital scrapbooking. I got a program, but it doesn't say what type of paper I need to print my pages on so that they will last. Can someone give me some insight on how to start this project, and what supplies I will need?


Recycled Crayon Holder With Crayons Scissors and Pencils

Craft Project: Recycled Crayon HolderAn easy inexpensive way to hold crayons, scissors, markers, colored pencils etc. Take the 7 water bottles, wash and remove paper labels.



Reusing Leftovers From Sticker SheetsI like reusing the papers that are leftover from stickers to make patterns. Rather than tracing around the shape I wish to make my pattern, I lay a piece of paper over the top of it.


Dry Your Own FlowersMake your own beautiful dried flowers. Simply hang fresh flowers in your front room on a plant hook, leave for about two or three weeks. Voila! Beautiful flowers.


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Printing Photos From #127 Negatives?Is there anyway I can make prints from size #127 negatives with a Lexmark 1150 or HP PSC 1500 Series printer?


Child on rocking horse.

Wooden Rocking HorseI have been busy in my woodshop again. I saw this pattern online and I just knew that I had to build it for my of my grandbabies. This is Savannah and I made this horse for her 2nd birthday.


Beads used to make ears of corn magnet.

Bountiful CornThis is great for even preschoolers. Pre-make the magnet with pipecleaners and raffia hot glued together. Add the tri-beads in any pattern desired. Simply bend the ends when the "corn" is full.


Craft: Photography "Mask"I used this picture for a photography class. The model is my mom and I created the "mask".


Craft: Easy Pleated Tote BagThey are easy to make and loads of fun creating your own design. I modified the original one by making straps wider and adding them to the top of the bag at the pleats instead of at the band.


Craft Project: Photo Wallet CardThis compact collage serves as a portable photo album and keeps Dad's favorite faces all in one neat place.


recycled bag purse

Link: Recycled Plastic Hobo HandbagCrochet this cute hobo handbag with recycled plastic grocery bags. Here is the free link to the pattern and tutorial.


Craft: Creative BeadsI live in London, UK... and love the creativity of all things creative. This one is one of many - the beadx.


Craft Project: Popsicle Kids?Heat up the glue gun, grab those fabric scraps and make some "kids".


Recycled Crafts With Cigarette PacksThis is a before/after photo showing a recycle craft from cigarette packs, a couple hole punches, a little ribbon and some imagination.


Closeup of mermaid paperweight.

Decoupaged PaperweightsThese are so simple and easy and fast. I find pretty pictures from just about every where (copy to size you need) and then just glue on stones, glass stones, sea shells, etc. I always coat with several coats of water resistant varnish.


Easy Knit Glasses CaseHere's an easy-to-create craft that can be made in an evening. The cases are fun and inexpensive to make for gifts, too. I keep one in my car for my sunglasses.


A shelf decorated with copper and paint.

Wood Shelf with Copper TrimUsing a 50% off one item coupon, I purchased a pine shelf for less than $10.



Red and white decorated mini tote bags.

Mini Canvas Tote BagsBuy mini canvas tote bags (or larger). Next decorate them with any embellishments you like. (lace, fringe, beaded trim, pom-poms, fancy ribbons). Your choices are only limited by your imagination. Hope you like them!


Dottie, a Dalmatian and her black and white spotted food dishes.

Dottie's Food BowlsThis is a bowl server my husband made for our Dalmatian Dottie. I've seen the server in magazines and stores for up to $40.00. Out if scrap materials, my husband made this bowl server for about $5.00 dollars.


Cardboard drawing of flower, sun, bunny, and ladybug with holes for faces.

Making Character PhotosNowadays many people have a camera on their cell phone so taking pictures can become part of an outdoor party or festival event. Find a big piece of cardboard and make a scene or characters to match the theme of your party/event. You can use paint or oil pastels to do the designs.


Doll wearing a crochet dress.

Crochet Project PhotosHere are some crochet projects that I made.


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Printing Photos From Old Oversize Negatives?My grandmother died several years ago. I recently found old negatives that are from the early 50's. I was wondering if their is anyway of getting pictures made off of these at a reasonable price.


Frame A Favorite T-ShirtWhen your or your significant other's favorite T-shirt or sweatshirt is just plain worn out, but the logo or picture is still OK, do this: Cut it out and take it to your local Goodwill store and find a frame to fit it.


Skater DollThis skater has mittens with fur on the skates and mittens. She is a simple doll pattern with clothes made by me.


Oregon Ducks PumpkinThis is the pumpkin I painted with acrylic paints for my son this year, he is a huge fan of the University of Oregon football team, so he took it to a tail gate party in November.


The Money Will FollowThey say that if you "stick with what makes you happy, the money will follow". I don't know about that, but if you have a talent at something, and love doing it, go for it! You never know.


Making a Scary DollTo get a good effect on a scary doll, try gluing a chunk of a halloween mask to the original face. It gives it the look of a leather face, and looks real cool too.


Seaside In A Bowl

Seaside in a BowlSeaside In A Bowl


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Laminating a Photo?Does anyone know what I can use to coat a photo to laminate it onto something without destroying the photo?


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What is a lomographic supersampler camera?What is a lomographic supersampler camera? Do you take just so many pictures as a sample or what? I just read about it and can't figure it out.


Nature TapeNature Tape Photo. Layer flowers and tiny plants and leaves from your yard or from a nature walk in between strips of clear tape (my example shows a narrower size but wide shipping tape works well, too. . .


Paint to Relax, using watercolors.

Paint to RelaxIf you are painting exterior items outside such as a porch, you need to use oil-based paint. It takes longer to dry, but it lasts years through any weather.


Fish Theme Bathroom in blues with primary colors

Fish Theme BathroomI decorated my bathroom "fish theme" spent less than $5 on paints by using the basic colors red, blue and yellow and mixing them up to get secondary colors.


My Photographer's PortfolioThese are images that I am starting my portfolio with, though I am not a 100% professional photographer, I am an amateur. I love children's photography. I think is the BEST!


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Having Prints Made From Negatives?I have many black and white negatives that I would like to get copies printed from. Does anyone know where I could get this service? Also, I have a Kodacolor-X, color negative film that I would like to have developed but cannot find anyone that developes them. Any help would be appreciated.


Instead of Post ItsI always have trouble with post-it notes. They keep falling off and losing their "sticky". So I made this handy note holder that is small enough to post a note anywhere it is handy. Just take a large size plastic egg, the kind you find at Easter that you can open and is hollow.


Children's Necklaces for CheapFor a wonderful, cheap project that children will love all you need is some string (any kind will do, I used twine because it was all I had on hand) and straws.


Painted decorative wood stove.

Painted Decorative Wood StoveThese are pictures of a old wood stove that friends of mine wanted me to paint so they could use it as a table in front of their window in their front room. It was missing one cover so I painted a flower pot to match and placed a plant in it.


Safe, Fun Fingerpaint RecipeMy 17 month old daughter Ellie is testing out my fingerpaint recipe in this photo. As you can see, it is completely safe.


Pom Pom Duster Using GloveIf you have any leftover wool (anything but baby wool, too thin) make some pompoms out of them leaving a long strand attached at the end. Then thread a darning needle with the long strand and sew them onto the palm and finger areas so it's quite fuzzy. Makes a wonderful duster or car washing mitt! Pick and choose your colors or all one color, doesn't matter but mixed is nicer. - Sandi


Fresh Water SpringThis is a picture of my fresh water spring in my back yard. It's actually about 8 inches wide, but I tried to create the little world that I saw when I looked at it. I'm located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. By Kate


upclose of ukrainian egg

Ukrainian EggsOur kids have an amazing art program at their school. Every year they get to make Ukrainian eggs. Both of the kids have made many eggs and each year they create more complex designs.


CD Jewelry

Craft Project: Recycled CD JewelryBeautiful brooches and earrings made from recycled CDs.


Six Pack Tableware Carrier

Six Pack Tableware CarrierSurprise your host and hostess with a six pack of their favorite beverage, the surprise will be that you enjoyed their beverage while making them a carrier for tableware and napkins.


Photo of a recycled window craft.

Window Picture FrameUpcycle an old wood window into a wonderful outdoor picture frame.


Make Curtains With Grommet

Making Grommet CurtainsIf you need new long drapes for your living room and want the trendy curtains with the grommets at the top, this is a very thrifty way of doing it. This photo only shows one of the panels. I bought two drop cloths for $10 each, using one for each panel.


Rainbow Bracelet

Rainbow Soda Pop Tab BraceletThis is my latest creation! My fun bracelet is made from soda pop tabs. I used alcohol inks and stretch cord to transform this "junk" into stylish jewelry! They're super easy to make and fun for kids to wear.


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Fabric Covered Photo Album? I was wondering if their is anyone that can tell me how to cover a photo album. The kind that is padded with quilting and fabric and can be trimmed with lace.


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Photographing Spider Webs?I need to have advice on how to take photos of spider webs. Does anyone have any tips that work? Nothing has been turning out for me.


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Mounting Photo Collages?I have ten 12x18 collages, one of each of my 10 grandchildren. I cannot afford to frame each one, so would like ideas on how I might be able to mount them as a group on a wall. It would be okay to tack them onto something, but would like ideas about what that something might be.


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