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A bluebird sitting on a branch.

Bluebird PhotosBluebirds are indigenous to North America and are prized by birdwatchers and gardeners alike. There are three types of bluebirds; the Eastern and Western are blue with markings in rose, whereas the Mountain bluebird is almost entirely bright blue.


Copperhead Snake

Copperhead Snake Information and Photos?These venomous pit vipers are found mostly in the Eastern US in deciduous woodlands and mixed forests. This page contains copperhead snake information and photos.


rabbit in field

Wild Rabbit Photos and InformationThis page contains wild rabbit photos and information. These small herbivorous mammals live as groups in a wide variety of habitats. Their long ears help them detect predators.


Rufus - Ruby-throated  Hummingbird

Ruby Throated Hummingbird PhotosThis is a page about ruby throated hummingbird photos. These beautiful little birds migrate between Central America and eastern North America. They are always a delight to see zipping around in the garden.


Banana Spider

Banana Spider PhotosArgiope appensa (Banana Spider) is a spider that is found mostly in warmer tropical climates. Here are some Banana Spider photos.


A green katydid or leaf bug on a smooth surface.

Katydid (Leaf Bug) PhotosKatydids or leaf bugs actually resemble walking leaves, in the same way as walking stick bugs look like twigs. These are not related to Phylliidae or walking leaf insects. This page contains Katydid (leaf bug) photos.


Barn swallows with a nest

The Barn Swallows ReturnedLast spring, a pair of barn swallows built a nest in the corner of our porch. To help them, my husband put a piece of thin plywood up on the ledge to support the nest they were building. It was fun to watch them raise their babies.


A chestnut-sided warbler in a bush.

Chestnut-sided WarblerI captured this picture in September while I was birding at a local pond. This little bird was elusive, hopping from branch to branch, keeping an eye on me at all times. His beautiful green plumage confused as to what species he was but I soon discovered it was a juvenile Chestnut-sided warbler!


White geese with goslings.

Geese PhotosGeese can be pets, raised for food or found in the wild. These waterfowl are larger than ducks but can often be found in similar habitats.


A sandhill crane walking in a grassy area.

Sandhill Crane PhotosSandhill cranes are indigenous to North America. These grey birds have long legs, white and red heads and long pointy beaks.


A girl feeding a giraffe at the zoo.

Photos of Zoo AnimalsZoos are a wonderful way to see animals from all parts of the world. Many of these animals are endangered or rescues who might not be able to live without special care.


Junco Babies

Junco BabiesMy friends have a section of their yard that they leave unmowed in the spring and summer. This allows birds to nest there and pollinators to enjoy the flowers. They recently were able to enjoy their little "contribution to the animals" when a Junco chose it as their nesting spot. Look at this tiny, hungry babies!



A rose breasted grosbeak on a branch.

Grosbeak Photos and InformationGrosbeak refers to a number of species of seed eating song birds with large beaks. The rose-breasted and evening grosbeak are two representatives of this grouping.


A flamingo wading in water.

Flamingo PhotosThese beautiful pink wading birds are a delight to see. In the wild they are seen in million plus groups on some African lakes. They are distributed though the Americas including the Caribbean, and in parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe. The distinctive pink plumage is the result of the foods that they gather from the muddy bottoms of lakes and shorelines.


A green June bug on a flower.

Green June Bug (Cotinis nitida) PhotosThe green June bug is found in the eastern United States, particularly in the south. The photo of one on a bit of watermelon gives you a hint to their favorite foods. The beetles love fruit of all kinds, especially overripe fruit, and are responsible for extensive damage. That aside they are also beautiful and fun to watch if you are lucky enough to see one.


A wolf pack with a rocky background.

Wolf Photos and InformationCatching a photo of a wild wolf is quite rare. At a wolf preserve you can learn about wolves and their importance in the wild. Wolves are close relatives to the domestic dog and can interbreed.


bird sitting among white tree blossoms

Backyard BirdsFeeding or simply watching these vistors to your yard or garden can be quite enjoyable. This page contains information and photos of backyard birds.


Mockingbird Photos - bird on leafless branch

Mockingbird PhotosA common North American bird is know for imitating the sounds of other birds. This page contains mockingbird photos.


Viceroy Butterfly on a flower.

Viceroy Butterfly PhotosThe viceroy butterfly very closely resembles the monarch with a similar wing pattern. The viceroy is a native to North America including parts of Mexico and Canada. The caterpillars feed on the leaves of trees in the willow family. This page contains viceroy butterfly photos.


Close up of pulpier martin bird on a branch

Purple Martin PhotosThe purple martin is a North American swallow and is very fast and agile. This is a page contains purple martin photos.


Mourning Dove on a log

Dove PhotosThe names dove and pigeon are used interchangably for this bird. The family name is Columbidae or Columbine. This page contains dove photos.


Hermit Crab on a white background

Hermit Crab PhotosHermit crabs are a popular pet but also can be found at many beaches and seashores. This is a page about hermit crab photos.


Chickadee on a branch on snowy day

Chickadee PhotosThis page contains chickadee photos. The black capped chickadee is a North American migratory songbird that is part of the tit family. They are frequent backyard visitors.


Fox Squirrel - pretty gray squirrel with light chest, reddish brown cheeks and dark face

Fox SquirrelThis was the first time I have ever seen a fox squirrel. They are larger than the gray squirrels we have in our area.


mostly white feathered quail

White Quail PhotosThis page contains white quail photos. The white quail is a mutation of the northern bobwhite. The bobwhite is a ground-dwelling bird native to the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean.


A wolf spider photographed from the front.

Wolf Spider PhotosThe wolf spider is a larger specimen and an excellent hunter. They tend to lead a solitary life and do not spin webs. This page contains wolf spider photos.


Yellow Dandelion Flower

Dandelion PhotosDandelions are typically seen as a common weed that can be a eye sore in lawns. However, it is an edible herb and good for a variety of ailments. This page contains dandelion photos.



Three King Penguins

Penguin PhotosPenguins are fascinating birds. They are fun to observe and quite photogenic. This page contains penguin photos.


Bee on a Flower

Bee PhotosSnapping a photo of these little guys at work on flowers gathering pollen can be a rewarding challenge. This page contains bee photos.


Green Caterpillar

Caterpillar PhotosThese colorful garden visitors may be reviled for the damage some of them wreak on our plants and veggies, but they are also the larval stage of moths and butterflies, that delight us later in the season. This page contains caterpillar photos.


Nuthatch on the ground with green background.

Nuthatch PhotosYou can easily attract this pretty song bird to your feeder by offering large nuts such as peanuts and sunflower seeds. Suet is also a favorite meal. This page contains nuthatch photos.



Backyard Wildlife PhotosDepending on where you live, there is a variety of potential wildlife visitors that may frequent your yard and garden. Taking a photo is a fun way to capture that special moment. This page contains backyard wildlife photos.


Argiope Spider

Argiope Spider PhotosThe argiope spider is a common yellow garden spider that is also known as the black and yellow garden spider, corn spider, writing spider, McKinley spider, and the golden garden spider. This page contains argiope spider photos.


A perching sparrow.

Sparrow PhotosSparrows are a common garden visitor. Capturing these small birds at their daily activities is a fun pastime. This page contains sparrow photos.


A collection of flamingos in a reserve in South Carolina.

For The Love Of FlamingosMy 5-year old granddaughter loves flamingos, from the design to her room to the clothing and accessories! We heard about a lovely place in Columbia, SC that houses them. We decided that this would make a great field trip for her. It was like a dream come true for her.


A close up of a mourning dove.

Mourning Dove PhotosThis very common bird is found from southern Canada to central Mexico. They are recognizable from their soft prolonged cooing that has a distinctly mournful sound. This page contains mourning dove photos.


Photo of a Yellow-Headed Blackbird perched in tall grass.

Yellow-Headed Blackbird PhotosDiscovering beautiful birds and taking good photographs can be a lot of fun. This page contains yellow-headed blackbird photos.


two pigeons on a brick wall at zoo

Love Is In The Air (Pigeons)My friends and I decided to go to Bester Birds and Animal Zoo Park. Apart from practicing our photography, spending time in the outdoors was our goal. These two pigeons were celebrating nature's season of love. I especially liked seeing the chocolate brown pigeon, his colors were just beautiful!


Two squirrel monkeys sitting on a branch.

Monkey PhotosThis page contains monkey photos. For many of us the zoo is the only place to see monkeys.


Close up of a chameleon at the Pune zoo.

ChameleonThis is a close-up photo of a chameleon. You can clearly see the scales on its body. Its eyes are so detailed and mesmerizing! I saw this chameleon in its own exhibit at the Katraj Zoo in Pune, India.


Teheura (Tahiti'an Red Bird)

Tahitian Bird PhotosThis is a page about Tahiti'an bird photos. Tahiti is home to many beautiful, colorful birds.


tan and brown moth

A Garden VisitorI've never seen this person, before. I think it terribly kind of him to grace my yellow hibiscus with his presence.



Male peacock with tail feathers spread out

Peacock PhotosThis page contains peacock photos. The vivid fanlike tail feathers of peacocks, make them beautiful subjects for a photo.


horned toad on palm of hand

Toad PhotosThis page contains toad photos. An interesting tailless amphibian that can be discovered outdoors.


Horned Owl perched on a piece of wood

Horned Owl PhotosThis is a page about horned owl photos. Capturing a image of these beautiful birds in the wild is a challenge.


Close-up of a grasshopper on a leaf

Grasshopper PhotosThis is a page about grasshopper photos. Grasshoppers are a common insect around the world inhabiting grassy areas, including fields, forests, woodlands, and your garden.


North American Beaver against a white background

Beaver PhotosThis is a page about beaver photos. Sighting a beaver in the wild is a exciting experience.


A robin sitting on an outside plastic chair.

Photos of RobinsThis is a page about photos of robins. Robins are a common visitor to many gardens.


Assateague Wild Ponies on a beach

Wild Horse PhotosThis is a page about wild horse photos. If you are lucky enough to live in or visit an area with wild horses you may occasionally have an opportunity to take some amazing photos.


Garter Snake on a White Background

Garter Snake PhotosThis page contains garter snake photos. A wide variety of these snakes are found throughout North American. These garden helpers are generally harmless to humans and can move fast when encountered.


Dwarf Chameleon

Chameleon PhotosThis is a page about chameleon photos. The chameleon belongs to a group of old world lizards containing some 200 plus species, some of which can change skin color.



Fox PhotosThis page contains fox photos. These animals are found throughout the world. They are known for their cunning ways, and rarely seen with enough time to photograph.


Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey PhotosThis page contains wild turkey photos. When you live near or are visiting the country, you never know what wild birds are going to turn up to eat nearby.


deer standing in a meadow

Deer Photos and InformationThis page contains deer photos and information. There are many species of these elegant animals found in much of the world. They are often seen in parks and gardens in search of tasty flowers, fruits and vegetables


grosbeaks in the snow eating

Wild Bird PhotosThis page contains wild bird photos. All kinds of feathered friends can make excellent photography subjects in interesting situations, if you can catch it.



Rhinoceros PhotosThis is a page about rhinoceros photos. The rhinoceros is often photographed at preserves, zoos, and if you are lucky in the wild.


common male pheasant

Pheasant PhotosThis is a page about pheasant photos. Pheasants are often seen walking across open fields or along the shoulder of country roads. This is a page about pheasant photos.


Japanese Snow Monkey

Japanese Snow Monkey Photos and InformationThis is a page about Japanese snow monkey photos and information. The Japanese macaque or snow monkey is the most northern dwelling monkey species, living in areas with heavy snowfall.


male moose

Moose PhotosThis page contains moose photos. Most of us have never seen one of these impressive animals in the wild. Luckily there are many great photos of these large members of the deer family, distinguished by the massive antlers of the males.


A elk standing in grass.

Elk PhotosThis page contains elk photos. Seeing an elk in the wild is a exciting experience.


Whale Watching

Whale Watching PhotosThis is a page about whale watching photos. These incredible sea mammals can be observed when they surface to breath.



Javelina PhotosThis page contains javelina photos. These pig-like member of the peccary family can become pests in the yard by gaining access to garbage, pet food, some flowering plants, bird seed, and fruit from trees.


Mallard Duck

Wild Duck Information and PhotosThis is a page about wild duck information and photos. These beautiful birds love the water, and can be found in wide variety of aquatic environments.


Dragonfly on a Leaf

Dragonfly and Damselfly Information and PhotosThese beautiful and fascinating insects do not sting and eat lots of mosquitoes. You may see them often in healthy gardens and yards, as well as in the most unexpected places. Dragonflies have larger back wings and hold them perpendicular when resting, while damselfly wings are the same size and can hinge upward.


Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird Photos and InformationThis is a page about Eastern bluebird photos and information. The eastern bluebird, a member of the thrush family, is most often seen in open woodland areas.


Spiderweb With Dew

Spiderweb PhotosThis is a page about spiderweb photos. The shimmering beauty of a dew covered or well lit spiderweb is a popular subject for photographers.


Armadillo Photos

Armadillo Photos and InformationThis page contains armadillo photos and information. These leathery, armored mammals originated in south america. They have migrated into the southern US states, and because of no natural predators, have been found as far north as southern Illinois.


Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle Information and PhotosThis page contains bald eagle information and photos. These beautiful birds of prey are an American symbol of freedom. At the top of the bird food chain, these powerful raptors have keen eyesight, a powerful beak, and strong talons.



Turtle and Tortoise PhotosThis is a page about turtle and tortoise photos. Outdoor activities such as a trip to the beach or a hike are enhanced when we are lucky enough to see these interesting reptiles. You can also see them at many zoos.


Robin Bird Nest

Bird Nest PhotosThis page contains bird nest photos. Birds of all kinds create unique nurseries for brooding and raising their young.


Green Frog

Frog Information and PhotosThis page contains frog information and photos. These tailless, short bodied amphibians come in all sizes with the greatest variety living in tropical forests.



Elephant Photos and InformationThis page contains elephant photos and information. These magnificent large mammals live to a ripe old age when they have adequate habitat.


An owl in flight.

Owl Wildlife Photos and InformationThese beautiful birds of prey have large heads with binocular vision and do most of their hunting at night. Capturing owl photos during the day can be a challenge. This page contains owl wildlife photos and information.



Lizard Photos and InformationThis page contains lizard photos and information. There are many different kinds of these reptiles that come in all sizes, that can make interesting photography subjects.


Dwarf Chameleon

Dwarf Chameleon PhotosThis page contains dwarf chameleon photos. These interesting reptiles have very long tongues to help them catch insects. They are native to tropical forests of Madagascar and South Africa.



Woodpecker PhotosThis page contains woodpecker photos. These noisy garden visitors often make their presence known with their pecking on wood.


Opossum on Fence

Opossum Information and PhotosThis page contains opossum information photos. Often called possums, these animals have a flexible diet that make them successful colonizers in diverse environments.


Photo of a beautiful moth.

Moth PhotosThis page contains moth photos. Although many moths are white or gray, there are also beautiful, colorful varieties of this insect.


An osprey landing.

Osprey PhotosThis page contains osprey photos. A large, fish eating raptor that is also referred to as a sea hawk or fish eagle.


Winter Birdfeeder

Winter Birdfeeder PhotosThis page contains winter birdfeeder photos. A birdfeeder can provide snacks or sometimes be closed down to cold weather visitors.


House Finch

House Finch PhotosThis page contains house finch photos. Birds can be a challenge to catch a picture of for the photographer.


Bird swimming on rippling water.

Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary: Peace and...This is one of my favorite images from the Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary. I took this photo one afternoon after a hectic day at work.


Stink Bug

Stink Bug Photos and InformationThis page contains stink bug photos and information. Also called the shield bug, this insect can be a nuisance in your garden and home.


Ten-lined June Beetle

Ten-lined June Beetle Information and Photos?This page is about ten-lined June beetle information and photos. A distinctive beetle whose white grub feeds on roots of garden and ornamental plants, with the adult emerging in late June.


California Laurel Borer

California Laurel Borer Information and Photos?This page is about California laurel borer information and photos. Also known as the banded alder borer, this insect's larvae feed on dead hardwoods such as maple, alder, oak, and willow.


Spider on a black eyed Susan.

Spider PhotosThis page contains spider photos. These arachnid garden helpers are very interesting and create beautiful snares for catching their food.


Beetle on a leaf.

Beetle PhotosThis page contains beetle photos. Beetles are a common visitor to your home and garden. With their array of colors and shapes they are often the subject of amateur and professional photographers alike.


Red Admiral Butterfly

Red Admiral Butterfly PhotosThis page contains red admiral butterfly photos. Seeing a beautiful butterfly gracefully fluttering in the garden is a joyous experience.


Skipper Butterfly Closeup

Skipper Butterfly PhotosThis page contains skipper butterfly photos. Seeing a butterfly gracefully fluttering in the garden is a joyous experience.


Question Mark Butterfly on flower

Question Mark Butterfly PhotosThis page contains question mark butterfly photos. Seeing beautiful butterflies gracefully fluttering in the garden is a joyous experience.


butterflies flying from hand

Butterfly PhotosThis page contains butterfly photos. Seeing a beautiful butterfly gracefully fluttering in a garden is a joyous experience.



Cicadas Information and PhotosThis is a page about cicadas information and photos. Certain species of Cicadas spark interest and special regional events when they make their appearance after long periods, up to 17 years, of development and feeding underground.


garden snail

Snail Information and PhotosThis is a page about snail information and photos. When they are not eating up the plants in our garden, we can stop and appreciate the beauty of the many types of snails found in nature.


Dinner is Served -Bird Feeding Babies

Dinner is Served-Bird Feeding BabiesMy friend and neighbor has had this ornamental birdhouse attached to the railing on her deck for many years. This year, a family decided to move in! There are 3 babies in the nest, and daddy is very good about feeding them.


Wild Bunny

Wild Bunny Information and PhotosThis is a page about wild bunny information and photos. Wild rabbits are fun to watch as they hop around either in your yard or in their natural environment.


Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis Information and PhotosThis is a page about praying mantis information and photos. The praying mantis is a voracious predator on other insects.



Giraffe Information and PhotosThis is a page about giraffe information and photos. These distinctive animals native to the savannas and dry open woodlands of sub-Saharan Africa are the tallest land dwelling animals on earth.


Black and White Eastern Kingsnake

Kingsnake Information and Photos?This is a page about kingsnake information and photos. The king snake is a nonvenomous snake that is opportunistic in its diet, eating other snakes including venomous ones, lizards, rodents, birds, and eggs.


Luna Moth

Luna Moth Information and PhotosThis is a page about Luna moth information and photos. The Luna moth is characterized by its pale green wings, each having a transparent eyespot. The typical habitat for these beautiful moths is deciduous hardwood forests from Nova Scotia to central Florida and into east Texas.


Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow Information and PhotosThis is a page about barn swallow information and photos. This pretty blue and orange bird is found in farmlands, suburbs, marshes and lakeshores on most continents.


White Swan

Swan Photos and InformationThis page contains swan photos and information. These birds are beautiful in the air and on the water.


Ground Hog (Woodchuck)

Ground Hog (Woodchuck) Information and PhotosThis page containsground hog (woodchuck) information and photos. These large rodents belong to a group of ground squirrels.


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"Gotcha" (Chipmunk) - closeup

"Gotcha" (Chipmunk)While at the botanical gardens in Tempe, Arizona, I saw the chipmunk along the trail having a little snack and striking a pose! Gotcha little guy!


Horse Lubber Grasshopper - chunky grasshopper on bright green leaf

Horse Lubber GrasshopperAt first glance, this grasshopper has a horse shape which is probably why it is called a horse lubber grasshopper. The colors are more profound against the bright green leaf background.


Mr. Red (Cardinal) - cardinal on a tree branch

Mr. Red (Cardinal)It took about an hour to snap a picture of this red cardinal as I chased him around from bush to bush and from tree to tree. He finally gave in before I did.


Backyard Hummingbirds - two birds at the feeder, one upside down

Backyard HummingbirdsWe call these two, the Bibs sisters, because they both have like a red bib on their necks, actually their throats, and it's adorable how they'll sit at a feeder together, and in this picture they'll even drink together from the same hanging feeder. They're female Anna's.


Incognito (Tiny Frog on Bird Bath) - birdbath with frog motif with tiny frog on the edge

Incognito (Tiny Frog on Bird Bath)Look to the left of the bird bath on the rim. A little mini frog is perched there trying to look like the big ceramic frogs peering over the sides. Do you think he thought I might not notice? Such a little cutie.


Morning Visitor - Rabbit - wild rabbit in grass

Morning Visitor (Rabbit)It is officially spring! He seems very happy in my backyard.


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small snake in hay

What Kind of Snake is This?I found this snake in my back yard. We live in South West Alabama.


Identifying a Lizard - light brown lizard on concrete

Identifying a Lizard?Is this a brown anole? If so what exactly do they eat?


Long sleek light colored lizard with dark markings

What Type of Lizard is This?I live in the panhandle of Texas and am wondering what type of lizard this is. He has lived under my porch for over 3 years :)


Protecting Backyard Wildlife From a Cat?I have a duck nesting in my backyard. There are about 7 eggs inside and they're due to hatch anytime now. The problem is the cat next door and the owners who refuse to do anything about it. We've patched the holes in the fences, bought cat repellent, set a cat trap loaned to us by our local animal control, and rigged some wire fencing along the top of some of the entry ways on the fence.


Tiny lizard in palm of someone's hand.

What is This Lizard?I found this little cutie in my garden last night when I was weeding. So small I almost tossed him. Anyone know what he is?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Identifying a Spider?What type of spider was that on the blackeyed susan, it was the very first picture at the top of the guide? I had three very large ones. I was told they were brown recluse, because of the violin pattern on the back.


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