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stream flowing over rocks

Stream PhotosThis is a page about stream photos. Many beautiful photos can be captured of creeks and streams.


Mountain City Webcam

Mountain City WebcamI love looking at web cams. This one, located in Tennessee, has a beautiful live mountain scene that changes with time and weather. I'm looking forward to seeing it in the fall, when there should be lots of bright colors. Hope you will enjoy looking at it as much as I do.


Old Ravenel Bridge (Charlston, SC)

New And Old Ravenel Bridge (Charlston, SC)This is our New Bridge which opened last week in Charleston, SC. It replaces the Cooper River Bridges which were built in 1928. We had a week long celebration and walked the bridge the first day it opened to walkers.


A view of the city of Shenzhen, China.

Visiting ChinaChina has the largest population in the world, with nearly 1.5 billion people. There are many sights for tourists, from the Great Wall of China to large urban cities like Beijing and Hong Kong.


A view of the city of Phoenix.

Arizona Travel PhotosArizona is a favorite destination for many travelers and snowbirds. The state is filled with natural wonders, ancient civilizations and burgeoning cities carved out the the desert.


A boat on a lake at twilight.

Twilight on Lake ZvornikThe best way to spend a great summer day is to go to the lake. but the most beautiful moments come at the end, when the sun sets and everything calms down.



A lake surrounded with autumn trees.

Photos of WisconsinWisconsin is a beautiful midwestern state that borders the Mississippi River on one side and two of the Great Lakes on the other. It is popular with hikers due to its large amount of forest land.


A rock bridge over a creek.

Rock Bridge Over CreekAt the beginning of June, my family went to stay at a KOA cabin. My mom and I woke up in the early morning, so we could capture nature's beauty and have good lighting. We found a hidden hiking trail. Along the way, I took pictures of the bridge over the creek.


A mountain view in Idaho.

Idaho Scenery PhotosIdaho contains many beautiful parks and hiking trails with scenic views. There are mountains and clear lakes to the north panhandle area, flattening out to arid farmland in the south.


A boy looking into an a tank of sharks at an aquarium.

Aquarium PhotosAquariums give you a unique chance to see marine animals without having to snorkel or scuba dive. They are generally located near the ocean and can be a wonderful activity for children when on vacation.


Llanddwyn Island in Wales

Visiting WalesWales is a located on the west coast of the Isle of Britain. Travelers can enjoy the long stretch of wind swept coastline, rolling green hills dotted with sheep and in the more rugged northern part of the county you can visit castles and enjoy the natural beauty of this small country.


A Louisiana swamp.

Louisiana Travel PhotosAmong other things, including excellent food, Mardi Gras, Cajun zydeco, and jazz, Louisiana is also a scenic wonderland of bayous and cypress trees draped with Spanish moss. Scenic photos follow.


A photo showing a lake with ducks and colorful autumn trees.

Arboretum PhotosA visit to a local arboretum can be a relaxing and visually enjoyable experience. Each season and area of the gardens offers beautiful textures and colors depending on the types of plants grown. Save the memories by taking photos of your trip.


Buying flowers from the farmer's market.

Flower Market PhotosMany beautiful colors can be enjoyed at a flower market to take wonderful pictures. This is a page about flower market photos.


Singapore skyline at dusk.

Singapore Travel PhotosThere are many interesting places for adventure on this highly populated, tropical island nation. This is a page about Sinapore Travel Photos.


Beautiful Multnomah Falls, located on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge.

Columbia River Gorge Photos and InformationThe Columbia River bisects Washington State to turn west at the Washington/Oregon border. This beautiful 80 mile scenic area is filled with canyons and navigable waterways and is visited by tourists year round. This page contains photos and information about the Columbia River Gorge.


Double rainbow over a lake.

Rainbow PhotosWhether or not there is a pot of gold at the end, rainbows are a beautiful part of our world's scenic weather displays. This page contains rainbow photos.


Double Rainbow On Beach

Double Rainbow PhotosYou can check the internet to read up on the atmospheric effects that result in rainbows and their less frequent double appearances. With the sun at your back and rain in front of you, chances are there may be a rainbow. This page contains double rainbow photos.


St. Louis Cathedral in background, with crape myrtle

New Orleans, LA PhotosNew Orleans is known for its food, jazz music, Mardi Gras, architecture, and more. If you can't visit the city, enjoy some New Orleans, LA photos.


sand dollar lying on top of broken shells

Finding Seashells at the BeachA visit to the coast is likely to include a search for shells. Taking photos of these lovely bits of nature can remind you of the adventure later. This is a page about finding seashells at the beach.


Seven Magic Mountains (Nevada)

Seven Magic Mountains (Nevada)Here is a beautiful twist on nature. This is a free outdoor exhibit in Nevada called curated by Swiss artist, Ugo Rondinone. This is called Seven Magic Mountains. These boulders were locally sourced and painted, then stacked about 35 feet high. The sun does a beautiful number on these colours, making them radiate against the subtle desert background.



Icicle on a tree branch.

Icicle PhotosWhile we may not always be thrilled by an ice storm or heavy snowfall, icicles are the upside to such weather events. Trees, clotheslines, and roof eaves are the perfect beginning palette for these natural glistening pieces of artwork. This page offers several icicle photos.


An iceberg near the shore of Lake Michigan.

Iceberg on Lake Michigan BeachCaptivating wintertime iceberg at the Lake Michigan beach. Explore them with great caution. The icebergs collect along the shoreline from the lake wave actions. Lake Michigan does not typically freeze entirely over, allowing wave actions to break ice.


The water and beach at Imperial Beach, CA

Imperial Beach (CA)Imperial Beach is the last Southern California beach which also looks over Tijuana, Mexico.


Faneuil Hall in Boston Massachutes.

Scenic Photos (Boston, MA)This beautiful, historic city offers numerous photo opportunities. This page contains scenic photos from the Boston, Massachusetts area.


Heart-Shaped Stone - stone on a sandy beach

Heart-Shaped StoneIt is the month of love! The perfect time to share this photo. I took this photo during my last holiday on the beach at Gericke's Point. During that holiday, I noticed how often one sees a heart in nature. It is almost as if nature is also celebrating love.


Scenery: Mt. Baker (Washington)

Mt. Baker Photos (Washington)This page contains Mt. Baker photos (Washington). If you have never been to Mt. Baker in Washington state, these photos are sure to temp you. Here are some photos submitted by our users.


A beautiful stretch of blue water surrounded by green trees.

Summer Afternoon (Paris Mt. State Park, SC)Living in the city, I was surprised to find out this was literally 5 minutes from my house. So we took advantage of the day and spent it fishing and hanging out by the lake. We didn't catch anything, but it was a beautiful day regardless.


Doheny State Beach with surfers and sunbathers.

Doheny State Beach (CA)Don't worry, those are not sharks in the water - they're actually surfers! Looks like this state park is very popular for learning how to surf and there are surf lessons available here. It was pretty cool to watch the swarm of surfers! Living in California my entire life and I don't know how to surf.


A view of the Rocky Mountains, across the foothills.

Summer in the Mountains (Wyoming)After a very busy year so far, in July, we took the opportunity to take a little family vacation tent camping in the Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming. It is about a 7 hour drive from where we live. The vista was breathtaking!


A woman in a rose arbor covered path in bloom, at Butchart Gardens.

Butchart Gardens (Victoria BC, Canada)Paradise right here on earth. A must-see if you go to Victoria, British Columbia. Butchart Gardens is a National Historic Site of Canada and has been in existence for more than 100 years.


Haunted House

Haunted House PhotosHaunted houses can be a fun subject to photograph. This is a page about haunted house photos.


A ski slope in Sun Valley.

Sun Valley, Idaho PhotosBeautiful mountain views can make memorable photographs to remind you of a special time. This is a page about Sun Valley, Idaho photos.


Storm Clouds

Storm Cloud PhotosStorm clouds can be beautiful and powerful photo subjects. This page contains storm clouds photos.


Florida Beach

Florida Beach PhotosBeing mostly surrounded by water, the state Florida has many opportunities to photograph beautiful beaches. This page contains Florida's beach photos.


A old wood barn with a white roof and a blue sky beyond.

Old Barn PhotosMany a coffee table book has been published containing photos of historic barns. They are interesting for their architecture, painted advertisements, and even hex symbols. This page contains old barn photos.



Sunset on a beach in the Philippines.

Sunset, Sun and the SandNothing beats nature. The serenity of the place, was indeed the cleansing of your soul. It is a special gift of God to us.


A sunset at the beach.

Perfect Sunset Spot (Laguna Beach, CA)Welcome to Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, California virtually. This park is breathtaking, you get a beautiful view at any angle and at any time of the day. My favorite time visiting this park is catching the sunset! Just look at all the colors!


The sun glimmering through tall trees.

The Sun GlitzIt was a hot sunny day and I was walking under the cold big pine trees, when I noticed the sun glimmers on those trees. It was perfectly beautiful, how nature made each other a magical way combining art, landscape, and gift.


A shoreline with a storm coming in.

Bad Weather is ComingSince I lived in a tropical country, Philippines, we've always been encountering storms. Almost every month, we have bad weather. As I drove home after picking up my kids from school, we witnessed the storm was coming. It was tremendous! The air was so strong, while clouds darkened and were fast approaching for the rain is coming.


The welcome sign for entering Iowa

Iowa Scenery PhotosThis page contains Iowa scenery photos. This midwestern state offers many beautiful scenic areas to explore.


Redwood trees in California.

Tree PhotosThis page contains tree photos. Trees are excellent subjects for photography.


A picture of the "Welcome to Montana" sign.

Montana Scenery PhotosThis page contains Montana scenery photos. Many breathtaking views can be found in this mountain state.



Waterfall PhotosThis page contains waterfall photos. Waterfalls are a popular subject for photos of our trips and hiking outings.


An old cemetery with headstones.

Cemetery and Graveyard PhotosThis page contains cemetery and gravestone photos. Cemeteries and their art, sculptures, gravestones, and landscaping offer excellent photographic opportunities.


California Wildflowers

California Wildflower PhotosThis page contains California wildflower photos. Wildflowers can present as beautiful blankets of color in their native habitats.


White Christmas Snow Covered Pine Cone

White Christmas PhotosThis page contains white Christmas photos. What could be more perfect than to have a beautiful white Christmas?


Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloon PhotosThis is a page about hot air balloon photos. Enjoying the sight of the oldest manned flight technology can make for a wonderful photo opportunity.


dramatic lightning display

Lightning PhotosThis is a page about lightning photos. Lightning is such a striking natural phenomenon that it is a common photographic subject.


man in canoe with fog over lake

Fog PhotosThis is a page about fog photos. The etherial look of mist and fog can allow you to capture very interesting scenic photographs.


beautiful colorful fall maple leaves

Photos of Fall LeavesThis page contains photos of fall leaves. The beautiful brilliant colors of autumn leaves make a great subject for scenic garden and family photographs.


colorful maple leaves

Autumn Leaves PhotosThis page contains photos of autumn leaves. The beautiful colors of autumn foliage can create awesome scenic photos.


Winter Ice

Winter Ice PhotosThis is a page about winter ice photos. When outside winter temperatures huddle around freezing, interesting ice can develop.


Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon State Park (CA) PhotosThis is a page about Red Rock Canyon state park (CA) photos. Red Rock Canyon state park, located in Kern County California, offers spectacular desert views including stunning geologic formations and colors, as well as, brilliant spring wildflower displays.


Arctic Ice Road

Arctic Ice Road Photos and InformationThis is a page about arctic ice road photos and information. Vehicle driving in the far north is always subject to the road conditions, temperature and visibility.


Autumn Lake

Lake PhotosThis is a page about lake photos. Lakes offer a beautiful, serene, and sometimes awesome and powerful subject for the photographer.


Lighthouse Photos

Lighthouse PhotosThis page contains lighthouse photos. Lighthouses are a popular subject for both professional and vacation photos.


Texas Scenery

Texas Scenery PhotosThis page contains Texas scenery photos. The longhorn state has a variety of wide open spaces, and scenic views.


Texas Wildflowers

Texas Wildflower PhotosThis is a page about Texas wildflower photos. Out side of planned gardens you can come across amazing flowers growing in the wild.


Walking the boardwalk in Venice,CA and just happened to look at the sunset at the right time...

Sunset (Venice Beach, CA)Walking along the Venice Beach Boardwalk, I happened to look over at the sun just at the right time.


Sunrise Over City

Sunrise PhotosThis is a page about sunrise photos. Capturing the moments of the sun's accent on the horizon can create magical, colorful photographs.


Beach Photo With Starfish

Beach PhotosThis page contains beach photos. Ever changing scenes are on display where land meets the water. The color of the sky and sea can contrast beautifully with the formation of the shoreline.



Cactus PhotosThis page contains cactus photos. Cacti are native to arid regions of the Americas, and are cultivated elsewhere as container and houseplants. They come in all sizes, and their brief blooms can be exquisite.


Boy in the Rain

Rainy Day PhotosThis is a page about rainy day photos. A rainy day does not have to spoil your photos, rather cloudy, rainy, or misty weather can add to your photo's composition.


Ice Storm

Ice Storm PhotosThis page contains ice storm photos. When it rains on top of snow you can experience dangerous outdoor conditions, but it can make for some very interesting photographs.


streaks of clouds

Cloud PhotosThis page contains cloud photos. Stormy and calm skies create visible masses of condensed water vapor that take on so many different shapes, patterns and colors.


Photo of a cornfield with straight rows of corn.

Cornfield PhotosThis page contains cornfield photos. Every year you will find beautiful fields of this cereal plant all over the countryside.


Photo of snowy trees in the mountains.

Snow Scenery PhotosThis page contains snow scenery photos. A blanket of snow always gives a new outdoor view for appreciation.


Beautiful photo of the sky before sunset.

Sky PhotosThis page contains sky photos. The most beautiful scenic pictures always include the sky.


A photo of the full moon.

Moon PhotosThis page contains moon photos. Throughout the year, there are so many beautiful views of this earth satellite, that can make wonderful photographs.


Autumn Trees

Photos of Autumn TreesThis is a page about photos of autumn trees. The spectacular colors of fall leaves make for beautiful photos.


A fallen tree on a house.

Storm Damage PhotosThis is a page about storm damage photos. Photos of storm damage can document the power and devastation of these natural phenomenon.


Illini Feeds Mill (Wataga, IL)

Illini Feeds Mill (Wataga, IL)This is an old Illini Feeds mill in a small town in Illinois. I've been fascinated with it for years, and this time I actually had my camera with me.


Photo of an old, abandoned house.

Abandoned Building PhotosThis is a page about abandoned building photos. Abandoned buildings can be an excellent subject for photography.


Tropical Sunset

Sunset PhotosThis page contains sunset photos. The vibrant colors of a sunset make it a popular subject for photographers.


Washington State Ferry at Sunset

Washington State Sunset PhotosThis is a page about Washington State sunset photos. The colors of sunset, can make for a beautiful photo.


June Sunset (West Coast of England)

June Sunset (West Coast of England)It was a lovely evening after the most glorious day on the 17th June. I walked into the garden and the sky took my breath away. I grabbed my camera just in time. It changed so quickly once the sun disappeared.


Sunset Through The Trees

Sunset Through The Trees (Iowa)Took a long walk with with my three dogs; two border collies and a beagle. They of course got well ahead of me and I was left behind. I took the time to take some beautiful sunset.


Snow Storm

Snow Storm (Brockville, Ontario)We have been getting a lot of snow today. I thought the scenery looked nice.


Beach with soft orangish pink sky.

Gorgeous Beach (Crescent City, CA)What is more gorgeous when you're at the beach than a beautiful sunrise or sunset?


Winter at city park.

Winter Wonderland at Shubie ParkShubie Park is a great place to enjoy a walk on the many trails throughout this city park. Winter time is especially pretty after a fresh covering of snow.


Beach and rock formation.

Beach at SunsetEl Matador Beach at Sunset


Sunset through palm trees at Sunset beach Hawaii.

Hawaiian Sunset (Sunset Beach, Hawaii)Sunsets on the beach through palm trees.


Sunset over Wenatchee.

Beautiful Colors (Wenatchee...Beautiful sunset photo taken in Wenatchee, Washington


Hawaiian NightsReds, yellows, purples, and indigos flood the horizon as bright blue waves find their way to the shore of Makaha surfing beach in Oahu.


Full rainbow.

Breath-taking Rainbow (Springwater, NY)In order to get this photo, I stood out in the rain and didn't mind one bit. Though I needed a panoramic camera as it was such a complete rainbow. I could see both ends clearly, but couldn't get it all in one shot.


Fall color.

Fall in Old Forge, New York (McCauley Mountain Ski...We took a spur of the moment trip to Old Forge, New York over Columbus Day weekend when we heard their leaves were at peak color.


Quite river and fall color.

Tranquility on Moose RiverThe picture is taken from Old Forge, New York during the peak season for the leaves, which turned out this year to be Columbus Day weekend.


Display of Jesus on a cross

Jesus on the Cross (South Dakota)I love traveling in my state to different towns and cities and come across some pretty interesting crosses (like this one), found in the back of a cemetary. I took this traveling down the road at around 55 - 60 miles per hour. I got it home, cropped it and thought about what name I should give it.


Sunset over hills.

Incredible Sunset (Marshall, NC)I feel blessed to live in a beautiful place, and the view of the hills and neighbouring pastures is particularly lovely at any time of year or place.


Brilliant fall leaves on a maple tree

Fall Colors (Warren County, NC)One thing I love about living in North Carolina is we get to enjoy the 4 seasons. However, I have had enough hot humid weather and I am so looking forward to cooler days and fall colors.


Beautiful view of tree covered mountains stretching into the distance.

North Carolina Mountains (Murphy, North Carolina)My husband and I traveled to the mountains and stopped at park early one morning. It was quiet, peaceful, and had a beautiful view. We took advantage of the wonderful weather and did a lot of morning walking in this beautiful place.


Bright light on the horizon with dark clouds above.

Storms Never Last (Fredericton, New...I was driving home after a thunderstorm today and this is what awaited me as I turned the corner. It was another gift to make my day just a little bit brighter. I hope you love it as much as I.


Leafy trees.

Rainy Days (BA Argentina)Rain on green and yellow leaves.


Photo: Blooms that Tag Culture (River Arts District, Asheville NC)

Photo: Blooms that Tag Culture (River Arts...This photo is taken in summer, and is part of a seasonal photo show based in photographing our area during the four seasons of the year. This one shows the juxtaposition of gang tags and urban art with the graceful beauty of blossoming weeds in the surrounding lot


Bluish photo of the falls.

Spokane Falls (Spokane, WA)This is Spokane Falls. It is a gorgeous place to see if you're ever in Spokane, Washington.


Sunrise (Trolling Lake, Northern Ontario)

Sunrise (Trolling Lake, Northern Ontario)I took this photo a few years ago early one morning at the lake we camp at in the summer. This was taken right outside our travel trailer door. I loved the way the mist was rising on the water and how the sun was highlighting the grass and our boat. Other parts of the world that I have visited are beautiful, but this is one of my favorite places.


Marina on waterfront.

Beautiful Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi, TX)We go visit Corpus Christi, Texas at least once a year. This is a picture I took while walking on the beach. You can almost smell that salty breeze!


Waterfall at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park (Big Sur, CA)

Waterfall at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park (CA)I went on a road trip with my husband and his parents up the coast of California. In a guidebook we had picked up, we saw a picture of a hidden cove that looked like paradise. We were determined to find it. After a long search, we finally found it. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park!


Daxton the Fire King

Daxton the Fire KingMy nephews were visiting from TX. One night, we were by the fire. My nephew Daxton was on a rock that sits in front of the fire, and says "I'm Daxton the Fire King".


View from a bridge of the Charles.

The Wandering Charles River (Natick,...This photo was taken on a bridge in beautiful South Natick, Massachusetts. The Charles river wanders through the state like a royal hobo until it ends up in Boston. At one point, Harvard is on one side and Boston is exactly opposite on the other side.


A Day in the Park (Brockville, Ontario)

A Day in the Park (Brockville, Ontario)This is a park we go to often. It is a great place to run around or just sit under a tree and read a book!


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Buttermilk Falls - woodland waterfall

Buttermilk FallsThe quarantine was getting to me, and I decided to go for a short ride. I live near a dam and nature preserve, and felt confident that it wouldn't be populated. I took a leisurely drive enjoying the beauty of the area, and then I came to the falls. We had quite a bit of rain over the weekend, so there was a lot of water spilling down. Such a beautiful sight.


On The Bayou - Cypress Trees - cypress trees in a Louisiana swamp

On The Bayou - Cypress TreesWhile staying in a cottage near a swamp in Louisiana, we had this beautiful view of the cypress trees, casting a reflection on the water, while hearing the insects chirping and cautiously looking for gators stealthily creeping up from the swamp.


Storm Clouds - very dark clouds over the tree tops

Storm CloudsWe have had a couple of days of rough weather coming from the northwest. Rain, wind and hail. What's that old saying, "April showers bring spring flowers"?.


Snowy Morning - trees covered in snow, sunrise in background

Snowy Morning (Maine)The view from the window this morning was veiled by feathery clumps of snow. You can just make out the treeline and the sun coming over the horizon if you look closely enough.


Red Oak Leaves - against a snowy woods

Red Oak LeavesAs I looked from the kitchen window, I could see a spot of red at the edge of the woods and wondered what it was. I investigated this morning and saw that there are a few fall leaves still hanging on.


Fall at Mabry Mill, VA - old mill with fall color

Fall at Mabry Mill, VAI took this photo on 10-24-07. It was a rainy day and it has turned out to be the best shot I have gotten of this beautiful place. I think it's due to it being a cloudy day.


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A tree with yellow leaves in fall.

Webcam: Beautiful Fall ViewDo you want to see something beautiful? Look at this webcam.


A waterfall in the woods.

Bear Creek Falls (PA)I live in the Poconos, where nature provides so many wonderful displays of beauty. This waterfall is so accessible, it's only steps off the road. It is so refreshing in the summer to stand near it and feel the mist.


A picture of sunset in Maine.

Sunset (Ogunquit, Maine)This was a picture of the sunset behind my hotel in Ogunquit, Maine. Gorgeous place to vacation. This is on the Eastcoast of Maine. York Beach, Wells Beach, Kennebunkport, and many more wonderful places to visit. If you like lobster, THIS is the place to go. I have been going to this area for 40 years. It's my home away from home.


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