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boy posing with balanced golf balls

Balancing Golf BallsThis is a real trick and not fake. My grandson placed 3 golf balls on top of each other. He matched the dimples on them somehow in order for them to stay, but was unable to do four.


A family looking into a cage at the zoo.

Visiting Zoos and AquariumsZoos and aquariums are often located in larger cities and tourist areas. They give the visitor the chance to learn about all sorts of animals and even offer information about the specific location or country where the animals live in the wild.


A vintage photograph of a young girl with a pretty dress.

Vintage Photograph (1950s)This vintage picture was taken at a photography studio in the early 1950's. The mother of this child was approached on the sidewalk as she strolled by the studio and asked if they could photograph the little girl. The mother received a complimentary photo and the original photograph was displayed in front of the studio for advertising purposes.


Mother and Child

Mother and Child PhotosThis page contains mother and child photos. An abundance of love is apparent is these family pictures.


Children Photos

Children PhotosThis page contains children photos. Kids in all kinds of situations are always a fun subject for photography.


photo of an infant

Infant and Toddler PhotosThis is a page about infant and toddler photos. There are so many cute photos of babies and young children.


Family Photo

Saving Money on Family PhotographyThis is a page about saving money on family photography. It doesn't have to cost a lot to get quality pictures of your family members.


Photo of two young boys with a photo of two owls below.

My Brothers have Doppelgangers! (School...I saw the owl picture and it reminded me of an old picture of my brothers when they were very young. Don't you think they look alike? I thought to share my funny picture.


Shadows of Boys holding hands

More Than Brothers (Harrisburg, PA)I happened to notice my grandsons shadows on our garage wall as they were walking up the hill. I thought it made an adorable photo!



Little University of Oregon Cheerleader

Little University of Oregon CheerleaderThis is my best friend's little miracle baby, Lexi. She was born a little over 3 months early and we are so happy to have her here with us today! A friend bought her a little cheerleaders outfit, matching the uniforms of our University of Oregon cheerleaders.


Young boy with Tigger the cat.

Best FriendsTigger was laying on my bed and my son came in and gave him a hug. Tigger pressed his face against my son's and my son asked me to take a picture. These 2 are best friends.


Baby Ethan Dressed as Santa

Holiday: Ethan's First ChristmasThis is baby Ethan he just had open heart surgery yesterday he is 4 months old he makes a beautiful Santa.


Young Man Headed out for the Last Day of School

Photo: Last Day of SchoolThis picture was taken on my son's last day of freshman year - high school - May, 2009. Still half asleep, shoes untied. He truly looks like he's ready for school to be over.


Little Girl Dancing in the Yard With Red Shoes

Photo: Dancing Like a PrincessI took this picture of my daughter dancing and spinning "like a princess" in our yard.


Young Girl Dressed as Hillbilly

Photo: Hillbilly GranddaughterMom caught this pose of my granddaughter when she put this straw hat on. It looked complete with her overalls.


Grandpa and Grand Daughter Walking in Garden

Photo: Walking the GardenPapa gets lots of help in the garden. They walk it often as it grows and she learns so much.


Gramma and baby wearing white hats

Photo: White HatsWhile admiring Josephine's white hat, Nana donned a white hat. I wondered what Josephine would think if we were both wearing white hats?


Young girl in tattered skirt and red shoes

Photo: Red ShoesI have found that there are times when you can capture the soul of a child without even photographing their face. This picture shows exactly who my daughter is; a free spirit in red scuffed shoes and a tattered ballet tutu.


A smiling young girl with a very large Dallas Cowboys football helmet on.

Photo: Miss Dallas CowboyThis is my great granddaughter Autumn Nicole. She put on the helmet, and this turned out to be the cutest photo. She looks like a Kew-Pie doll, that I had when I was a kid.


A black and white photo of two young sisters, one kissing the cheek of the other.

Photo: Best FriendsThese two beautiful girls are my granddaughters. They love to play dress up, and love it even more when they can play outside.


The dirty soles of four girls feet, all in a row.

Photo: Dirty FeetWe'd been remodeling the house, trying to add on another bedroom. The original house is well over 120 years old, so there's lots of old, fine creosote like dust and dirt. Apparently Hubby didn't clean the floor very well, because the girls' feet were no longer clean.


small boy crawling beach

Photo: Moses On The MoveDespite still needing a liquid feeding pump, he is now healthy and a very happy boy. He is big enough to carry the pump on his back in a backpack, with a tube that goes into a permanent port on the side of his stomach.


Cheap White Washcloths for EverydayIf you have young children or teenagers who wear make-up, purchasing a bulk package of plain white washcloths can be very economical! I used to have nice, thick washcloths with pretty designs until I began to have kids.


Photo: He's a Papa!A week after my only grandchild's birth, he was found to have a very serious digestive disease. The joy of his birth and the sorrow of his illness were such extremes, yet I have never been so proud of my son.



Eat Popsicles in the Pool For No MessWhat better way to keep the kids and grandpa happy in the summertime. And the clean up is super easy!


Jaguar face paint.

Costume: Jaguar Face PaintMy grandson is at Storyland with his face painted as a jaguar. Rrrrrrr.


An Afternoon TogetherThis is my Mom and Dad. It was taken on a warm spring afternoon in 2009, about 4 months before Mom passed away from lung cancer. She passed away 2 weeks before their 40th wedding anniversary.


Family: Robin's First GrandchildThis is Trey Jackson. He is my first grandchild and was born February 12th, 2010. He's such a precious little miracle. It's impossible to describe how much we love him and how thankful we are for him.


Scenery: My Grandparents' HouseI have two photos, both of the same home. One was taken many years ago, and the second one, much more recent. They are of my Grandparents home in Canon City, CO where they lived during a part of their life, as they raised their 6 children.


Family: Father And Son PhotosA little boy, his daddy, sunshine and water. it doesn't get any better than that! It's hard to tell which one is having the most fun!


Family Photo: Logan's Easy ChairHere is a picture of our grandson and his new easy chair, just like Grandpa's. Grandpa got a easy chair for his birthday and so did Logan.


Family: Samuel Looks IrishThis is my son, Samuel. Believe it or not, his Dad is Spanish! We call him our little Irish/Mexican - hope you enjoy this photo as much as we do.


Family: Pickin' A PosieMy son, Christian, was a sunflower in the Mother's Day performance at church. This is what he did on stage. We named it "Pickin' a Posie"


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Saving Money on Family PicturesTips for Saving Money on Family Pictures. Post your ideas here.


Family: Emily In Her Heirloom DressThis picture is of my granddaughter Emily who was born 9/15/08; she is wearing her mother's dress. The dress is white and has a matching lace blanket. I have a photo of Emily's big sister Hannah wearing the same dress.


Caption for Pictures of Children?This is from an eight picture collage of my two children. One is dressed as a Rapunzle, and the other as Carmen Miranda. The box for the caption is so little, so I need a short caption to tie in the whimsical and imaginary side to this.


child in toy car

Fred Flintstone?I'm looking for Fred Flintstone, anyone see him?


Amanda And Her New ATVFor my daughter's birthday on Dec. 24th, we surprised her with her own kids ATV. Now she can ride with Daddy.


Beavis Look-a-LikeThis picture was taken of my 14 yr old son. He is acting like Beavis. This kid is a great kid. I am disabled and he goes out of his way to help me and guide kids at school but he's got to cut loose at times.



Welcoming Daddy Home From IraqI captured this photo of my granddaughter Savannah at the Greensboro NC airport. She was waiting on her daddy to come home from Iraq. She was an infant when he was deployed and did not know him. I thought she was so beautiful waving her little flag.


Itching For SpringMy 3 year old must have been itching for some spring weather (finally got some a few weeks ago)


What Is Max Thinking?We can only imagine what he must be thinking. . . My precious baby grandson, Max.


GrammySheila's "GrandPixies"This picture was taken on Feb. 10, 2008 of me and my "Fab Five" GrandPixies! They are: Alannah-10, Kailyn-6, Loralei-2, Brenna-2 months (at that time) and Cory-2 weeks (at that time).


Photo: Grandpas Know How To Brush Hair?Daughter #4 has made several trips to the hospital during her life due to a colon problem. This is one of her favorite pictures from a stay. Grandpa came to visit and brushed her hair. She was amazed that Grandpa would know how to brush long hair or a girl's hair!


Family Photo: "Nanna, whatcha doin'?""Nanna, whatcha doin'?" This is four of my grandsons "helping me" write my articles for Thrifty Fun.


Just Playing AroundThese are my kids. Yes they are in a deer blind but they thought it was so cool to play in it. plus they had to show off their new toys. but I think it was funny that they were in the deer blind. My youngest boy said this is the new meaning of hunting. "Just playing around is better" he said


Adorable SonNo tip, I just think my son is adorable, that's all. :)


Behind The Lines Of TimeThis is a photo that I took of my 85 year old daddy. I watched him for a few moments without him noticing me.


Beautiful BabyBeautiful baby!


Jodie's Beautiful DaughterThis is my daughter. I think she will be the perfect model. Her blue eyes and fine hair will make everything look so pretty. I believe she's got what it takes.


Trinity Playing Peek-a-booTrinity playing peek-a boo


These Faces Would NEVER Lie . . .These faces would NEVER lie to you... no way =P lol


Angel KissesHere is my youngest son who wanted his picture taken. I think he is the cutest little man. Just look at his dimples. Angels kissed him and kissed him.


Cousins at the Reunion

Cousins at the ReunionAt a family reunion, I snapped this picture of my granddaughter, Kyla and grandson, Levi, who are cousins. The contented look on Kyla's face and Levi accepting her on his shoulders, touches all of our hearts.


Our Pride And Joy, Hayden JamesWell, myself and my wife went into Walmart to the baby section while we were there. Look what we bought on July 6th 2007 at 9:55 AM


Birdbath PlayOur 1 year old grand daughter playing in the bird bath in our back yard. I thought the water drops were so pretty reflecting the blue of the sky and the pink of her shirt.


ReinforcementsWow, reinforcements!


Toy AeroplaneJonny playing with his toy crafted aeroplane


My Grandson LoganI have a lot of friends that read your newsletters. So, I just thought that I would submit a picture of my first grandson, Logan. We have waited so patiently for him for many years and he is a blessing to us. Thank you.


Jacob (10 months)This is my 10 month old grandson Jacob doing what he does best.


Little MercyLittle mercy sleeping after a busy day.


My Little Country GirlsThese are my little country girls.


9 Year Old With The CameraMy 9 year old granddaughter took my camera outside to takes some pictures and this is one of them.


Soldiers in Iraq

Patrick in IraqThis is my fiancee, Patrick (on the right) - deployed to Iraq - we miss him a lot!


Daddy's BoyHe's definitely a daddy's boy, camo hat and likes Nascar!


My Beautiful DaughterHere is a picture of my beautiful daughter


William at the Church NurseryMy grandson, William, in the church nursery. He is one year old and is such a sweet little boy!


Ethan at His First Soccer GameThis is my grandson Ethan at his first soccer game. He is 4 yrs old and I think a little confused about what to do.


Let's Monkey Around!This is my fourteen year old granddaughter who was playing with her 2 year old cousin on the playset. It was a cute sight!


Ethan And His TractorWith the price of gas, I think my 4 year old grandson Ethan has the right idea.


Grandchildren: Matthew, Grace and JacobThis is a picture of my 3 youngest grandchildren; Matthew (9), Grace (9) and Jacob (8 mos).


Katie At The KOAKatie at the KOA Cabin In Leavenworth, getting ready for bed.


Sun Protection For BabiesAlways have plenty of baby sunscreen and if you can keep the hat on them while they are by the pool or in the sun, this is even more protection from the sun.


Gracie's Third BirthdayThis is Gracie at her third birthday party. Doctors don't know everything, only God does. She's had 3 open heart surgeries.


young girl with visor

A Nana's JoyThis is Abby with her purple chair and visor to match!


Ms. DimplesMs. Dimples


Having Fun At The FairHaving fun at the fair!


Love Of My LifeThis is the love of my life!


Welcome to the World AydenThis is our newest grandbaby, born March 26, 2007. He is 8 days old in this photo. His name is Ayden Kristopher.


Calling You MomWe can only get our happiness back when we see a small child running towards you and calling you mom.


Elvis Has Not Left The BuildingThis is a picture of my youngest Grandson, Andrew, 19 months old. He found a pair of children's sunglasses and would not take them off.


I Don't Want To!Just had to share my grandson's famous "I don't want to" face.


3 year old girl

They Grow Up So FastMy little girl was so young here, she is now 21 years old, and still cute. The old saying, they grow up too fast, is oh so true!


The Child's Lost PictureThis picture was made by a studio called Blue Light Studio; this picture was made in 1951-53. The photographer of the studio enlarged the picture to a 16 x 20 and used it as a display on a large easel on the sidewalk in front of their photography studio.


Trouble Does Sleep!Be patient. "Trouble" does sleep!


"Hey, What's Snow Anyway?"My granddaughter Hannah stays with me about 2-3 times a week at school before classes resume each morning. We play in the classroom, stroll around the building, watch Curious George and other PBS early morning programming.


Treseaun and "Auntie"This is a picture of "auntie" reading to her nephew Treseaun at Christmas looks like he's really listening to his new book.


Scanning Your Children's PicturesMy 2 year old Ellie goes to a parents morning out program two times a week. We call it "school". They do so many cute little art projects or special colorings to go w/ their lessons for the day.


A Fun Way to Spend the DayHere's Joclyn and Julie, showing off their cakes that they iced and decorated by themselves! And what fun they had! They even put on aprons like real cooks! What a good way to pass a day, and then get to eat the rewards!


Aleef Adam - A Happy GuyAleef Adam - A Happy Guy. My son Aleef Adam at 9+ months. He's so cute and lovely!


Future Red Hat Society Lady!Future Red Hat Society Lady! This is my granddaughter, Alyssa, giving me a glimpse into the red and purple in her future!


Day BrightenerDay Brightener. My grandaughter peeking out at me from my desktop definitely brightens my day at work.


Our Little PumpkinHere is our little pumpkin! And my husband, Jon (PawPaw)


Happy Birthday EthanToday is Ethan's 4th birthday. He's my grandson and a happy little guy. He loves looking at the pet photos on ThriftyFun. It just goes to show you that there are some very good things about Friday the 13th.


Welcome to the World JacobWelcome to the World, Jacob. This is my grandson Jacob born 9/15/2006. He can already roll from his tummy to his back and smile at you when you talk to him.


Let Me Wash Your Face MommyLet Me Wash Your Face, Mommy Photo. My daughter and her husband and our granddaughter and some other friends had gone four-wheeling near a lake. . .


Dakota Helping Grandma with the CookiesDakota Helping Grandma with the Cookies. This is my grandson helping Grandma make cookies. His name is Dakota and he is 5. . .


William - My First GrandbabyWilliam James - Photo. My first grandbaby William! He is three months old in this picture, I know he looks older. . .


Hannah And Her First PonytailFroggies And Her First Ponytail Photo. Hannah, my 14 month old granddaughter, wanted to play in the rocks in our new water garden feature in our front yard; her hair has grown in the back so I put her hair up in her first ponytail. . .


My Daughter at the RodeoMy daughter at a rodeo having the time of her life. . .


Welcome to the World, TresaunWelcome to the World, Tresaun. This is my first grandchild. He was born July 29, 2006. . .


Curious George of the JungleCurious George of the Jungle Photo


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What a Tough Day!Madison just got home from preschool. It was all she could do to sit in a chair before she zonked out. . .


Soooo Tired Mom and DaughterThis is my daughter with her daughter. They just had flown in from Honolulu , Hawaii where they lived. My daughter just got out of the Navy and came home for Christmas before moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado where her husband is stationed. They were both soooo tired. . .


Gracie's (Miracle Baby) 2nd BirthdayMy daughter Gracie on her 2nd birthday, shes had 2 open heart surgeries. Shes a miracle baby! Thanks to God and prayers she still with us today.




baby wearing a tiara

The PrincessWhen my granddaughter was born, she was nicknamed the princess. Well, here she is on her 1st birthday, and the entire party was the princess theme.


Baby lying on red background with dragon banner.

Dragon Baby SceneHere is another baby scene I did with my 2 month old. He was born in the year of the dragon, according to the Chinese calendar.


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